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Hometown:Eagle Mountain, Utah



Like many moms, 35-year-old Burgandy always put everyone else first. When her husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, she was alone raising seven children, including foster care placements and one child with autism. She realized then that if she didn't get her weight under control, her children could lose both their parents - one to war and one to obesity. Despite having several overweight family members, Burgandy was a thin high school student, who ran track, played tennis, and worked as a local model. She married at 19 and began gaining weight with each pregnancy as she juggled the demands of motherhood and life as a military wife. She tried lap-band surgery in 2008, but it wasn't the magic solution she was hoping for. Now 231 pounds, she says her family of five children and her husband are her greatest accomplishments, and she looks forward to running a marathon once the weight is off.


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