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I was thinking about what this week theme would be and I had a really cool thought, at least I thought it was cool. AI could run a contest where we the fans would get to pick the songs that the contestants sing. So what songs do you think the contestants should sing????

My Theme would be The Beatles (And if any of the contestants say that they don't know any Beatles songs they will be automatically kicked off the show).

So here are my choices

Anwar The Long and Winding Road

Bo Hey Jude

Connie Yesterday

Carrie Something

Vonzell Lady Madonna

Nadia Here comes the Sun

Anthony Help (cause he needs it)

Scott I Saw Her Standing There (inside joke that only me and my best friend get)

So folks bring on the lists and lets debate. :twisted:

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Guest Anonymous

Anwar : Here, There, And Everywhere

Constantine : While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Bo : Happiness Is A Warm Gun (or almost anything from the White Album)

Carrie : Yesterday (agreed its a good song for her)

Nadia : Something

Anthony : Hello Goodbye

Scott : The Long And Winding Road (that eliminates him from the competition?)

Vonzell : P.S. I Love You (can she sing anything up tempo? )

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Yeah I was thinking they should have america choose the theme or songs the contestants sing.

Also thought it would be a good twist at the half way point to have a show with the eliminated 6 and have them perform one song and have one come back...that's only because I want Jessica back so bad :cry: not saying she would be the one voted back but i can dream :wink:

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My Beatles song choices for the Idols:

Anthony: Michelle

Anwar: Oh! Darling

Bo: Got to Get You Into My Life

Carrie: Golden Slumbers

Constaposer: Come Together

Nadia: Drive My Car

Scott: With A LIttle Help From My Friends (couldn't resist, and he'll need it)

Vonzell: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

They may have to do some key changes, in some cases, but I think they could pull it off! :wink:

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Anthony: ob-la-di, ob-la-daLife Goes On

Anwar: Yellow Submarine

Bo: Can't buy me Love

Carrie: In My Life

Constatine: I wanna hold you hand

Nadia: Twist and Shout

Scott: Ticket to Ride

Vonzell: You've got to hide your love away

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