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9/12 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Well... let me give this a shot at all the exciting things happening as the F3

get a day closer to the END.

(I think it's been about 3 hours since anyone posted what's happening in the House)

When I tuned in about 9:00 pm BBT all 3 were in kitchen.

Hayden and Lane were grazing at the table and Enzo was expounding on exactly what he was

going to do at the final show. Kiss baby first.. then wifey.. etc. etc. ask about his Dad.

Other 2 listening raptly as he walks back and forth going over for the 20th time how it's going to be... Italian hand gestures getting more expressive as each telling unfolds.

A little later (right before they went to WBRB) I notice all the clutter around the kitchen as the camera follows each milling around kitchen area.

Feeds back on and all 3 are playing a card game using some sort of small red thingies (candy ?) to do their betting with.

Think I'll let someone else take over this fast moving evening.

(OHHH.... don't forget to take a look at Angelo Joe's 'action' photos on yesterday's

Picture Thread.... great stuff)

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Midnight BBT: The guys finally break up the black jack game. And, they mosey out to the BY to play some pool.

1 am BBT: The guys are working out. Enzo is running and Hayden using the elliptical.

1:30 am BBT: Work out over. Hayden showers while Lane and Enzo talk in Jumanji room. They’re excited about going to Vegas for the After Bash.

2 am BBT: General chit chat about how different they think their life will be after BB. Enzo says he doesn’t think he’s going to go back to work. Hayden plans on making “appearances” at bars, etc. around the country. He says Trishelle for Real World makes $10,000 a gig, when she does it.

2:30 am BBT: Talk turns to the events that have played out over the season; Annie’s evictions (being saboteur) and how nervous they got when Julie would ask them questions during the live shows, etc.

3 am BBT: Enzo has been talking to Lane about his wife and how he’ll have to “break” the news of what he intends to do with his life now. Hoping she’s receptive to him going to Steamboat and traveling around to make appearances. (These guys have convinced themselves that the media is going to be clamoring to get a piece of them after this is over… delusion has definitely set in!)

Enzo is talking about Howard Stern and how intelligent he is, lots of money, beautiful wife, etc. Wifey got Enzo Sirius Radio for Christmas just so he could listen to Howard.

The boys talk about starting a fantasy football league together, when BB is over.

3:15 am BBT: All three have taken their mics off and they’re going to sleep now.

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9:15 a.m. BBT

They sleep... ZZZzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzz

(Sunday... a day of REST... finally

Enzo dreaming of fame, fortune, All Stars and wifey

Hayden dreaming of Steamboat trip and all the girls flocking around him

Lane dreaming of Brit breaking up with her boyfriend and running into his arms

____ MOD.. please feel free to delete my thoughts on their dreams)

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11:30 BBT Wake up call, now they are sleeping with the lights on.

Talking about turtles (BB must have given them some turtle trivia) Enzo found a turtle once & took it home, it got away.

BB: Just so you know, kerosine lanterns are nice to have when camping.. Enzo: BB F'ing w/ us now. Leave us alone got our Sunday planned out.

2:30 BBT...you guessed it...still sleeping

Hay sits up: what time is it? Lane: hmm 2:40 (close its 2:35) Time to go back to sleep. Hay: going to make pizza. Lane: let it go man.

Lane gets up checks clock, tells them its 2:33, goes to WC. In palm rm they talk about being in bed for 13 hrs.

we have 3 mobile HG, Enzo looking for his shades outside, Lane eating Raisin Bran, Hay called to DR.

They wanted to wake up at 6:30 to see the sun go down, want to sleep till Wed, the day has flown by. Enzo takes corn flakes outside, says they've been cooped up all day.

Lane/Enzo tossing football around. Enzo says his gut is back, lost it while a have not now its back.

Plan is to take 3 naps, shower, shave, sleep some more.


Joking around about doing interviews for only an hour after show. Being in Vegas on Fri then sneaking to Lubbock on Sat for football game. They are going to be on the autotron and stand on the sidelines. Then sneak back to Vegas in time to get up on Sunday.


Enzo back to sleep on the lounge outside. Lane doing dishes.

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4:30 PM BBT

Enzo and Hayden eating (Enzo really is disgusting) No sign of Lane. Debating if they should make more chicken and decide the day is almost over so why bother. Hayden rinses his dish. Enzo burps loudly. Enzo is helping Hayden re-tie his bracelet. He cut the ends to short.

Eating must have been exhausting because they go outside and Enzo lies down for a nap on the large chaise and Hayden lies down on the sofa with the pillows and a throw over him. no more talking.

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6:10 PM BBT

Lane out of the shower and now has a q-tip sticking out of his ear. Hayden is at the BBQ grill cooking and Enzo is on his butt doing nothing at this time. Excitement as a helicopter flies over. talking about who will be at the wrap party. They think Lindsay Lohan will be there. Think she will do that for free because she need publicity. As they discuss her career we get WBRB.

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7:55 p.m. BBT

Not much going on. (surprise)

They played cards at kitchen table for awhile after eating a bit.

They're playing with the small football in back yard.. throwing

it back and forth.

Hayden talking about baseball.... switch-hitters, etc.

All of them actually running at times to catch the football.

(they'll probably go to bed early with all this activity)

2 minutes later... all sitting down around pool.

Enzo yawning... Lane asking if it was Show Time.

Hayden picking stuff out of the pool.

Captivating talk about Lane's beard and if it's growing and if it

needs a trim.

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