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9/4 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:30 BBT

Hayden in HOH room ... taking a shower I think.

Don't see Brit at the moment.

Enzo in BY talking about the 'Search' to death.

Enzo still trying to hang onto the hope that they'll end

up in F3.

I think Enzo has mentioned VETO over 100 times in the past

2 hours.

Enzo cussing more as time goes by.

Gotta win that POV ... gotta win that POV.

He thinks he's out the door if he doesn't.

(hmm... Brit could end up wanting him in F3 and voting out Lane)

He'd like to get a standing ovation whenever he goes out the door.

Trying to figure out the order of who comes out the door into the

audience when a winner is picked.

Now one cam on Brit listening to head phones in Hayden's bed.

Just noticed that Lane isn't in BY ... it's been Hayden and Enzo

talking the past 10 mins. or so.

Enzo pushing he's done the most for this F3.

(putting Lane under the bus because of Brit)

Hayden saying he really wants Enzo to win POV

(but could be just saying what Enzo wants to hear)

Enzo will talk non-stop about this ... almost like Ragan talking

to himself and the cameras.


(Enzo's had a busy day... I think he needs to go lay down... again)


Hope I didn't mess up too much.

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9:42pm BBT:

Enzo and Hayden talking about what the comp may be tomorrow. Hayden tells Enzo that he (Enzo) knows all the info if it’s a quiz. “We have to bring it tomorrow…if Britney wins then it wasn’t meant for me” says Enzo. He also tells Hayden that if he gets knocked out tomorrow he wants him to win. Hayden tells Enzo that he’s going to fight for him too. Wants Enzo to win POV. Enzo is excited and scared at the same time. They think Thursday is going to be an endurance comp. If the three of them make it to the end Enzo sees it as making the season magical because it is unbelievable.

9:49pm BBT:

Hayden feels tired. Enzo hasn’t really listened to eminem today. Talk about Britney’s 10 thousand dollar win today and the hope that it means she’s on the way out. Enzo believes that since he beat her in the otev comp he can do so again.

Britney is in hoh room listening to music. No sign of Lane on feeds.

Enzo is thinking of going to bed early tonight and just getting up early to shower since he’s afraid to take one tonight in case it wakes him up. Now both heading up to hoh. Taking in dominos in preperation for a lockdown tomorrow. Thinking of working out.

Hayden and Enzo not too thrilled with Britney being in hoh room since they want to hang out, but then say “who cares”.

Hayden stops in the kitchen and Enzo goes up. Britney looks thoughtful as she bites her nails and looks at Enzo and the camera while listening to music.

9:53pm BBT:

Britney gets called to Dr. Hayden comes up to join Enzo in the nightly ritual of brushing their teeth and flossing. Joke back and forth about whose floss Hayden is using.

Enzo wondering what his wife is doing right now…thinks she’s asleep.

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10:55pm BBT:

Britney has now joined Hayden in hoh room. Talking about past comps in other seasons. Hayden says he’s already stressed. Britney doesn’t understand why he’d feel that way since he’s in the final 3.

Brit tells Hayden that if Enzo gets to f2 he will win. That the person who is sitting best is Lane. Hayden agrees, that it seems Lane is guarantee a win. Brit feels that she’s playing for $50,000 regardless of who she’s against. Believes that Enzo played the best game without having to win anything. That not only does he not have any enemies, but that even when Enzo was nominated he was never the target. Basically telling Hayden that noone wins against him because Enzo played a perfect social game. That he only needs 4 votes and he defenatly has those. She’s not sure who lane would vote for if its him and Enzo. That she’s only seen him stressed out one time the entire time which was when Ragan won veto.

The way the f2 is presented is that Lane and Hayden win $50,000 next to Enzo and $500,000 next to her. If the combo is Hayden and Lane then Hayden wins the big money.

She’s basically telling Hayden that everyone in the jury hates her. Hayden thinks if she gets to the end she will have a solid argument. She doesn’t think that will matter. That Hayden can beat her or Lane, but that Enzo can beat all of them.

Enzo enterupts the game talk. They didn’t have the TV on the stairs view so he surprised them as they are talking in bed.

11:00pm BBT:

As soon as he leaves it goes back to game talk. Hayden thinks Brit would beat him, she doesn’t agree especially after this last win.

11:02 pm BBT:

Enzo has gone to bed and is now talking to Lane about Hayden. That it’d be great to battle it out and how they’d have to go to the chalk -board with the numbers because of all the wrong answers they’d give. Enzo thinks it’s going to be crazy tomorrow. He knows he has to fight to be in f3. Lane thinks it is probably going to be a quiz or faces.

Lane and Enzo say that Britney is nervous. Enzo says that’s the reason she dropped some bowls in hoh.

11:06pm BBT:

Britney has joined Enzo and Lane. Now talking about weather and how hot it was during one of the comps even though it was at 6pm.

Enzo wants to ask the crew what they were thinking during the season and the comps. He also wants to know if they had favorite players they rooted for etc.

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