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9/1 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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7:03 BBT

Ragan pumping iron in BY as the rest are in kitchen fixin food.

Looks like chicken with smashed potaoto's (Enzo's words)

Enzo; How do we eat this shit. How am I'm gonna eat chu. Yo, it's bangin.

Everyone adding stuff to their meal while Enzo at table shoveling it down.

Enzo: You think we will get Chinese at F4.

Britney: I want Mc Donalds.

Everyone at table now enjoying their meal except Ragan who's still working out.

Enzo explaining how he makes potato's. Man, there bangin!

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7:13 BBT

Brief FoTH

Still eating.

Enzo: Ragan will be in jury house Friday night. Wondereing how he will react with others.

Major lip smacking and gulping going on.

Enzo: How was the look on Brendens face while we was voting.

Brit: He thought he was staying.

Enzo thinks Matt will be this years hero. He thinks every year has a hero, like Jeff from last year.

And we get FoTH

We're back and still eating.

Enzo: Ohhhhh, tomorrows live. I smell death in the air. I smell Ragan. Just think, this time next week somebody else will be sleeping 18 hrs. a day. General Ragan bashing going on.

Brit: Who ever wins must pay for other 4 to attend party. Enzo wants to know if that includes their partner. Brit sez no.

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7:38 BBT

Lane and Hayden move outside to play pool.

Ragan still working out.

Brit and Enzo in kitchen chatting. Talking about HG's who wanted to know the night before they left if they were going.

Brit: Rachel hated Kristen, big time.

Boom, Foth, opps, WBRB

We are back and Enzo trashing Kristen.

Enzo rehashing Andrew outing people when he left. How people lying about their age. He's thinks Matts age lie was childish.

Talk about this years twist being so lame. Brit, they must have a low budget this year.

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7:46 BBT

Enzo and Brit talking about how badly Matt and Rachel played game, showing their cards too much. (huh Enzo?)

Britney making coffee as Enzo says he's so tired, he may turn in early tonight. The pool games continues as does Ragans workout.

Britney offers Enzo a beer and he turns it dowm.

Ragan walks in and states loudly: I want my dinner now and I want it hot, you hear me. (he's joking)

Brit shows him the chicken left as she heads for the WC

Ragan wondering how he's supposed to eat his potato. Brit said she shread her chicken and used spatula for potato.

Enzo watching as Hayden and Lane play pool.

Enzo thinks tomorrows HOH will be a quiz. "I'm gonna try my hardest and if I don't win, fuck it"

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8:00 bbt

Guys in backyard talking about tomorrows HOH comp. Getting a lot of WBRB's

Ok, we are back and guys are tossing ball around.

Enzo thinks if they win HOH tomorrow they will get brigade shirts. He thinks if one of brigde wins game she will not want to hang with them. (It's clear that Enzo HATES Britney by the way he talks about her and Lane's agreeing with him)

Talk is about going to a place called Steamboat and how nice it is.

Enzo askes Lane if it snows in Texas and is suprised when Lane tells him it does.


Back in kitchen Ragan at table eating as Britney heads upstairs.

Guys come inside just as Ragan belches loudley. He tells them Brit went upstairs to listen to music.

Ragan: Yall getting into hot tub?

Enzo: Yeah dude.

Enzo in hot tub asking Lane if they are in F3 and Lane says yes. (he lying)

They are all parinoid and watch when Ragan and Brit go to bed.

Enzo needs to listen to music before bed to calm down. Talking about there favorite songs. (Enzo's loves rap)

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8:13 BBT

Lane says he will never sleep in HOH room again, he can't play for HOH next week

Ragan comes out and has his feet in hot tub, Enzo's in it and Lane's nearby.


Feeds back and nothings changed.

Lane: How far is Vegas from New Jersey.

Enzo: about 5 hours

Lane: Flying, right (Doh)

Lane wondering about approaching celebrities and asking for autographs. Of course Ragan explaining how it works.

Ragan explaing how celebs work in LA, to be seen and where they go not to be seen.

Brit up in HOH listening to music.

I got a long day ahead, hope someone can take over.

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