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9/1 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:28 BBT The BG still outside working out. Enzo's cracking, screaming loudly "Ovvver Here." Hayden's doing abs, Lane is on the elliptical.

9:35 BBT Ragan still in the CR alone. BB "Ragan, please re-attach your microphone." (Enzo outside..."Damn that's alot of game talk, he's gotta re-attach his microphone") BB "Ragan, please center your microphone." (Enzo, "Ohhh sh-t, he's not even talking to Britney.") BB "Ragan, please go to the DR." Lane and Enzo outside "Damnn.." And this is the extent of the BB excitement tonight.

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9:39 BBT Same-ol scene. Lane goes inside (real quick), Hayden tells Enzo he requested the shirts. Enzo says "they will be ready in SR tomorrow, just watch. Just to start some controversy, 'cuz it's been dead." A minute later, Ragan joins them outside.

9:46 BBT Britney is sleeping in the HOH bed. Outside scene: Hayden on the elliptical. Ragan and Lane joking around on the couches about how horny Kathy was, how funny it was when she pulled down Enzo's shorts, then about the POV bowling competition.. Enzo meanwhile lazily jogging around per-usual. Speaking of per-usual, more Brenchel bashing started by Ragan and that Bowling competition.

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10:10 BBT Ragan, Enzo and Hayden outside about basic stuff from this season. BB "Enzo, please dont obstruct your microphone." Enzo says he thinks they got all the punishments for getting Annie (Sab) out week 1. Talk of some of the houseguests, who CBS would think would go far. (Brit being underrated, Kathy floating by, Kristen could have gone very far...) Talk about Andrew and Brenchel ensues BG + Ragan outside around the hot-tub. Brit still sleeping in HOH.

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10:30 BBT Hayden in the have-not room chilling by himself drinking a bottle of wine, telling himself he doesn't want to be evicted. (lol, oh how sad). BG still bs-ing outside with Hayden and Lane tossing a hacky-sack and Enzo laying on a couch.

10:34 BBT Lane heads inside to the WR, where Britney is. Lane begins to give her a hard time , telling her she smashed in there, he smells it. She denies.

10:40 BBT Ragan just talking to himself still alone in the have-not room. same-ol scene elsewhere.

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10:53 BBY BG + Brit outside joking about Hayden making a case, cuz Ragan's was so good.... talk turns to Eminem as we get Ragan back in the Have-Not room alone, now mostly silent. Then starts talking about cameras in the house and BB voice and never being alone.

11:27 BBT Brit Enzo and Hayden in the kitchen having craft-time with the moon-sand... as Ragan joins em, bottle of wine in end, and grabs a few ooey-gooey cookies from the fridge. Brit tells Enzo to work on his Intimidator and we will work on this, as he says his Intimidator was phat but this is corny. Lane goes to work with the moon-sand with Brit as Enzo and Ragan play with their new paddles and ball volleying back in forth in the dining/kitchen area. Hayden now walks in as the whole gang together.

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1145PM BBT Whining about the toys they got, not very good. Brit "any toy is good right now". Brit doing her Rachel mimic (it is getting old) Ragan "buckets of sperm, that is what I wear, buckets of sperm". Enzo eating something. Lane headed to BY to get juice. Lane and Enzo discuss being tired of the Brenchel talk all the time.


Enzo heading to shower. Lane headed to HoH saying he going to shower also. Hayden and Brit sitting at table working with moon sand. Ragan went and got a hat. Brit "where did you get that" Ragan "out of a clothing store". Enzo in shower. (not posting all the Brenchel talk from the kitchen)

1200AM BBT Ragan "never heard of that hotel she works at" Hayden "it is brand new" BB "Brit replace your mic with one in SR" Hayden messes up moon sand castle, Brit leaves for SR telling him to fix it. Brit back, Hayden "castle falling apart" Enzo done in shower. Brit now speaking in spanish. Brit "I want to go out Hayden, out" Hayden "come to Phoenix, meet some good guys". Brit "this is my friend 'Summer Conquest' which always starts convo with men" "the other gal's name is 'Monica Fagg', her Dad said no more boys cause that name is horrid" Ragan "kids annilated her for that name". Ragan "sorry, but that is funny".

Now they are starting a name sequence, 'Monica Birthcontrolpill', 'Stacy Comeonmyface'. (and on it goes)

Enzo out of shower. Ragan now at pic board giving names to faces.

1215AM BBT Ragan looks outside, Brit spilled her Cheezets on ground outside, Ragan "looks like pig sty out there with that mess" Brit "I know those are mine, I spilled them". Enzo in Jum room sleeping ??. Hayden "this is danger area" Brit "how well you work with moon sand is a test of wills".

1230AM BBT Lane comes out of HoH room, Enzo and Ragan in Jum room chilling. Hayden "where is Enzo" Brit "already in bed, people are tired tonight" Lane "nightie night guys" Hayden and Brit say goodnight. Enzo "Thurs can't be a short HoH". Ragan "yeah it can be" Enzo "this is final 4" Brit and Hayden talking in kitchen, Brit doing most of the talking. (Brit rehashing stuff that has happened and what ifs)

1245AM BBT Lane in dark HoH room listening to music. the other feeds all on Hayden and Brit in kitchen still talking about who would vote for who in JH.

1AM BBT Brit and Hayden still chatting in kitchen, Brit explaining about how she read blogs from other houseguests and no facts are true. <WBRB> and total quiet now.

115AM BBT Lights on in kitchen. Brit retired to Jum room. Hayden now in Jum room. Enzo whining about "toys" they got.

130AM BBT atleast they all in bed with lights out.

2AM BBT now there is chatting in Jum Room, talk about snow boarding. Hayden explaining the difference in snow boards and what Steamboat is all about.

215AM BBT Enzo still muttering. Lane in HoH sleeping, Ragan in Taj room.

230AM BBT Hayden talking to himself about what is what (jedi training?)

245AM BBT All is quiet.

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Hi All im new to posting but have watched BB sice 3rd season...

Nothing much going on in the house, lane is in pool, ragan layin in bed talking to himself, brit was in KN havent see hay nor enzo as yet ah Brit doin the dishes again

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(Someone would post if something happened, but we are watching paint dry.)

2 cams on Ragan in bed. he did mumble something but couldnt understand it.

2 coms on Britney sunning by the pool.

Enzo/Hayden sleeping on lounge and Lane got called to DR.


Lane gets his camera and gets a pic of Hayden sleeping, it woke him. Time for pics!!

Lane goes to Taj to take pics of Ragan, tells him to pose. Lane asks him what he sould say in HOH Blog.

Enzo asks if pics go up on CBS.COM , at least my wife gets to see pics. (guess he forgot the 24/7 cams)


Ragan out of bed!!! he & Enzo chat about wake up songs on the lounge. Brit check on laundry, puts in more towels.

Enzo comments that Britney is now doing laundry, doing dishes. What is wrong with her?

Ragan replies that Kathy is gone now.

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Lane comes out talking what he said in HOH Blog.

Enzo: BB jacked our dice.

Ragan in Kitchen: Julie Chen owns a little person. That is why I love her!! She owns it, to take her coat and stuff. Tomorrow she will not be interviewing me, I will be interviewing her.

Lane called to DR. Ragan says oooohhhhhh.

Lane: I messed up didnt I?

Ragan: yes!!

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(Hey Swahili, great job, its all yours.(I was beginning to think I was only one watching feeds.))

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Indoor lockdown was just call and we get fish animated_scratchchin.gif

Ragan in bed, enzo and hay game talking about f2(I want hay out the door tomorrow ) dont see brit or lane on feeds dont see enzo now but can hear him chopping away in the kn


Ragan in bed ,,,hay and enzo counting how many naps they had today lol ....Lane and brit in hoh talking about lanes blog he wrote, sending his mom loves and etc.. nothing more going on right now.. still on lockdown

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Lane and Britney talk about their families, how they would give some of the prize money to their moms. They will take a trip to Steamboat Springs, and have a New Years Party.

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Brtiney checks laundry, folds it and puts it away. Passes Cabana and tells Hayden and Enzo the Ld is over.


Britney now putting dishes away. All this cleaning and tidying up and she still has time to curl her hair.

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4:20 BBT

Boys getting their beauty rest.

Britney in storage room throwing away some gross stuff.

Pitching a lot of it from across the room into the trash can.

Using 2 fingers sometimes.

Gagging occasionally.

(dade... OK ? how'd I do ?)

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Excellent pokey, great job.

Heres a pic to go with the Britney throwing away stuff.


Britney asks Hayden to help Enzo with the grill before they blow up. Ragan moves from the hammock to put his feet in the hot tub.

Britney: In about 30 min I will make bacon and we can add some cheese with some sour cream for the grilled baked potatoes Enzo is making.

Day 61 and Enzo wants this over!! Britney says 2weeks from now they should be almost done. She goes over what happens on finale night.

Ragan says 24 hours left in the house. Corrects himself says 25 hours left.

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nothing new going on. Lane is shaving his whiskers and Hay, Brit, Enzo and Ragan are chatting. We have had a lot of FOTH.

Enzo in HOH reading back of a box. Ragan and Hayden in Jumanji chatting. Ragan doesnt like country, he does like Courtney Love. Hayden says she is nuts.

Ragan tells Hayden its been easy for him to forgive and forget in the house, but when he sees the show, he may feel different. Says he has only said a few things in DR to hurt peoples feelings. BB-"Houseguests you are NOT allowed to talk about your DR sessions with others."


Ragan usually eats dinner (outside the house) 8:00/8:30pm, Hayden says if his dad makes reservations they are probably 7:30 other wise its 5:00/5:30.

Hayden gets up, Ragan asks him to tell him what time it is. (its 6:26BBT)

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Indoor LD over. Britney goes outside to see if anything is different.

Britney: they didnt even clean up after us.

She comes in...Britney: how is this for proof of human existance. Some one left their Coke can out there. *shakes it* It's empty.

FOTH...( I say FOTH instead of WBRB because it is the fish tank)

Back Britney folding towels. Ragan saying Randy Rodgers. Enzo wants chicken with baked potato and bacon.

Looks like a pair of sunglasses were left too. They are Michael Jackson brand. Hayden and Lane speculate they were fixing Johnny Five. (the big cam in the middle of the yard)

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Hayden spotting Ragan at the weight bench. The stand is so small and wobbly they dont dare do it alone.

Britney going to help Lane us his Just for Men. She reads the directions in Spanish. Thats ok she speaks Spanish.

Lane comes in tells her to just do one line of each then mix them together.

She mixes it, says its the same stuff she uses on her hair. We get FOTH and when we come back looks like they arent doing it. Britney says she hates living in this house.

(hellooooo anyone else out there? I did my first post at 4:35am BBT it is now 6:50pm BBT. I am done for the day. Some one else take over. PLEASE!!!!)

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