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SPOILERS Survivor 21 - Nicaragua


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These are possible spoilers, so please don't look if you don't want to see spoilers...

So I was looking around the web and found my way back to sucks and here's the latest on the next season...

It seems that the season will be young vs. old, or under 30 vs. over 40...

Possible contestants...

Yve Rojas- over 40 33mxyr9.png

Marty Piombo- over 40 00marty-piombo_02.jpg

Tyrone Davis- over 40 tyrone.jpg

Kelly Bruno- under 30 g828photo01.jpg

Judson "Jud" Birza- under 30 judbirza.jpg

Holly Hoffman- over 40 hoffman.jpg

Chase Rice- under 30 chase_rice_02.jpg

Jimmy Johnson- over 40 11aihoo.jpg

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Here's more rumors, possible contestant's, etc.

Jill Behm- over 40 IMG_1807.jpg

Danny Lembo- over 40 danz.jpg

Matthew Lenahan- under 30 MLENAHAN.jpg

Na Onka Mixon- under 30 l_d158b64e933b4619ab72793e19bcc044.gif

Brenda Lowe- under 30 brenda6.jpg

Shannon Elkins- exactly 30 s21_shannon_elkins_01.jpg

Alina Wilson- under 30 4197alinawilson.jpg

James Tarantino- over 40 S21_JimmyT.jpg

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Here's the last of the possible contestants... Please remeber that these people may or may not be on Survivor 21...

Ben Henry- under 30 and it seems he has appeared on the hills on MTV holly_montag_5222347.jpg

Jane Bright- over 40 jane12709_small.jpg

Thanks to all the hard workers over at Sucks for the heads up... Here's what Missyae has to say about the season...

This season will pit a group of 40 years and older players against a group of 30 years and younger players. The yellow tribe is named LaFlor and their players are 30 and under. The blue tribe are the 40 and older players and their tribe name is Espada. The rumors about the machtor originally from Denver and now living in California is true, he is there. The rumor about Holly Hoffman is true, she is there. The rumor about Ex-Dallas Cowboys football coach Jimmy Johnson is true, he was on the 40 and over tribe but did not last long at all. Look for a merge at 12. Yes, I will have more info, including a boot order. I am also starting a thread on the other board about season 22.

Couple more interesting tidbits and one correction I think. I believe I posted that Jeremy Scott, a model/actor was in the cast. He is not the model/actor I was told about. The guy who is there and is a model/actor and was dubbed 'Fabio' is Judson B. I did check on some other names I have been sent via private message and e-mail but was told they were not part of the cast. A couple sorta surprised me because according to some respected posters here, they thought they were part of the cast. I can confirm someone everybody thought was there, Jimmy Tarantino. An interesting story about a guy who did not make the show but was given another CBS show is the guy on Big Brother this season named Hayden. He applied for Survivor and was given Big Brother. One other note for now on casting, I am sure someone will figure this one out. There is a player there who was born with only 1 leg. As far as The Game itself, I am told there are no medivaccs, no Exile Island, 20 players, merge at 12, and the challenges were not very physical. The 40 and older team had the more physical players but the challenges did not favor that type of player. The strongest player on either team was on the 30 and under tribe. He is 30 years old. Think James Clement, but white and stronger.

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highlighted info about Hayden from Big Brother
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TDT has their famous "Survivometer" in which they have predicted the final 3 and who is on the jury. If they are correct about this episode, I'm not going to like it, because they say Jimmie Johnson goes this week. I'll bet that Marty plays that damn HII.

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