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Baby Names

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

It's a boy!

But what will Claire name the Baby? On various threads Damien (from the Omen) was mentioned (okay, so I was one of the people who mentioned it! :wink: ) ...

Any other thoughts?

I wonder if there are clues in past episodes??? Seems names have huge significance in this show ...

It would be cool if one of us connected with the name before the next new episode!

I am guessing:



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Guest Anonymous

Well here's an interesting thing to think of :

I looked up both names -- Adam and Damien for their meanings :

Adam : Mankind Origin: Hebrew

Damien : Sweet and harmless Origin: Greek

So I though -- what did the seer say about the baby? That he would be good only if he stayed with her. Right?

SO.... how about :

Markku : Rebellious (Scandinavian)

Xenon : Stranger (Greek)

Dougal : Dark stranger (Celtic/Gaelic)

Kamal : The Perfect One (Hindi )

Mashaka : Trouble (African)

Hmmmm.. okay so maybe I'm wondering what the seer really really saw!

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Guest ranster627

wow ... that was great stuff, but I meant Damien in the "evil" sense with bad humour ... :wink:

Any aboriginal Australian names you could find, or Australian philosophers?

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Allira, daughter.

Amarco, beautiful place.

Aroona. running Water.

Attunga, highplace.

Awoonga, sheet of Water.

Baranbali, towards the east.

Barkala, bush shades.

Bimbadeen, good view.

Bimbimbie, place of many birds.

Binnowee, green place.

Boanyoo, outlook.

Bultarro, north wind.

Bundaleer, among the hills.

Cooinda, happy place.

Elandra, home by the sea.

Glaginye, glad to see you, welcome.

Girawheen, place of flowers.

Givinganna, lookout.

Illawarra, high place near the sea.

Illalangi, home on the hill.

Illoura, pleasant place.

Illuka, near the sea.

Jingella, green bank.

Kareela, south wind.

Karinya, peaceful home.

Karribi, headland

Kateena, daughter.

Kinta, laughter.

Kurrajong, tree.

Kyeema, dawn.

Mallaganee, hill with pine trees.

Marawarpina, stretch out the hand.

Mawarra, pleasant place.

Miri-miri, high up.

Moonya, home.

Omaroo, beautiful view.

Oodlawirra, hill & tree country.

Orana, welcome.

Paringa, home at the river.

Tanjenong, lofty.

Taworri, evening breeze.

Tirrike, laughter, joy.

Ulmarra, bend in the river.

Wambiri, sea coast.

Wangara, west wind.

Warrawong, side of a hill.

Warrina, place of rest.

Warriwarri, long chain of hills.

Weemala, distant view.

Yarrabee, many gums.

Yeramba, place of gum trees.

Yuranga, extensive view. :wink:

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Guest Anonymous

What was the father's name again?


Maybe she'll just call it baby for a while. She wasn't planning to keep him. Maybe she hasn't chosen a name yet.

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Guest ranster627
Well she may name it after someone -- thats what I was really thinking -- her father, Boone, the boy's father..... 

It'll be interesting to see this kid grow up over the next season.

Now that would be cool ... she could name him Boone ... and then we could have a weird growth spurt and voila ... Boone would be back!

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Aaron, a boy's name of Hebrew origin

Gender: Masculine

Usage: English, Biblical

Pronounced: ER-un [key]

Meaning: Exalted

From the Hebrew name Aharon which is most likely of unknown Egyptian origin. Other theories claim a Hebrew derivation, and suggest meanings such as "high mountain" or "exalted". In the Old Testament Aaron was the older brother of Moses and the first high priest of the Israelites.

Other names associated with Aaron are: Aaran, Aaren, Aaron, Aeron, Aharon, Arin, Aron, Arran, Arron, Haroun, Harun, Aronne, Arek, Aarao, Aronos.

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