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8/31 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Banter continues.

Britney says she was sooo jealous of Monet for her bathing suits, she had 30 to start with and they were all sooooo cute.

Talk about how empty the house is. It was crowded for the first show. Come along way.

(All yours April. Thank you and Great job!!!!)

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Talk of brit and lane turns to how few people are left, how it used to be so crowded on the couch and now one person will be on each couch this week .

They continue about how weird it was before , and now things are settling down and how used to live shows they are.

Lane pulls his ear lobe when he wants to say hi to his family, brit did't come up with any codes.

Lane and Brit go downstairs.

Brit and Ragan talking about helicopters outside

Brit changing into her bathing suit, looks like she's heading outside.

Ragan laying down in bed (there's something new)

alone, he says : "I have to study, just in case."

rehashing out loud all of past evictions, everything, perfectly.

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3:50BBT HG are on indoor LD. Ragan in Taj, Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Brit laying in Jumanji, no talking all trying to get in an other nap. Is this number 3 or 4 for most of them today?

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4;10 pm BBT

All 4 cams show different HG's sleeping... again.

(I think I've mentioned this BB is a Snooze Fest)

I just noticed a few of the camera shots in the white beds look

like they're sleeping in cribs.

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6:33pm BBT:

Enzo and Ragan out in the backyard. Enzo mentions how weird its gotten in there and uses Britney washing dishes as an example. Talks about it being day 60 and how it has been the worst day. Ragan can't believe he thought awhile back that BB would move away from punishments to rewards...that instead the punishments just got sillier.

Hayden and Lane have joined the outdoor crew. Lane setting up to play pool. Britney gets called to DR. The guys make jokes about BB calling her in to make sure she's alright since she's washing dishes so something must be wrong. Enzo is certain that one of the comps will have a question about what day did Britney wash dishes. She's even making dinner.

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6:40 BBT

All 4 feeds on Enzo and Lane playing pool.

Enzo. Britney goes right.

Lane: I'm fighting for 50 thou.

Enzo" I'm telling ya bro, I've gotta get HOH. If I do I'm only good for 50 thou. I don't want Britney to win.

If you win another HOH you will win.

They both think the more HOH's they win the better there chances of winning 500k. They think if Britney wins HOH and gets to F2 she will win.

Enzo says the plan is if either of them win next HOH Britney's gone. Lane agrees (half heartedly)

Lane joins them.

BB: Guys, please raise southwest shutters over windows. They comply while Enzo complains there useing too many big words for him (huh)

BB; Thanks guys.

Hayden racks up a new game while the others are joking, ragging each other.

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6:54 BBT

Enzo talking about "doing it" with wifey the night before they came and got him.

Lane: Same thing here bro.

Enzo commenting on Lane's cd and starts singing song annnnd. WBRB

Talking about certain songs on CD they like.

Enzo wanting to make a brigade rap cd.

They thing Matt has told Ragan about the brigade and now they don't care.

Talking about how last comp will go, what type of questions they will ask.

Wondering what the jurors will ask them and how they would respond.

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7:02 BBT

Now they are guessing who the life long friends are. Enzo's thinks Hayden and Britney are and Hayden denies it.

Running thru senerios of who it could be and we get WBRB

Enzo, Lane and Hayden want to do a DR together for the Brigade. Want production to make them Brigade t-shirts for them. They want BRA-GADE printed on them. (Enzo's idea, of course)

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7:10 BBT

Hayden gets called to DR. Minuets later Enzo get called to DR as well. Hayden comes outside and Lane quiz's him on why the short DR annnnd WBRB.

Feeds come back on Britney cooking something in kitchen.

Lane and Hayden come inside and are sitting in kitchen saying nothing.

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8:00 BBT

Caught a small peice of Brit and Enzo talking about DR and WBRB

Feeds back and everybody in Kitchen chatting

Ragan talking about Rachel.

Brit bashing Kathy. Repeating Kathyisms.

Ragan joining in.

Watching Kathy in comps was funny. Enzo avoided being on comps with Kathy. saying she is so slow.

Everybody laughing at Kathy's behavior, relating stories about her.

Brit: Imitating Kathy, "Where's my sweet tea." "OK ya'll, I'll take one for the team, do we have a deal"

Making fun of Kathy and her root beer addiction.

Eveyone getting along and laughing at past HG's

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8:40 BBT

Ragan sitting in bedroom by himself, talking to himself. Talking different senerios, who will take who to F2 (I give him credit for not giving up)

Brigade outside talking stragey.

Enzo: We gotta get Brit and Ragan outta da house. Once we get to F3 we do what we gotta do, ya know whut I mean.

Enzo explaning to Hayden what tweeting is (funny stuff)

Enzo explaining that they gotta win next HOH. "There's only so much fucking shit you can talk about with 5 people left.

Each one promising if they win they will fly the other brigades to there home towns to visit.

Enzo: I gotta extra bedroom upstairs, wit a TV and everything, ya know bro.

Talking football. Enzo knows this week season starts on Thursday. (missed it by 1 week)

Enzo, Lane and Hayden all talking about how they will take 2nd place if they make F2

Bashing Brit saying she has better chance at winning HOH than Brigade (Enzo REALLY wants Brit out

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8'55 BBT

BREAKING NEWS..... Ragan finishes his Jedi training and Heads for WC for a smash.

Brigasde now talking about past women who won BB

Lane reassuring Enzo and Hayden he's on board with geiitng rid of Brit befroe them

Ragan exits WC and washed hands. Back to Jedi training.

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