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8/29 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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He's only in the house for 24 hours and he's only allowed to tell stories.... I thought I heard them say Brendon but not sure if they are guessing what will happen. No one looks less bored than before.

1:38 PM BBT

They were just hypothesizing - no one here. Lane eating a spicy bean and beef burrito. Ragan making general chit chat. Laughing at the bowl of wine in the fridge.

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1:44 PM BBT

BB is messing with Lane about the HOH - they keep unlocking it and locking it again when he races up there to get in. Ragan and Enzo laughing at him. WBRB on and off throughout this.

1:51 PM BBT

Britney tanning outside.

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Talking about what return to Facebook messages will be. Ragan's "I'm back mother fuckers." Britney's "Red Headed Parrot from Hell." she never puts up anything 'trivial' like she's going for a shower or anything. It's always something fun about her day.

Enzo has left his mess of a craft and is now outside. It looks like Q-Tips that have been used to remove nail polish stacked up in a square. Definitely not a car.

Hayden and Ragan talking about their various after show expected adventures.

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2:10 BBT Hayden and Ragan outside on the couches talking about airplanes. Ragan wants to know if jet engine pushes or pulls and Hayden says he thinks it is that way. Ragan tells him he would know more about engines since he's a boy. Hayden got a kick out of that.

2:12 Hayden and Ragan talk about how nice it is and that they could work out, since it was nice out. Ragan says, "I have a friend in Switzerland who just worked out."

Hayden says, "I have a friend who pilots everything, air force one. He flies Barack Obama around." Ragan goes, "Who you and Brendon?" Hayden: "No, my own personal friend." Then Hayden says, "I give Barack personal advice.". Ragan: "Through his facebook?" They continue to bash Brendon passively Brit comes out and takes over the conversation about facebook and asks Ragan what his first update will be. "I'm back fuckers" is Ragan's response. Talk turns to technology the new "kin" phone and how Hayden got a chance to promote it. (After doing research the phone failed in a big way and Microsoft and Verizon discontinued it, since no one wanted it. So sorry Hayden, but it flopped.)

2:15-2:20 BBT Ragan isn't sure he wants to do Vegas, but Hayden says he would do anything BB asked, because he needs money and would do it only if it was covered by CBS, because he isn't doing anything for them without compensation. Ragan said Jeff and Jordan didn't seem excited about Vegas, so they aren't sure how fun it would actually be. We get WBRB.

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2:20 BBT Feeds come back and all 4 are on BY. No one is talking.

We get mention of Hayden making steak for dinner.

Some planes fly over and Ragan decides to go take a nap.

Enzo wonders how his wife handled things without him and doesn't want his wife to bring the baby out for the finale, especially since they'd have to go by plane.

Brit isn't sure how many people BB will allow for them, and Enzo thinks probably two at the least.

Enzo wonders who his wife would bring along with her, and we get mention of his cousin and WBRB.

Brit wants Nick, her mom, and her two brothers. So she hopes they can have four people.

2:30 BBT They talk about finale night. They go out front door to talk to Julie, then they open up the backyard so they can go back and do their interviews. Brit is sure they will all have handlers who help them out. And of course we get WBRB once again.

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2:57 PM BBT

Ragan back in taj laying down.

Enzo, Lane and Britney chatting about the POV comp. Apparently they were very close in the comp and Enzo body checked Ragan out of the way.

"Oh come on duck, just because I'm in the water doesn't mean I want to be with you." says Lane in his role as pool boy. He is cleaning the pool with the vacuum given to them by Big Brother.

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3:20pm BBT:

Lane, Hayden and Britney talking about religion. Each seem open to whatever a person wants to believe. Hayden doesn't believe in evolution.

The guys feel they need to go to church more often. More discussion about religion.

Britney talks about mormons/latter day saints? that believe you get your own world. Lane retorts with not wanting his own world and the stress that would be. He wants to be able to relax and not worry about who is going to mow the lawn.

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6:10 BBT

Hayden and Lane in the HT. Hayden says he has to win HOH next week, so they can try to get Britney or Enzo out. They say if Enzo wins HOH and Britney wins POV, Hayden is leaving. They say the only way to guarentee them both to stay is if Hayden wins HOH. Enzo comes outside and conversation changes.

Enzo asks if they should tell the others about the Brigade. He says Britney and Ragan can't do anything about it, b/c if Britney wins HOH next week, she has to nominate 2 Brigade members ragardless.

They talk about PB. They say Matt's was the best, b/c he was safe for two weeks. Enzo says Matt has the Diamond POWER of Veto, meaning he should have made a POWER move. They say Brendon's was good, too, since he got to leave the house.

Talk turns to America voting for their favorite HG. They wonder how BB10 Keesha won the prize. Ragan joins them outside.

6:17 BBT

A bell rang and music started playing. The boys had to get up from the HT, and Britney up from the HOH bed, and start dancing for a minute. Hayden danced upstairs to make sure Britney was up. As soon as the music was over with, Britney was back in bed and the boys in the HT. They think the last bell was 2 hours ago and think it will be bad when they go to bed and the music wakes them up.

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6:25 BBT

Hayden, Lane and Ragan still at the HT. Lane thinks he'll go take a nap. Ragan says he got up today, then took a nap, then took another nap. He's now bored and heads to the hammock. Enzo is laying on the large lounge chair.

6:30 BBT

Lane asks Hayden about tomorrow and if he's alright with going up. Hayden says yes. Lane says he'd put Britney up, no problem, but doesn't know what Enzo will do b/c Enzo wants Britney out. Lane's worried Enzo would vote to evict Britney and Hayden to evict Ragan, causing Lane to break the tie and send Ragan to the JH.

Lane loves this time of year, as the weather is changing and it's nice outside. He says there are only 16 mores day left in the house.

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6:37 BBT

Hayden heads over to do laundry. Everything else is still in the house.

Lane heads upstairs to take a nap. He wakes up Britney and then joins her in bed, with a pillow between them. Talk turns to the replacement nominee. Britney says Hayden is fine with going up, so just put him up. Lane jokes with her, telling her she'd be a good block person and he'd love to hear her speech. She tells him he's stupid and to stop making excuses for liking Hayden more than her. He says he never said this and Britney says if he puts her up, then she won't take him to F2. He says she's scared of the block and she says she's afraid they will turn on her and vote her out.

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6:43 BBT

Lane says if Britney gets to the F2 she'll win. She disagrees and says she's playing for $50,000 b/c no one in the JH will vote for her. She says Brendon/Rachel hate her, Kathy hates her for no reason and she voted Matt out. She says Ragan thinks she'll vote for him, but she won't. Lane says if Britney is in the F2, that means she'll have won 6 comps or so. She asks him if that means she has to win competitions in order to make it to the F2 and he says that's not what he meant.

Lane says he thinks he'll have a better chance of winning against Britney and she agrees. She thinks Hayden would win over Hayden b/c Kathy's in love with him and how much Enzo likes Hayden. Britney says if either of them take Hayden, they'll lose but she wouldn't be upset if Hayden wins, b/c he's a good guy.

(sorry, I got h/w to finish up!)

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Lane and Britney in HOH room.

Britney talking about who should win based on their financial need. Britney's got no job, no money and has to call parents once and a while for money. She wants a job in pharmicitials but can't find one. She implies that Lane dosen't need the money (he's alarmed). She says he owns his own home so he must have money.

Lane says selling in the oil field business is not paying well right now.

Britney"|: I don't think you are broke. I think Hayden is.

Lane. I got a lot of expenses too.

Brit: Enzo does not need the money. His wife makes a ton of money. She drives a Lincoln. He dosen't work. He's a stay at home dad because she makes so much.

Brit. Enzo's got a 3 level house. He said he's got a least 3 flat screens in his house. They say they go to Vegas all the time. She makes good money. I don't know what company she works for but she makes good money.

Brit. Are you going to sleep on me.

Lane: no

Brit: Good cause I'm talking to you right now.

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Brit getting irritated. They're talking about the money and Britney doesn't like how people keep saying she doesn't need the money because she's 22.

Brit : Which I'm not, I'm 23.

Brit says Enzo's wife makes like a quarter million a year, she works on Madison and its ridiculously expensive to live where they live.

Lane: it doesn't sound like his wife makes THAT much money.

B: well he's been saying that all season, I guess he changed his mind.

Lane: well, matt said he was 30.

B: He has 3 flat screens already and they have a lincoln. He's giving the flat screen he won to his dad. Just because he couldn't afford an escalade? Lane, do you know how much mine costs? 14 grand. They go to vegas, atlantic city.. I'm telling you, she makes a lot of money. She got paid maternity leave for 6 months. That's insane.

B: Why are you falling asleep? I'm talking to you.

L: no

B: I really do think Hayden needs the money though.

L: yeah

B: I felt bad for him too. He was probably going to go to the major leagues, and now he can't. That's sad


B: you don't even care about his career.

L: why can't he go.

B: because of his knee. he can't run on it. he's still supposed to be in the brace! He has no eligibility.

L explaining he can.

B saying he can't because he hasn't been working on his body enough, he's been out for a year, or maybe 2 years.

B: now he has to live the rest of his life thinking I wonder what would have happened if I went to the majors

L: doesn't everyone?

B: no, I don't.

L: oh. I do.

B: why?! your shoulder? you have a year of eligibility left!

and so on and so forth.

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B: I mean, you have a pretty good job, right?

L: yeah, it's decent

B: and you didn't even need a degree to get it!

L: ok, what degree do you get to work in an oil field?

B: see, you and me have the same jobs. But I do it for hotel rooms, and you do it for oil fields.

B saying you don't need a degree to do the job, her boss, Summer, doesn't have a degree. She busted her butt for no reason, what kind of crap is that?

B nudging Lane "talk to me!!"

B: are you mad because I think Hayden was going to be a pro baseball player?!

L: no. you're just gullible.

B: not more than normal people. he's just so nice.

L: well how come he's never told me that and we're closer than you are. You're an easy vote.

B: what do you mean?

L: like, someone can do an easy lie to you, and you're gullible, you know?

B: that is not true! I felt sorry for Hayden, and if he won, I would not be upset. that doesn't mean he has my vote.

L: why?

B: you know, hes been through a lot.

L: like what.

B: he was gonna be a major league baseball player!

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Britney now talking about how Hayden does not need the money because he can still play baseball. He's always talking about going pro. Football as well. Now talks turns to football.

Lane: How do you know he's going to do all this.

Brit: Based on what Hayden told me.

Britney thinks Lane makes good money in oil rig biz and Lane challanging her that he does not.


Switched feeds to Cabanna room and Ragan lying there by himself in deep thought. (riviting)

Hayden and Enzo are nowhere to be seen.

Lane and Britney still discussing who needs money most.

BREAKING NEWS: Ragan just said "I'm soooooo bored"

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Britney and Lane rehashing this convo over and over.

The basic idea is Brit believes Hayden is really poor.

B: are you just mad because you're thinking I wouldn't vote for you, I'd vote for hayden?

L: no, I'm just saying you can't be gullible in this game.

B: I saw the tears in his eyes!

L cracking up.


Lane keeps laughing

B: don't tell him I said he has tears in his eyes! he's probably embarrassed!

Brit saying she'd never go against Lane, she's been his friend since day 1

Lane saying he doesn't air the bad things about his family or him on national tv, and you can't judge people by what they say or don't say in the house

B: maybe you need to start crying about how your family has no money and how you hurt your knee and couldn't go to the majors

L: i'd rather go home right now than cry

B: you already did cry. on the phone with Loretta.

L: that's my mom... and I was in the DR not in front of y'all.

B: well now I know you're capable. what if you were talking about your families money problems

L: well I wouldn't bring that up in the first place.

B: if I have my way you and I are going to the finals together, and you will beat me, which is fine, because I can use any of the money.

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B: when Hayden talks about baseball, his eyes just twinkle. I think he just really has a passion for it.

Lane saying just because he doesn't come up to britney complaining about his shoulder doesn't mean he [Lane] doesn't have a passion for football

B: well maybe if you had tears in your eyes!!

Lane is becoming legit irritated with this conversation.

Brit: well when football ended did you cry

L: YES of course I cried! I cried when high school was over.


L: oh, god. I didn't cry. go to sleep.

B: was it really dramatic.

L: ugh no.

throughout this, Britney looking up at the camera smirking. I think she's purposely irritating Lane, and it's working.

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Ragan deciding he might read the rules of bb, because he's so bored and wants to read something. Hayden's going to shower.

Brit still feels bad that Hayden's passion was ripped away from him. Like the guy in Friday Night Lights. Apparently Lane knows the guy one of the characters the movie was made after.

Lane hurt himself benching 405 lbs, thats when he tore his shoulder because the record was 395.

Brit asking if the coaches felt bad.

L said kinda, but they have new recruits.

Brit asking Lane about his brother, if he's ever had injuries. Lane telling her about his brother and how he has his brother work out with him, but his brother is mainly a punter.

Brit asking what Lane wants to do with the rest of his life.

Lane wants to be a recruiter.

B: you have a good chance. especially if your brother goes pro. I wanna be a recruiter too!

L: you can't

B: why.

L: you're a girl.

B: that's sexist!

L: that's not sexist, that's just football!

B: If I had facebook, that'd be my new status.

Lane would invest the half a million, but also might want to open a bar

Brit has a really good idea for a bar, she will tell Lane in september. And she's not kidding, it's a good idea.

Brit: In case you don't win the money, I get really good hotel discounts.

Lane saying he is a typical male.. no feelings, doesn't let anyone in, telling people to buck up.

Brit and Lane discussing how Hayden is just SO nice, and Lane is opposite of that.

Lane says he can see Hayden being hurt by a girl. Lane saying Hayden wears his heart on his sleeve.

Brit: this is the different between you and Hayden. You get in a fight with your GF you're like forget this, I'm out. and you go to a bar with your friends. And Haydens like wait, why are we fighting? lets work this out, etc.

Lane: why are you trying to make me look bad on tv.

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7:45 BBT

Lane and Brit still in HOH room.

Lane looks like he's trying to sleep and Brit's still asking questions.

Brit: SO, what are you going to do for the rest of your life.

Lane. Maybe be a football recriuter.

Brit. Can you get me a job doing that

Lane: No, your a girl

Brit: That's a sexist remark.

Brit doing her best to keep the conversation going.

Talk turns to running bars and restaraunts.

Brit will be happy to get out and get a job doing anything, wether she wins money or not.

Brit: You don't need to fight to get my vote. We should let you and Hayden fight for my vote.

Lane: who would get yor vote

Brit: You (she's flirting big time)

Camera 3 shows Hayden taking a shower

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8:00 BBT

Ragan in living room playing domino's by himself

Lane and Brit still in HOH making general chit chat.

Hayden out of the shower getting dressed. No sign of Enzo

Music (classical) starts playing and apparently they have to get up and start dancing to it.

Lane: How do you dance to this crap?

Music only lasted about 1 minuet then stopped.

Britney playing with stuffed dog wishing they had a dog in the BB house.

On another cam we get a close up of "occupied " sign on WC door (must be Enzo)

Cam 3 shows Hayden going outside getting his tennis shoes while we hear a siren in the background.


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7:50 BBT: Lane and Britney talking about how Lane was raised. His parents pushed him really hard to excel in sports and were angry with him when he didn't do well. In 4th grade he use to only eat honey and crackers to stay within the weight class of his little league and he had to weigh in naked to make the cut.

8:02 BBT: Music starts playing and everyone gets up and dance. This must be punishment #3. It is pretty funny.

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8:08 BBT

Hayden outside rolling up awnings over windows, messing with weights and now setting at a lawn chair talking to himself.

It's been a crazy, crazy week. Almost at F3. He seems to be lost in deep thought.

Brit in HOH room rubbing in lotion talking game with Lane. Assuring him if she wins HOH Lane will not go up. Talking about different senerios. Saying how HOH is sooooo important to her.

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