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8/29 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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9:01 BBT Lane, Hayden, Ragan, and Enzo chomping away on turkey burgers in the kitchen. Ragan excited Lane got gummy bears in his HOH basket. Lane excited about the fruit roll-ups and sunflower seeds. ( Since no one has posted an update in over two hours, I can do a nite report from Showtime i got recorded, as if anything exciting might ever happen.)

Ragan "I got a such a bad "thats what she said" in my DR today. It was like 100 times worst than Lane's worst" As we get BB "You are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests. Hayden wondering which member of production it was.

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9:05 Britney comes out of the DR. As Lane says "My little 'thats what she said' was: I might even backdoor myself." Ragan "that kinda works." As Lane lets out a nasty belch Brit " eww I smelled that" Lane "does it smell good" Brit "Noooooo!!!" Ragan goes upstairs to grab some gummy bears "mhhmmm these are good" as Britney wonders if they got any wine. They got one bottle, she tells Lane to maybe ask for another bottle.

9:10 Ragan talks about everyone left liking beer more than wine, and wishing they just loaded up on giving beer one night. "Do you remember, when Rachel and Brendon had one of their things...and he came in and grabbed the whole bottle of wine..."

913 BBT Brit "I think my puppet has drunk eyes slash sex eyes. Their like sex eyes when you are drunk, they are like half open..." The five of them having a good laugh about the sock puppets... and self pleasuring.... (lol..)

9:20 BBT Talk includes Coors light and the can turning blue... and then tubing and drinking, and Steamboat, CO.

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9:24 BBT Enzo wonders if anyone has any jokes or funny stories... Hayden "The more of this there is, the less you see..." Ragan "Darkness .." Yup!!! Brit asks Enzo "Whats white and black and 're(a)d' all over..." .... he says he knows hes heard this one... a bloody newspaper??? (lol!)

9:26 BBT Hayden and Lane go outside to play pool, and start discussing Britney's mood, about Lane and her talking earlier before his shower. Hayden wonders if Lane is going to put him or her up, Lane says oh i dont know, i dont care...

9:31 BBR Britney and Enzo in the kitchen talking about Lane and Hayden playing a silent pool game, saying they better not mess things up and make everyone have-nots by forgetting about the sock puppets. Enzo pointing at his pitcure on the wall, him and Britney saying "this guy... Final Four..." Enzo and Brit having a good time with their puppets, talking about at this point you either win HOH, you win POV, or you die!.... Enzo saying he just turned into a battle cat in the POV comp. and then telling his puppet that he is the only person in this house he can trust. Lane heads to the Jumanji and grabs Britney in his arms and puts her down on the couch, as she follows to get her bathin suit to head to the bathtub in the HOH room.

9:45 BBT Lane and Hayden finish their silent pool game... Britney up in the HOH bathtub. Enzo Hayden and Lane chillin, talking Brigade on living room couches. Enzo "What if we make final three... how are we going to decide... play a pool game?" The three Brigade members marvel at how crazy the game is at that point, someone wins HOH and immediately the two people left play for POV and boom!

9:52 BBT Enzo asks Hayden about beating Brendon in the POV comp, as the three continue to have a good time reminiscing and seem to be enjoying their little puppet show. Ragan is by himself, staring at his puppet in the hammock outside. Back to the 3 BG boys, talking about Matt and how smart he was, and playing the house and the BG, Enzo says the BG played everyone too. They have a great time marveling in how smart they were to turn on him, as Enzo again claims he still thinks Matt was the saboteur and is annoyed that they just wont tell them.

10:00 BBT Enzo saying how if Brit goes to final two, any of the three BG members have three votes... as Hayden disagrees. As they discuss final 2 scenarios and Jury House Votes. Hayden says how Matt said he is voting strictly who was the most competitive person in the house. Enzo saying Brenchal wouldn't vote for Britney...

10:05 BBT Ragan still alone in the hammock outside, staring at his puppet, and into space... "if I had to do it all over again... I woulda stayed on the paint can, I woulda gone after the boys, because Brendon and Rachel weren't coming after me at that point... I woulda kept my friendship with Matt more of a secret, so people wouldnt have targeted us as a pair..."

Back inside, the Hayden and Enzo discussing next week's scenarios, and who winning HOH and then what to do if Brit wins POV.... Saying the BG was responsible for "all the evictions, because we swayed all the votes.... Enzo saying Matt made such a huge mistake by getting rid of Kathy with DPOV and not Britney. Enzo " I just cant wait to talk to Matty after this, like bro, you made so many mistakes..." Hayden "nice power move" Enzo "if your on the block against me, your going home. Your a strong competitor, and people love me." They both love their sock puppets and continue to chat away...

10:12 BBT Ragan in the hammock still, talking about how much he misses his dog. "Misses talking to his mom (in houston), sister (in new york) on the phone. He misses his friends Jason, Mike, and Peter, and going out to bars and getting so drunk...like blackout drunk, and getting a hangover. I havent had a hangover in 60 days...I miss my office at Cal State Longbeach, and my colleagues, and my students. I miss my bed, I miss driving my car...I miss email *giggles* When Im home, I check my email like every five minutes. I miss my Iphone and Ipad.. When I get home, I just cant wait to turn on my Iphone...." Talks about some game he just got for his IPad he loves that he just got into before his "kidnap".

10:18 BBT Hayden and Enzo get out the domino set on the living room table. Enzo "I hate how when Ragans in DR hes like blah blah then when he comes out here hes like hey guys...Like I cant wait to see his DRs"

10:25 BBT Ragan still outside chatting to himself, saying how he wont miss being around people he doesn't want to be around.. names just Brendon and Rachel. He wont miss how emotional he was... "Okay, the third part of me being retrospective on my last Saturday night in the house.... Will be what I am going to be afraid of once i get out of the house. I am most afraid of watching the episodes and hating what i see of myself. Which i think would be a distinct possibility, like finding out people really disliked me, like i was a villian, or the most annoying character from the season. And im sure there are people on live feeds right now going, well your going to hate yourself." Goes back to how much he cant wait to go out to bars with his good friends....

1028 BBT Inside, Lane Britney Enzo Hayden talking about differences btwn men and women... pretty funny stuff from Enzo, talking about some of the nasty things women have to endure with men, but Ill keep it clean. (he's so vulgar sometimes, yet then has to say breastisies...LOL) Ragan joins the conversation as they discuss the grossness of a guy's hairy body versus a women's body, Ragan and Britney say that men's physiques and bodies are better though. They all go around discussing what body features they like on their significant others...

1043 BBT Someone says Lane's Pandoras Box was the worst, as Brit disagrees. The others say at least they got a Hawaiian luau... as they bring up the luau girls again...

1048 Rachel and Brendon bash begins anew.

1105 and on BBT General chit chat... about Vegas, sports stuff...

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11:24 BBT

All sitting around the couches chatting.

Enzo is doing most of the talking, occasionally someone else adds a few words.

Brittany isn't using her puppet when she talks.

"there's nothing to do here with only 5 people." Says Enzo.

Lane to the Dr.

Brit wants to play dominoes. Enzo wants to play monopoly... no chance of getting it though says Enzo.

Brit playing Dominoes on her own. Hay or someone mentioned the pool table gone. I haven't seen the evidence myself.

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11:35 BBT Brit upstairs laying in Lanes HOH bed, listening to the Eminem CD. Enzo and Lane join her, as Hayden is outside on the elliptical. Lane says "you shaved your nasty legs in my tub.... how far up did you shave?..."

11:42 BBT Her and Lane chat up in the room alone now, mostly about how close they are to the end. They talk about the trip to Steamboat, CO. Lane making sure Brit's really going to go, because him and Hayden definitely are. Brit kiddingly wonders if Nick has broken up with her..."why would you break up with me right now, in a few weeks I could win half a million dollars..." Lane "yah, Im totally broken up right now." They both have a good laugh and seem to be enjoying each others company as Brit has put the music away and they both chat it up... As Enzo returns into the room.

11:50 And they chat more about Nick as Hayden is called to the DR. Talk about golf and Nick continues....

(And with that, hope you enjoyed these exciting events tonight. lol Im out ~claz)

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11:50-12:10 BBT Lane goes up to Brit who is eating cereal and asks her if she is in a bad mood, and she says that no matter if she is or isn't, he thinks she is, so it's pointless to ask her that. Then they have a tiff because Lane asks her if she got sleep last night, and she goes off on him for asking her that, because she got woken up and he knew it. She goes on to tell Lane that Enzo and Hayden woke her up last night talking about fantasy baseball, and moved rooms so she could sleep. Lane tells her Enzo and Hayden thought she was sleepwalking.

Lane then tells Brit that her and Ragan did the same thing when he slept in the room with them, but Brit thinks it's completely different because they all went to bed at the same time, and they didn't go in the room and do it when Lane was already asleep. (This is seriously the most pointless conversation I've ever heard.)

Brit still going off over 10 minutes later about Enzo and Hayden talking about Jason Heyward and about Enzo and Hayden waking her up. Lane tells her not to make this a DR session and to quit being a princess. {I seriously LOVE Lane. He hasn't done much gameplay wise, but he has rational/civilized talks with people when they are going crazy.)

Lane is trying to give Brit a pep talk about seeing the end, and they argue about how many days are left, how the final three works.

Lane wonders why he always has to be the one to build everyone up and can never be stressed. Brit starts getting paranoid again about going up.

12:08 Enzo joins them outside and tries to figure out how to work the washer/dryer since he hasn't done it the whole season. (Why does he have to do laundry? Didn't he give all his clothes away??)

Brit goes over and shows him how to do his laundry.

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12:20 BBT Enzo goes outside and joins Hayden and Lane. They tell him not to use the POV and leave the noms the same. Enzo agrees and says he doesn't want to hear Ragan talk tomorrow, then he mocks him and what he would say. Enzo says that Ragan is playing like he's too confident, and he didn't want the POV enough, even though Ragan thinks he cheated to get it.

Enzo, Hayden, and Lane bitching about Brit being a bitch about last night. They think she's a spoiled brat. Enzo thinks she's lucky that she's surviving this week, and Enzo says Ragan is a bitch and he'll terrify him again next week and get him out.

Lane can't wait until the wrap party to hang out with other people.

Enzo says he feels like a miniature pincher (dog) with a shock collar every time they mess up or do something wrong in the house.

Enzo and Lane are bashing Brit and how she woke up looking horrible, and Lane said he told her to go take care of "this", in reference to her face, and Enzo said, "America doesn't want to see this, why would we?" (I love how hardcore they are bashing Brit, given the amount she's done to Kristen and Rachel).

Enzo and Lane are going on and on how they are zoo animals and what the people who watch them think. (This was pretty lame and not that funny. You can tell they are starting to go crazy.)

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12:30 BBT

Lane, Hayden, and Enzo discuss strategy and decide if Enzo or Hayden wins HoH, Britney goes up against Lane, one of the three wins POV and Britney goes home.

That way they make it to final three.

That is the game plan for the brigade.

They talk about Lane getting rid of Ragan in his HoH, and they bash Matt for not getting rid of Britney and staying loyal to them during the DPOV. (I love how delusional Enzo is being about this. Enzo and Hayden spent that entire week throwing him under the bus. Why should Matt stay loyal to you after that? Matt went on his own, because you forced to him to.)

They continue to bash Matt and blame him for all the lying in the house. They think he was the one to start all of them.

Talk turns to final three, and Hayden and Enzo both say they will take each other if they make it to final three, which Lane asks jokingly, "Are you really?", (I think Lane knows that his only shot of making final two is winning the final hoh so he can choose. Also, I'd like to point out that if Hayden makes final two against either, Hayden will win. Enzo's best shot is to take Lane, but I digress).

They all think Ragan and Brit would win if either made final two against one of them.

12:40 Lane thinks they are really smart and played perfectly for that season, but they have to get rid of Brit, cause she will beat them.

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12:45 Talk turns to last season and why Natalie didn't get the votes last season. Hayden thinks the only reason Natalie lost was because of the age lie. (No, Natalie lost because she lied about Jessie and Lydia in the house after they left and found out about it in the jury house. On top of which, Lydia always hated Natalie and got Jessie to turn on her. That is how it went from Natalie winning to Jordan.)

They talk about how they are going to spend their money and if they took second place they'd put it in the bank, since it would only be around 30 grand after taxes.

Enzo prepares Hayden to get a speech from Ragan before the pov ceremony, but Hayden doesn't think Ragan will even try.

Brit comes back after putting makeup on. Hayden and Enzo talk about last night to her, they seem to be over it.

They talk about their wakeup music and we get WBRB.

Feeds come back and Lane has rejoined the group.

Talk turns to Enzo washing his clothes. (This seems to be a big deal.)

Ragan is laying in bed in the Taj by himself while everyone else is outside on the couches.

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12:05 PM BBT

Britney thinking that BB reviewed the results of some of the POV comp - it took them so long to announce Enzo as the winner.

Hayden wants to eat. Britney changing her nail polish. Lane going to work out. He says he'll fall asleep if he doesn't. Enzo says seeing two squirrels just now was too much excitement for him. He's all worn out now.

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12:10 PM BBT

Ragan alone in taj.

Lane and Hayden having a trust conversation. "I trust you 100%, you have to trust me 100%. Enzo wants to get rid of Britney because he knows she'll take Lane if she gets to F3. He doesn't think that Lane and Britney would take him. Basically what he's saying is.." Lane "Yeah"

we learn that Hayden only like mayo on turkey or salami. He's making a sandwich and puts both mayo and mustard. Lane excuses himself to use the rest room and as he's leaving he asks if they are going to work out.

Lane discovers the HOH room is locked. Heads to DR to ask why. We get WBRB.

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"Why would they take our workout bench away? Because Enzo made it a spaceship? Why would they downgrade us?" asks Britney

"I can't even scoot all the way down to the end." says Lane.

Britney recounting a weight set her older brother got for Christmas one year, you fill the plastic weights with water.

Hayden brushing his teeth.

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12:31 PM BBT

Britney on elliptical for the first time. "I don't like it, it burns, it hurts my legs. It doesn't feel like you are running for real." It's been one minute.

Hayden laughing at her.

Britney says if she sits on Lane's back when he does push ups it's like working out through osmosis.

Lane struggling to put weights on the 'ghetto bar' "This is so dumb"

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12:51 PM BBT

Lane going upstairs to take a bath. "Don't talk about it, just do it." says Hayden. Who is now sleeping on the patio couch. Britney staring at the sky. Silence. Earlier talk of the benefits of having 5 people left who like each other - no drama.

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1:05 PM BBT

Enzo ranting about something. Doesn't want to be a Have not anymore. He is done with that. "Take the pool table then! We'll have more room to walk around." says Enzo. "Why don't they tell us they are taking one leg from the pool table?" says Lane. Enzo mad that they keep threatening with Have nots. He says everyone should have one towel, one bowl, one plate and you have to do what you want with it. "Wash the towels, whatever man." sounds like they may have been told to tidy up a bit.

"They took the only thing we lived for in this house, the bowl." Says Lane "Yeah I don't even want to play pool anymore," replies Enzo. "All I want to is hit the ball. I don't even care where it goes."

Lane trying to get upstairs to the HOH still. Not only is the magnetic lock locked, the door handle is locked now to. Enzo asks if it's another Pandora's box. No, they are fixing something he says. Enzo says imagine this you get to pick a bikini model show and we get a transvestite show.

Lane tells us that BB told him they were fixing the cameras and it would be an hour. Enzo says HOH seems like it sucks because everyone is always in your room listening to music, give him the cabana room when he gets HOH.

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Boys getting silly about all the different things they want to see so it's something different. Enzo will be a Have not again just to see something different. Let America vote on new things for them to eat. A human Head and Altoids. A human head and hemorrhoid cream. Give us one spear and an animal. Give us a luxurious challenge. Enzo is going to keep eating because he's got nothing else to do. "Who ate all the fucking pita chips?" he yells.

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1:23 PM BBT

Late breaking news.... Ragan is up and out of bed!

Enzo and Lane still moaning about wanting to see something new. Enzo keeps saying that it is punishment number three up there. Once Britney gets out of DR they will be sent outside for lock down then come back to all these annoying people in the house.

Lane looking beyond bored in KT. Enzo going to do some arts and crafts. He is painting penne (or rotini) noodles with nail polish. First it was to be his legion, to follow his every command. Now it will be a car.

Lane in background yelling "It's ready? For what? For who?" and we get WBRB.

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