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8/27 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:03 BBT

Still trivia on live feeds, but reports in the chatroom is that BBAD are showing the HGs. Seems Hayden got an HOH basket. Ragan seems happy, but no confirmation on who won HOH.

Sounds like Lane just wondered if he'll be getting something. Ragan about to drink some wine, with the hopes of getting drunk.

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9:08 BBT Everyone but Enzo in living room going through Hayden's HOH basket. Hayden talking about how his mom would tell him to cut his hair and reading the ingredients on the packages in his basket. (gonna be a LONG few weeks folks - WHO)

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Hi gang. I'm not feeling well, and I'm going to bail early. I don't see StephenV the Nite Owl, so I'm hoping someone will pitch in and post some info for me to add to the update page later. I see, stevea11, LoneTWolf, and Girly. Newbies welcome too. You don't need to fill a lot of space, just a few lines to let everyone know what they're missin.


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11:30 BBT

Ahhhhh, alcohol has arrived and and everyone in kitchen except Lane.

Trashing Rachel big time. Speculating who might come back for next POV. Hayden likes Jerry.

Talks turn to music, favorite artists like 50 cent, Lil Wayne, etc.

Britney has been to Kevin Costners restaraunt.

Wondering what they will do with 5 lbs. of slop in frig.

Now Brended bashing.

Britney: he's always running around with his shirt off. It's not like, like he's Hayden or something.

Everyone quoting favorite Brenden's one liners.

There wondering when Lanes gets his HOH rain.

Ragan says he buzzed. Enzo agrees.

Enzo looking forward to taking a good smash tonight. (hey, I write what I hear.)

Wondering how Rachel, Kathy and matt are getting along.

Enzo says that America loves all of us. (????)

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11:22 BBT General chit-chat still going on at the dinner table, mostly Brendon and Rachel bashing still. Chat includes everything from the socks Brendon was wearing, stuff about the LiveFeed Company flying the houseguests out to Seattle, the craziness of the Double Eviction. Enzo "because I deserve to the dishes in this penguin suit with the way I'm playing". More Brendon bashing and the feeds cut to the fishtanks several times, mostly caused by Britney's stories. Lane still in the DR before his HOH room. HG's wondering what is taking him so long. Long WBRB now...

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11:45 BBT

Speculation turns to who would get invited back (allstars)

Lanes appears and says no HOH room key yet.

BB: Britney, please come to the DR.

Ragan re-states he is buzzed. (he's starts sluring his speech.

Ragan: I have the diamond power of dildo this week.

Enzo makes a reply I won't repeat.

They break up and Enzo and Hayden in room talking game. Talking F2 between them.

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12:00am BBT:

Ragan,Enzo and Lane talking about how much Annie missed out. Enzo said he knew she was a fire cracker that she would have brought a lot of drama. Ragan says that if he would have known then what he knows now, he would have evicted Rachel instead. Of course Ragan bashing Rachel. Surprised they didn't know what she would be like just based on Rachel's photo.

Penguin and Lane has joined Hayden in bathroom. Talk about nominations. (couldn't hear the whole thing). Hayden says they're somebody's now. Sounds like Brit is the target according to Enzo.

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11:52 BBT

Enzo and Hayden playing out senerio's for next HOH

Lane joins conversation.

All of them back in kitchen now. Brief FoTH

Hayden in bathroom wiping his face with a zit pad. Now looking into a mirror checking for zits aroung his nose (hey, it's late)

Now he broke out the zit cream. Ok, I'm switching feeds as this is gross.

Enzo: Annie was brought into the house to make us fucking furious.

Ragan: Rachel was a bitch. Calling her a reh headed bitch.

Britney does a perfect Rachel "welcome back bitches" imatation.

Enzo just walked in on Hayden popping a zit. Man, leave that that alone. Don't fuck with it man

BREAKING NEWS: Ragen has gas. Like wow, I just farted. (everyone leaves room)

Britney comes out of BR. "I just had the best BR ever"

Lane: Please go to the DR

Talking about what Lane gets from home.

Lane: Your not allowed to talk about DR sessions.

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12:03am BBT:

Hayden said something about winning these last two hoh’s. How Enzo’s time is coming. Enzo openly says that maybe his win will be at the end. Hayden just smiles and goes along with it.

Brit just came out of DR and says it’s one of the best ones she’s ever had. Lane wants to know why she had a good session. Ragan is sitting at the table drinking.


Brit talking about all the families and houseguests who are going to come after them. Enzo just said that for someone who doesn’t like confrontation she sure talks a lot of shi.. Ragan throws in some ugly comments about Rachel.

Enzo now talking about the house being ghetto because of all the ants. Brit just came out of bathroom, where she made a fuss about using it with the guys sitting on the couch. Comes out and makes some gross comment.

12:11am BBT:

All chatting about being in the house at first and how they all didn’t know who they would get along. And the way everything was arranged. Idle talk.

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2:08 BBT

More Rachel bashing.

Britney: Monet used to walk around with her pants jacked up to her boobs!

Britney now complaining she needs to pee but you guys are in the room.

Enzo: They gotta door.

Brit: I know but it's still weird.

Enzo: Damn Brit, youse finished already.

Brit: Yep, get in and get out.

Now talks turn to what it was like when they first entered the house.

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12:15am BBT:

Enzo wants to solidify final three by winning hoh. Tells the guys what Brendon told him about the friends being Lane and Hayden. How he didn't know what was going on. Wondering if they all should come out. Hayden and Lane change convo to food,( maybe because they saw Britney coming). When Brit walks away Enzo tells Lane that this is going to be like a divorce before marriage.

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2:14 BBT

The brigade talking about going to F3.

Lane will get his room shortly.

Britney has a good buzz going. You can tell by her giggling.

Their checking SR for more booze, none yet.

Ragan says Matt was supposed to be on BB11 but he got married. Talking about when they first saw each other during auditions.

Ragan thought Enzo was handicapped by the way he walked. Talking about finalists who did not make it.

Britney" I know I'm gonna get in trouble for saying this but there were too many people who looked alike and WBRB. (yep Brit, your in trouble)

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12:24am BBT:

Brit thinks she can become an alcoholic later in life and be ok because she can snap into character quickly. Some teasing by the guys.

Ants on Enzo's outfit.

12:26am BBT:

Lane is about to get his room, goes into DR. Now chat moves to work and Enzo doesn't want to go back to that. Ragan says it's odd that thursday's are their fridays. Mocking about how Rachel sounded when she'd get her hoh room. Mocking by Brit and what Rachel would wear and how she wouldn't want to know anyone who would wear a sequence shirt as a dress.

12:30 am BBT:

The hamsters make the walk up the stairs to hoh room.

WBRRB. Sound only of ohhs and ahhs. sounds like lane got muscle milk. Ragan wants to hear the letter.

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22:27 BBT

There all in the living room enjoying a good buzz.

Waiting for Lane to announce "Who wants to see my HOH room" Mocking his voice.

Britiny Mocking Rachel's voice and her favorite sayings. (she's doing it well)

Lane at 12:30 gets HOH room.

They say: OHHH wowwwwwwwwww, before they walk in.

We can hear the audio but no video.

Enzo: Dude, that's your brother, Whoa dude.

Lane got dominios. They are nameing all the snacks he got. He also got a bottle of Just For Men (?)

Lane reading his letter from home

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12:40 BBT

Everyone, especially Enzo asking about Lanes brother. They think he looks cool.

Audio working but no video.

Lane got beer so you can hear bottles popping and they toast Lane. He got pics from work and explaining who the guys are in the pics.

General chit chat about Lanes family.

BB: Enzo, please center your microphone.

Picture feed back and they are enjoying Lanes room (and his beer)

Enzo's got the headphones on jamming to Lanes music (forgot who it was)

They are happy they got domino's but no pen or paper to keep score with.

BB: Enzo, please go to the DR while he's listening to Lanes music

Ragan wearing the do-rag (hankerchief) that Lane got while Britney munches on his beef jerky.

(time for me to hit the sack. Hope somebody can take over)

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1:37am BBT:

Ragan telling the guys about the history behind his friendship with Rachel and where it changed. How he started to have doubts early on, but then she handled her nomination so well and Matt liked her, so he stayed friends. Then she got hoh and things changed… the eye roll when Monet’s name was picked for pov etc.. but that he had to play both sides because she was in power. Goes back to the Andrew thing. All of his confessions are because lane mentioned how close Ragan was with Rachel.

1:41am BBT:

Hayden got a bad vibe from Rachel from the start. That when Brendon won veto Matt was in his ear about nominating Monet, but Annie started to act so crazy so it became obvious who had to go.

Lane wonders if Rachel would be asked back. Ragan thinks she’s so contrived and does everything for tv. That BB likes people who are comfortable in their own skin. Lane and Ragan don’t feel that Rachel doesn’t deserve to be in jury. Hayden thinks that it would have been great if she would have been out 1st week.

1:48am BBT:

Hayden thinks that Rachel wants to be in the limelight regardless it be good or bad attention. Now the guys have moved on to making fun of how she behaved.

Ragan says he’s thankful for Rachel Reilly because it makes him so thankful for knowing people that are not like her. Retelling his perceived best moments.

1:49am BBT:

Enzo and Brit talking about Brendon. He felt bad for Brendon because he was target from wk1. Both say they were fake friends with Brendon and Rachel. Britney says she had it the worst since she took a bath with Rachel.

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1:54am BBT:

Britney didn’t want Brendon to win today because she feel she would be out of there if Ragan got veto. She’s glad Lane won comp. (I can’t wait until she’s nominated and voted out…she’s in a fake alliance just like Brendon and Rachel). She believes that between her and Monet she would have been gone. Enzo of course tells her that’s not true.

(ok I'm out. someone take over)

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2AM BBT Flashback Enzo in HoH room talking to the BB guy, "you gotta remember I am in this peguin suit and it moves" BB "Thank you Enzo". Brit and Enzo talking about when they first got in house and who they trashing. Enzo "part of me felt bad for the dude, he did nothing to me, I don't know this kid but he had a target, knew he had to go". (talking about Brendon)

Hayden, Lane, Ragan rehashing Ragan's dress down of Rachel when she reentered the house. Ragan is telling his version. Hayden and Lane were not privy to the whole thing at the time it happened and they wanted to know what happened. They keep asking questions. Ragan "she is the laughing stock of the house" Hayden "good for us she did that cause it creates drama for house"


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219AM BBT Enzo now in HoH listening to music. Brit has joined the guys on the porch BY. Brit "looks like Tim McGraw" Brit "Enzo says he had 1200 days to be bigger, stronger than Gunner, what happened". Ragan "Mom does not look like anything I pictured" Lane "Mom was a marathon runner, she is 51, Dad is 53, she cut her hair short a few years ago" Lane saying she keeps cutting her hair shorter and shorter, "she keeps calling me telling me who she looks like".

Lane "talking to Ragan about his mom's gay friends and what their jobs are". Lane is just general chat about his Mom, she is interior decorator. Ragan "yeah lots of us go into decorating". Ragan asking everyone about gay friends. They are just talking about their friends, he seems to be in good spirits as Hayden says the stress is gone.

Brit "Rachel's mom will be the one in the corner hiding".

Feeds 1&2 show Lane and Enzo in HoH room. Lane just took up his luggage. Enzo talking about bro's pic and just "Lane drinks muscle milk, Gunner goes up to the cow and squeezes the tit" "Lane eats beef jerky, Gunner eats the calf of the cow" Lots of laughter from these two "Gunner is straight ghetto". (Enzo drinking, he is happy)

Ragan and Hayden and Brit are all talking general family chat on back porch.

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230AM BBT Lane listening to music. Enzo still in penguin suit "this is what I am trying to say bro" (think it is in reference to the son Lane listening to)

Brit "suck it dad" Hayden headed to bathroom. Brit "my dad and brother are like 2 22yr olds". Brit keeps repeating her sentences. (she is drinking).

<WBRB> (have had quite a few)

245AM BBT Everyone, but Ragan (all 4 feeds) in HoH room playing with the dominos. They explaining the point system to Brit. Hayden has earphones on for music. (they back to the Gunner jokes) "Gunner would just yoke them" Enzo "white wine sucks" Just general game discussion. No sign of Ragan. <WBRB> (their singing and we get bubbles)

3AM BBT Everyone is now in HoH. Ragan reading label on muscle milk can. All are drinking and trying to pronounce words. No restrictions on food yet. BB: "Lane please go to DR" Lane leans over to Brit and says "I ate her and you fucked her" Brit "gross". (he was reading a label on the cereal box).


Feed 3&4 show Ragan walking around kitchen and WC area. Hayden, Lane, Brit and Enzo in HoH room. Brit "putting dibs on Lane's puppy dog" "don't want to be like a Kathy, but I want this soft dog". Enzo makes comments about how the music takes him out of the house. He is yelling with the earphones on, trying to telling everyone how he feels. Brit has a green hardhat on her head. Enzo "Bubba is the best, no groupies on bus, but we just chilling" "that the world I am in right now". Hayden tapping Brit on the head. Brit says it don't hurt Hayden "duh it is a hard hat". Lane "green is the worm hat, my hat is normally white and has tech on it" Lane talking about his family and their colleges. Everyone is chillign and drinking now they are into the 'rosa' wine, have polished off the red and white. Enzo "gonna put Gunner in headlock and bear hug him" Lane "he will like you for that" Lane "rip on him in DR, he will love it"

Shows Ragan headed to his hammock, (he talking to camera) Late night current affairs, for the homies that watch the live feeds. I am either in the best or worst, I am totally by myself and no one has my back. The 3 boys working together. Than the pair of Brit and Lane and than you have Enzo and Hayden. Have friendship with Brit but she would slit (anyone's throat slit) to get further in the game. Might work without PoV, Lane is going to have to make a important decision , I will be on the block ... discussing upstairs now (which upstairs is nothing but BS talk) who goes up with me, probably Brit, if he puts up one of the boys, he shows he is more paired with Brit than the boys, which than make the boys paranoid and nervous, why not one of us and that is when I become valuable. if he puts Brit up which he might do smoke screen, gains boys confidence, risks brit going home, I win pov and brit stays up on block and she goes home. Lane will have to break tie. very tangled web. I am going to kick back this week, be nice to everyone and not cause waves and see how chips fall. but it will be foolish of me to assume that my life does not depend on PoV to stay. because Brit is no dummy and I think I am single player compared to Hayden and Enzo, if Brit can get past the next HoH and make it to final 2, run for money on quiz is me, Brit wants me gone really bad. (sorry this runs on, but I type as he talks) Ragan (mumbling).. I need to study faces on board and get day numbers down. hope and pray it is not a variation of ?? veto.. that is the one that would not be good. Want to get rid of Brit, she can't be trusted. if I can win out this week, I might make it to the end of the game, but it is a chance... "stay tuned" gets up and leaves hammock.

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345AM BBT Hayden and Lane in kitchen going thru cupboards. Talking about family.

(having problem with my feeds, they keep going out on me).

Enzo and Brit still in HoH. Enzo talking about how he thought he was voting for Bren to stay, he has no veto, might go home. (normal Enzo dramatics) about how Bren asked him about how he was safe, people lose whitewash show. beat Matty, beat Bren. hammer next to Ragan.

Lane and Hayden discussing beating out Ragan in quizzes, but Brit has to go, can't trust her no matter what. have 2 in 4 chance for Finals. This weeks HoH will be the tough one and feelings will be hurt. lane "I don't care if Brit goes home, enzo over brit, just cause we got better chance to beat enzo, enzo will beat everyone in final 2" Lane "who is pawn, Brit knows she not on block, but Ragan and PoV will make Brit be replacement". Lane "if we put Enzo on block with Ragan and Ragan wins, Brit goes up and goes home". Hayden "worse case Brit if not in hot seat won't try hard for veto and still go home". "cut throat time". nominations tomorrow, day 56, hopefully we get luxury tomorrow.

No sign of Ragan, Brit and Enzo on 1&2, Hayden and Lane on 3&4 (side note: you can hear brit and enzo's voices in background, man they are loud in HoH room).

Someone getting feelings hurt. (in regards to noms and voting)..

4AM BBT They are all in HoH room now still the same nonsense. Hayden throwing out words and they are just joking around.

415AM BBT Still discussing family and kids.

430AM BBT Talking about Comps in HoH room, shows hayden and Ragan in bed in Taj room. Brit and Lane talking .. Enzo on floor in suit listening to music.

5AM BBT Brit, Lane and Enzo in HoH, still acting goofy.

(stopping for now, the 3 are drunk and just repeating stuff over and over and giggling)

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