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8/25 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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9:20pm BBT:

Enzo,Brit and Brendon sitting outside on the couch. Enzo dozed off. Brit and Brendon discussing how difficult being in the house is. Brit used to think the reason the prize is half a mil was due to BB being easier than other shows. Now that she's been in the house she believes the prize should be 2mil! Brendon tells her that even though he comes from a family that isn't too close, being in the house has made him appreciate them and miss them.

Lane, Ragan and Matt on the other side of the yard are talking about life outside the house. How long their 15 min of fame will last.

9:33pm BBT:

Ragan and Matt now discussing L.A. Matt thinks you can't know what's real, but it's fun to watch people. Ragan feels that it's hard to make friends but if you make them they are real. Matt asking about the major music venus like the whisky etc. How funny it would be to go to a gay club together especially soon after BB. Chicago club talk etc..

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9:39pm BBT:

Brit and Lane talking about Matt and how whenever he says anything it's so obvious he's gaming. They turn to the typical play fight (pretty cute and I'm not a Britney fan).

9:40pm BBT:

Brit off to bathe and shave her legs. Tells Lane they all have to study.

9:42pm BBT:

Hayden finishing up his shower and chatting with Lane. It seems they are having trouble hearing each other because every other comment is followed by "what?"

(early night ... someone take over please)

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9:55 BBT Matt " I made it to semis five or six times. " Explaining how his application video was very basic, and simple every time he sent it in each season.... Ragan " I feel like, if the two of us were on a totally different season, things would be completely different." Matt "But what about my deal with Rachel. "

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10:20 BBT Hayden and Ragan have a chat in the hammock, mostly Ragan still assuring Hayden that Brendon is his number one target, reasoning not even being personal anymore but that Brendon is targeting Ragan and Britney and because if he makes it to final 2, he wins. Hayden just agrees, nods his head, "right". Hayden "And then Matt I think has the 2nd best chance... Enzo, Brit, Lane well liked..... Its weird to think that if Brendon goes, its weird to think that Britney won comps, Ragan won one, Hayden sorta one...that its"

10:25 BBT Ragan "If i get HOH, who do you think i should put up. I mean.. we know who the target is. But who should i put up? Hadeyn "Umm... I dunno... Its going to have to be someone who is a pawn, and knows that they are going up as a pawn.... But you are going to need to have a backup plan."

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10:15 BBT

Enzo working out in his pengiun suit using it as a rag to wipe sweat with it..

Hayden on Hammock with Ragan talking about how "sad" they're gonna be when Matt leaves...Ragan says he feels "ver fortunate" he'll walk away from BB he and Matt will be "really realy close" lifelong friends...

10:17 Hayden saying its very "special" he can do that as Hayden saying Matt "deserves" to be here and "win the game" as hayden says "i have my reasons" as they talk about his fake sick wife Ragan saying he probably raised the money already on his website..

Ragan asks hayden "to pull me in" for the "couple of days" after Matt leaves...Hayden asks who is Ragan's true target is...wanting to make sure its "brendon" as Ragan says "brendon is my number 1 target"

Ragan says he like Bren now but "wants him out of this house" as Hayden calls Bren "one of the biggest threats" as Hayden says Bren isn't coming after him or Enzo but "brit and him....Hayden agrees..

Ragan "if he stays in this game" Ragan says "he's gonna to win the game"...hayden agrees saying "its impossible" not to vote him the winner...

10:22 BBT Ragan talking how "I have a feeling" Brendon will win Thursday....Hayden says Lane Enzo are "well liked" Brit has won a lot of comps...as Hayden talks about the # of comps HGs won

Ragan asks "who should I put up"..Hayden says "i don't know"..but someone nees to know that one of them is a pawn..as he does his best to skirt the question.."its up to you" ....saying "you have to have a back up plan" if Bren wins POV..and says "you have to have a secondary target" as Ragan says "we don't need to say anything"

10:26 BBT Hayden saying he likes everyone as he double talks Ragan about the game...Hayden saying "its only" getting harder the next few weeks...

Ragan says what scares me "is double eviction: Thurs becasue everythig will happen fast....Ragan says "if he read" is correct ..everyone has hayden says "similar" plan and ragan agrees..as Ragan says "its gonna be crazy"

Ragan "i would love to be the person that takes Brendon out"....talking how he's better without Rachel asRagan says she brings out "the worst" of Brendon...

10:29 BBT They are talking about Rachel...

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10:30 BBT Hayden says if Bren goes after next week he will fill sorry for the "sane" people...

hayden says the winner "a couple of people" will "help out" with Matt's wife situation..

Ragan asks if everyone knows for sure that Brendon has to go...Hayden says Enzo will put him up as Ragan says Really" isn't that gonna be wierd as Hayden says it will be "awkward"..and says him and Enzo and he "are on the same page"

Hayden going on if they don't get him out he will make the final two and win...

10:33 BBT talking about Brendon's chances of making the final two..."survives the double eviction"...as they discuss Brendon's road to final two if he's not taken out soon...Ragan says "for him" it gets "easier" the longer "he stays in the game"

10:36 BBT talking odds as Ragan say it will be interest to see "how all this shakes out" long silent pause......

after Ragan says "i mean"...............

10:38 "nobaody is gonna breathe" until after Thursday he finally spits out as Hayden agrees...

10:39 BBT Lane talks out of mic shot to Hayden ...as Ragan gets up "i need to do abs"

10:40 BBT Hayden tells Lane Ragan was explaining what Ragan was doing with his fingers...thinking it was a final 4...."trying to throw you off" Lane says "who seen it..you and the Britzer" and Lane says "yeah"

10:41 Lane lifts weights Hayden sits on hammock...

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10:42 BBT

Matt and Brit at the pool table talking about songs and what memory it sparks...

10:44 BBT Enzo and Brendon talking about HOH...Enzo says "you just gotta do it" ...talking about people can't get upset for making a decison as Enzo says no way its for "$500,000" saying its a six month thing "including auditions"

10:46 BBT Matt and Brit talking about songs taking you back...Brit asks Matt how old he was during the backstreet boys pop era...saying he was in "collge" as Brit ask what he did before that,,

10:48 Matt says he never got into "boyband" stuff but admits "shamefully I was into Nsync"

On the couch Brendon and Matt talking about sleeping studying and being ready "for Thursday" as Enzo wants to go over all the "saboteur messages"

10:49 BBT Enzo wants to hang out "in LA" and not go to Vegas...

10:51 BBT Matt and Brit still talking music..........as their game ends with them talking "country" music..

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10:52 BBt Matt and Brit pool game and convo ends ..he looks around and says to hmself "i really" should shower...as he heads inside..

Brit heads over to Hammock giving Shout outs to "show time" and hayden to "mom" and his friend "mad dog"...

10:53 BBT Bren and Enzo talking still as Enzo says he's about to shave his head bald..as Brendon chuckles...silence

10:54 Feeds are fOTH..Inside Matt telling Lane and Ragan he's showering asking if there is stuff from his HOH "still in the fridge" ..Ragan says he shouldn't have "coke" this late hour..but wonders Choc milk would be "too fillin" and decides on sprite..as Ragan telling Lane "i'm so Jelly about your phone call"

10:56 BBT Lane and Ragan joking with each other saying they wnt "bad things" to happen as Lane says his mom isn't gonna like him...

Lane gets up "why are you leaving me alone" Ragan whines and Lane says he just gonna "pace" and his getaway is foiled..

10:58 BBT talking about two people leaving..as Ragan asks "do you think we'll get Brendon out this week" as Lane says yeah muttering something about breaking his leg..to do so..

11:00 BBt Brit telling Hayden what Ragan told her saying he's "so paranoid"....as Hayden says Ragan asked him <att's leaving for sure but says he didn't answer directly as Hayden discuss his convo with Ragan...saying he's getting paranoid ...as Brit says Ragan told her that they can't win unless they win back to back HOHs as Brit says he doesn't know her deal with the guys..keeping her as Brit says Ragan is getting as sneaky at Matt as Hayde says they ahve to "trust each other" as Brit says Ragan will says "y'all are out to get me" as Hayden says "its good" Ragan puts him and Enzo up together they will pull him off the block...

11:04 BBT..Hayden says they will figure out when they get to finsl 4 as Brit says she would be happy if he and Lane make "final two" because a "good person" will win as she says Lane doesn't need "$500,000" as Hayden says he loves "lane to death" and Hayden "agrees" as they discuss because they are in the "oil business" he doesn't need the money..

11:06 BBT Hayden talking about Lane's Cars, house ..gym....as he says he drives "a piece of crap" he paid "$1700" for..Hayden says he will "pay off studen loans" give some to mom and put a down payment "on a house" and figure out what he'll do the "rest of his life"

Enzo comes over and talk turns to study session..as Brit starts bitching about Brendon..

11:08 BBT Brit says I wish we could "pick" who we want in the "final 4" as they jedi drill

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11:11 BBT

Matt having atv dinner Ragan saying "fuck Marie Calendar" calling her a "whore " cunt" because her tv dinners require too many steps..

Ragan talks about "amy adams"...talking about her SNL hosting...and the skit "mirror image" as Ragan explains what it is...FOTH..

11:14 BBT outside everyone else talking at the hammock..talking about age...as Brit ask "on a scale of 1-10" Brit asks how he misses Kristen and Hayden says "not as much as i miss my mom" and his sis as Brit asks how much and how they "cuddle"...in the end Hayden says not as much he does with Enzo..

Brit asks who he misses more "annie or Andrew" and Enzo says "andrew"...as hayden says he doesn't miss em..sayinh you like em but miss em as they start discussing the Andrew debacle..

11:17 BBT..Hayden asks who brit misses as Brit says "its not easy to pinpoint"

Back inside Matt and Ragan talking SNL..and other sitcoms...

11:19 BBT Talkin who they want to talk to...when they get out..

11:20 BBt more television talk from Matt and Ragan..

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11;23 BBT

Talking about their parties when they get out Brenhaving his UCLA sendoff...Brit wants a birthday redux with Nick...Brit talking about doing errands..."i just wanna rum normal person errands'

hayden wants to ride his Mt bike..as Brit says go somewhere to be recognized...and get in her car and take off..

11:25 BBT Back inside Ragan talking TV still...

Britney talking about her day in very detail what she'll do when she gets out..They discuss football..

11;28 BBT Inside Lane and Ragan joke back in forth with insults...Matt "where have all my friends gone..I used to have friends in this house"...Lane says he's getting tired of the "fruit" in this house "zing"

11:30 BBT Matt talking about seeing Jeff and Jordan as Ragan says "I want to sit and watch" and not go to Vegas as Matt says he might not as Ragan says if you don't do Vegas" he won't...as Matt says his anniversary ..and both says "the money" if they organization doesn't pick up the tab they both won't go..

11:33 Matt asking questions about his "podcast" and the money...how Ragan uses RSS to notify as Matt asks questions...about how to start one..

11:36 BBT Outside still talking about Football mostly Hayden and Brit..

Talking about "Matt Cassel" from USC how he never started as quarterback at USC.....

11:38 Ragan talking about his podcasts still

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11:41 BBT

Not alot going on..Football talk outside ...Inside "podcasts" from Ragan.......

11:43 BBT Matt asks what his colleagues think of his podcasts and Ragan says "they think its a trip"..

Brendon says he's getting up to go to bed...as hayden asks Bren to "shout it out"..the time...

11:45 BBT "its only 11:45" Brendon shouts.....

Brendon interupts the convo of "very controversial" podcast of "bottoming" sex positions as Ragan explains to Matt..."what % of you listeners are gay" as Ragan says he has "tons" of straight listeners..

Matt wants to be a "guest" as Ragan says "yep" as Matt is suprised "just like that" as the discuss the improved technology and ragan uses "Skype"

11:49 BBT Matt ask how Ragan get his "10,000 fans" how he promotes as Ragan says he hasn't done anything..saying he started when podcast were hot..and an article in Out Magazine ...

Lane has seated to listen...

11:51 BBT Mtt talking about Matt looking online "hunting" for BB info "DailyBooth"...basically its a story of a loser looking for listeners compared to Ragan's 10K listeners..

11:56 BBT Enzo comes in takes a seat listening to Ragan yammer about podcasts.. So borring that BBAD cut off 4 minutes early...

11:58 BBT Outside they talking Tom Brady and Leonardo DiCaprio...Bren Hayden and Brit ....talking celebrities...or psuedo celebrities ...Brit going on about the Kardashians......

12:00 BBT Inside they are talking "double elimination"...Ragan saying after two people go thursday "we have two more regular HOH" ...

Ragan doing unlikely alliances "Rac..Andrew Annie".."kathy Enzo" ..

12:03 BBT Ragan talks about BB asking history of" porn" or "nude phots" about its contestants and Ragan asks if they get people who are "freaky deaky" and FOTH..

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12:08 BBT Brit and Hayden "hope" for the "ideal final three" as Brit talks about Kira Knightley...and Brit is frustrated she can't remeber leo dicaprios GF nam..."she's a supermodel"

Hayden working out while Brit lays on the hammock talking about post BB interviews...

12:11 BBT FOTH...

Inside Enzo Bren Ragan Lane and Matt talking about Kathy...bashing Kathy...

12:15 BBT Matt wants to watch the feeds when Kathy fed Andrew baby food..

back outside Enzo is sitting with Hayden and Bit...talking "entourage"

12:18 BBT the table convo breaks up as Brit is trying to guess what's happening in celebs lif when she asks ragan to name one off"angelina jolie"

{i'm out early as nothing interesting is happening or will happen..night all}

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12:30 am BBT: Ragan and Matt go to the BY. Soon afterwards everyone else leaves them and goes to the HoH.

12:40 am BBT: Matt proposes a scenario to Ragan. He says, if Ragan is so sure about the 3 guy alliance (Enzo, Hayden and Lane) then why doesn’t he go after them instead of Brendon. He tells him it would be a great power move and that it would put a kink in their plan. Ragan says the only problem with that is that he’s afraid of Brendon coming after him still. Matt says he’s not trying to sway him in any particular direction; he’s just throwing some ideas out there. Ragan says the think Britney, Enzo, Hayden and Lane are definitely working together. Ragan says that Hayden told him that Enzo and he would put up Brendon if they win HoH but, Ragan doesn’t believe Hayden.

1 am BBT: Matt starts to talk about his wife again and how badly he needs the money. Ragan tells him again that it’s one of the reasons why he’s being evicted. No one will be able to beat him in the end.

1:11 am BBT: HoH are having a bash house guests that have left already time.

1:33 am BBT: Ragan tells Matt the biggest mistake the house has made was evicting Kristen.

1:45 am BBT: The HoH group heads down stairs to the kitchen (except Britney.) Matt sees them and tells Ragan the “parade” is coming. Matt heads inside and shortly returns to the BY and tells Ragan that the 3 guys are acting strangely around him because they feel guilty about evicting him.

2:06 am BBT: Everyone that is still up starts getting ready for bed. (i.e. brushing teeth, etc.) Hayden goes to the have-not room and tells Brendon what was going on in the HoH.

2:12 am BBT: Ragan joins the bathroom crew and mentions to them that he remembers reading that the finale date is Sept. 15th.

2:22 am BBT: Enzo joins the have-not room and tells Hayden and Brendon that they Can Not let Ragan win HoH this week. He says, you know he’s going to try and hang out with us next week. Hayden says he knows… ugh.

Lane, Matt and Ragan are in Jumanji making fun of Kathy.

2:27 am BBT: Hayden and Enzo do some Jedi training. Brendon joins them for a little while but, lies back down.

3:33 am BBT: The hour long study session is over and Enzo and Hayden have finally fallen asleep. Everyone is sleeping now.

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11:44 - Brendon making tea. He unzips his sweatjacket, checks himself out in kitchen mirror, and zips back up. Water ready .. he pours it into a tall red glass and adds two tea bags. [i can hardly stand the excitement!]

11:48 - WBRB .... wake up call? finally? maybe?

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