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8/23 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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6:20PM BBT: Ragan’s back and heads to the BY. All feeds switch to Britney at the pool table in the backyard. Enzo pops his head out and says, “I’m gonna go listen to some more GaGa, alright?” Britney says, “Yeah.” Now all feeds are on Ragan and Matt on the hammock. Matt says he feels bad that Ragan is getting so emotional; he feels that it’s his fault. Matt says he never wanted it to sound like his conversation with Britney implied that he wanted her to put Ragan up on the block. Ragan just doesn’t get why their whole conversation was about him. Matt says that Britney was the one who brought Ragan up, but he understands what Ragan is saying and why he is mad at him. Matt: “Shit man. I’m so sorry.” He tells Ragan that he was trying more to get him (Matt) to stay, rather than have Ragan put up. Matt asks Ragan if he can go explain to Britney what he really meant and Ragan says no, he just really needs to see the episodes to know the truth. Ragan is really frustrated and Matt keeps apologizing…

6:30PM BBT: Ragan: “Well, the proof is in the pudding.” Matt: “Yeah, and you’ll see.” Ragan says that no matter what, he’s not going to let it keep him from ever talking to Matt again. WBRB.

6:35PM BBT: Ragan and Matt are still on the hammock. Matt continues to apologize, saying he knew what he was saying to Britney, but he didn’t realize how it was coming across to her. He tells Ragan that he is a real friend. Ragan admits that their friendship is probably the most “real” in the house, but, he needs to just hold off until he sees the episodes. Ragan says he understands that Matt probably felt like his back was against the wall.

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Matt is apologizing to Ragan saying he is so sorry and is there anything he could say to Britney to make it better? Ragan says no because it is not going to help until he see's the episode and see's what really went down. Matt is really trying to convince him it wasn't what he thinks (yes it was) and Ragan saying he did a lot in the last 2 weeks to increase the target on his back and it just doesn't feel good. Feels he is in a horrible position in the house now. Matt again says he is so sorry and it didn't mean it to be that way.

Ragan says the stuff coming out of Matt's mouth in the kitchen with Britney was completely unsolicited. Matt says he didn't realize the things came out sounding that bad. Ragan says he doesn't understand how a convo about Matt staying off the block became a convo about the theme of Ragan.

Ragan says even if the most horrible stuff he heard is what happened he will still be friends after the show with Matt.


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Back on R and M still discussing the bad position Ragan feels he is in. Says he is now the most expendable person. Matt is still really sucking up to him and says he just didn't realize how it was coming across (yeah right Matt).

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6:45PM BBT: This conversation (about a conversation) between Matt and Ragan is just going in circles. Matt: “I apologize…,” Ragan: “I understand, but….” Matt: “Yeah, I understand I came across that way…, I’m really sorry.” Matt says whether he stays or leaves, he wants to keep Ragan’s trust. Ragan says they’ll be friends no matter what, but at this point in the game he can’t “trust” anyone. Ragan says, “In this house, you can’t tell fiction from truth.” Matt admits he was being a moron and wasn’t thinking things through. Ragan says, “I just wouldn’t have done it.” Matt says, “Yeah, I wish I had done things differently.”

7:00PM BBT: All four feeds are still on Ragan and Matt. Ragan is positive that Matt is going home on Thursday. Matt asks if it’s just an intuition thing and Ragan says, “Yes.” Matt asks him what he should do and Ragan says he doesn’t think there is anything Matt can do.

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Ragan just told Matt he thought the guys were in an alliance and believes Matt was part of it and Matt denies it all. He feigns shock and surprise that Ragan would think that.

Ragan tells Matt he is going home and Matt wants to know how he is so sure and Ragan says it is a gut feeling but he is sure Matt is gone this week.

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7:32pm BBT:

Matt asks Ragan if the guys would be upfront about voting him out so that he can then just relax. Ragan thinks that the doubts are an answer. Both head in to eat. Appologizes again and Ragan answers that he understands his back was against the wall.

7:34pm BBT:

Brendon cooking. Penguin jumps in and stirs the food. Ragan getting his plate ready

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7:58pm BBT:

Brit,Ragan and Matt sitting around table talking about the final date. Brit thinks it could run to the 23rd since the vegas gathering is not cbs affiliated so they are not required to attend. That it could be the 15th or later.

8:01pm BBT:

Lane and Hayden playing pool and wondering if they should tell Matt about something Ragan said (I didn’t catch what it was). Lane isn’t sure if they should and Enzo doesn’t think anyone will believe Ragan. It seems to be about something regarding the guys alliance.

(my feeds are acting up, someone take over please)

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815 BBT

Bren go to the diary room

Hay, Enzo and Lane "love it when they call him to the diary room when we're trying to talk game. We've got to get rid of him."

Ragan, Brit, Matt are talking previous year's BB competition schedule.

Matt to back yard to the BG, matt confirmed that Ragan was mad at him and "probably still is"

Brit joins the back yard gang, leaving Ragan to stare off into space by himself.

BY- talk about working out.

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Talking about production, which night is finally, and double eviction. Brit says, "does this adding another week make anyone else want to kill themselves?"

Everyone but Brendon in BY, bren in DR.

Ragan to work out.

Hayden to DR

Really nothing going on, they all look depressed.

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Talk of Rachel around the hottub, how stupid the fights are once you're out of the house.


A lot of talk of production

FLipping back and forth with WBRB

Enzo is wrapped up in a towel laying next to the hot tub in the fetal position looking as if he's in the looney bin.

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845 BBT

Brit to DR

Matt walking around the house looking lost

Hayden now lassoing the plastic vase in the BY

All four feeds showing back yard with Ragan and Hayden and Enzo

In house in Taj, Lane and Matt.

Matt is asking Lane if there is any shot of him staying in the house. Matt doesn't want to waste his time campaigning. Matt doesn't want to bother the guys (lane and Hayden) to keep him if there is some plan he doesn't know about. Lane tells him to keep fighting. Matt tells Land that Rag said to Matt that he was going home. That pisses lane off.

Matt wants to keep Brit longer than Hayden does. Matt thinks Enzo is going to get 25k because everyone loves him. Matt is trying to get to 2nd place, he doesn't need 1st place.

Lane tells him he'll be straight up with him. Matt says "you're going to see a different matt this week then last week when he had the power and didn't care, he cares this week."

Matt wants Lane to tell him how much Brendon has their (hay and Enzo) ears. Hayden wants to make it to final 3.

Lane thinks Haydens too nice of a guy to do anything..

Lane says to pitch to Hayden to get Brendon out next.

Feeds 3&4 in by

WBRB (of course)

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