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8/17 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:57 PM BBT

Enzo, Matt and Lane in the Cabana room. Enzo mentions sleeping in the Jumanji. Lane tells him to stay away. It's his town. He's Mayor, Governor etc.. he owns it. Enzo says he named every room in the house. The cabana room was named "Meow-Meow' but he asked them not ot do that. Waiting for Hayden to come out of DR to start pool.

Bren laying on the couch outside.

Matt and Lane in the Cabana Room. Tournament starts.

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9:02 PM BBT

Kathy and Brit in the bathroom. Kathy is Bren bashing (this hour, next hour she'll be his BFF). She says he can call her every name in the book, she don't care. Brit say "who cares, everyone in this house is avoiding him all day'

Brendon called to DR.

Very hard to hear Brit and Kathy. Hoping for Double Eviction just to get it over with. Brit says you just have to think, eventually he can't win every competition. Too hard to hear.

Brit can't stand him. Even if he makes it to the final two, the most he can get is $50,000. There is not a person she wouldn't vote for over him. Kathy agrees. Brit going to watch boys play pool. Kathy trying to avoid Bren. (These people don't hear when someone gets called? He's in the DR) Brit says Bren is all over Kathy. She explains something about him making deals with everyone. Kath tells Brit if you see him coming near me please rescue me.

Outside Enzo, Hay, Matt and Lane talking about Sab. Enzo tells Brit she looks pregnant in her shirt (real nice!) Wondering why girls where guys T-shirts all the time (because they're comfy and they smell good.)

Matt and Brit play first game...

(I'm out for the night...can't cover pool games)

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10:18 BBT

Enzo, hayden and Lane talking in the kitchen..as they go over the saboteur's messages..as Enzo recites them off without much confindence....

Hayden knows them a lot better than Enzo...

10:21 BBT Outside Kathy talking about missing her family from Arkansas..as Brit says all her family are from all over Arkansas..Brit says "i'll be living in Little Rock" and she tells Kathy Sane her "wild child" can call her out because he's staying with Kathy's money...Kathy talking about Shane going to school on "Pell Grants"

Back in the Kitchen..Brendon doing dishes as Hayden watches silently...

10:25 Hayden talking about the Bowl Championship tonight..in Pool..Brendon talks about his "shots" at winning as log as he doesn't have to play "lane"......

10:27 BBT Brit talking about her mom getting married at 18 and remaired when brit was 2 and has been married for "21 years...a long time now"...

Brenon continues washing dishes as he asks is it the plan everyone is going to bed early tonight as Hayden who yawns says he is...

10:30 BBT Dishwashing and silence continues...

{wow exciting stuff tonight]

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10:31 BBT Brit talking about her "awesome' dad who works for the "fire department"

In the kitchen Enzo comes in to announce his pool game is over as Brendon heads out to play for "his first title" In Bthroom Hayden tells Enzo he needs to tell him something..

Lane asks something "we pee together " and says "we're getting in too deep with each other' Lane jokes when Enzo and Hayden

"what the fuck" because Hayden went outside and never told Enzo what he had to say...Enzo talking the impossible...winning an HOH...

10:35 BBt Enzo saying "i don't want to hang out with this dude no more" about Brendon as Lane says "I wanna like him"...

They talk about Matt going home..."what a shitty move he did..Brendon" as Lane says "that sucks" as Enzo talks about Brendon's eviction "he'll just run out of here" saying it will be "funny"..as Enzo talks about getting Britney before Ragan..as Enzo says he can't stand her "i hate the Razorbacks' so much "I don't want to eat bacon"..."fuck Bill Clinton now" enzo says because he's sick of Arkansas thatnks to Britney...

10:38 BBT Hayden laying down with the girls listening to Britney talk about her family..her aunt who had Polio..

Inside Enzo yawning..."we otta just stick together" as Lane says Hayden "what's up"...and Enzo says he's all over as Lane says he talks to Brit and when he with them he bad mouths her..

10:41 BBt joking about Hayden laying down with Brit..."Brendon won..he's gonna get the Bowl" enzo says...Lane: Oh shit"

10:42 BBt Outside they talk Bowl...as Brendon says he'll "draw a big 'ol toe" next to hid name...

Brit says now their bowl will be "tarnished' with Brendon's name who had gone in to engrave it...

10:43 BBT Inside Brendon Enzo and Lane working on his bowl.....Lane says "i'm about to crash"...as Enzo says its "one of those nights" to go to bed early...

10:45 BBT Brendon working on the bowl all alone...

OutsideMatt has joined the girls and Hayden to listen to Brit talking about her family and childhood..and how mean she was..making up dumb stories..."Poop fairy"....

10:47 BBT Hayden talking about breaking his tooth on the trampoline..as Matt says "i've never broke a bone"

10:49 BBT Matt inside the kitchen grabbing some "Cabernet Sauvignon" with Brendon

Outside they talk about going to bed..and Matt wanting his pills to help him sleep..

10:50 Lane joins Enzo and Brendon and cheer to the bowl title "salute"

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10:54 BBT

Lane Enzo and Bren talking about the money and 25 more days left..

Now bren talking "Russian Roulette"

Lane saying "this past couple of days" being shitty..

Brendon talking about doing his tweets..about Rachel..house being crazy...love the fans...

10:55 BBT Outside Hayden and Brit talking about not being able to see "the stars" as Hayden who is a tad brighter explains "all the lights" from "the big city" prevent people from seeing the stars..

They talk what's east or north..as Brit says "i'm like a human compass"..as Hayden yawns...as says "the saboteur kicked my butt" keeping him up all night..

10:58 Brit says why would they say there was a comp to change the game and there wasn't...Matt says he's going to hang out to wait for his sleeping pills..

10:59 BBT Inside Lane talking about going to "Oklahoma" and Parents who picked him up from school and packed and left that day to go to a more football friendly school in Texas..who's Father who was on the school board got into an argument with the coach and principle which was the reason he left..

They are talking about losing their virginity...Brendon was "19" when he lost his..as Lane was in HS....and was "sprung on me unexpectdely"..Enzo was "14"..and Lane "was about to turn 16"

11:03 BBT Outside Hayden and Brit still talking about nothing interesting..."wrap party will be sooo fun'..hayden "it will be a blast"..

In HN room Matt and Ragan talking..."its gonna get interesting on Thursday" as Matt says they will pull him "aside and give me the heads up" as Matt says if they want to "cop out" they can split the votes "which is acceptable" but says it looks like they aren't ...Ragan "this is hard".....as he asks Matt if there is anything he can do to "sweeten the pot" with the guys to stay.....Kathy comes in..as Matt says he wants to see Brendon "roasted and toasted" next week whether its him or Lane..

11:09 Kathy "he's got to go".....as Kathy explains why Brendon calls him a "coward" for not voting to keep Rachel....as Ragan "is he still calling you that" and Kathy says yes....

They talk about letting rachel's message get through..as Matt says "damage done"..calling it "plain cheating"...as kathy says she flat out asked him as she says "unless" they talked..as Matt whines "that's rule breaking" ..as Ragan "i don't believe it" since BB didn't see it and had to be part of "the condition" of the Box..as Matt says if that is the case then he would be cool with it..

11:13 BBT Matt goes on calling it "a scumbag thing" for BB letting it happen and for Rachel to do wah wah wah...{as Matt loses his 3rd jury vote when he uses DPOV this Thursday}

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11:16 BBT

In HN room Matt saying "at least I haven't unpacked" since he was HOH so it "makes it easy" as Kathy scolds him for not "to give up"

as Ragan calls him "an incredible person" and deserves to "be here" Matt thanks him "maybe I just will"...as Kathy agrees

11:18 BBT Ragan called to DR as Kathy complains "what's the deal" all night long as the saboteur heads to DR...

Kathy and Matt in HN room alone then Brit comes in saying his pills weren't in SR as Brit got her.."relaxers"...

11:20 BBT At Table the faux alliance talk girls.....and kids....Lane wants kids around 30...as hayden wants to date "a chick" for a few years before he marries her...as Enzo says his wife gave him the ultimatum but says he knew she was the one....as Enzo talks how he's spending his money...Mom "whatever she wants".."dad a new truck" and some money for college as Hayden {Mr Financial wiz }says put it al in a "CD" and she'll have all the money for college...

Enzo says hes going to get drunk and head to bed..as Lane says he'll drink white wine as Hayden says he was "17" when he lost his virginity who missed the convo from earlier and FOTH..

11:25 BBT IN HN room..Matt says "in 5 minutes" he'll get his pills as Ragan wishes "you could share em" as brit hopes her will "kick in"

As Matt asks if she's comfortable changing in front of a women and a gay dude he asks Brit..Brit says since she did pageants she's not shy and is just a comfortable in front of both Monet and Ragan when they took a shower together..

11:28 BBT Kathy says something on her way out.."a 22 year old to show for her past" as they didn't understand what she meant..as Enzo talks about "pregnant girls" in HS...

11:30 BBT convo switches to wine and "pass out" as Enzo says "that's what i want"

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11:32 BBT

In HN room they are talking about "joe" from BB10...as Brit says "you totally forget about the first four people" as they talk BB11 anfd the memorable HGs....

Talking who would be invited to BB AS2...

The convo turns to the message Rachel supposedly left him in "pretzles"..as Brit wants to know..Ragan doesn't tell her..

They talk about what they want if they win HOH..Brit: "i want a letter"

11:37 BBT Outside Kathy talking to Lane ...Kathy bashing Rachel and keeping her company "just to keep her busy" as Lane says "you have to let go og your ego" as Lane says "to suck up to people"..he never thought he would ever do it...

Kathy talking about her Rachel apology and her question about it...Lane talking how HG are "protrayed" but says his friends and family "know me" and isn't worried about it..

11:41 Kathy blabbering on about Rachel Pov and apolgy...as Lane listens politely...

Lane changes the subject asking about how long her fligt was to LA...and the golden silence...

11:43 "getting close to the end...I can't wait" Lane says...and talks about "where are they now" and doesn't understand why some return to their lives after BB and not cash in an their {psuedo} fame..but being on the show now..Lane understands why...and says all he wants is just to normal things...

Lane says he would love to do "commercials"

11:46 BBT the Faux Alliance heads up to HOH championship bowl and wine in hand...

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11;47 BBT Brendon bashing Britney as Enzo says its "bullshit" about the Saboteur story.....Hayden listening silently....

Enzo upset "why the fuck" would he be saboteur....as Brendon..talks about his convo with Ragan..and Brit told him that he "dove off twice" in HOH comp as Brendon says all Brit and Ragan do is gossip and says he's glad to see Matt go..and Bren says because Ragan wouldn't make a deal and that's why he put up Matt as he bashes Ragan...

11:51 BBT Brendon says Ragan and Britney walk around they know everything about BB..

11:53 BBT Lane and Kathy talking as Lane is excited he gets to say "hello to" his family...as Kathy says she was to flustered to remember what she would say or remmber what she says..

Lane says he's nervouse because he's scared to to give speeches in fron of "50 people" much less millions..Lane continues to work his vote with Kathy

Back in HOH Enzo going over the saboteur's messages and still can't get them corretly..

Hayden talks about getting 4 votes to win as Brendon says him and Rachel are two votes as Enzo says he should stress that...

11:57 BBT Brendon back to Brit bashing...being a backstabbing gossiper..

11:59 BBT IN HOH Brendon talking bout everything that comes back always has Matt or britnet attached to them..

Hayden brings up that him and Rachel are "two votes"...as Brendon says Matt is up because rachel wanted him to go up and if they just would have kept rachel they wouldn't be in this predicament...

Enzo saying not getting backdoored she feels empowered and tinks she has people in her pocket...

12:02 Hayden says "britney and Ragan" go up if him or Enzo win HOH ...

Enzo has the nerve to say "kathy's not doing nothing..."

Hayden goes over the future comps...and possible noms...as Hayden thinks Ragan will put up Brendon and Lane and Kathy will be the replacement nom..

12:05 BBT "the power shifts every week" as Enzo says he gets it now...

Hayden says "if Brit" or Kathy win HOH Hayden says they have to think "we're against you" {red flag} to make sure they all don't go up aginst him...as Brendon bashes Brit and Ragan...wanting "to punch" them in the face as Hayden stresses thay cannot know they are working together..

Enzo says aging he understands the whole the power shifts statement..

12:10 BBT Brendon says he's glad he made them HNs as brendon calls Brit "a fucking bitch" and hates how she pretends to be a good christian girl..

Enzo bashing as much as Brendon...

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12:15 BB Time

Hayden finally hits the nail on the head without realizing it, as he says - "Matt might have been given a power when he opened Pandora's Box, and that is why he isn't afraid of going home". But then they skip right over that and keep on talking like it isn't a possibility at all, dumb schmucks.

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12:12 BBT

In HN room Brit and Ragan talking..about pageants as he compliments her teeth..

Kathy doing laundry unaware her laundry days are numbered

Lane getting into the shower

12:15 BBT they are talking ..Hayden says Matt got something more than a dollar from pandora's box....as Enzo says he told Matt he has to campaign...and says 5 people voting..he needs 3 votes...

Brendon says HOH will be geared towards "britney or Ragan" and BB makes these so the power doesn't stay in the same hands as Enzo says "no way' a girl wasn't going to win "the rope challenge" as Brendon agrees..

Hayden says "we haven't had one skill hoh competition"...as Hayden says if thirsday is double eviction they'll "vote" then "quiz" and a "long skill" competition...

12:19 BBT Brendon says they get another he man HOh because the other side got two endurance that cater to them...Brendon worried"lane " would do well in one of the strength HOHs as Hayden and Enzo says both would be safe if he's HOH as Brendon not so much..

Enzo say he would love to win call from home and "cry like a little baby" if he got pics or a letter if {and I mean a big IF} he wond HOH..

Brendon says he would not vote Brit or Ragan for the money as Enzo says what if they make it to the end together..Enzo and Brendon both says they would vote for Ragan to win..

12:23 Enzo says he doesn't want to argue with anyone because it would come to blows..

hayden "we have a 1 and 7" chance to win and 2-7 chance to win...and says "43% chance" of winning...as Hayden and Enzo talk how in debt they are.....and how the money would help that out..hayden student loans "credit card debt" and hayden says he drives "a shit box".....as they turn to Brit and how rich she is...

12:25 BBT They talk how they never go on family vacations and how dare Brit calls herself "middle class"

In comes Kathy "you'all gettin high or somethin" and says everyone is in bed not asleep lane is in shower as Hayden says he's going to bed as Kathy "y'all drinkin wine"..

12;27 BBT Kathy disses Enzo says "you bomb em" about HOH camps so she'll win it when Enzo asks if she's ready for HOH..

they laugh if one of the questions is who was last place in rope coaurese as they can't determine who's had the more pathetic performance..

12:28 BBT In HOH Jedi Drilling Hayden goes over the messages from saboteur and Hayden seems to have them down pat...

12:30 Faux alliance meeting breaks up as they head downstairs to go to bed..

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12:31 BBT

Hayden wants to have a good talk and stay on the "same page" but different sides of the house " as Hayden says they need to have each others back even if he's up against Enzo he needs to vote out whoever he's against..

Enzo asks what Hayden was going to tell him from earlier..as Kathy walks into the bathroom..

12:34 BBT Enzo says he's sleeping "all day tomorrow"..

Kathy talking shit about Brendon's women stories as hayden says "baggin him...baggin him"

Enzo and Hayden kicking on the bathroom couch as Enzo is discouraged from eating this late form Hayden..

12:37 BBT Kathy talking about BB cutting down on the fish food

Enzo snacking while Lane and Kathy brush their teeth as Hayden watches from the couch..

Lane asking for "tums" as the wine "gave me heartburn" as Enzo says "its the stress..you're on the block..you're fucked up...when you're off the block..you'll feel better"

12:40 BBT Brendon upstairs in hOH snacking and listen to music all alone...

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12:42 BBT

Kathy trying to tell Hayden he's wrong when she says people look up when they are thinking.....and down when they are lying...as Hayden says its the opposite as she asked about Kristen

Kathy asks questions to Hayden about Kristen.."can you get her off me Lane" Hayden begs from Kathy's inquisition..

12:44 BBT mor chit chatting in bathroom..as Kathy says Hayden can give his hair to "locks of love" and asks "does it have to be 9 inches long"

Kathy leaves for bed as Enzo complains you can't talk shit anywhere in "this house"

12:48 BBT Enzo says it good they went up to HOH as Hayden says they need to keep doing that as they explain to Lane what was said abot Brendon knowing Lane is coming after him...as Enzo says he's talking shit "on britnet and Ragan and Matt"

Hayden says "ragan was talking to Brendon" and says brendon told Ragan he had to tell hayden to check on him after Noms..as Lane says "your're getting backstabbed in your own alliance"

Lane heads to bed....Hayden "night dude" as he brushes his teeth

12:52 BBT FOTH

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12:55 BBT

Talking they will tell Matt they will split their vote s but not say who is voting for whom...

Hayden telling Enzo "Matt got something out of Pandora's box" a "special power"...and FOTH...and says "someone might have a special power" and not reveal the brigade..

Enzo says "we need to just tell him" as hayden says "the reason is " because matt "will beat us"...As Enzo says "this is tough" and wishes Brit went up...and Talk how they will tell Matt they will vote him out and blame his first nominations when he was HOH for the being on the block..

Hayden says he'll says even if the split their votes he will still leave because Kathy and brit are voting for Lane to stay so they will vote for Lane to stay..

Enzo "we tell him the truth and its done" and not care if he rats them out to all the house..

saying "he will be pissed".....Hayden says he's upset when Matt said "that Brendon and Rachel were after me" but according to Brenchel Matt said Hayden and Kristen were after them ...

1:01 BBT Brendon outside playing pool and Enzo says "lets just say goodnight to this motherfucker" and hang their head out to say goodnight as Enzo heads to bed..

1:02 BBT Lane whispeing with Enzo pretty inaudible..something about "matt likes talking to him" Ragan because....couldn't hear as Lane explains to them what was said..as they talk when they will tell matt

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1:06 BBT

Enzo Hayden Lane whispering at lane's bed...Talking about 'what if Kathy wins HOH" and someone says "we're a bunch of DoDos"

Inaudible whipering....

Kathy laying down clutching the sock monkey ..in Taj....

1:11 BBT the Brigade at Lane's bed whispering and laughing {i can't deciper..sorry}

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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1:19 am BBT: Enzo, Hayden and Lane are talking about evicting Matt over Lane and what reason they can give Matt as to why they are keeping Lane. Enzo says they should just tell him straight up that they can

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9:48 AM BBT

Enzo, Bren, Hay and Lane in the kitchen. Bren wants to make something really fancy for dinner, just doesn't know what (ugh, this guy... ). Kathy and Lane were outside talking. She was telling him how most of the thefts they deal with happen around hunting season. People steal deer stands.

Bren in kitchen showing off his German skills. Hay an Lane talking hunting.

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1010AM BBT

Ragan, Matt and Kathy talking on porch about Britt not trusting Enzo. Ragan talking about after this eviction. Matt saying he wants honesty from boys if they vote him out.

Bren and Lane, Hayden and Enzo in Kitchen talking about random topics.

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1028AM BBT

Kathy joins Ragan and Matt on Porch. Kathy asked *private convo?* Matt *actually my breath and body stinks and I need to go take care of it.* Kathy asked *how you sleep* Matt *I got meds and sleep good* Kathy *no meds here*. (before Kathy joined boys, Matt and Ragan talking game stragedy for final 4). Matt told to exchange batteries, Kathy going to start slop. Matt and Ragan in SR discussing Bren and deals and no trust. Britt standing in kitchen like lost animal. Hayden heading to BY for nap. Lane headed to bathroom, Enzo says he needs nap. Matt in kitchen with Britt and Ragan making slop.

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10:55am BBT:

Matt and Britney talking about Brendon and the different stories he's told work wise...ski instructor etc. Matt filling her in on the dumb things Brendon did earlier i.e shirt tucked into his underwear.

Upstairs we have Brendon alone putting on his shoes.


Chatt has moved to couches outside. Now Matt and Britney are discussing reality shows former houseguests have been on. Joking over possible shows for Brit and her fiancee. Kinda funny. Both agree that any show would be easy after BB. Talk moves onto shows like Julliana and Bill. Matt thinks it's the most boring half hour on tv (ok, I like Matt now). Looks like Hayden is sound asleep next to them. Brendon is on elliptical machine.

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1110AM BBT

Matt folding towels (someone besides Kathy doing laundry). Bren on the elliptical machine (excuse my spelling). Everyone else seems to be napping or taking showers. Britt bringing out dirty clothes to washer. Matt and Britt are talking about a mythical golf type show and girls at every hole. Bren told to put on mic, still has not done that. Matt and Britt saying it should be a mini-golf type game.

Hayden asleep on couch on porch.

Matt taking dirty dishes to kitchen. Britt now taking dirty dishes to kitchen.

Britt *don't be a douche, can't trap me I am a pro* (whatever that was about as she walked into kitchen). Britt back outside headed to hammock. Announcer saying *Brittany stop that* She says she would love to stop that, but she broke it. Bren said something about microphone. Britt still monkeying with hammock. (she is moving it to shade, but pulled it apart at base). Announcer *Brittany stop that* Brittany do you want me to fix it or not. Announcer *NO* Bren walked over and is trying to push bar back into place, Bren fixed hammock. Bren back on machine, still no mic on.

Lane sleeping in J room on feed 1 & 2. Feed 3 & 4 show Britt in hammock applying lotion/sunscreen, Britt now explaining to Matt what was going on as he came outside to see if she was okay. Matt took towels he had folded into house. Matt laying down in HN room reading letter from home. Enzo and Kathy sleeping in orange room (not sure what you all are calling it).

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