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8/10 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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8:56 PM BBT- Bren called for pool. Putting on coffee (Brit literally flinches in her eyes when he talks).

Kathy discussing how cold she is because she doesn't eat (she really is sounding and looking pathetic for something she chose to do.)

Matt beat Enzo in pool.

Brit says to Matt that it seems like he always comes out on top. Matt: When I'm challenged I do. I'm a good pressure player. Brit: I noticed. (all passive aggressive remarks while Rach/Bren are in the kitchen with them)

Brit mentions that all that is left is ground beef. Running out of slop.(more PA remarks probably pertaining to Bren making all the chicken.)

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9:02 PM BBT: Ragan has a new name for Brit 'Old Dirty Britney' - ODB. Kathy says Brit has been called a bunch of names today. (all of this in front of Rach). Discussing there are a lot of DR's. Brit says because her's are so good.

Ragan wandering through the kitchen brushing teeth. (gross)

Brit hopes they show her getting ready before POV because she has nice things to say. WBRB

9:04 PM BBT: Brit was not expecting any craziness (I assume she was all nice and then got nasty in DR sessions surrounding POV).

Ragan asks what's up with pouty McGee. (Rach) Brit says it's sympathy time.

Literally discussing hang nails. (wow.)

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9:06 PM BBT: Brit says stuff she was saying was pretty aggressive while Rach was in kitchen. Brit shares a story about her and her grandmother being the only two people in her family that can grow nails. More fingernail talk...

Discussing pool. (Think Hay beat someone)

Rach changing for After Dark.

Enzo in loser's bracket with Brit and loser of Rach v. Ragan.

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9:10 PM BBT: Chatter, chatter, chatter..

Ragan getting ready for pool. (Sorry, Rach changed for work out). Rach saying forfeiting her round (not sure why, DR maybe?)

Brit playing Enzo in pool.

Kitchen. Discussing showers. Ragan took a cold shower when he probably could've gotten away with taking a hot one as a Have Not.

Ragan to Brit to finish DR conversation... telling him about remarks made to Matt in kitchen in front of Rach/Bren.

9:13 PM BBT: Ragan wants to sing California Girls so bad.

Brit immitating Rach at pool table. 'You got this babe! Good shot!'

Hay and Kathy cleaning up meat in kitchen.

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9:17 PM BBT: Rach asking Bren who he is playing in pool. Bren beat Hayden on a technicality. Bren explaining his strategy. Everyone shocked with how he won. Discussing how they thought they'd seen everything. Kathy saying Enzo came out of his shell. Enzo wants to hear more about himself. When? What? Etc.

Rach/Bren and Kathy in kitchen.

Everyone is focused on pool game between Brit and Enzo. Kathy called to DR (lots of DR calls tonight)

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9:21 PM BBT: Bren/Rach talking in kitchen. Rach telling Bren how much crap Brit has been talking about him while she was in the kitchen.

Bren tells her not to let it bother him. Will tell them 'don't take it personal, just game play' (which you TWO started!) More crap talk about Brit. Rach to go play pool against Ragan. She says how bad she is. Tension.

Enzo beat Brit. (Surprise!) Enzo loses his confidence with his losses in pool.

Lane called to DR. All want libations. (me too!)

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9:26 PM BBT: Enzo eating in kitchen by himself. Smack, smack, smack...

Kathy and Lane studying wall.

9:30 PM BBT: Kathy reminding us she is a Have not by shaking her drink alot.

Lane enters. Wants to share a cigarette with Kathy. (He smokes?) Enzo teasing saying him and Kathy are final two. (Still shaking her protein shake. We get it. You're a have not).

Enzo can't watch Ragan and Rach play pool. Says its fingernails on a chalk board.

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10:33 BBT

Pool games are going on in the BY...Lane and Ragan are up..

Matt uncorking the wine....

At the Hammock Britney talking what you can do in JH...as they discuss who Rachel will go to the JH..Hayden asks what are they talking about....."the jury" and they talk in was "in Mexico" and Hayden says "they told be that" and foth..

Feeds back after the brief interuption with Matt working out in his PJs...

10:37 BBT Ragan being cheered for making the pool finals..as the next semi between hayden and Brendon begins.."good luck Brendon"...

Enzo saying "bullshit loses"......Rachel on the eliptical....Turns out Ragan needs to "play Lane again" according to Matt in order to make the pool "finals".....Brendon talking about "technotronics"....as says "you can't forget"..

Matt says "if lane beats you" they have to shoot to "see who gets the bye" into the finals..whoever wins between Brendon and Hayden.....

10:42 BBT Rachel talking "how nice" her upcoming accomodations are "the Jury House"...

10:43 BBT Brit is in the HT and her mic is off so luckily I can't hear her to well as she talks to Lane..Matt interrupts with the Pool tourney update and what he needs to do to make finals..

Brit says they will "meet up" after Lane works out and she eats cereal...lane says "at my place" and Brit says "at Jamanji" and Lane says "no my place is the little couch" and Brit says "i'll have to ask my mom" and Lane says that's "stupid" aren't you "18" as the joke about spending the night..

Ragan has come over to the HT...lane talks about his "scar" as Brit says "with a gun" and Ragan is suprised but Brit says it was from a "cleat" and jokes how regan thought he "was hard" but now not so much and Lane jokes how fast she blew the ruse..

10:48 BBT Hayden was victorious over Brendon as Matt explains again how the plaers work as Ragan and Lane play for the Finals spot..

Other than that not much going on...

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11:11 PM BBT: Enzo and Bren discussing movies. Enzo eating sunflower seeds. Eating and spitting (the worst.) Bren talking about the 'rap game' and the shitty rap that has been out lately. Loved Kanye but hates his stupid attitude. Like Lil' Wayne, clever lyrics.

Kathy and Rach in the bathroom. Kathy cleaning off her eye make-up (must take forever).

Bren and Rach are hanging out tonight so conversations between house guests don't include game talk or bashing.

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10:51 BBT

Enzo and Brendon next to each other on the couch with Kathy on the other end..Bren talking about his pool game...Enzo listening but his mind seems elsewhere..

Matt and Brendon talking "bats" as Brendon checks on Rachel's progress before heading in...

10:55 BBT Matt Enzo and Kathy just sitting on the BY couch saying nothing...Brendon returns and the talking begins...nothing of interest as Enzo spits sunflower seeds into his cup

10:58 BBT Brendon talking about watching Basketball" as Enzo "i'm an NFL guy" not NCAA because there are "too many teams" talking about USC ucla game...saying its at ucla {actually the Rose Bowl} this year and ucla may win according to Brendon because SC is supposedly "shitty"..he asks Rachel to the game and she asks "what's a bruin?"

Brendon explains what is as Brendon asks "what's a running rebel" when Rachel asked him if he knew what UNLV's mascot was..

11:02 BBT Ragan jumps when he makes "the finals" as Enzo and Brendon talk sports...

11:04 BBT Pool Playing..Brendon drinking and Enzo eating seeds and each spit comes in loud and clear..

11:05 BBT "i was high all the time" Enzo says about HS saying it was a "blurr" when Brendon asks if he letterd..

Enzo talks about his wild days in hs.....Brendon talking about his poetry he writes and uses it as he uses to rest his analytical side of his brain

11:08 BBT Brendon just yapping away as Enzo looks bored and annoyed all at the same time...but engages none the less..

11:10 BBT Lane and Hayden play for the final spot in the final as Matt watches and inputs from the side as Lane gets annoyed he's helping Hayden and Matt says "you always help" {brit or brendon}??? when I play..

Rachel in kitchen as Brits asks "did you get a good workout" as they discuss weight..."late nigh eating" and "lack of activity" "drinking" the reason they gain weight...

11:13 BBT Enzo says he's "going for Ragan" becaus ehe doesn't "have a title"..

11:14 BBT Kathy removing her makeup as Rachel comes in...pretty idaudible from running water..but Rachel talking about "one" of the leaving "its not like" she'll never see "brendon again"..as she washes her face also..

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11:18 PM BBT: Bren discussing game with Enzo. Talking low, hard to understand. Warning Enzo about backstabbing. Enzo giving a lot of exactly's, yeah and other non-committal answers.

Rachel showering. Kathy still taking off her eye-makeup.

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11:17 BBT

Enzo says he will go to bed early tonight...as Brendon talking about people talking shit behind their backs..I think Brit and tells Enzo "to be careful"

Enzo gets up to tell Ragan he wants him "to win" as Lane and Ragan are in the final.."i'm cheering for both" Brit says..."ane's my coach" and Enzo "you should get a new coach"

Brit gets a juvenile jab it as ragan shoots "you got this babe" in refernce to her obsession of Brenchel...it amuses Lane as he sports a smile..with Brendon oblivious as usual..

11:21 BBT Everyone watching outside sans Rachel who's showering and Kathy who knows where she's at....Brit asks for Enzo's spit cup so she can shhot shells in also..

Brendon talking about "Margarita Rocks" and frozen drinks served there..

11:25 BBT Kathy is in the BR with Rachel preparig for bed ...they talk well Rachel talks and Kathy mumbles with her tootbrush and toothpaste in her mouth..talking about their "hate" of the BB toothpaste.."it don't clean"..."its gross" Kathy tells Rach..

Brendon goes in and the bashing starts "he was sitting on your lap" Brit starts.."touching thighs" as Enzo says "lets get rid of him" and Kepp Rachel and Brit says if he would quite being nice and "be mean" "he'll just walk out" and Enzo says "fuck it" he's going to be mean...

Brit not letting it go and continues with ber Brenchel obsession "he was licking your earlobe" she says to Enzo...

11:30 BBT IN Taj Brendon says he caught Brits sarcasm...and Rachel "what is she so pissed off about"..I'm shocked...Rachel says.....and says "my parents are disowning me after the show" as Brendon reassures they won't...

Rachel asks if she should go out as Brendon wants to drink more as Rachel asks if she's going to get "wasted"...Rachel changes under the covers..

11:34 BBT Pool game continues..."you got this babe" Brit tells Ragan again...

11:35 BBT Pool game continues

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11:42 PM BBT: Brit and Ragan in HOH straight up Bren bashing. Hate everything he says and does. They are describing every single thing they hate. I'm amused.(Is house sound proof?)

Ragan says he does not hate Rach. They feel bad for her. (I like Bren more than her). Now Rach bashing. Ragan:'what is she, Las vegas hooker? She looks like she's in the movie Robin Hood"

Brit: What would you liken her hair extension to?

Ragan: Seaweed because they're all connected.

Ragan: Do you think people hate us for how much we dog? (I don't, but others do) Watching Rach move about the house on HOH TV.

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11:49 BBT: Hay, Rag, Brit doing "Just the Tip" their talk show. Hayden intro'ing. Ragan going to explain "Just the Tip" is a show created by BB12 tolerable cast members who want to give tips to future BB cast members.

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11:53 PM BBT: Brendon told her she was a selfish spoiled brat, in an alliance with Matt. Hayden chimes in and says everything he said made no sense. (Hayden seems to be the only one who understands how a talk show goes.) Everyone talking over one another. Hayden condenses stories.

They explain to Kathy what a neanderthal is. Ragan interjects that Brendon only picks on smaller people. Matt shaking pretzels to act as audience applause (sounds pretty good).

Some 'ball' talk that I missed. Lane enters with his trophy. Most chaotic talk show ever.

Now onto pool tourney.

Moving onto Ragan's HG tip of the day: When giving a speech in house of horrors (Brit: and house of whores). Don't do lines that previous houseguests have given. Previous HG names. Or evicted HG's last line. If you are genuinely upset don't go hang out with HG in pool area.

Hayden discusses Peter Parker (house spider) says to call BB hotline if you see him.

Brit's 'Skankisms'(annoying things Rach says).. Ragan sings high pitched and annoying... Reason Rach went into chemistry because of Prof who inspired her and he was named after chemical bonds. Confusing story...

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11:37 BBT

Kathy in the bathroom still talking about her food and her "pickles" and says she only likes "fried pickles" from Hooters as Hayden who's showering tells her she can use slop to batter the pickles up...but says it just comes off. Kathy talking about hording food for when Thursday rolls around...because there won't be much left but "hot dogs" becaus e"a lot of food" gets wasted....

11:39 BBT Lane is Pool Champ and Kathy says "congrats" and Lane says "ragan almost beat me" and says it came down to the "8 ball"

11:41 BBT In HOH "we need to have an alliance meeting with Matt" Brit says...as both acting like 7th grade girls as Brendon is "insufferable"..as they start their trashing...Ragan who doesn''t "hate" people and says "i hate him" about Brendon.."i hate him so much" as Brit rolls off how she hates everything about Brendon..."his cankles look like PVC pipe"...

11:43 Rachel bashing in HOH but turns back to Brendon as their abnormal obsession of Brenchel continues as they watch the spyscreen and the "horror" and "las vegas hooker" and "sherwood forest whore" about rachel in the kitchen..

"do you think people hate us" for dogging as Ragan says someone typing {yes I do but not just for that reason} "yes we do"

11:46 BBT Brenchel has cornered Enzo again as Rachel asks what they said "vote brendon out" she asks as Enzo lies "he's in the lead" to be voted out...as Enzo says "britney's got a little balls" about them..

Enzo "its whatever" and they {brenchel} are in "a fucked up position" and one of them are going to JH...as Enzo says that they were talking about POV earlier in HOH...

11:48 Enzo says people "just don't like people in this house"...as they talk pool now..

Enzo says "they're dumb" saying its "two votes in the jury" and

11:50 BBT Lane comes out and shows the trophy for the pool and says its inscribed and wants to take it but says the auction all the junk in the BB house off..

Brendon saying Brit "is trying to egg me on" and says he's tired of "bullshit"...

11:52 BBT Brenchel Bashing In HOH...

Back at pool table talking about Kathy "doesn't care" about being a pawn as Enzo adds he doesn't like how everyone going to HOH...

Enzo says "you're going to try" for HOH says "he will lose" the HOH to either of them just to see what happens...as Enzo continues to get the Brenchel vote.....as says Enzo says they are talking about me for talking to them...

In HOH Lane showing off his trophy as they all cheer him...

11:55 BBT Now they're doing "tip of the day" as Ragan says "house of horrors" and Brit says "house of whores" and not use previous HGs lines...

11:57 BBT Enzo talks about Brit beating him in POV ...and Rachel says "would you have been able to use the POV" if he had one but says he would have taken the 5gs and the other still would have been up there..

Enzo says if he makes it "to final two" and against Lane..it worries they will vote for him because he's a southener and has Kathy Hayden Brits votes..

12:00 BBT Enzo really working the vote...and rachel says she's only voting for people she likes..and Rachel warns Enzo he may have trouble winning against Lane..

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12:00 PM BBT: Matt leads segment called how it really happened.

Matt explains angry Bren throwing ball at 2 past HG's. How it REALLY happened was Bren was trying to get a ball in at the last second. Although it looked angry, bratty and spoiled.. how it really happened was an accident.(sarcasm)

Kathy tries to be tough about whipping butt. Over as After Dark ends (not really, AD ended a few minutes ago).

[i'm done interrupting Night Owl!]

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12:01 BBT

Lane comes out to workout..and all talk of votes and jury stop...Enzo and Brendon play pool as Enzo thinks about time left in the house..

Talking about the "shitty" saboteur mesaages are....

Rachel says "Brendon is throwing" comps to getahaead as she mocks the saboteurs intentions of dividing her and Brendon..."saboteur your so silly" Rache says says Bren says "rookie" and Enzo "an amateur"

12:04 BBT Enzo talking about his wife and him shopping..Rachel: "i can't wait to meet your wife"...and Enzo says she's as tall as Brit weighs "110 lbs" "booming ass" and has "no chest" as Enzo describes her when rachel asks...

Talking about buying boob asses as they asks Lane if he wants to buy asses and joke..as Rachel talks butt jobs being " super hard" as Lane takes this option and equates it to "a super bad boob job" in feeling..

12:08 BBT Lane Enzo Rachel Brendon outside joking around as Lane and Enzo smartly work a vote ...

They discuss their comp failures..."it killed me" about HOH...as Rachel said "people were cheating left and right" as Enzo and Brendon make excuses for their shortcomings....Brendon says they all had the same thought"we can't fall off before Kathy" and laugh about Kathy's "deal" for wanting the HN as they bash Kathy for her idiotic deal during the HOH..

Brendon says "will Rachel hate me" if I jump off as Enzo says to him "you wre struggling" a the wine has made them in a laughing mood...as they recount the HOH from Thursday..

12:14 BBT Brendon Rachel saying "britney" could have stayed up there "for days"...

Enzo says Ragan struggled at first but stayed on as Brendon says "it was strategy" and he was "fucking with you"

12:15 BBT Kathy comes out..and Rachel asks if "she could have stayed up there longer" and Kathy says "absolutely" but wanted to fall before "one of the guys" ended up a HN...and says she doesn't want her guys "all grouchy" and owed "a handfull of people" and made her feel "good inside" as Kathy goes on about her falling on the sword at HOH..

12:18 BBT rachel discuss "have not" or moniker "have naughty"....

Brendon and Enzo play pool Rachel talking to Kathy..Lane working out..

Enzo says he's the "saboteur" because she jokes he gave her all her bruises..and stabbed her in the back and front..

Kathy says she loves Enzo but Lane "is from the south"..{enzo called that} and loves him also..

12:21 Enzo says he can't wait till its all over "we all hate each other" and go home to see his family

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12:23 BBT

people are trickling outside as Enzo says he bashed everyone in his DRs and Rache wants to know what he said and Enzo says he can't because he'll get in trouble..

Rachel bothering Brendon about his "tecate" and says she can drink it because he doesn't drink beer..

Hayden and Lane talking in the BY off cameras...as Enzo and a drunk Brendon play pool ....

Enzo says he would take his wife "to italy" when Brendon asks and Rachel says her too and Brendon says him also..

12:26 BBT Rachel asks when Enzo will do with his wife..says "i'll cry" after he wins kiss his wife baby and talk how he represented Jersey and want to go to a Club in LA....as Rachel says clubs "are whack" and asks Brendon to "name one" but Brendon can't..

Rachel likes "my House" for the free cookies...and asks Brendon if he's been to any good restaurants and says "no" because he doesn't go out...and Enzo says "le Deux" and Matt Leinart walked in when he was there..and Rachel agrees itsa good club..

12:30 BBT Kathy ios worried about being taken out after Brenchel are gone as she talks to Hayden in HN room and says "we will be safe the next couple of weeks" and says Thursday "we're voting out Rachel" and Kathy is worried who will be against Brendon as hayden says Maybe Brit ragan or Enzo as a Pawn when Kathy asks..

Even if Brendon wins and Kathy says "matt and Ragan" are going up and Hayden says "or Britney"..and tells Kathy she loves you too when she says "love you" {if Kathy's so worried about staying why doesn't this worthless slug win something]

12:34 BBT

Back at Pool table they are talking wineries...Rachel says she's a" Moet girl" when in comes to sparking wine..

Brendon says he's getting wasted tonight..

12:36 BBT Enzo wants to Jedi train..as hayden asks what she thinks it will be for HOH and asks what kinda true/false questions there will be..

12:37 BBT they hayden Enzo Brendon an Rachel discuss possible questions for HOH...as Enzo asks what are they talking about upstairs as Rachel says they are discussing how much they "hate their guts" as Enzo says again he wants either one who stays too win HOH to see "what these coakraches" will do..

12:40 BBT Rachel talks like she's staying and may win HOH not realizing she's done...

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12:42 BBT

Enzo leaves as Hayden is up next to try to get the brenchel vote as Hayden listens To Brendon complain about the mean girls being mean to him and Rachel...Hayden "its a crazy game" as Brendon says 'fuck you" for being an "asshole...a bitch" and use the excuse "its nothing personal" as Rachel goes on about falling in love put up on the block and why are they being "so mean"..

Talking about Brit being mad over his alliance omment and talks about her trying to make a deal and "when power switches" she's gone

Brendon thinks "matt is at the root of it" and Rachel says that's the reason they turned on each other obliviously saying week two "we were best friends" and when Matt told Hayden Brenchel was going to put up Kris and Hayden he was the source of the problem ..Hayden says now he's just doing what's best for him now..

12:47 BBT Talking about America's vote for favorite Jury..

Brendon saying "lane and Britney" are paired..as they offer their usless info to hayden and Enzo..Brendon goes on with his useless info as Hayden and Enzo listen intently...

12:51 BBT Racel says if she was in their shoes"i wouldn't hang out with me" as enzo says he'll hang out with whoever the fuck he wants..

Hayden says if Enzo won HOH who should he put up...and no names were said as rachel obliviously says she'll be a target for the rest of the game {even thogh her time is 3 days} and says she thinks she's staying...

Rachel says they will have "blood" on their hands with their noms as Brendon as "the gay guy" will but up the athletes....Enzo says "its not written in stone" who's leading...Rachel says "i'm going to be the fiesty bitch" ever..

12:56 BBT Hayden working his fake alliance with Brendon or Rachel who stays and the need to keep it quiet and Rachel agrees..

Rachel says whoever stays they will tell them "what's going on" or what they "think" is going on...and rachel says its safer for them to win HOH so all blood will be on their hands.....

12:58 Rachel and Brendon keep planting the paranoia as Hayden asks who the "sabo-douche" and Rachel is remaing hush hush and says "its not us four" and Hayden says he knows its not him..and rachel says Matt isn't because its "too obvious" as Rachel hopes Hayden can "trust" her and Brendon..

1:00 BBT Rachel warns if she stays he can't be seen talking to her..Hayden brings up the whole "gunning for us" as Enzo says 'it is what it is" and Hayden says "i'm over it" as they talk about who was going after who and Enzo says he didn't know "whatwas going on with that girl" Enzo says...

1:02 BBT Enzo and Hayden work brendon and Rachel for a secret fake alliance just in case they win HOH next week as Enzo says "its Matt Brit and Ragan" who are "tight"

1:03 BBT Rachel talks about "being by myself" after Brendon leaves...and Break up people ...

Hayden says "their using Lane" as "a shield" {to make sure they wouldn't put up lane} as they agree Brit is using Lane but can't "underestimate" Lane as Brendon and rachel clueless as they critique Lane's game to his closest allies...

1:05 BBT Game talk continues...

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1:07 BBT

Brendon asks if Ragan and Matt are trying to push votes..Hayden says the vote will be 3-3 but after evrey talks to Matt it will be 6-0 and Brendon wants to know whatever way the vote goes..

Rachel says Matt told her that she was the one going..and Hayden asks when did she said that and she says "3 days ago" as Brendon talk Brits luck at POVs

1:09 BBT Brendon says "katy's vote' will become important and they will not target Kathy..

Rachel breaking down the votes for Hayden unkowingly the Brigade is on their way to the final 4....

1:11 BBT Rachel says HOH is important "the next three weeks" and if they are not broken up no one "will have a chance"

Rachel says Matt will take Brit to final two...as rachel says she would "not win" in final two because "people hate my guts"

Enzo says "i don't give a fuck" he talks to Brendon as they observe ragan looking their way heading to bed from the HOH..

Enzo says "too many people who wants you out" to make it to the final two and rachel agrees...

1:14 BBT rachel just wants to get out the people who "played shitty"....and goes about her Ex best friends from HOH and the people who were their friends "wre gathering infromation" and Hayden says "harvesting"..

Rachel bashing Matt "bitch moves".."pansy" and "if you want to be a power player..then don't make bitch moves"

1:16 BBTgame talk goes on

Brendon talks about Matt's "$1" as "fishy" and uses the same "recycled dollar" as Rachel says you can ask the DR and they can't lie and warning and FOTH..

1:18 BBT Brendon and Rachel in desperate mode telling Hayden and Enzo information that's useless or obsolete..but work them so the remaing meember of Brenchel puts up who they want just in case they win HOH...

{i'm out for the night..be back tommorrow}

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