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8/8 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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9:00 BBT

Rachel talks about how if there's wine in the SR, she'll take the bottle and not share. Brendon tells BB to give them an extra bottle. Rachel calls Matt a douche bag b/c she shred her HOH champagne with him and he put her on the block. They start to talk about Vegas and how Rachel works for a company that gives tours/hosts events. She talks about how she'd charge a lot of money for her to host different events. She says she was a celebrity in Oklahoma for all the events she did.

Brendon says he needs to use the bathroom, but Rachel keeps talking. Says her friend Amanda won Beaty and the Geek. Brendon asks if he could be on that show b/c of his degrees. She says no, as he's a chic geek.

At the dining room table, Hayden talks about Buffalo Wild Wings.

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9:30 BBT

Lane and Hayden playing pool. They both think Enzo would win if he's in the F2. They also think that he'd win fan favorite. They agree that if Matt is in F2, he'd probably win b/c he's been HOH a couple times and has a sick wife. They agree that Hayden/Lane F2 would be the best option.

Lane says that if they all get to F4, they should be called back for Allstars. They'd also like to do Survivor and Amazing Race.

Enzo comes out and says Rachel is whining. He says both B/R will be out in the next two weeks.

Inside, Ragan and Rachel prepare food in the kitchen. Neither are talking.

9:33 BBT

Enzo tells the men that Brendon says he doesn't want to be in the house with Rachel gone. they wonder if he's DOR. Enzo says to put that into Brendon's head.

Hayden: Brah-gade.

Enzo thinks that Jeff wanted to say 'Brigade' really bad. They all want to do a 4 person DR. Lane says he and Enzo had fun when they did one together. They know it'll be hard to get all 4 of them in the DR.

9:35 BBT

Kathy enters the kitchen. Ragan made her some slop. Ragan uses the sink as Rachel stands right next to him. He leaves and Rachel starts washing dishes. Kathy takes her slop to the Cabana room.

Ragan heads outside. They all say it's nippy out there.

Enzo wonders about LeBron James.

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9:40 BBT

Brendon comes in to help his GF. She tells him how everyone hates her and it's personal.

Lane and Enzo are being very loud while playing pool. Hayden joins Ragan on the large lawn chair.

9:44 BBT

Britney comes into the kitchen and hangs up the veto onto the memory wall. Seems she was in the DR with it. She asks Rachel about the porkchops and starts to grab some food.

Kathy comes in to wash her slop bowl. Rachel leaves and Britney goes outside.

9:46 BBT

Brendon and Rachel meet in the SR and talk about how Ragan and Kathy are best friends. Rachel says if she stays in the house, she'll be all alone. They head to the Taj room.

Rachel wonders how she became the bad guy. Brendon says that Matt, Ragan and Britney are together. She says that if Hayden wins HOH, they'll all be his best friends and throw her under the bus. He says Hayden won't let that happen.

9:50 BBT

Outside, Britney tells Hayden why she thought he and Kristen were siblings. He laughs. She says that Monet is the one who first mentioned that Hayden and Kristen looked alike. Ragan says he thought that Hayden and Monet were the BFFs in the house.

(Not much happening. I'm out for the night.)

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10:17 PM BBT: Ragan and Britney in cabanda discussing the PoV and how Rachel and Brendon would have celebrated had they won.

Ragan: "What a psycho! Like no impulse control whatsoever!" (In reference to Brendon)

Britney: "I don't know if he is more ogre or troll."

Britney is discussing how Rachel dresses too provocatively and how Brendon "walks like a T-rex."

Enzo, Hayden, and Lane outside making fun of Matt in his footy pajamas. Rachel is on the elliptical and Matt and Brendon are playing pool.

Not much going on in the backyard.

Hayden is gathering players for the pool tournament. Everyone except for Rachel and Kathy are playing in the tournament.

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10:21 bbt

Brit and Ragen talking about Rachel. Brit says that she would rather be stuck in a dungeon in Saw 6 putting her hand in acid to release her from getting her ribs ripped open. She compares Rachels vagina to a city sewer and would rather put her hand in acid then be near her vulva {WTF?}

Brendon sucking up to Matt in HOH. Feeling him out for his Rachel sacrifice.

Brendon tells Matt he tried to talk to Ragen but Regen is too unstable. Matt says he wants things to be peaceful.

He is trying to get Matt and Rachel to talk later. He asks Matt what the house feels. If they would rather have Rachel or Brenchel there.

Matt says the house has shifted to getting Rachel out because of the emotional stuff. Brendon says that there is a difference between males and females {i wonder which group Brenchel falls in}

Brendon says he doesnt care about the game and wants everyone to get along.

10:27 BBT

Brit and Ragen on big green couch talking about Rachel.

Rachel on the elipticle telling Rachel he doesnt want to lose any friends in this house. Rachel says they dont have any friends. Rachel says Matt told her she is going home. Brendon talks about sacrificing himself to get kicked out of the game to save Rachel to keep her there. {gag...he's so played}

10:30 BBT

Matt now on green couch bed telling Brit and Ragen about his talk with Brenchel. Brit says she will avoid them and will NOT use the POV.

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10:23 PM BBT: Brendon and Matt head to the HOH room to talk. Matt saying that he isn't taking anything personal and he understands that no one is 100% themselves in the house.

Brendon asks Matt what the general feeling is in the house about who everyone wants to get out. Matt doesn't give a clear answer. He says at first he heard people say they wanted Brendon out but then he also heard Rachel mentioned. It is a very political answer.

Brendon starts defending Rachel's actions by saying that she is a woman and she is overly emotional. And that it isn't easy when everyone ostricizes them.

10:28 PM BBT: Brendon heads outside to Rachel and immediately she wants to know what Matt said.

Brendon: "He said things aren't personal."

Rachel: "Yeah it is! I hate him! It's very personal."

Brendon: "I just don't want things to be awkward in the house...I don't want to lose friends."

Rachel: "We don't have any friends...maybe you do."

Brendon reprimands Rachel for her attitude. [Her attitude is terrible but she is an adult and he isn't her father].

Brendon to Rachel: "Don't turn on me!"

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10:33 BBT

Matt leaves talking about Enzos pork chops being super good. All agree and Matt leaves. Ragen bouncing ball....Brit leaves and Ragen leaves. Enzo out in yard calling the pool game play by play between Lane and Hayden to Brenchel.

Rachel joins Enzo and Brenchel in the yard on the couches. Rachel pours out a mega glass of wine. Rachel says she offered Brit her 5k and she wont take her off. Enzo says to keep picking at her. Rachel says "people nust really not like money to not take $5000"

They are talking about the Sabatour getting 50k. Enzo wants to see exactly what the fuck the pandoras box power was and who the sabatour would be.

Enzo talking about the movie comp being the 1st real competition.

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Matt says Rachel went by him and said "are you happy" ...

Matt said to her its not like that. She goes outside. Matt tells Brendon "can you control your girl?"

Rachel told Brendon that Matt told her "your going home"....Matt denies it. Brendon believes Rachels lie.

Matt telling this to the Brigade in the kitchen.

Matt calls Rachel a bitch for making that shit up. Brendon says if he stays he will put up Matt and Ragen or Matt and Kathy if he stays {and wins HOH of course...which will prob be a quiz and not a shoe size competiton}

The Brigade decides....Rachel is gone....Enzo says thats good for me.... and the meeting breaks up.

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10:46 BBT

Lane, Hay and Matt in kitchen thinking Rachel is the sabotour because of all the "dumb stuff" she is doing. Lane says Brenchel told him if Rachel is gone he doesnt want to be here.

Lane is saying Brenchel saw Jeff and Jordan today and it gives him home.

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10:35 PM BBT: Brendon gave Rachel a modest glass of wine and she grabs the bottle and tops off her glass. [Looks like she wants to get hammered].

Rachel, Brendon, and Enzo on the BY couch talking about Matt being the saboteur.

10:40 PM BBT: The brigade in the kitchen talking about how Rachel went up to Matt asking if he was happy that he got what he wanted trying to start trouble. Matt had to talk to Brendon to tell her to calm down.

Lane mentions that Brendon told him that if he stays he is going to put Matt on the block against either Ragan or Kathy because he doesn't trust Matt.

Outside Ragan and Britney are playing pool and talking about what they would be doing at 10:45 pm on a Saturday if they were home.

Enzo joins the conversation and they talk about going to bars and staying there until they close getting very drunk. Ragan says he is a beligerant drunk. Enzo says he is always laughing and he's all over the place.

Enzo: "I'm a good time if you want to have fun but if you are in a bad mood, I'm going to be so obnoxious."

Rachel calls over from the couch about her escapades in Atlantic City NJ. She likes to get on stage and dance with the "go-go dancers." [And by go go dancers, I think she means strippers].

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Hayden ripping Brenchel ....Lane goes back outside. Hayden tells Matt next week they are gonna be good no matter what if one of the Brigade doesnt win. {still ...what is the Pandora power that Matt got?}

Matt says move to plan B next week if one of the Brigade is the sabotour {Hayden and Matt talking in kitchen}

They dont think Brendon would put up Matt and Lane together.

Hayden says no matter what ....next week they are gonna be good....but they are worried about the sabotour and dont want to be over confident. They think it will be a quiz week and after that it will be an extended skill. Rachel or Brendon go this week and the other one has a break down. Matt is livid about Rachel inciting Brendon with the Matt story. Matt says again, "what a fucking bitch"

Hay, Ragen, Matt, Brit in kitchen. They are saying poor Enzo that he has to play pool with Brenchel. Rachel enters and walks by ignoring the whole group.

Brenchel walks back outside ignoring the kitchen group also.

10:55 BBT

Enzo and Brenchel playing a game of pool. Lane leaves to go back inside.

Brenchel tells Enzo he trusts nobody now. that he wnet inside and they all stopped talking. He tells Brendon that Brit, Matt and Enzo are forming an alliance. Enzo tells Brendon that if he survives that Lane, Enzo and Brendon should be in an alliance then. {awesome...Brendon is getting played hard}

Now Brendon talks up keeping Rachel. About how she is good at quizzes.

Rachel comes out and tells Enzo that he is next after they get Her and Brendon out. She thinks Enzo is with them now. she called Ragen a bigger bitch than she is. She is telling Enzo to join then and Hayden. Rachel says they are putting Kathy up for a double eviction. They tell Enzo it will be Ragen, Matt and Brit in the final 3. {ha}

Enzo says "these people are fucking cockroaches to Brendon and Rachel.

Rachel says she will train Enzo to know all the quiz answers in the house. She says she is going home for sure this week and she wants Enzo to be ready to fight on with Brendon.

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10:56 PM BBT: Enzo and Brendon playing pool discussing who is in an alliance. Brendon says if he stays he has no chance but to form an alliance with Enzo and Brendon.

"I know I'm smart but Rachel has a great fucking chance at winning at the quiz" for HOH. Brendon is trying to get Enzo to keep Rachel and put her on your side.

10:59 PM BBT: Rachel got all dressed up [in hooker attire-tight shirt, leggings, super high heels] and asked Ragan if she could talk to him and Ragan said maybe tomorrow.

Rachel to Ragan: "Can we talk."

Ragan: "Maybe tomorrow if that's cool"

Rachel: "Well this is the second time I asked." This time she had attitude.

Ragan: Returning with attitude: "Ok well I'm not going to be ready just whenever you want to talk, I will be ready tomorrow."

Rachel joins Brendon and Enzo outside and tells Enzo that he better watch out because they will be after him next and that they are the new nerd herd. She goes on a rant.

11:07 PM BBT: Rachel angrily goes in to DR room.

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11:14 PM BBT: Brendon and Enzo outside talking about Lane and Britney. Brendon keeps pushing for Rachel to stay because she can win the next HOH.

Brendon: "She's a better player than I am. I don't pretend but obviously these people don't care about being fake."

Brendon is questioning if Britney is really from a middle class family because she studied abroad in Spain.

Brendon: "I'm not a puppet." [hahah Rachel has him by the strings].

11:19 PM BBT: Matt is telling Britney and Ragan that he asked production about rules of the saboteur and asked if the saboteur could give a message about information only known between two people that aren't the saboteur (like production gave the saboteur the information) and production didn't confirm nor deny that as a possibility.

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11:25 PM BBT: Ragan, Matt, and Britney are Brendon bashing in the kitchen.

Britney: "Brendon's toe and him are a separate alliance than between Brendon and Rachel."

Everyone is talking about trying to sleep lightly so they can catch the saboteur in action. Ragan told Matt to sleep with the HOH tv on the kitchen [so obviously Ragan isn't planning anything in the kitchen overnight].

11:27 PM BBT: The libations are kicking in for Enzo. He is in the BY with Brendon, Lane, and Hayden. They are talking about masturbating in the shower.

Enzo: "You gotta have a good imagination. If you don't have imagination, you got nothin!"

Enzo is sharing all the porn sites he goes to and Brendon says he goes to some of the same ones.

Enzo: "It's like a drug though. It's like my cock speaks to me!"

The guys hear music outside but don't say anything hoping bb doesn't notice and put them on indoor LD.

Brendon is apparently in to asians. [Way too much TMI is being shared. Camera 3 for those wanting to do flashback].

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11:40 PM BBT: All the guys except Ragan are outside playing pool and drinking. Ragan and Britney are in the kitchen discussing all the jokes about Brendon's toe they have come up with like "Saber Toe Tiger and InTOElerable." Rachel is still in the DR and no one knows where Kathy is.

Ragan and Britney discuss how every fight in the house has been started or involving Rachel. [so true!]

Ragan says the only way he can ensure that he and Britney are in the final six (with the brigade) is if Brendon doesn't win HOH this week.

11:45 PM BBT: WBRB

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11:50 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Ragan and Enzo are talking about what a bitch Rachel is and how she was just in the DR for an hour. Sounds like she said something on her way out of DR but we had WBRB.

All feeds on Enzo and Ragan in the kitchen. They are talking about how much they liked Kristen and Monet. They say once Brendon and Rachel leave they will like everyone left in the house but atleast everyone left will play with dignity.

Ragan is again pointing out that the following people have been involved in fights: Monet, Kristen, Hayden, Matt, Annie, and Kathy and the common denominator was Rachel.

12:00 AM BBT: Britney came in and asked what happened with Rachel. Apparently Rachel came out of the DR with an evil laugh staring at Ragan. Britney said she came outside doing the same thing.

Now they talk about how awkward Brendon is as he is trying to be friends with all the guys. They are all hoping for a double eviction. Finally Ragan wonders if Rachel really did do the evil wave to Annie during the first week and they all can see it as a possibility now.

Enzo: "She's the type of person that gets jealous if you talk to someone she doesn't like.

Britney: "That's why she is mad at me because I talk to Ragan."

Enzo: "She may choke me tonight because I'm talking to you guys."

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12:05 AM BBT: More Rachel and Brendon bashing. They are annoyed with their constant pet names for each other like baby and boo. Apparently their nickname for Brendon is needle dick.

12:08 AM BBT: Lane enters after having lost to Brendon in the pool tournament.

Ragan, Britney, and Lane are questioning how Rachel could go in to the DR so upset and come out with an evil laugh.

12:10 AM BBT: All feeds are now on Rachel and Brendon in the hammock.

Kathy called to the DR.

Rachel is telling Brendon who to get out and when as if he will be HOH every week.

Rachel: "All you have to do is listen to me and you will give them a run for their money."

Rachel is criticizing Matt for getting out of the first quiz HOH on who would win a bikini contest and he said Kristen and Rachel said that was stupid because obviously it would be her with her big boobs!

Rachel just called Kathy and Britney bitches about three times in one sentence. [so much for not using that derogatory term as she so claimed].

Brendon is contemplating acting like a jerk to everyone so that they will vote him out and save her. Rachel continues believing she is the quiz queen and she will tell Brendon everything she knows.

Brendon is 100% positive that he has Enzo and Hayden on his side.

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12:19 AM BBT: Rachel and Brendon are broken up by Brendon's participation in the pool tournament.

Rachel telling Enzo to watch his back but she will tell him everything he needs to know before she leaves. Her advice is if they break up Ragan and Matt then Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden can "do a lot of shit in the house."

12:21-12:31 AM BBT: WBRB

All feeds are on Ragan and Britney in the HOH Rachel and Brendon bashing.

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Ragan: "So were you scared when you took a bath with her that you might contract something."

Britney: "I went downstairs, took a wine cork and placed it strategically, doubled up on bikinis, and wore two maxi pads."

Ragan worries that Rachel is the saboteur and received some power.

Britney: "Why did our Pandora's box suck so bad? Matt got a dollar? STUPID!"

Britney and Ragan talk about the great feeling they get after the POV ceremony when they know that they are 100% safe and people have to accept that nothing is going to change. They worry about the drama Brendon and Rachel will cause.

Ragan: "I think you are really going to get it [Rachel drama] bad this week, after the POV meeting."

Britney: "She's crazy, but he is a huge doucher."

Ragan called to DR ending the bashing session. They walk downstairs mocking Rachel's crazy laugh.

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12:40 AM BBT: All feeds on Lane, Hayden, and Matt at the pool table as Britney joins. She asks Lane why Enzo is hanging out with Rachel and Brendon at the hammock. No one gives her an answer.

12:40-12:46 AM BBT: WBRB

All feeds on Brendon pacing in the BR while he waits for Rachel who is in the WC.

Rachel starts pinching her thighs to see how much fat is on them then she starts counting her zits (she has 12). Brendon and Rachel start saying that they trust Enzo 100% as they walk to their room.

Rachel: "Are you sure that you want me to give Hayden and Enzo a competetive edge, because the knowledge I have is...I sound like Yoda!"

Brendon laughs.

Rachel: "Don't laugh at me, I won TWO HOHs. I want you to make it to final 2 so I can vote for you to win $500,000. And if not, then we can just bang for the rest of the summer."

Not much talk at the moment while they stuff chocolate in their mouths.

Rachel: "If Hayden can pull Lane away from Britney, then you are cool. You can't trust her but Britney is going to play this game for Britney so you have to make her a deal she can't refuse" [aren't they all playing for themselves?]

Rachel and Brendon continue their delusional take on the game and how Enzo and Hayden are great alliances. I can't make out much of the specifics of the conversation over their chewing and low whispering.

12:58 AM BBT: BB just told the houseguests they are on indoor LD.

Rachel and Brendon start pleading to the cameras to keep them because they are so entertaining. Brendon whispers something to Rachel as she blushes.

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1:02 AM BBT: Rachel is chewing off her nails then spitting them on the floor [interesting how she questioned Kathy's class earlier today].

Brendon continues to complain that Matt got lucky because the two competitions he won were unfair and designed for little people with little feet.

Rachel believes she is leaving because they are scared of her and they can't beat her.

Talk turns to who the saboteur. Rachel mentions Lane or Matt. She says it isn't Ragan [wrong there!]

1:11 AM BBT: They keep saying the same thing over and over about who to get out when (Matt and Ragan first) and who to align with.

All four feeds are on Brenchel.

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1:20 AM BBT: All feeds on Rachel and Brendon as they awkwardly walk through the kitchen and to their room. The cameras zoom in on Brendon's gross toe!

Rachel straddles Brendon and starts massaging his back.

Rachel gives Brendon an ultimatum: "Do you want me to move to LA? Then win $50,000 or more!" [sounds like a classic gold digger to me].

Brendon starts moaning in pleasure...

I really wish all 4 feeds were not on this!

1:25 AM BBT: Rachel starts quizzing Brendon on before or after style questions for the HOH.

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