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8/3 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Ragan to Hayden: you have consistancy on your side.

Hayden: majority of the house will want me to stay.

Ragan: First time had to strong competitors up together. dont want to loss either of you. Open to talking at any time.

(Choices, Choices....Kathy on feed 1 or the Fish tank on Feed2.....)

Ragan to Rachel: There are clumps of strong players.

Rachel: I would never ask you to do what I want.

Ragan: not leaning toward one or the other....

Ragan: how does it benefit you to get out one over the other.

Rachel: she is coming after me, she almost beat me. I dont think Hayden is smart.

Rachel: I assume the vote will be 4-3. Do you think people are looking Hayden as a comptetor? Ragan: There are pros & cons for both. People like them both. Can talk to me at any time.

Ragan: they could bring Anneie back for this HOH. True/False on things she said and did as Sabetour.


Ragan has is mic pack up to his ear like a cellphone. Saying crazy stuff. Next week on BB. No deffinately stupid. Sex tapes. Right he was in it too. Have to go they are right here.

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9:42pm BBT:

Hayden,Enzo,Brit,Kat,Matt,Kris and Rachel in kitchen. Talk has turned to possible games to play. Branden just came in after running for an hour. Kristine just asked Lane if he wants to go talk. Brit says something like Game Talker.

Kristine just pulled Lane aside in an effort to get his vote. She feels it would benefit him for her to stay. The theme seems to be keep me to show Rachel she didn't get her way. Lane is just taking it all in and not really saying too much. He's advicing her to tell people that she has his vote. Kristine says that there's only so much info she can get because people will lie. Lane feels that she and Hayden are the ones he's gotten to know and that it's more of a selfish decison as to what would benefit him in the game. Now she turns to the pity vote. That leaving before jury surprises her as she didn't expect to leave wk 4. Lane comments on having respect for her for not kissing up to Rachel like even he did. That he loves Hayden and believes he's a good guy, but that he obviously can be manipulated and she has shown that she won't be.

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10:21 BBT

In the kitchen Rachel explaining the Vegas bar scene...can't understand why people wait in line and what to buy.."you in Vegas to celebrate or in Vegas to be a pussy" Rachel tells Bren Enzo and Matt... talking about ordering expensive drinks..

10:25 BBT IN the cabana room Kristin having her very own pitty party...

More vegas talk about spending money...

In caban Room enzo comes in..Kristin saying she was "thrown under the bus" as she tells Enzo the vote is going to be close "3-4"....Kristins pitch..saying "there are 4 girls in the house" and says Kathy and Rachel are not going to last and eventually "all the guys" will go after each other as Kristin says Bren and Rach doesn't have a chance....Kristin says "i don't want Hayden to go"...Kristin saying she's trustworthy and will be able to help carry enzo through the game..

Kristin talking about Britney saying "she doesn'y have" a chance if she goes so she has Britney for sure...Enzo asks if Brit is with Brendon and Rachel..she says no one except maybe "Matt" and has to be careful when she campaigns to Matt...

Krist says she was thrown under the bus again and Enzo adds "over bullshit"....

Enzo playing along with kristins's campaigning...and agrees she was a solid player and says he notice that she was "fuck that I don't care" about rachel and he says he doesn't understands Rachels snapping and the saying sorry..

10:32 BBt Kristin says she has ragan Kathy and maybe Brit..so she needs one more...and says she wants to stay other than "killing that bitch"

Krist tells Enzo plan for the POV on Hayden when Enzo asks......so Kristin tells the plan...and says "5 minutes" before POV ceremony and told Brit that she threatened Brit that she would put up Lane if she used the POV...

10:34 BBT Enzo says that Brenchel wants the "weak people out" and yet Kathy stays....and explains her and Hayden's connection "we think alike" and likes to lay her game out on the table..

10:35 BBT Kristin says "i'm so fucking honest" as Enzo plays along and plays Andrew saying he "fucked everything up" as Kristin using her Rachel hate to win Enzo over..

10:37 Kristin using she's 'going home to nothing" and "gave up everything" and Enzo "there's no justice" because Kathy's staying..and Enzo says Britney "should of used it"...and Krist says no one would have kept her in the house over lane even tell him he wouldn't

Enzo saying he really hasn't seen Hayden camapign..and says Hayden means alot to her "but on a game basis" she should stay...

10:39.."I'm not a floater" as Enzo tells her "you're not a floater" as she says her intentions of what she's going to do makes her a non floater..

Kristin says "i don't expect an answer" but wants him to think about it..as Enzo says he'll base it on who wants to be here more...

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10:42 BBT

In Cabana room Kristins campaigning in futility continues...as Enzo wonders if Rachel still wanted to fight but Kristin says it was reconciliation...and she goes over what went wrong with Andrew..and how the fallout affected her..

Kristin telling how "he went completely crazy" and as a result "i got fucked over big time"....as Enzo said he was honest to him about him going home..

10:46 BBT Enzo and Kristin talk about Andrew and his meltdown and what ifs....

Kristin says says its better now than later had he would have stayed she would had fucked her over later and says "everything" was a lie...and Enzo says he doesn't care what they did...and plays he's stuck trying to make a decision..and tells Enzo the votes annonymous...so he should feel free the vote his heart..

10:48 BBT "ragan has amind of his own" andsays even though hes aligned with Matt that Matt may be aligned with Brendon and Rachel..

10:51 BBT Kristin going on and on and on telling Enzo he should talk to others and says its not right a "6-1" vote even for hayden it won't be "right"...

krist doesn't "throw people under the fucking bus" and says she is leaving because "some bitch is fucking jealous"..Enzo goes on...

Talking about HOH and Enzo says he knew it was bad when she went up against "Lane"..

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10:55 BBT ragan thought a fight was going down when rachel is yelling about vegas but it was a false alarm..Ragan and Matt listening from the round table...

Ragan talking about "his feelings about rachel"..."Rachel is a good person" and he "genuinely likes rachel" but she needs to "mature" as Matt says "because your a big fan" doesn't make you a good player..

lane comes in saying Rachel is doing an "informercial" for Vegas and says he can't "shoot turtles"....as Lane says she would go to vegas spend a bunch of money get to drink on Sundays and return to texas.."bankrupt"

10:58 Kristin and Enzo still talking in the Cabana room..talking "why I should be here right now" as Enzo says he has "to talk to hayden" and "weigh everything"....Kristin still using the Andrew card and this time up "its two strong people" and he needs to do "what benefits" you more in the house...

Enzo lying saying he could have seen her as aligning later down the road...

11:04 BBT

In Kitchen area the guys are looking at the pics on the memory wall as drunk Rachel points to her and says "this bitch lives in Vegas" {remmeber she says she doesn't use the term bitch} and Matt points to his pic and says this guy lives in his "parent's basement"

11:06 BBT Kristin still camapigning to Enzo..as Enzoo aks what does Hayden done that he will earn a "6-1" vote as Kristin blames everyone except herself...

Enzo wants to win HOH "so fucking bad"...

Kristin says something that made sense saying up till now the BB season "its been so boring" and keeeping her in the house.....Enzo talking about why Brit is hanging with rachel as kristin calls her "a coward" with "good luck" and she has "big balls" "with bad luck"

11:10 BBT.."we're the worst season" because of this shit Enzo says...about Ragan talking aboput last season...Kristin "it feels so good to hear someone else say it" and Enzo whines "let's play" {this coming from the ultimate coward floater hiding behind a secret alliance]

11:12 BBT hayden and Brit in Hammock as Matt comes over and asks if they had a nice hammock talk as Hayden talks about his "string" hammock "from a third world country" his roommate got...

11:13 BBT Mr Sensitive in HOH whining to rachel that her antics outside hurt his feelings and she "didn't care" and even though she was "trying to be fun" and says he didn't get it if she was trying "to push my buttons" with all her Vegas antics but afterwhile it was "bothering me" and says "i went outside" and she followed "a did the same thing"..."i don't get it"....."i'm not in Vegas,,,,,,I'm not going to be in Vegas"..."that's not my lifestyle"...and says it seems all she wants to do is stay in Vegas....as Brendon goes on how he thought she was going to be Miss scientist but says "i'm not leaving LA anytime soon" and will pursue his academic career path and her Vegas antics "bothered me" ...and says "it look like you didn't care"

11:17 BBT Brendon says her Vegas antics won't make him fall out of love with her but it bothers him..calling himself "sensitive" but she needs to learn to stop when something is bothering him like he does to her..."it was funny for awhile"..and says "you kept going" and Rachel is just staring looks mad without saying a wrod...

11:19 BBT Rachel and Mr Sensitive talk in HOH bathroom continues with kissing and Brendon "talk to me".."about what" Rachel says..

Rachel "I am who I am" and its where I live..."im never not gonna be....Vegas"..and says she sorry to be proud of where she lives and where's she's from.....

Brendon says "i'm not moving to Las Vegas....I can't"

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11:24 BBT

In Cabana room Kristin has Matt and does her spiel to Matt....basically she says the same toi him as Enzo and Matt says people won't listen to brendon and Rachel so if Rachel wants her gone and says people don't like "the way they handle shit"

Matt asks about "some sort of dealings" about Andrew and for a reason he went off as she says "i pity wierdos" and says says nothing was "set in stone" and Andrew had his vote until the POV speech and Andrew was spending more time with Brendon and rachel......bascically says Andrew though she was in an allinace with her...and eventual "made a bunch of lies up" ..

11:28 BBT Kristin using Andrew for her BB woes...and says he "used the plan in his head to ruin kristen's game"

Kristin says because Brendon and Rachel coming after her made her into "defense mode"

Matt wants to know about the deal rachel brendon Kristin Hayden and Brit deal......Kristin says they approched Brit first but didn't want to use on Kristen because it would "piss rachel off" and says maybe she was going to use it on Hayden...and says she would do it and get approval from Rachel....

Afetr they made the deal..Brit says Rachel had "second thoughts" and told her "you can't use it" and says if she uses it she would have put "lane" up......Matt asks if they talked to brendon and rachel too and she says yes and Matt "so shitty" calling Brendon and Rachel "a bunch of shitheads"

Kristin uses the tactic of trying to make Rachel not get what she wants out of her noms of her going home but send hayden instead to make rachel mad...

11:34 BBT Kristin oblivious to the votes...and says "i gave up everything" Jobs" "house"..."money saved"...."i'm in such a shitty position"

Matt playing along "this sucks so bad"......

11:36 BBT Kristin campaigning about doing what people want and not the house...and Matt says "the selling points for you are the selling points Hayden"

Matt asks ...."in those talks" with Hayden who was the strategists...and did more game talk..and Kristin says "it was about even" and Matt says he was good at it and she says "yes"..and says they are so "similar"

11:39 BBT "i'm a fighter" not a "psycho like Rachel".....as Matt says to find her differnces in her and Hayden's gameplay...as Kristin says.."i'm a very perceptive person" and she close minded while hayden was more open minded....

Kristen says "its a very big brother moment" this eviction

Matt playing along...with Kristin's campaigning...

Kristin saying she's more "bold" and would go along with "the majority' while she is someone "much stronger in this game"

Kristin says she doesn't expect an answer now....."the people" ahve been 'torn' but are "more open" than she thought they would be...

11:44 BBT Matt saying "i'm here for a reason" hinting at his fake sick wife...

Kristin: "kathy's a sure thing"......Matt says "is there anything under the sun" brendon could offer her to keep him ooff the block...she says "probably not"

11:47 BBT Matt warns that any deal with rachel and Brendon woul;d be her nail in the coffin and says she hos "no reason" to keep here here and says Hayden would be "more likely" to make a deal with them and bepending on what it is he may honor it...and says "i want to kill them"......

11:49 BBT rachel and Brendon still discussing their little fight in HOH....blah blah blah..."we can do anything" Brendon gives his pep talk...saying he's not confrontstions; wears "my emotions on my sleeve" and for never to doubt his love for her..

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11:59 BBT

Matt still being the campaign victim of Kristen...Matt talking about rachel being Hammered and says she always asking if "kristin's ok" even though she knows she doesn't care...

In the Kitchen Brendon is in the kitchen with Ragan..

In HT Bridage minus Matt talking about getting Brendon out next week at their hands and if Rachel wins HOH following week that they have to get Rachel to put up "kathy" or "britney" and not 2 brigade members...as Enzo says "they have nothing to worry about"...

Lane asks who Enzo sees in the "top 5' and Lane says "britney" and Enzo says Kathy"...Hayden "Us four and Britney"

Enzo says if Brendon wins he will put up one of us "and Kathy" and unless she wins POV if its "a chain smoking contest" they will vote them out..

ideally Lane says Brittney wins HOH and Both Lane and Hayden says they can manipulate Kathy but Hayden says she won't win HOH but Enzo says "at least she hit the buzzard" so it proves she can play..

Rachel comes out "who wants to go to Vegas" as Enzo asks if they have more booze "up there"

12:07 "you being stingy with the liqs...yo" Enzo complains about the lack of booze..

12:09 BBT Enzo insist Rachel has "hidden liquor" as the sit in or around the HT...

12:10 BBT IN the Cabana room Ragan is Kristin's next victim as Ragan tells her..."i know" "which way I'd like to see this vote to gon" as he tells her he sees the big picture..."what my heart is telling me" and FOTH...

12:11 BBT as he says it "makes no sense" Rachel is gunning after her even though she told him she would not be "offended" how ragan would vote "its your decision"..and says he asked rachel...."he knows which way" he wants him to vote and asked her to walk me throgh it and she says sh etold him Kristin was coming after her..as kristin says Hayden is to "come on man" and says "it pisses me off so bad" and starts her she's where she is because of Andrew's "petty bullshit"..and "knew" she was done the way HOh "played out"

Ragan" "I don't see what's in it for Lane" to keeps Hayden....Kristen says they will be against each other even if they are aligned and "good chance" they will go far and Lane will take him out in the end and was "shocked"...and says she has Kathy.."enzo" "britney" are very "likely" votes for her to stay..

12:17 BBT kristin trying to point out her differences with Hayden taking Matt's advice...

Ragan: "i can figure that out" about the plan for the pov to be used as Kristin explains it...

12:20 BBT Ragan says "thats a factor' about Rachel and brendon affecting the vote and people are thinking "two steps ahead" but if they were "really..you'd have 4 votes"

Ragan:" I'm going to give you piece of adavice" and tells her she's sincere..and if I were you...in a a convo with Lane or anyone she should tell them she doesn't "want to be blindsided" and ask them to tell her what their votes are and Kristin says "the odds are in my favor" {to go} to stay and people want to "keep me here"....Ragan "beyond I'm keeping an open mind" and kristen says way "beyond that" and only Matt was "50/50" to keep her...

12:24 BBT Ragan can't finish a thought "the next step"...."oh this is so hard" and FOTH..

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12:26 BBT

Ragan says he's going to talk to Lane to see where he's out and she keeps saying "i'm so shocked" what Lane told her...

Ragan being very noncommittal.....she says she doesn't want to be up peoples asses..

ragan going on about being "life long friends" and he respects her..

12:28 BBT Kristin telling Ragan "you're the last person I would ever put up" and he tells her the complete truth that he never would put her up either {because he'll never have the chance}

Ragan says "this is going to be a crazy..week"..Kristin warns he'll be getting a lot of people who'll says they will be "unsure" and oblivioully believe the vote will be "3-4"

Ragan saying "this is a unique" season as that there are not distict groups.."i was not expecting this" and ragan falsely believes bb "has some great players this season"

12:32 Ragan says he's going to have "exploratory" convos with other HGs and tells her he hasn't made up his mind {which means he has and will vote her out}

Ragan gives her a pep talk..and with every compliment Kristen says "i know"

Ragan: "this vote is going to be reflective" how much certain people have "their head in the game"

12:36 BBT Kristin droning on...full of self compliments and blaming others...

Ragan not committing just saying it won't be till Wednesday people will "make up their mind" and tells her to play "the what happens next game"

Kristin says Enzo was torn but Lane had already "thought about it" and says "i was so shocked"....

Ragan says "i hope people will tell you straight up" if they will keep you and follows "do you think they will?" and she says "some will' and some won't..

12:40 BBT Ragan says people like Enzo "i don't see him going against the grain" and Kristin says she doesn't see a grain and Ragan "you think its still up in the air" { I couldn't tell if this was an actually question or rhetorical}

Ragan "how long was your" convo "with Lane" and she says 30-45 minutes and says Lane is more of a "game player...than I thought"

12:43 BBT cmpaigning continues...Matt and Britney are going to be hard..

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12:44 BBT "my mind is 100% open" Ragan tells her and two days is a long time in BB time..and she says she has to be playing saying she has "no choice"

12:45 BBT "who is more of a game player..me or Hayden" Kristen asks...Ragan "you're both game player" just in different ways....

12;49 BBT

In Bathroom brit says Lane wouldn't get back with his GF when he gets back and asks Lane why Brit thinks "no one " would cuddle with him and she says because he's vulnerable..Matt comes in with hayden as they talk water pressure of shower between showers while lane showers..

Back to Lane's commitment as brit says 'she can suck it" if she texts him and says she has no "long term potential" and says "she's hot and banging in bed" as brit tells him it will not work out in the long run..

Matt asks "who's he banging" and FOTH

Lane "will hayden" find his soulmate "on tour" and Brit says two years and hayden says "no" way more down the road..Brit and Lane going back and forth about whether his ex is the right girls and when he does he'll stop treating girls "like crap"

Hayden says he loves all his ex"s equally

12:56 BBT Lane wants "good looking trash" and Enzo says "we're superstars" after BB is over and says he can't njoy it since he's married and has a hot girl

Hayden and Matt would like to be in Enzo's head..

Kristin enters to take shower as hayden was waiting but offers to ler her go ahead of him..Rachel comes in and raps to brit they are going to be best friends forever..

1:00 BBT back in jamanji Ragan Lane enzo and Matt wonder why she seems drunker..Matt: "she's annoying" about rachel..talk turns to all the ffod they've gorged on...

Matt says "how can she " still be drunk..

Matt saying "i'm getting warts on my feet" and shows Ragan...as he asks it it went from his penis to his feet as Matt is delerious from ragan's nasty fart..

1:03 BBT IN HOH Brendon is telling rachel "your boobs are popping out all the time" as rachel takes oiffense as it seems she is getting sick of Brendon {as we are} he says she just wanted her to be aware..

"are you mad at me?" and says he shouldn't have these convos "when you're drinking" as goes on about her "boobs" "or your butt" the cameras will see..and she snaps "what am I suppose to do" and says she doesn't do it on purpose and he says sorry "i brought it up"

1:06 BBT Rachel sleeping on the floor while Brendon is in the bed..It looks like these two may be done for the night...

1:09 BBT Lane and britt head to Jamji and brits says "there's fear" over Ragans farts......

brit tells Matt 'you got to see rachel's boobs tonight" and Matts ays "not really" as the convo turns back to ragan's farts..

Matt "I can't believe her boob fell out on Showtime" and Matt says everyone saw except him Kathy and someone else as he says Brendon's mom "must be proud" and Brit says "wow"

1:12 BBT Hayden and Enzo working out in cabana room while Kathy just lays there and watches..Enzo asks if she fed the fish and enzo says "i think I can smell Ragan's ass from here bro"

1:14 Brendon's back up brushing his teeth...

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1:16 BBT

Hayden joins kristin in the other side of the shower..as she says he could get in "if you like".."is everything going good" he asks her and she says "as good as they can be" as they shower..."you have to do it" hayden says and she says 'its hard" because she has nothing but "good things to say about him...

1:18 BBT Hayden says he hasn't said "anything bad about youy" and she says "i know"

They are whispering something about rachel and something along the lines everyone is after them..neither are wearing mics and the water is drowning their convo out..

1:21 BBT In Jamanji lights are off but convos are just random...

{i'm out be back tomorrow night all}

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1:30 am BBT: Britney, Lane and Matt are laying in bed while Enzo sits in the Jumanji chair talking about his real estate broker job. Matt chuckles about seeing him in his professional setting.

Kristen and Hayden are done with the their showers and are brushing their teeth. Kathy comes in to brush her teeth while Kristen pops a zit on Hayden's back.

Brendon and Rachel are in HoH. Pretty quiet with an occasional kiss.

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1:57 am BBT: Sounds like Brendon and Rachel are doing more than making out under those covers.

Kathy is sitting with Kristen out in the BY. Kathy is ripping Brenchal up and down. Telling Kristen that when she was up in their HoH room week 2, it was all her brilliant scheme to find out more about her enemy so, she could report back to the rest of the house. She says she sacrificed herself for the better good. What proves that she was never really with them is that she voted against what they wanted that week and she paid for it by being put on the block by Matt the next week. Kathy tells Kristen that she knows how they think now and how they talk.

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2:10 am BBT: The Bickertons must love that make up sex, because they

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8:27amBBT WBRB ...wake up call?

8:30amBBT FOTH. wake up call? Matt, Lane, Britney and Hayeon on lounge. Enzo joins them. Brendon and Rachel in HOH bed.

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9:29 am BBT


Matt and Lane were in the Jumanji room discussing the different pronunciations of the wrods, TALE, TELL and TAIL. Started messing with Kathys mind, Lane just being funny, talking about what their backstage riders would be like when they did their show...

Matt saysd Kristen is going to get a penalty vote and at the same time BB calls out Kristen

Kristen in WC washing face and brushing teeth

Bren and Rach have been in the kitchen cooking breakfast for about 1/2 an hour.

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9:47 am BBT

Rach gopt called to the DR. Brit, Lane and matt in the JUmanji room talking about how Brit washed her Fuzzy blanket and doesn't want anyone touching it. Talk of how when Bren and Rach atre in the kitchen they drown everything in olive oil and that no one wants to eat the food, and so Brit is going to say she ate some so they don't get mad. Lane rehashing his talk with Brit about her 'Princess attitude'. Brit saying that she has a n issue with sharing and is getting pissed at the fact that Kathy keeps using her eyeliner and leaves her eye crust in it.... she says that Kath just keeps taking her stuff...

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9:50 am BBT

Feeds change to Ragan in the BY talking to himself... Hay comes out and says he was just coming out to say hi... Hay says, you aren't going to fart on me if I come over here. Ragan says no and he needs to watch what he eats, thinks it is realated to dairy. Hay says that he farts more at home. Now talk of Ragans potent farts last night.... Ragan saying that he got buzzed yesterday off of two gasses of wine. He is not going to drink today and is going to eat better. Hay says he ate badly too because of stress. Ragan says that this week is the worse, stress wise. Hay says he knows it is hard for Ragan because he likes thej both so it is hard for him. Ragan agrees. Hay says it sucks for him because he doesn't want to campaign against her (Kris). Ragan says it is campaigning FOR himself. Talk of pros and cons of why and why not he should or shouldn't recieve votes. Hay says that neither of them are going to go after him, Hay says he requested a coup de tat.... neither think that a coup de tat will happen. Ragan says out of respect for both Hay and Kris he is keeping his mind open, because he thinks that most ppl come to a decision as their head hits the pillow wednesday night. Ragan saying that he has respect for both of them. He is saying that when he saw Kris on the other side of the solitary door with her fingers under the door it affected him....

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10:54am BBT:

Rachel straight out tells Kristen that both she and Hayden will be coming after her and Brendon. Kristen asks about what the difference is then between who goes. According to Rachel, Kristen is more manipulative and smarter than Hayden. Also that Kristen can control others, to which she responds that she's straight out whereas Hayden keeps things to himself and Rachel won't know where his heads at.

Ragan feels that the loyalty's in the house is based on who is in power. That some people can say they won't target certain individuals because they have people in their group who will do it instead. He won't name names, but suggests to just go outside and watch and the answers are there. Believes there are groups of 3.

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11:42am BBT:

Rachel and Brendon finally alone in hoh. Rachel didn't fall for the hard sell from Kristen. Both don't trust Ragan anymore and believe that Ragan is about 2/3 wks from nominating them and need to be careful about what they say. Brendon seems close to figuring out that Matt is alligned w/Lane etc. Rachel wants Brendon to continue to spend a lot of time with the guys. Saying that it's important that he win hoh this week because it'll show others that they can benefit from keeping them together. She's repeats the importance of winning.

12 pm BBT:

Lane in cabana room with Kristen telling her she's a triple threat. He asks her what others have said about keeping her and she says that Matt has been the least receptive. Then he asks if she's spoken with Brendon, and she just says that it was the same thing she spoke with him about. Talk turns to how the votes will go.

( I'm off for now. I hope someone can take over because there's lots happening on the feeds)

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Ragan, Rachael and Britney are int eh kitchen trying to find something to eat. Ragan is getting a hot dog and Britney is getting some type of cereal. Ragan is being really funny, pretending his mike box is a phone and he is talking to Annie because she had a break through while she was out of the house.

Ragan starts talking about his friend being a co-producer of some show and we get WBRB

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Nap time for most, general chit chat. Lane and Enzo so bored they thought of taking a shower just for something to do....they didnt.

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2:26 BBT

Kristen leaves Kathy in the cabana room and goes upstairs to talk to Brendon.

Once upstairs, she tells him that she knows they don't really like her, but if Hayden stays, he'll probably form an alliance with Lane and Enzo. She says she'll have no one, except for Kathy, who is weak.

Kristen says Brendon's vote is very important and how she currently has 3 votes to stay. She tells him she was never after him. She says she wanted to talk to him alone, b/c she likes him. She admits that she's not sure what will happen with her and Rachel.

2:30 BBT

Brendon tells her that he'll let her know his vote before the live show. She thanks him and leaves.

2:40 BBT

Kristen rejoined Kathy. They talked so low I couldn't understand them. Now, they're just sitting there motionless, as if my screen froze.

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