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Corey Clark's Memoirs

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2002 American Idol Corey Clark


NYPost April 8, 2005 -- WE'LL soon drown in "American Idol" memoirs. Simon Whatsisname did one. Winner Fantasia Barrino's doing one on her nine minutes of fame. 2002's Corey Clark, booted for an assault and battery history in Topeka, Kan., which hadn't surfaced until he got famous for seven minutes, is shopping his already written one. OK?

I've read the book's proposal and sample chapters co-authored by Scott S. Smith. And, oy! Corey gets back at everyone but the audience.


* Refers to Justin Guarini as "a cheeseball."

* Says host Ryan Seacrest "p - - - es" him off.

* Calls Ruben Studdard "The Stud" and notes he saw much more of Ruben's a - - much more often than he needed to.


* About Simon? "He didn't give a - - - - about me."

* Clay Aiken he labels "a geek" . . . "He would blow in this little pitch pipe and sing 'mi mi mi.' He was a humble dude in the beginning, and it was funny to watch his transformation into this 'I'm Clay Aiken, hear me roar' thing."

* Some fellow contestant named Marcus Brown gets gift-wrapped as "a brown-noser."

* He also talks about "the show's own bulls - - - publicity machine."

* He writes of "infighting" and everybody lying and how, at one point, he said he had been in a specific church when, as he writes, their research somehow hadn't turned up the fact that he wasn't even of that denomination.

There's really colorful stuff about Paula Abdul.


Page 2 of the "American Paula-tics" chapter describes her Studio City Hills house: Hardwood floors. Cheetah-print carpeted stairs on both sides of the living room. Office to the left. Over that, guest bedroom. Then, pantry and black marble countertop kitchen. Over that, a dance studio lined with her awards. Upstairs, entertainment room with stereo system, older model 68-inch Mitsubishi TV. Next door, bedroom with walk-in closet "the size of a studio apartment," dual-head shower, built-in steam room. Modest back yard. Pool with changing lights.

He describes "sitting around drinking with the security guards." He describes sitting around drinking with other people. He describes other people doing more than sitting around drinking. He writes of arguments, screaming, "wild, drunken sex." His memoir makes one wonder how any of them had enough time and strength left to actually sing.

He says: "After I left the show, I have never been able to bring myself to watch another episode of 'American Idol.' Apparently, lots of others do since 66 million tuned into the two-part premiere of the 2005 season.

This nice, sweet manuscript is making publishers' rounds as we speak.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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Sad, very sad.  I do however feel a little bad for him that they kicked him off (and Frenchie too) but let Scott Savol stay.  They should have one rule for everybody.

They do have one rule for everybody Scott's arrest is in the past and he was upfront about it, he also payed for that crime. Corey's case was still pending. and he was not upfront about it.

As for Frenchie that was something totally different. She posed for a site that was connected to kiddy porn. (I don't think she should have been kicked off)

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Randy J had an awesome response when asked about Corey's allegations against Paula. They asked him what do you think about Corey Clarks claims and he said, "wasnt he the guy who got kicked off for being a liar, oh wait the question is the answer."

Props from the dog pound Randy, props from the Dog Pound!!

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Corey Clark floats Simon/Ryan rumor.

Corey Clark has been out of the media spotlight for a few days, so he's switched Idol targets and is rehashing one of the oldest and most obvious rumors: that Ryan Seacrest is gay. (For the record, he insists he's not, and there's recent evidence that he just doesn't like having male hands on his back.)

Anyway, Corey told Steppin' Out Magazine, "Since [seacrest is] talking junk about my song on Jay Leno, I'm going to have to lay into him. There's a rumor going around that he was doing some things with Simon [Cowell]." Simon and the other judges sarcastically confirmed that, telling the New York Daily News' Rush and Molloy, "We've all slept with Ryan and we can confirm that he's not gay." :rofl

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Guest ranster627

I couldn't agree more Lauren ... and forced outing and rumours of outings are so yesterday!

Is there no "low" for this (cough, cough) man ???

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Corey Clark's Breakfast Brawl

By Sarah Hall

After former American Idol contestant Corey Clark went public with his claim that he had an affair with Paula Abdul--complete with TV interviews, tell-all book and confessional album--it appeared unlikely that he could sink any lower in his quest for headlines.

However, as we all know, appearances can be deceiving. The "Paulatics" singer was cited on a misdemeanor battery charge Saturday after getting into an alleged food fight with his record company manager over breakfast in a Sacramento hotel room.

According to police, Clark, 24, and Laura Kathleen Troy, 34, were discussing an incident from Clark's Friday night concert in West Sacramento, when the conversation escalated into a flatware-hurling free-for-all that was loud enough to spur other hotel guests into calling the police.

Both Clark and Troy suffered scratches in the breakfast brawl, though police said the injuries did not seem serious. No word on what manner of foodstuffs were thrown. Clark was ordered to appear in Sacramento County Superior Court on July 22 to face the music over the food fight.

Troy was reportedly uncooperative and did not want to press charges against the ex-Idol contestant, but police said it is standard practice to cite and release those charged with misdemeanor battery.

Though an initial report in the Sacramento Bee referred to Troy as Clark's girlfriend, police said there was no indication that the twosome were romantically involved. They had booked separate rooms in the hotel and were simply dining together when the fight broke out.

After police told the pair they were free to go, Clark and Troy reportedly departed the premises together in a van. It's not the first time Clark has run afoul of the law for allegedly getting a tad out of control.

Idol producers booted the aspiring crooner off the second season of the show in 2003 after Clark's undisclosed arrest record for allegedly assaulting his teenage sister surfaced on the Smoking Gun Website.

Clark later cut a deal with Kansas prosecutors and pleaded no contest to a charge of obstructing legal process. He was sentenced to six months of unsupervised probation and paid $116 in court costs. Two other misdemeanor charges were dropped as a condition of the plea bargain.

Last week, Clark pledged to help Idol producers investigate his alleged affair with Abdul and whether she unfairly helped him while he was still a contestant. Clark's statement came just as he released his self-titled debut album, Corey Clark, which is currently ranked number 13,606 on Amazon.com.

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BREAKFAST CLUBBED: Now we can say Corey Clark literally has egg on his face. Paula Abdul's alleged American Idol toy-boy was booked on a misdemeanor battery charge after getting into an apparent food fight with his manager, CDC Records exec Laura Kathleen Troy. The two were reportedly having breakfast Saturday morning at Sacramento's Sheraton Grand Hotel when they began arguing over Clark's Friday-night concert in West Sacramento. She claims only eight people were in attendance; he insists there were 14.

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When I read that this morning, I thought about the criminal that tried to get off by claiming that he ate too many Twinkies and it effected him so much that basically the Twinkies made him do it. It became known as the "Twinkie Defense". I wonder if somehow this goes to court will he say Paula made him do it.....the "Paula Abdul defense"

If Johnny Cochrane were here to defend him he could say:

If Paula did teach you must release!

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