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BB12: Poetry, Rhymes, Limericks, Haikus, HG Best lines, etc.

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Let the good times roll...

Anything from Shakespeare to Tweets

Maybe Old Guy will return with some new classics.

Maybe with Regan in the hours someone might attempte their Own Big Brother Poety slam.

Lot's to be creatvie about - hopefyly this will be around for time to come.


Haikus are fun, direct, don't rhyme, simple language & generally a great way to express people and occurances in the BB house.

Haiku themes are "typically" about nature, feelings and experiences.

The challenge of the Haiku is to paint a verbal picture in only 17 syllables.

The most common form of Haiku is 3 short lines.

The first line usually contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables.

Haikus can be fun.

Try one they are addicting

BB not the same

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No question...I adore Britney...and she has got to have the greatest line in BB history

"I lost my dignity on a slippery weiner"

I love you Britney...


but I also like Haiku alot...

Enzo is stupid

He smells like the Jersey shore

B B please evict

Britney is so sweet

She laid the smack down on Lane

I love the princess

Annie go bye bye

Your suprise meeting was lame

Fly away horsey

Lane dissapoints me

Women are not our objects

Grow up idiot

Rachel be careful

The slip n slide might pop those

Surgeon will be rich


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