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7/29 - Live Feed Updates


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9:37 BBT

Andrew just beat Enzo in pool. Brendan and Rachel are working out in the yard. Now Lane playing Enzo in pool. The game is quickly over as Enzo prematurely puts the 8 ball in a pocket.

Enzo walks in the kitchen bitching about it. When he leaves Matt and Britney laugh hysterically.

Rachel comes inside looking for libations. Enzo wishing for some cheese doodles. BB announces that the storage room is temporarily unavailable.

Rachel opens a fortune cookie - Look for love in unexpected places. Awwwww from Rachel and Britney

The storage room opens back up but neither Enzo nor Rachel's desires have been fulfilled. But they have milk!

Britney heads outside where Andrew and Lane are squaring off at the pool table.

Now Britney up to the HOH where she finds Ragan. They talk about going to Vegas after the show wraps. Ragan starts to talk about Matt being in the room above him during sequester but we get bubbles.

The convo turns to next week. Will the couple be broken up? If not who goes home? Ragan is sure that a powerful player will go home...someone who deserves to be on the jury.

Ragan says he won't throw the HOH (I've heard him say the opposite when talking to himself). Britney says if Brenchal gets HOH she and Ragan won't have anything to worry about. The rest of the house would be devastated however. Ragan hopes they wouldn't f*** with Matt. Britney doesn't think Brenchal would...Matt is in the best position in the house.

Ragan says the most tense place in the house will be the elimination bench where people sit after they are eliminated from the HOH comp.

Rachel comes to the HOH

10:00 BBT

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Outside the Brigade is laughing about the conversation earlier when they were questioning Rachel and Britney about the best alliances in BB history. Enzo confirms that they are doing goodbyes in the DR.

Brendan in the HOH where everyone is speculating what the HOH comp will be....they seem to be focusing on True/False ideas. Maybe they will get messages from America tonight. They say that the week 4 HOH comp in BB10 was that (wrong).

Ragan jokes that BB needs to come up with some new games. BB keeps going to bubbles as they continue to talk about staying up late to memorize the messages.

The cam switches downstairs where Andrew and Kathy are packing.

Kathy tells Enzo she's scared and Enzo goes outside to joke to Matt about it. Enzo says he replied: Don't worry about it you're goin to the jury house.

Kathy wants to pack her stuffed animal (Sox) b/c she is worried no one will talk to him. Hayden says he will. She asks if he will save it and give it to her after the wrap party. Hay says yeah but jokes he might ebay it. Andrew comes into the bathroom and gets into the joke. Kathy rebuttles with "Why don't you ebay your sperm?" She continues joking, "Why don't you sell your hair on ebay?" and then threatens to take a belt after him.

Kathy: You can ebay my razor, my hairbrush with hair in it, but not sox. Now she is determined to pack Sox in her bag.

Cam switches to the HOH where Brendan is relaying his fears to Ragan about sending Andrew home. Ragan says it gets to a point where it makes no sense to keep Andrew...it would put a huge cloud of suspicion on Brendan. Brendan thinks Andrew would keep Brenchal here but Rag and Brit question that claim. They say he's been going behind Brenchal's back saying he would put them up. Ragan brings up the slop comment again (Andrew said he wouldn't mind seeing Brendan on slop for the 3rd time).

10:30 BBT

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10:15 BBT Kathy finishing up packing offered Enzo come sin to get something and Kathy offers him some packs of cigareetes "just in case" and he says yes...for luck..

Outside Enzo goes and is working aout with Hayden, and Matt

Kathy now planted on the bathroom couch as Kristin is primping..hayden comes in and looks for the stuff for his face..Hayden is showering after his workout while Kathy talks about saving someting and Hayden says he would be ebaying whatever they are talking about..Oh..Hayden's monkey.."socks"

10:20 BBT Lane and Enzo and Matt talking about being all in the JH. Enzo "getting blasted" if he gets unlucky and ends up there..Lane excited how talking how Britney talking about alliances making it "to all stars" and "to the end" and how fans love alliances..as they talk how great their alliance is...Matt laughs about maybe another secret alliance they don't know about.

Back to Lane giving Matt workout tips..

Talking about freaking out Rachel if "brendon leaves"...as the anticipates Brendon'd eviction as they says "she doesn't care" about being here and will leave just for Brendon..Lane saying "how id she get into the Playboy Mansion..she isn't hot..at all" and Enzo saing its easy to get in there yo..

10:27 BBT Back to workout talk...

In HOH Ragan talking about Andrew with Brendon..Brit ask who would Andrew go after and Brendon says he doesn't know...Brendon says he told people in the house he was coming after Brenchel because "to keep the target off his back"..

brendon campaigning for Andrew..as Ragan countering "a very logical person" as he calls himself that Kathy is less athreat... Brendon says Andrew "is not a liar" as Brendon trying hard to convince ragan and Brit to vote out Kathy as he says Keeping Kathy "does nothing for us" as Brit says "neither does Andrew" as holier than though Ragan says he "lies to everyone in the house"

10:32 Brendon still not getting the hint as he tells them "he's not gunning for us" as Rachel steps in and says she disagress with "a lot" of what Brendon says about Andrew but "bottom line" if some is gunning for me and says she'll gun for them and then says a person who lays around eats and "great person" survived cancer about Kathy but..

Ragan interupts them saying the reason he kept rachel over Annie is the reason he'll keep Kathy and says what they bring to the table "makes no sense" and Rachel snaps back saying she's not trying to get get mad but she's playing a certain way and she's sticking to it...

10:35 Ragan calling their logic compared to his isn't logical...Ragan saying he doesn't know where he stands with him...and Andrew satnds up and says says he going after them and doesn't like Rachel and what they are doing by campaigning to them makes the look suspicious

Rachel now says if Andrew is saying stuff then they may need to stop...as Rachel "appreciates" Ragan point of view...as Brendon backs down and agrees with him...

10:38 BBT Brit says "the reason the house wants him out" because of statements he makes...Ragan says he was "a sure shot" to stay until "that veto meeting" Rachel says he's being stupid and Brendon says "i just feel bad for the guy" as Ragan says it would take "the hand of God" to save Andrew..

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10:41 BBT

Ragan lecturing Brendon about adavantages and disadvantages that he has for being the ones the house wanted out..

Brit "you more upset about floaters than " people gunning after you and Brendon says "both" make his upset..and says "its the lesser of two evils" and says Kathy no one will be gunning for Kathy..

Brit asks if keeping Andrew there is someone with "a bgger target" and Brendon agrees and says there are "other couples" and no one is "targeting them..everyone is targetting them" ....

10:45 BBT Brendon says he's gonna fight hard for HOH for him and Rach and Ragan very condescending "well duh"

10:46 BBT Rachel now calling Brendon stupid again..as Rachel tries to get it through his head Andrew isn't saveable as Brendon realizes "its a lost cause" but angers that a floater might win as rachel 'are you sure" Andrew isn't a "long lost friend" and Brendon says don't say things like that in "this house"

Brendon trying to call out floaters from previous season as Rachel contradicts him and Brendon begrudgedly says "ok "i'll drop it" and rach says to concentrate on tomorrow..

10:49 BBT Brendon visibly upset as Brit and Rach and Ragan says had Andrew won POV one of them would be gone..

Ragan tries to say is it better to play HOH against Kathy or Andrew and says "kathy helps you win the POV" and Brendon says "how quickly people change" in BB

10:52 BBT Brendon still pouting because Andrew is leaving while Ragan rachel and Brit try to explain Andrew's exit is better for them

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Brendan continues to push hard for Andrew to stay. Rachel adds that she disagrees with Brendan on a lot of things, but she wants a competitor in the game. Ragan starts to interrupt Rachel and we get bubbles.

Back and Rachel is defensive saying it's just her opinion, everyone's vote is anonymous. She isn't trying to get Ragan emotionally charged. Ragan claims that his argument is more logical then Brendan's and then says "the end." He says Brendan's logic is nowhere near Ragan's (wow!). Ragan says he doesn't know where he stands with Andrew.

Outside the brigade is working out. I don't hear any game talk.

Upstairs Rachel is trying to get Brendan to back down from his argument. Ragan is upset b/c he has spent the day defending Brenchal against Andrew.

Britney says the cloud of suspicion came from Andrew's POV speech and Brendan still wanted to keep him in. Until that point the house was on Andrew's side. Rachel suggests that maybe Brendan is just being stupid (lol). Ragan re iterates that it's too late to change the house.

Brendan says he and Rachel have more to lose than anyone in the house. Ragan: How? Brendan recants his statement.

Outside Andrew asks Kathy if she wants to go first for her speech. Kathy thinks Julie will tell them who goes first. Andrew jokes that everyone will be laughing after his speech and Kathy won't be able to give a speech over the laughter. Andrew wonders if they will get a question about Kathy feeding him baby food. Kathy don't think they will get questions since they are on the block. Enzo is also part of the convo. They continue to speculate what happened in the house this week that they will get questioned on.

Back upstairs Brendan is not backing down. He's the only one talking at this point...talking in circles saying it's probably a lost cause at this point. Rachel jokes and asks him if he and Andrew are the lifelong friends. Brendan isn't laughing. Brendan back to the floater argument, brings up Jerry and Renny from BB10. Rachel argues that they won competitions. Brendan: Jerry? Rachel: Yeah he won two HOHs and a POV (actually 2).

Britney says Brendan should feel that Andrew is a worthwhile sacrifice since it could have been Brendan out this week. Rag and Rachel agree.

Outside Andrew Kathy and Enzo sitting in silence. Ragan argues that Brendan will have an easier time in the competitions against Kathy vs. Andrew. Brendan is whining at this point. Thank God BB calls him to the DR! Matt enters the HOH.

Rachel says she doesn't really care who goes home at this point even though that sounds mean, but that's the point she's at. She doesn't know what Brendan's deal is. Brendan out of the DR quick. Britney points about some Marie Calendars to Matt that he didn't know he had. The HOH crowd breaks up to get food. Brenchal stay behind

11:00 BBT

(I'm out for awhile if anyone is out there to take over).

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10:54 BBT

Brendon out of HOH as rachel says "i don't know what Brendon'd deal is" and says Andrew has never talked to her and Rachel says she's fine either of them leaving.....and repeats she doesn't know what Brendon's deal is and says it sounds like to her Andrew telling Brendon one thing and the house "something totally different"..

Matt enters his HOH...as Brit says "did you know you have some Marie's Calendars" frozen food and he says he didn't and says he'll save them for next week if he's not a HN

Brendon back in looking pissed..."nothing just fucking tired" he tells Matt when he asks...Matt wonder if it was bath night and Rach says no because he's taking a shower..Talk about his fake sick wife's letter...

10:59 BBT Brit joins hayden and Kristen in Bathroom..

back in HOH "we have to be" rach says when Matt asks if they're ready for "some ass kicking"...Brendon says he's frustrated abour "Andrew going home"...and everyone "gunning after us" as Brendon tells Matt he feels "bad for him" and "so fucking shitty" that Kathy is staying...as Rach says "they won't put us both on the block" and says if they put "one of us up" and a pawn its better odds one of us won't be drawn..

11:02 BBT In HOH Brendon and Rachel talking about "speeches" if they were HOH.."pull the keys'" and when rach gets her HOH and says some people may not want to come in....and Rach says she's mad at people told her stuff "that wasn't true" and now "they're not my friends" when she was HOH and people being mad at Matt for not "puting both of us up" and wants revenge..

11:04 Brendon called to DR..and jokes "i forgot to grab my coup d'etat"..as Matt says "its totally unfair...and a bullshit prize" unless he gets it...Rach says its a great one...

They talk pros and cons of coup d'etat...

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11:07 BBT

IN HOH Matt and Rachel talking AP and Coup d'etat and possible combining the two..as Matt says he can't wait "for Pandora's Box" and Rach agrees...and talk about Natalies husband being "lame"

11:08 BBT.. The other camera has Hayden lounging watching Kristing doing her hair "it looks good".."hot" he tells her...

Outside Brit and Ragan going to the hammock..as they talk about "the wierdest" about Brendon...and Brit says its a very hard vote...Brit says as Brendon includes her in the "they" when he talks about them...Brit "his Andrew arguments don't add up"...as

Brit says Rachel and Brendon aren't after her or Ragan so se has to protect "herself" but then the who house wants then out..as she says she feels targeted...because Brit says "i've been told"

11:12 BBT Brit going on "the person I'm thinking of" most people are considering she would be targeted "100%" if that person came to power {Kristin she's talking about}

Ragan wishe sthey could talk to Matt as Brit says "matt is so logical"

11:14 BBT Brit saying Brendon is either being "a total idiot" or a "total liar" and Ragan says he's not idiot...Brit says "i think Rachel is more perceptive" and Ragan agrees...

Brit talking about tomorrow..its not a "disaster" but also not "a gain" as Ragan wants to go back up as Brit asks it his "perception " has been altered and asks "how so" and says today has been a total eye opener as Brit says "he doesn't make any sense" but says "it makes sense if you figured it out" and his arguments don't..

11:18 BBT Ragan heads upstairs to talk to Matt

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11:19 BBT

Rachel thanks Ragan for his understanding as Ragan tells Rach "that was really a hard sell"..and rach says she has disagreed with him about Andrew for awhile..Brendon comes in and apologizes but Rachel asks him to leave

Brendon leaves as Rachel says she swears on life and friedship "andrew has not approached me..talked to me" and says she's scared as Matt comes in but leaves...Ragan says rachel gets to emtional...and gets to "mired down' what against you instead of what's in her corner.."the people " who are "looking out for the two of you" and says she has to have "faith" in that..and says "you're not" out there alone....Ragan "its the game"

11:24 BBT Rachel says that people she doesn't talk game with will put them up as ragan says thing change by the moment and believes Andrew was Stayng before his POV speech {actually he wasn't}...

11:26 BBT Rachel says she doesn't look just out for Brendon but for "people in my corner" but have a lot of people "not" in my corner and says this is such an important HOH..Rach says "some people" are going to be "complacent" but Ragan disagrees and says everyone "is going to fight tomorrow" because JH is such a milestone..

Rachel says there are some people are "safe" no matter who's "HOH" and Rach says "more than half" only watched season 10 and watched it in sequester..as rachel wonders what HOH questions will be...as rach talks about what she's noticed things diffrent from when she was HOH..

11:31 BBT talking about different HOH comps and what weeks they're played..

11:33 Outside Brit isn't "wierd" we live "in LA" as she talks with Andrew and Kathy on the couch and her experience living in LA before.....Now Brit says they can say the used to live in LA as Andrew says "its hot " during the dat and "cold at night"

Hayden come sover and say he would rather go to Texas than Arkansas..

11:36 BBT

Back in HOH Matt has joined Ragan Brendon and Rachel in HOH still talking about what the next HOH will be...Ragan says if they weren't on LD than its "a quiz"...Matt laying down with his hand down his pants as he talks nice having ragan around he can be flirty without the guilt...

11:39 BBT Talking about April and Ollie's relationship...and April...

Matt says he's excited to talk to JC tomorrow but thinks she isn't excited to talk to him..as Rachel talks about her JC talk..Rachel tells Matt where to look during his interview and FOTH....

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11:43 BBT

Rachel and brendon head downstairs and leave Matt and Ragan alone..

Ragan says he went off as he looks at the spycreen...and says "it was insulting" he was "a ridiculously hard sell" for Andrew and "srong arming" and tells Matt what he said..."makes no sense"....and Ragan says Andrew and Brendon are "the secret pair" and says he 's "a little nervous" because he went off "a lillte too much"....as Ragan says "brendon is such a fucking idiot but thinks he's so smart" and was insulting what Brendon said to him during his campaigning and tells Matt what he said {see previous post for details}

11:47 Ragan says Brendon kept going on with all "the bullshit" of saving Andrew..as Ragan said "it was like talking to a retarded monkey" trying to reason with Brendon.

Matt: "do think Rachel Knows" Matt asks if Andrew and Brendon are secret pair..as Ragan says "yes" but goes on "he's the biggest idiot" to ever play BB about Brendon but smart enough to "be dangerous" and tells Matt the three Rach bren and Andrew are definitely in an alliance..

Ragan incorrectly thinks Brendon was going to sell Rachel and Brendon out but Brendon "intervened" and told him to be "sincere" and "let me see what I can do"

11:52 BBT Matt asks if he knows what he would do and Ragan says "I want brendon out of this fucking house" and they way he'll do it and just says Brit will so "throw" HOH..and says "my problem" was he was going to throw it and now "I don't trust them at all" as Matt says "they are so bad at what they are doing"

Ragan is so disgusting as Matt says "they are horrible game players" and "horrible liars"....ragan says the two of them and Brit are fine if they get HOH..so "what is the advantage of me winning HOH"...Matt says their targets just grow..problem everyone has the mentality "I don't want to do it" Let someone else do it getting Bren and Rach out..

11:58 BBT Talking about who Bren and Rachel nominate and Matt says Hayden Kristin and Lane they would target..as Ragan doesn't want Kristin "to leave" as Matt says "she would be the one to go"..

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11:59 BBT

In HOH talking about Brit thinking Kristin is gunning for you..and Matt says Rachel is telling her that as ragan says Kristin is after "brendon and Rachel" and Matt says Kristin was "fuming" about Brendon winning HOH...Brit is thinking "after Brendon and Rachel" ragan suggest as Matt says he told Brit to talk to Kristin..

12:01 BBT Ragan thinks Brit won't go for the HOH and he isn't going for HOH but Matt says Kristin and Hayden are going up...as Matt says Rachel has high advantage and Brendon..low...Ragan asks if he would keep Kristin or Hayden and says now he would keep Hayden.."i know him better" and lies and says he could be swayed..

Ragan asks Matt if he should throw the HOH..before matt could answer....feeds switch

In Tak Brendon and Rachel are whipering saying if they vote Andrew it could look "really bad" ..Brendon wonders if "kathy would put us up" if they vote for Andrew to stay...{hard to hear}

12:06 BBT FOTH

12:07 BBT Brendon talking about deals...and says whatever Ragan tells then to do tomorrow as brendon thinks "hayden doesn't care" who goes..Brendon trying to figure out votes..as Brendon says he didn't like Ragan was going at him and Rachel says she agrees and Brendon says "he thinks he knows everything" as rachel says "i'm sorry you're losing your friend" but need to do whats right...telling him "to keep his eye" on the prioze "to win money" and not here to make "a bunch of friend" and get "pissed off at stupid people's comment"...Rachel "there's nothing we can do Brendon" and says Andrew made the mistake as Brendon is upset "he went so far out to overdue it so much"...and now realizes "it was way too much"

12:12 BBT all feeds switch to pool game between Lane and Enzo...

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12:14 BBT

Lane and Enzo talking about having a nice week as a brigade member as HOH...and Enzo says this week "Captain Kangaroo" out and next wee Brendon..

12:15...Just a bunch of nonsense pool talk...

there gane ends and reenter the house...as Lane serves his wine...as Brit and Andrew walk into the kitchen..as they talk about HOH..Brit saysing "it will be T rue ot False" and it will be "anybody's game" as Enzo worries who she will put up as lane says she's put up "needle dick" and I didn't hear the name for Rachel...

12:19 BBT..Kathy comes in talking to Bozoo err Enzo and Lane telling her how "bright" she looks in her bright yellow sweatshirt..

Kathy leaves and Andrew comes in as Lane says "he has a reach" because of his long arms but Andrew admits he's not a fighter as Lane asks when is he coming to Texas...

12:22 BBT they talk goldf and tournaments...{on all 4 cams} as Hayden joins them..

Andrew leaves as Hayden says 'tomorrow's the big day" as Enzo talks nonsense not worth typing..as hayden wonders what HOH is hoping its "physical" as they keep referring to him as "needle dick" as they bash rach and Brendon going over formulas..as they talk about numbers of useless # of objects in the house..

12:25 BBT Andrew talking to rachel and Brendon about spilling the dirt out to help take the target off their back and do what he has to do and says "everyone knows" Hayden and Kristin is a secret alliance rachel says and aks if that's it and Andrew says "it could be"..as they make plans to hook up after the game...as Andrew bashes Kristin and lets them know "i'm ok"

Andrew leaves and Brendon whispers inaudibly...as rachel says its stupid for Andrew to say something about them...as brendon says it "has nothing to do with us" and Camera switches to Enzo Lane and Hayden talking what they told Andrew...as Lane keeps refeering to "needle dick and his princess" as they obsesses over Brendon and Rachel...

Lane is looking forward to "needle dick out this week" and its a free ride...to the end...as Lane thinks Rachel will eliminate herself once Brendon is eliminated and a voice of reason from where you least expect it "i think she's smarter than that" Enzo says...about rachel just giving up..

Talking about all their side alliances...

12:33 BBT talking about what they are going to wear as hayden is going to wear a headband..."should i do it" as Lane says gett all the guys to wear bandanas..Lane is wearing "boardshorts" as Enzo says he needs to pick out something for Kathy to iron..

More HOH speculation..

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12:36 BBT

Hayden called Ragan "gaygan" speculating who brendon would put up as Lane hopes he put up two Brigade members so they have a better shot at POV...

Hayden jedi training as Enzo talks domination HOH talk...

Lane says what if all the brigade gets to play POV as Lane says he would put up Britney as a replacement if Rachel or Brendon win POV..

Enzo says "when Britney gets to comfortablt that's when we send her home " Enzo says..

Enzo talking about woulda shoulda coulda with last POV...

12:41 BBT Brit walks in and asks "what are you doing" as brit says "there's a new person" in DR and fun stuff in DR..Kathy comes in with her neon yellow shirt talking about it...and talks how she wears it when she does traffic {well that explains what she does as a sheriff]

12:43 BBT FOTH

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12:47 BBT

Lane is going to a gay bar with Ragan and Brit says she loves them and Hayden says he's never been as Lane says he wants to go "just to experience it" and Lane says "i don't want to get hit on" when Brit says not t go with a girl...

12:48 BBT lane sounds drunk as he talks about his upcoming gay bar experience..

12:51 BBT Everyome sans rachel brendon and Andrew talking about Kathy wanting "socks" the money as Hayden wants to sell it on "ebay" as lane wants to sell a shirt with all the cast "autograph"...

12:53 BBT More talk of selling stuff on Ebay rather than get a real job talk..

12:54 FOTH ....

Talk about about signing crap and selling it {in a desperate attempt to make money} as Lane thinks he'll get "more than 100" for his autograph

12:56 Everyone eating Pizza excepy Enzo..and for some reason FOTH

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1:04 BBT after a lengthy FOTH feeds come back to the HG who are eating pizza talking about pizza...Matt asks if the heard of "Sparos" {sp?} and foth..

1:06 BBT Back again with Taco Bell talk as Lane starts reciting the menu od everything he eats another FOTH..

1:08 FOTH

Back with people finished eating...as hayden wonders where Enzo is as they talk about him taking a crap..Brit wonders where Ragan is..Matts ays he wanted to hang out but doesn't know where he is..

1:11 BBT Hayden and kristin doing dishes..on all feeds Matt briefs Hayden about Ragan being "on board" to get out Brendon..and gives him a summary of his convo, about Andrew Brendon Rachel allinace and secret friends.. {see previous posts}

1:13 BBT Matt warns that Brendon/rachel will put up Hayden/Kristin and Lane nominations..

Up in HOH Brit is bitching about Kristin..."she acts so nasty" and thinks she's "so better" and she "drives her crazy"

Lane admits he's never dated someone like Kristin as she burps and farts and Brit says that's all she thinks of her as farting...calling her sick and Brit says she would be "humiliated"..Lane warns that she should keep her distance because she's hanging out with rachel..Brit says "i don't think" they are coming after me or doesn't want to have a target on her back by hanging out with them

Lane mentions DR session and FOTH


{i'm out for the night}

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1:24AM BBT:

Britney explained that she talks to Rachel because with Monet gone she needs someone to. Goes on to describe what happened earlier between Ragan and Brendon. Britney doesn't believe she's a target for Rachel since all women have been the ones being evicted so most likely it'd be a guy as the target.

Andrew talking with Enzo about his speech. That he knows he's walking out tomorrow but that what he has to say will change the game for those left. Enzo asking him if he's given up to which Andrew responds that there's nothing left for him to do.

Enzo goes to hoh to let the crew of Britney, Hayden, Lane and Matt know Andrew cornered him as he got out of diary room. That Andrew said there's a secret alliance that is trying to get him out. All agree that no matter who he throws under the bus they know it's a lie just like Annie.

Rinse and repeat the earlier confrontation between Ragan and Brendon. How Brendon looks shady.

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1:40 AM BBT:

Brit,Matt,Lane, Enzo and Hayden speculating about hoh comp and hope B&R don't win because they don't know who would be nominated. Now going over info in case of question comp. Brit says that both are on top of their game because they know to stay they have to win (B&R).

Lovefest between Kathy and Ragan in spa room. Per Kathy she doesn't do some of the things that others will do. That she wouldn't do something in the house that she wouldn't do in her regular life. Ragan asks Kathy not to say anything about him to them (who?). Kristen and Kathy hug, say I love you as kristen prepares to go to bed. Ragan off to bathroom.

Everyone in HOH room still going over possible questions for comp tomorrow.

(ok, I'm off to sleep)

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7:58 am BBT: Andrew is up... heading for the bathroom. Washes hands and heads back to bed.

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8:08 am BBT: Brendon up... heads to the bathroom. Washes hands, brushing teeth... adl's.

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8:25 am BBT: Brendon and Rachel head to the storage room. When they get inside Rachel tells Brendon she's pretty sure she heard Hayden and Kristen making out last night.

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8:24 am BBT

Rach and Bren in the SR getting betteries... Rach saying that they (Kris and Hay) thought she was asleep and she stayed up fortever listening to them talk and Bren then says shhhhhhhhhh, can't make out what is being said

Bren asks if she wants pancakes, R says she'll have pancakes later

They both head into BR

B: what else were they saying

R: stupid stuff

B: I heard Ragan talking to Kath last night but couldn't hear what they were saying

R: probably the same stuff he has been saying all week, that he is going to vote for her and that he is a bad guy...

R brushing teeth B sitting on BR couches

B: So they are official now huh

R: um huuuuuh

B: did you hear anything else they were talking about

R: come in the cabana

R: No ummmm first Hayden is retarded he was turning off and on the lights and it is hard to sleep when the light are going on and off

B: Was he drinking

R: maybe,

Rach talks about thet they sounded like they were making out and after all they had been sharing the same room for all that time

Talk about if how Andrew could call them out (about their showmance) R thinks they need to talk to A and see what he is going to say... talk of them making out...

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