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7/27 - Live Feed Updates


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  • 5 weeks later...

10:20 BBT

In HOH Andrew Ragan and Matt are talking...Matt's talking about his ex band...back in the day "playing a benefit show"

Andrew talking about being in the same place and the same time like a woman future husband was in a pic a Disneyworld when she like 6..

Ragan saying he loves stuff like that...

10:23 BBT Outside HG playing pool working out, HT or siiting and smoking...

Upstairs Ragan talking about his former BB experiences..his mom had former life experiences and said he didn't believe in that stuff but it was "his mom" who had them so he was less skeptical however when he first moved to LA he became close with a neighbor who was a big fan of BB...FOTH {sorry didn't get the story}

10:27 BBT Outside Rachel and Brendon just laying down half heartedly working out..

10:29 BBT Ragan back talking about said his horoscope got the day for his call to BB..and funny how "things" just fall into place..as Matt says he "believein it" about a "higher power"

Andrew is saying that him and Ragan have "crossed paths" before sinc eboth have been to Miami..Ragan talking about his trip to Miami for Christmas at the "Doral" {?} Hotel...and Andrew said he's been there before during Christmas...

Matt suprised since he assumed he was from NY but Andrew says that he's a Miami guy and only went to school there and has a Brooklyn accent because of his parents...

10:36 BBT...Talking BB5 nakomis and cowboy twist

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10:38 BBT

Upstairs in HOH talking about what possible upcoming twists...as Ragan "theory" that somebody "from somebody's past" and your life has crossed like a "sister" of an ex that you broke her heart she would be there "to sabotage your game" {this sounds too lame even for AG}

Matt thinks "it such a great idea"

Andrew saying the same but the sister doesn't know the "guy that broke her heart" {even lamer}

10:42 BBT More twist talk in the HOH

Matt wonder if Annie made it to week 5 would there be another twist as Matt wonders if BB "is scrambling" for something since they voted Annie out week 1...

10:44 BBT More speculation as Matt hopes that its not AP or coup d'etat...Ragan feels they brought it back for Jeff and Jordan..

10:46 BBT Andrew talking about the "big hit" first week because everyone thought he was the saboteur..

Matt saying AP is "not fair"....

10:47 BBT Matt and Ragan saying Jeff BB11 would be a "cool guy" to hang out and fit well in your season and Chima would not

Matt thinks Jesse was a victim of editing....talking how last cast wouldn't have "done well" in this house {that cast would have ate em up}

Andrew "annie was Ronnie" he theorizes....Matt says Cast was bad on BB11.....Ragan love Ronnie as a character even though he made him "cringe"

Outside Kathy and Kristin just sitting there catatonic on the couch.....{slug and slug in waiting}

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10:52 BBT

In hoh talking about past BB season getting some facts incorrect..{matt seems to know more than he leads on}

In Bathroom Brendon and Rachel neither has their mics on..so he has to hunt his down...Rach staring at herself in her bikini..

At the pool table Lane, Hayden and Enzo playing and talking...nothing game related..because Kathy is ear shot from them on the couch.

10:56 BBT Andrew talking about her 9 year old daughter might be home from camp and not sure his ex will let her watch but may let her because its " a mild season"...Andsrew says his ex may "give in" and let her watch as Ragan saying as a kid "it would be so cool" to watch your dad...Andrew talk to his Brother before he left for BB to send his daughter the letter this week to let her know he would be on BB..The camp knew but not her until this week..

Andrew says him and his EX {married when he was 23 and she was 20]..were fans and apparranetly she "divorced" him...Andrew says if she's watching great if not he'll watch with her when he leaves..

11:01 BBT Ragan going on about "the beauty of BB" and really appreciates the coolness of seeing "human side" of it..

More past season talk in HOH..

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11:07 BBT

Britney came into HOH talking about BB11...

Britnet saying she would take "Nick" before Money like last season "Pandora's box"..

11:09 BBT Brit says if Natalie's man can stay with her after her BB experience she has high hopes for her and Nick...

Outside Land and Enzo playing pool while Brendon and Rachel in HT...and K&K on the couch..

11:11 BBT IN HOH talking about the "letter" as Brit says she's "jealous" and talks about her "3 page letter" she left "nick" as Ragan whines "i want a boyfriend" as Brit wonders if Nick left her for a made up girl that drinks beer "bar chick" named "Nicole".....

11:14 BBT IN the kitchen Hayden and Enzo talking what he's allowed to use off the list...Lane and Kristin in there also while Kathy cleans up

Lane "where's Matt and Ragan" and Enzo answers "game talking yo" and Lane asks "where's Andrew"

11:16 BBT Enzo and Hayden head back outside to play pool talking about the spider..being "a fat lazy fuck"...Lane returns from the kitchen loaded with his snacks..

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11:23 BBT

In HOH Britney talking about her made up nemisis "Nicole"...I do't know how made up she really is as BB FOTH when she was gonna say her made up last name.....

11:25 BBT Ragan wonders if they will get a banner this season and then Matt says usually get LD because "a mile away" and FOTH { I don't think any fan would waste a paper airplane on them much less a banner]

Talking about getting called to DR...Ragan wants to be called.....

11:29 BBT Lane and Hayden head back inside as they discuss making Pizza..Hayden decides to eat peanuts to "curb my hunger til morning" Enzo comes in

Enzo wants to have a nice "jam session" tonight to ta;lk about "issues"

11:31 Lane and Enzo whisper couldn't hear as talk has turned to pickles as Brendon walked in..

Rachel is in HOH talking with the group...talking which days are the worst...Brit says "Tuesday's are always good for us" and hopes Andrew goes beserk smashing baby food jars and eating come on she says "its only 1 penalty vote" she jokes for their amusement..

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11:23 PM BBT:

Britney, Ragan, Andrew,Matt and Rachel hanging out in hoh talking about letting their appearance go after 1st week. Ragan asking Rachel to go into cabana room with Brendon tonight so he doesn't have to hear the squeaky bed. Britney asks if they’ve had sex, while Matt asks if they will in jury house. Rachel plays along and just says that they are virgins. Complaining about not getting liquor except on the day they had the house meeting. Ragan thinks it depends on who is working production. Rachel wonders if it’s a reward for (and we get bubbles).

Britney mentioning that some of her shirts have certain meaning for her mom to her state of mind in the house, but that she ran out of clothes and wore two at the same time which must have confused her.

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11:41 BBT Hayden and K&K in the Caban Room he came in gave her the thumbs up and she said thanks..

Lane comes in and joins them on the bed ...Lane says Kristen "sleeps all day" as Lane asks who sleeps the most...Haydem says Kathy.."enzo sleeps a lot" and Kathy says "i lay around"....

Hayden talks about how they ate all the different types of pickles....Hayden wanted Pizza "but I'm held off" as Kathy thinks the pizza isn't good and offers to make "a fresh one"

11:44 BBT in HOH still talking about past BB seasons..Brit says she loves "daniele" bb3 and "Jason"...

Brendon asks about the "ex's" season...

Matt claims he never say "all stars" as Brit says "it was my favorite"..BB7 talk..Rachel "I love Kaysar"...

Rachel: "season 12 is the Brenchel alliance and everyone hates their guts"..Now Matt asks about "the nerd herd"..as Ragan explains to Matt how hated they were...More BB6 talk...

11:50 BBT In cabana room Enzo talking about all the diffrent Pizzas now.."its crazy"

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11:52 BBT

Enzo saying he lost weight {and some hair} and lifts his shirt "look at this shit" and Kathy agrees he's lost weight...and complains "i can't take it" Talking about not giving a shit wearing the same clothes..and stuff is lost "you lose shit"...

11:54 BBT In HOH Brit talking about Annie messages and when they came...saying she escaped the block was made before the POV....FOTH...

Laughing at the Saboteur failure...Brit says the next two people will find out if "life long " friends was true. Brit thinks its true...

Brit talking about "wierd connections" and BB is making "mind games" as Ragan "why all the commonalities" if there isn't a twist...

11:58 BBT They talk about Annies "i escaped the block" and was used to make people think it was Brendon....

Rachel asks how questions will be worded while Matt says "I hate those quirky questions" he like s only "facts" and called them other ones "bullshit luck" questions....

12:00 BBT Brendon asks about the eliminator HOH...Rachel explains and no one seems to remember that one..Ragan says he remembers bur still looks confused..

12:02 BBT Ragan gts up and says he needs to go make his bed...as he gets ready to leave..Rachel asks if her and Bren make the cot squeak and says only sometimes..as Ragan leaves...

12:04 BBT More past season talk..."season 1" as Brit says they don't consider that season " a real season of big brother"

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12:07 BBT

Enzo talking about his bowel movements and have to go upstairs because people walking around give him "anxiety"...

12:09 Enzos till talking about shitting...as Ragan comes in as Kristin regales the group taking a crap off a "dingy" and use a "plastic bag" because there was no tp..

Upstairs in HOH they are still talking about past BB seasons..

12:11 BBT Brendon and Rachel talking about being called out every week.....Brit says she'll call a house meeting just to do it if she gets HOH.....

12:13 BBT Ragan has "another gay brother" and a "lesbian sister" Matt says..

talking that if there was a coup d'etat the person would know...because they have two weeks to use it" oh great" Brit says because "andrew has been called to the DR a lot"...as the discuss the consequences of it...

12:17 BBT discussing if BB would do it again since they just did it "last season" and discuss if they would do "america's player"...and talk BB10 and Eric as AP

Rachel talking about "double eviction"....

Rachel this next week "is gonna be the craziest".....Rachel says the next week will be the last person who doesn't make JH..

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12:24 BBT

In cabana room talking about people who watch Live feeds or BBad these people are "creepy" according to Kristin...as Ragan asks if the live feed "is clear"..as Hayden wonders what "the audio is like" as Kristin wonders if we can hear BB talking...

Ragan asks who production calls out the most and all of them says "you" and says "i din't realize I was that bad" and says if BB fed him "i would be more obedient"

12:27 BBT More complaining about have nots..Enzo says "i don't want to a have not for hree weeks' as Ragan says they need to make teams so 2 time have nots are on the same team...Enzo agrees...Kathy says "we're lettin you win..y'all autmatically win"..Kathy "i'l volunteered to be a have not...I'll do it" Kathy offers is "i'm still here" as Hayden also does...

Hayden asks who up stairs and says everybody who's not here minus Andrew...As Enzo hears Brendon come down "I hear big feet"

12:33 BBT Back in HOH Matt talking about how they are edited and can almost do anything becaus ethey are filmed 24hrs a day..as Rachel tries to guess how..Brit says they are making her "a prissy princess" as matt says "that's what you are"...as Brit goes on about it..

Back in cabana room Enzo complaing how loud the speakers are in the HN room..Brendon goes to the HN room a

12:37 BBT Kristin asks Ragan how his day was and he says "i really had a good day"..."my brain was very active today"..Ragan saying this expierence " a coma induced" experience as he goes into how it feels like a dream..

Back in HOH talking about their kidnapping before they came as Brit says she thinks they wanted to be a "Jordan" and talks about a casting option BB dismissed and we get FOTH..

{I'm out early because I have an early morning tomorrow..be back tomorrow}

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12:40 am BBT: Britney, Matt and Rachel in the HoH room talking about how they

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10:10 am BBT

Earlier... Rach made cinnamon french toast for everyone, Brit made coffe, Bren polished off two jars of baby food. Rach, Brit and Kris sitting around talking about being a crafty parent and people who should and should not be parents, giving examples of the types of people that should not be parents, talking about wedding ideas and DIY stuff,... just general chit chat... Kath is outside puffing on a cigarette... Andrew in the DR...

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11:28 am BBT

Rach, Brit, Ragan in dining room talking about iphones and video conferencing.... Andrew asleep in the cabana room, Bren on the eliptical, Kathy outside puffing away on her cigarettes.

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Britney, Rachel and Brendon talk Twilight movie vs the Books. Alot of things not clarified in Movies that are in the Books.

Ragan doesnt want to eat slop, Kathy having a rough day. Brit thinks next comp will be Q/A. Bren on eliptical, rest are napping or off cams.

Ragan still not eating the baby food, no dietary reason to eat it. Only eating for nutrition & it has none for adults.

Ragan was in preshow sequester for 9 days, Britney was for 8 days."You are not allowed to talk about production."

Ragan/Brit/Rach: this season more like season 10, with small groups not divided hs, yet had lots of arguing, emotionally all over the board.

Britney: (comparing Dick to Russ) Dick was more strategic while Russ was plain mean.

Rachel comparing boobs content to gummy bears.

Matt's awake.

Matt graphically describing the condition of the HOH toilet bowl. --some convos I refuse to transcribe word for word--use your imagination

Brit to Andy: You need to talk to people.

Andy : I would take out Brendon and Rachel. If I take out one the house will protect me.

Andrew: We both know something else in the house besides the two we have to get out.

Brit: All are paired up but me, I have no twoman team. I trust you.

Britney: HOH next week so important. Go talk to people whole house wondering whats going on.

Hayden and Enzo playing pool. Andrew gets into the pool.

Andrew can stay under water for 24 seconds (yeah I timed it) Change cams to Brendon and Rachel in cabana room: talking about not puting 'him' (?) up before jury

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(sorry, I cant keep up with Bren/Rach convo with all the whispering and not finishing sentences.)

Andrew and Pool ducky just floating around the pool.

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Matt still has 2 small bandaids on his arm. Lane asks him if he thinks BB will ever get the rest of his tats released. He replys, "no, I will be evicted soon and they wont have to worry about it then."

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Andrew takes a very fast shower after laying out for a while.

Ragan to Matt in HOH: do you think Bren/Rach would not put us up? Matt: kinda sorta, but I could be naive about it.

Seems to be the Andrew show today: He made oatmeal w/salsa & a bowl of pickles, Part way thru he looks at it, shakes his head & goes....ppbbff

Lane thinks the SR door is broken. He pushed the button, it turned green but stayed locked. repeats with same results. Makes it in.


Kathy and Britney in the Palm room whispering.

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7:07 bbt time Mutt and Hayden in by, Mutt on elliptical, Hayden playing with rope, talking about Casey and his banana suit tee shirts, Hayden complaining about being bored, Mutt tells him to start a fight, Hayden says with who?, Mutt tells him Kristen. Hayden says I am afraid of her, Mutt says she is asking for it, Hayden agrees, totally, but just continues to play with rope.

Hayden walks over to where Brendon is laying in the shade, asks him what he is doing, Brendon says, just laying in the shade.

Hayden continues to throw rope at camera in middle of backyard. BB "Hayden stop that", Hayden stops it.

andrew sleeping on couch, wow, these guys are really exciting! Enzo, called to diary room

Hayden is setting fire to a lime, wow, what these guys won't do for fun, bb "Hayden stop that", boys are disappointed they can't play with their new toy anymore. Hayden continues to set fire to his lime.

Mutt talking about making cd mixes for his friend. Enzo talking about rapping, trying to talk Andrew into joining them, "Captain Kosher, Meow Meow, and the Shy Town. BB12 hit single Oh You, first track. Andrew saying he can't rap, he can do poems, can't rap.

Now, they are all asking why bb took away their football, enzo says lets just make another one. Hayden says the backyard, looks like ghetto now. Apparently, they are not cleaning up after themselves.

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Matt smelling his blanket, says it smells like his wife, like home. Enzo wants a blanket from his baby.

Matt, Enzo and Kathy in HOH, they hear things in the walls, people talking, paper moving. Enzo says sounds like they are setting something up in there. FOTH

Kathy, Matt talking about Andrews speech. Matt says it makes his job easier if its tied, but it wont be.

Kath: Andrew told Britney I was going after Britney. She asked me not to go to him & out of respect for her I wont .

Matt: Oh Boy.

In BY, tossing the foil ball around, it floats

Matt to Kathy: Rachel will give up the money for Brendon. If we get her to leave we basically do our own double eviction week

Kathy: Andrew thinks he is safe.

Matt: If you hear I was talking about him being safe dont freak out.

Kathy: Oh I wont. I will tell him he told me the same thing.


Indoor LD called. Matt and Kathy say its too early for HOH set up. Maybe Luxury.

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Andrew comes into HOH tells Matt that there were about 25 Apachi helicopters flying over.

Kristen and Hayden talking: Hayden:I told Andrew I was voting to keep him.

Kristen: You think the rest will vote to keep Kathy?

Hayden: yeah

LD over. They go outside and find nothing new. More talk about the helicopters.

(Anyone else want to take over?)

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6:43 PM BBT

Lane and Matt playing pool in the BR. Lane is going to tell Andrew that everything is okay. They are confused because Ragan won't out up Brendon and Rachel. He's not opposed to them leaving, he just won't do it.

Matt wants to knock out two birds with one stone and get Britney to voluntarily go.

Matt loves playing games with Lane because every time there's just a little something wrong. Lane has taken a really odd ball shot. They've got the man-giggles because of it.

Andrew called to DR. Laundry machine is beeping in the background.

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6:54 PM BBT

In late breaking news.... Lane has dry legs and hands today.

The horror scene that Matt described up in his bathroom is also downstairs, two splotches on the lid. Matt wants to know how it's possible, who is doing that sh&t? Lane quips, "You know there's mysteries to solve in this house. Like Clue. It's got to be someone on the have nots."

Feeling sorry for us BB switches the cam feed to Britney, Rachel, Brendon, Hayden and Enzo eating something in the KT. Britney's friend got pregnant in school and needed a baby shower. Rachel thinks it's important to take care of yourself and if you make enough money to help others you should. Brendon agrees. He says they should see "Capitalism Love Story." Brendon thinks parents buy all this stuff for their kids so they don't have to spend time with their kids. Enzo says "Yep, here's your Wii Three." Britney doesn't know any families that do that. Brendon comes from a lower income family and he sees too many kids with too many toys. People are having kids too young, they work all the time and come home at 6 o'clock exhausted and don't have the time for the kids. He wishes his Dad had more time to spend with him. Hayden doesn't want to have kids till he can support them, till he can do things with them. He also tells us that work sucks.

Then it flips to outside where Enzo is complaining about the conversation inside. He says everyone's situation is different, they are on Big Brother what are they doing? Enzo says Andrew is calling him again. He says he can't hear what Andrew is saying he is so low.

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