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7/24 - Live Feed Updates


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9:17PM BBT: Rachel & Brendan are talking about a possible upcoming competition in the Taj, it sounds like the Hold or Fold poker game.

Matt, Enzo & Ragan are in the cabana room, talking about food. Brendon comes in and says the bok choy has "made me hit the bathroom like 2 times". Ragan is saying they might get to sleep in tomorrow since they already picked the players for the veto competition. Matt says he was in the DR for an hour and a half earlier.

9:22PM BBT: Ragan asked what everybody said when he just grabbed the pizza from Bitney and started eating it. He said she was just like "What the fuck..?" Enzo says he thinks he was just so pissed at being a have not for another week, so he just grabbed the pizza. Ragan says "Let's think of other name for the PoV competition", Enzo says "Feeding Fish" (still talking about something Kathy can win I guess- they're awful), & they all laugh. Ragan says "The name of this competition is: Who is the oldest person in the house?" Enzo says it's going to be "chain smoking-gun fighting". Matt says it's probably going to be the prizes competition, with one of the prizes PoV & one "some shitty costume" (I think they're right, it's about time for that competition this year -PrincessPoohs). LOL Enzo says "I think it's gonna be "Naming the Table of Elements".

9:25PM BBT: Matt says he went into the DR last night & there was a girl he'd never seen before in there, probably a late-night person, & he told her he was just dropping off his laundry and she says something like "It's a late night, huh?" and Matt said something like "Yeah, you guys have had me in the DR a lot" or something & she goes "Yeah, it's hard" & he said "That's what she said" without even thinking. He's like "She probably had no idea what I was talking about".

9:30Pm BBT: Britney's in the hottub playing with the beach ball.

Ragan, Enzo & Andrew are in the cabana saying that the way this competition's going, instead of there being like 4 prizes and one punishment in the veto competition, there's going to be four punishments & one prize.

9:33PM BBT: The guys go outside to workout. Kristen is working out on the elliptical. Matt goes upstairs to the HoH to change into workout clothes.

Rachel & Brendan are whispering in the living room. Brendan says "Lane wouldn't want to use the PoV, right?" Oh god, Brendan is talking in a horrible accent, making fun of the "I am the most interesting man in the world" commercials (Dos Equis).

9:35PM BBT: Matt & Hayden are talking in the backyard about how Brendan and Rachel's names both got pulled to play in the PoV. Hayden doing some bench presses.

Brendan and Rachel are still trying to figure out strategy for the hold em fold em competition, and counting things in the house.

Enzo in the BY with Matt, Lane & Hayden hopes the PoV is a "reversal have not" competition, where the losers become the have nots. Enzo says really loudly "People are laughing at the Brigade today" (?? It looks like Kathy or someone <a girl> is out on the back porch, and Britney might still be in the hottub! Yeah, Kathy & Kristen are on the couches on the porch. Is he just saying the Brigade out loud for everyone to hear? -PrincessPoohs) Enzo's trying to get everyone pumped up for the PoV competition.

9:50PM BBT: Rachel & Brendan counting thing & getting settled in the Have Not room. Rachel says "I'm glad I get to fight for my life with you, but I hate having to fight for my life every week". Brendan says "Yeah, but it makes for a good romace story". Rahcel says "Hell yeah it does". Rachel says "We'd make really cute babies" (ugh). Rachel gets called to the DR.

9:55PM Everyone's still working out in the BY. Kristen is doing yoga now.

Lane says "They'll probably call me to the DR tonight, right?" Matt says "Definitely. Judging by mine, they'll definitely be calling you".

10:05PM BBT: Brendon/Rachel talking in the Taj room, brendon says "I'm serious about you not needing like botox or any of that crazy stuff, I think you're beautiful". Rachel says thanks, & they start doing their kissy "I think you're handsome", "You're amazing" stuff, & the camera does a close up of "Acne Free Lotion" while they're talking.

10:12PM BBT: The camera is showing the back/top of Brendon's head, and it looks like he has three chunks taken out of his hair. There's one spot where the skin shows through where his natural part is, and then there's two others...

10:25PM BBT: Britney comes outside from taking a shower & getting into pajamas, and joins Kathy and Andrew in the hottub area. Kathy and Andrew were just talking & Andrew told Kathy that the plan is to have someone besides Rachel or Brendan win PoV and backdoor Brendon. Kathy seemed surprised at this. Andrew also said something like "It will go down in BB history, and you're gonna love me for it. But you can't tell anyone" (I couldn't hear what he was saying before that, so I don't know what he's planning or what that was referring to).

Britney sits down with them & they're talking about how not voting out Matt came back to bite them, with him winning HoH. Britney says Brendon said something like that to her today, and that she replied that if they'd sent Rachel home the first week, then Britney would have won HoH, and Monet would still be there. Britney says "So hindsight's always 20/20. I was like 'I don't mean it against Rachel, but that's how this thing works'". Britney says she was surprised at the nominations, that she hadn't talked to Matt beforehand, so she didn't know who he was putting up. When Kathy says she thinks he's going after her because she voted against him, Britney says "It wasn't you going after Matt, it was you being a friend of Monet", & Kathy AGREES with her & says "Yeah, that's all that was, but I don't think he understood it that way, & I didn't tell him any different because I didn't want to run up there & go "let me tell you why I did it" (hmm... didn't she spend an hour telling Rachel and Brendon she was voting for Matt to go home because of what he did, to make a moral stand?)

10:32PM BBT: Rachel says to Brendon "If he (Matt) changed it & backdoored us, that'd be really sheisty".

10:35PM BBT: The boys are having a long workout. Lane has stopped & is hanging out on one of the lounge chairs in the BY; Britney comes up & joins him, & she said "I will send you $200 in the mail if I'm wrong; that's how sure I am" (pretty sure she's still going on about her theory of Hayden & Kristen being twins... if only she knew). "If not twins, definitely brother & sister... but I think they're twins". Lane says "I do agree they're the only ones that resemble eachother in the house". LOL Britney says "I think that's why they picked such an unflattering picture of her, because they probably looked so much alike in the other pcitures of her that they picked that one".

(thanks guys, i'm out for the night!)

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10:35 BBT (Dont know where the late nite folks are) Matt, Lane and Britt in the backyard talking about the pov players.....Matt saying what a blunder, and Britt saying she wish she would have been picked....Britt asks Matt if Kathy and Andy knows the plan to backdoor Bren, and Matt says yes, but he dont think they believe him....Britt says yeah, Andy told her that Matt is a idiot...Now they are raggin on Bren and his whinning

To add to the post above, Britt says Bren told her that hind sight is 20/20 and they should have kept Monet...Britt says yeah if we would have kept Annie she would have been HOH

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Looks like it will be slow feeds night nut right now in Taj Room at 10:17 BBT Ragan is helping Brendon and Rachel go over past POV comps well last seasons POV comps anyway...

Kathy and Andrew talking about their predictament...Andrew thinks Brendon will be backdoored as Kathy seems skeptical...Andrew saying Matt should have just put them up if he wanted them gone..Andrew calling Matt's noms a "stupid move" and says she'll love him for a move that will go down in History...Kathy thinks "its me their after" and admits to Andrew that she was the vote against Matt and that's the reason she's up...

10:20 BBT Kathy says she's weak...this forced conversation is interrupted when Britney comes over.."fine" and "excellente" when Brit asks how they are doing....Andrew calling Matt stupid and Kathy defends her intergrety as she peps them up for tomorrow's POV...

Andrew talking about Matts plan backfiring while Brit does her "woulda shoulda coulda talk so popular after HOHs that don't go the nominees way..at least sge admits "hindsight is 20/20" and Kathy not suprised but Andrew says "I was" about the nominations...

Brit going on about her and Monet being friends afterwards {they deserve each other}

10:27 BBT Rachel and Brendon thinking Matt may possibly be backdooring them as Rachel calls that move "shiesty"..Brendon being clueless says he'll talk to "Lane" in the morning to make sure {he shoots himself in the foot} um I mean about keeping noms the same if he wins....

10:29 BBT Brendon says he will be heading to bed soon

Outside The Brigade is working out doing Abs while Lane {the one who needs it most] just sits with Brit on one of the chairs discussing nonesense..

10:32 BBT Rachel and Brendon in BR she sits on the couch waiting for him while he's in the stall...

Bit announces loudly in the BY Rachel made sangria but went to bed early because she said "we have to fight for our lives"....

10:33 BBT Matt admits 'what a blunder this has become' and says "we have to do it" as Brit spills everything what Rachel and Brendon told her in the BR and tells them about making a mistake voting out Monet..calling Brendon "a sore loser" and Matt calls him "a big dumb oaf"..and a "dumbshit" Lane calls him "annoying" as Brit says it would be "so good" to get him on the block "and whine for his life" as Brit Rach and Brendon Bash.....

10:37 BBT Matt thinks America loves Brendon and Rachel....and Brit says "america makes fun of them" while Lane calls them "douchers"...Brit asks why America would like them and Matt says "because everything is going their way" and Matt says watch tomorrow's POV will be about "Physics" as Lane makes fum of Brendons lack of cordination..

10:39 BBT Brit says America is "making fun of them"....and Brit gurantees she's "the least popular person in the house"....

Matt says "what a cluster fuck"....

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10:41 BBT Matt says he wish that he can make Andy understan his reasoning for the noms....Matt says it doesnt matter who they take off as long as Bren goes up.....Matt says, I dont care who you guys vote for cause I keep f'ing up things and Lane says Bren will be gone

(yay Stephen, Im glad you are here, Im not cut out for the nite life, Im too old for this...have at it!)

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10:42 BBT

Matt saying he clearly keeps "fucking things up" and says he'll take "a nap the rest of the season"

Brit says she'll vote for who ever the rest of the house votes for as Lane says "i hope its Brendon"

Matt says "Andrew has the best chance to win" because he "has that drive" as he says "that fucking showmance"....

10:44 BBT Bit going on about what a "sore loser" and says when he loses "tomorrow" he'll blame everyone else and calls their "poor strategy" if they didn't want her to win the veto

Lane and Brit calling him "a shitty" HOH for his noms as Matt apologizes to America and Showtimw for his noms...but says "it ain't over yet"...and talks "next week"

10:46 Next weeks HOH comp guesses as Matt sasy the POV will be "shit luck" as Lane goes on about Bren's lack or coordination...."he has no fucking coordination at all"

10:48 BBT Lane and Brit still talking as Brit throws a few jabs at Kristin saying if she got HOH she should just pack...Lane disagrees..

Inside Hayden talking about "no way to fix it" about the noms...in the kitchen..

Kristin tasting the Sangria as she pours her and Hayden a glass...

10:51 BBT Enzo talking about the possibilty of a Brendon POV win..says "get the kryptonite out"

10:52 BBT Kristin says your suppose to put pears and apples and says this one just has apples...Matt wonders if everyone is in bed..."is Ragan in there with him" Matt wonders..as they says it seems like a lot less people...as the wonder where everyone is at or doing...

10:55 BBT Kristin talks about getting "away" for awhile in her "head" meditating..saying "too many people" to do it in the BB house....

10:56 BBT Hayden doesn't like the Sangria saying its "too winey"....as Kristin says "your taste buds haven't matured yet".....talking about feeling old except hayden "i'm 24 but I feel like I'm 21"

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10:58 BBT

In the BY Enzo hoping that Andrew can win POV...Lane too....as they get a pool game going..as Lane says that even though their athletes it takes more than that like spelling standing on a surf board and "luck" ..

Lane says "we'l take it" and Enzo says if it doesn't happen they'll get them next week..Enzo says theyll send "Andrew home...or Kathy"

11:01 BBT Brit talking about friends having a baby...talking about having a nephew and accidental pregnacies..of her friends...with Matt, Kristin and hayden in the kitchen...just small talk...Brit talking about premade Sangria like "franzia" in a box...talking about their personal like of white or red wine..

Matt "Spain uses Euros" and idiotically says don't they "use pesos"

11:07 BBT Brendon in the HN room saying they need to "target them" next week as Ragan explains why he covers his head when he sleeps...talking about what they do BB does..and FOTH...Brendon telling Ragan to "keep the faith" and his time for an HOH will come..Ragan: "you have to win tomorrow" he whispers..Brendon "i know" saying he's done it before "i'll just do it again"

11:11 BBT Outside Brigade playing pool or Lane explaining his game they payed earlier..Britney watching.. Kathy walking around...

Matt enjoyng the Sangria but Brit says if she gets HOH she'll get a bottle that taste better...Lane "we're right in Los Angeles" and all laugh that they'll say "they didn't see much"...

11:16 BBT HN room is quiet..Ragan has his hed wrapped he said earlier from the blarring speakers back there..

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11:18 BBT

Lane "i'm a salesman...I'm good with people...people like being around me...I'm very good at my job" as Enzo and Brit say they have no jobs when they get out of the BB house..

11:20 BBT Kristen showering...on the other feeds...

11;22 BBT IN the kitchen Hayden and Matt talking about when BBAD ends..while Kathy making a "turkey sandwich" as she offers to make him one as Hayden sais he tried some of the baby food the cookie anyway and said "it tastes like a nilla wafer"

Talking about "feel the difference" with only "two people gone"

11:25 BBT hayden talking about live feeds being ridiculousy boring when it gets down to two people as Hayden gets BB warning They start about talking about someone who interviewed them pregame and get another BB warning...

Matt wonders if Natlie could so them for Slander but realize they have a "3 yr contract"..."what does that mean" Kathy asks about "Chenbot"

they are talking about the thunderous applause when the evictee leaves..

11:29 BBT Live show talk...

Hayden talking about he "charming guy" he meet and asked for a internship he needs to graduate..and foth...Marketing is what Hayden is majoring and saying he's a GM for a big company...Hayden says he sent him "an email" got an answer but couldn't answer him because he's on BB and hopes he's watching and is a "paid internship" and then will get his degree and eventually "open a snowboard shop" and own "his own small business"...Hayden talking how "scary" it is...Kathy talking about her "Timber Company" she lost when she got cancer..Matt seems interested as he asks questions...Kathy goes on and FOTH..

11:38 BBT Enzo and Lane playing pool

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11:48 BBT

Britney watching Lane anad Enzo play pool..

Inside Ragan is up for his baby food...but Kathy warns about the "orange" food as it will turn his face orange...Ragan likes that "Libations" is part of "my vocabulary" as he asks if they ever got booze..

Matt saying he's the worst HOH and its "all a mess" but Ragan says "i don't think so" as he says "no one could ever see that coming" Rach and Bren playing for POV..

11:51 BBT Ragan complaing the DR told Kathy to go take his pillow "over his head" to muffle the noise....Tomorrow "i think there will be punishments" with the POV saying something happened to "Allison" {yeah her twist was a monumental failure] to hand out all those punishments...

Ragan asks Matt "why do you feel wierd" and says if he should have put the up "outright"..Ragan says if they win POV and then HOH "you will noy go up"..Matt says "i know"...Ragan says "i think it will be the "fold challenge" and Matt says it will be an "easy one to toss" and admits he will probably suck at it anyway..

Hayden comes in and Ragan repeats his pillow story

11:56 BBT On last BBAD torture for the night of Brendon and Rachel in bed and Hayden walking in on them..."sorry"

In HOH Ragan says Brendon would go after "kristen and Hayden" to Matt and tells Matt "he's livid" the dropped so soon....Ragan says Kristin didn't want Monet in the house and thats why Brendon switched his vote and Ragan says Brendon and Rachel told him that they have been thrown under the buss by the people in Rachel's HOH meeting..whether its legitimate but that's what Brendon has in his head..

Matt confused "they don't get it" why people think they're a threat when they are always together...and says "they make no sense" Ragan says "they are digging their own graves" but at the same time they are going after people under the radar which could be a good thing..

12:02 Matt says just M<att and Kathy are pissed when Ragan asks if people have approached him about his noms and Matt lies that he was paranod....as ragan says Brit says "it make sense" and talks about the odds of both of them "getting picked" and Ragan says "its not a bad thing for both of them to stay in the house"..

12:04 BBT Matt saying what a great season "we have to have one of the best" as they leave HOH and head downstairs..

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12:06 BBT

Brigade + Ragan at the HT talking about Annie..saying she never had a chance to fight for her life..

HN room is quiet..a quick glimpse of Andrew asleep..

Lane trying to spit a thought out...as they talk about how complicated the show is...and FOTH..

12:10 BBT Back discussing about Sundays episode as they discuss this season being "the highest rated"....

Talking about tweets..

12:12 BBT Kathy and Brit talking on the couch...both say they are so sleepy..but Kathy waiting for he clothes...as Brit asks Lane if they are calling everyone into the DR..

12:14 BBT Brit heads to HT...Ragan says "thursdays show we have to do something" as a cast and Brit says they can get in so much "trouble"...JC talk..

12:16 BBT HT talk just general chit chat and Kathy folding clothes...

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12:23 BBT Kathy and Kristin talking in BR..as she tells her to "fight like hell"..they are discussing..Kathy's vote...Kristin assures her "you'll be ok either way" Kristin thinks it will be great for her to stay but Andrew doesn't deserve to go "either"...and Kristin says "you'll be fine"..kathy whispering inaudibly because of running water..Kristin talks about being brought into it a few days agao..

12:27 BBT Thrying to figure out how Matt knew her vote was the one against him besides Britney...and says "next time " its better to be "safe than sorry"...Kathy :inaudible

Lane come in...and Kris asks her are you coming back out or going "to bed"..Kris leaves and Lane asks if she alright and says she was taking he makeup off and tells Lane "i don't want to go home"..as Lane says "i'm going to bed" and Kathy says "i'm right behind ya"

12:31 BBT All feeds on Lane and Kathy at the sink getting ready for bed...majorily wasting water as they let it run washing up and brushing their teeth..

Lane finishes as Kathy is wasting water alone..

12:33 BBT Back at the HT Brit Ragan Hayden and Matt discussing some show on "E" and her private life...as Ragan calling it the most successful about someone working with "her ex boyfriend " as her both and discuss her age {no clue who tey are talking about]

talking about sarah silverman

Not much interesting happening

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12:41 BBT

hayden says "i hate sitting out" about tomorrows POV as they discuss tomorrows POV..as Ragan says he would like to play but would like to "have a reason" to use or not to use it...

12:43 BBT Ragan says "hosting's fun" and tell him what a good "improv" job he did...

On couch Kathy and Kristin talking...FOTH

12:45 Feeds return with Kathy talking about her job...and sticking road kill in another officer's car "what kind of Animal" Kristin ask "whatevers fresh" Kathy says....Kathy talking about her job about skinned hogs with "miller lite" beer "posed up" and taking pics.."only where I live" saying "it stayed" up forever until "the buzzards" took it off...

Lane and Brit talking about his mother's maiden name.....in BR

Enzo gets up and Matt ofeers him some pizza before he realizes he's a HN...

12:49 BBT Enzo's shaving....

Back outside Kathy regaling Hayden Matt and Kris with work stories..and FOTH

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12:52 Kathy heads to bed and gets a "good luck tomorrow" from Ragan..

She heads in and leaves Kristin ragan and hayden outside...Haden "my problem is I sleep all day" and can't sleep at night..as Kristin says she only too a short nap...

Matt eating in the kitchen Ragan goes but "so its 1"

12:55 BBT Hayden out of the HT and on the couch "well..wanna do my eyebrows" and Kristin agrees and Hayden nees to shower because he worked out and both talk about doing laundry..

"You're making things hard" he tells her and she says she's making thing easy and he agrees..and she says "things are both easy and hard" and Hayden says he thinks he knows what she means..

Crazy day as Hayden says he doesn't want either Kathy or Andrew to go but has "a bad feeling" one is..

12:58 BBT FOTH

1:00 FOTH

{bored enough to call it a night..see ya tomorrow}

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2:00 BBT

All houseguests in bed it seems besides Krsitin who was sleeping in the CR for about the last hour (too much sangria?)

Before that Hayden was up in the HOH with Matt. Matt relayed to Hayden that Ragan told Matt Brendan was pissed off that two strong competitors who are obvious friends went out so early in the endurance comp, so those are Brendan's targets for next week. So basically Matt thinks Brendan could be after Hayden and Kristin. Matt is worried about the POV comp and the brigade's safety next week.

Now Kristin goes to bed in Taj. She and Hayden are not sleeping in the same bed.

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8:02 AM BBT - WBRB on all feeds.

8:10 AM BBT - Feeds came up with what it looks like everyone awake. Rachelle making her bed, Kristin laying in bed but awake, Hayden in bed with his eyes closed, and Kathy & Branden in kitchen moving around.

8:14 AM BBT - Rachelle saying how it sucks that the biggest dudes in the house are stuck on baby food. BB tells Ragan & Enzo to put on his microphone. Andrew, Enzo, and Ragan still in bed laying there awake.

8:15 AM BBT - BB "Houseguests it's time to get up for the day"

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8:14 am BBT

HG's are awake... Bren in kitchen, he is walking around with his shirt on backwards... Kathy came in and he told her they were out of sugar and he was going to make her tea, Kathy is bummed that they are out of sugar and says they have never run out of sugar... Bren says, wait and goes to SR and there he finds sugar... BB telling HG's to put in their mics...

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8:47 AM BBT - Kathy and Kristin is putting makeup on in the bathroom. Rachelle is making breakfast (I heard her mention Omelets earlier); Britney, Enzo, Lane, and Brandon are in the kitchen hanging out.

8:49 AM BBT - Just heard Britney ask if Kathy wants eggs and she replied back "Just scrambled eggs".

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ADL's going on. Matt turns 30 next Sat. Talk of past HG. Mat, Lane and Enzo in HOH. Matt says they did good job faking nom reactions.

Andrew praying outside HOH. Its on the spy cam, Enzo says this guy is going to win the POV. They watch & have more respect for him.

HOH talk cont. Saying how Rachel will prob DOR after Brendon is evicted, she would take Bren over $500K, wont want to make it to jury and spend summer without Brendon.

Andrew called to DR

HOH cont:

Andrew vs. Kathy to stay. Andrew is a stronger competitor, Kathy is a vote for Brendon and Rachel. They would rather keep Andrew then a vote against them.

No one thinks they are together. Enoz going on how he throws people off by asking "why would Matty do that?" Fakes being shocked that Matt would back door Brendon or Rachel.

Saying Ragan wants the floaters out big time. He wants the ones out that are with nobody.

Enzo doesnt give a f%%%k about the floaters you can win them over easy.

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HOH cont...

Matt plays around with the spy cam remote and types put Brigade on it....WBRB

They speculate on if Hayden has told Kristen about Brigade. Saying if they are Brother/sister he probably did.

Hayden comes in talk changes to movies.

Lane called to DR.

Enzo called to DR. He says, this might be it.

Matt and Hayden saying they have to get Brendon out, he needs to bail.

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Hayden tells Andrew in the BR to not stress, that he is not playing by himself out there.

Kathy nervous, has had 3 pregame pukes. (TMI TMI)

General chitchat waiting for POV.

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