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7/23 - Live Feed Updates


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9:44 am BBT

She then starts running the opposite direction... then leg crosses... then starts drinking water... the fish in the tank are going nuts!!!

Kathy comes in and say "what are you doing, why are you up so early?"

Rach: I got called into the DR

K: I just did too


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9:49 am BBT

K rehashes to R about her drunken craziness last night, then they talk about zits and R wants to know why she is getting them... R thinks chocolate? K says no probably stress... R & K are bummeed that they are on LD, R says that her way to cure a hangover is to drink twice as much water than alcohol and then sweat it out... R tells K of her workout this morning.... K is tripping out that she didn't even see her drink and supposedly R told K that she couldn't talk last night because she was going to throw up, but doesn't think she threw up. K went back to lay down and said she just wanted to check on R. R tells her "Thank you for checking on me"....

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9:53 am BBT

Rach in cabana room continues her workout... does some stretching... laughing while doing modified pushups.... more stretching... cameraperson having fun looking at her hindside....


She continues to do workout... now working on obliques... 1/2 jumping jacks...


Leaves cabana room and heads to WC... takes off mic and enters the loo...

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9:57 am BBT

Exits loo, gets soap and washes hands... starts washing her face.... looks in mirror and starts popping her many zits... goes into WC cabinet gets rubbing alcohol and cottonball and puts it on her breakout areas... WOW! She is really breaking out bad!


looks at all of her acne in amazement... digs around in a bag for chapstick... puts up stuff she was using... pits mic back on...

10:03 BB - Good morning HG's it's time to get up for the day...

BB - Attention HG's there are fresh batteries in the SR. Have you changed your batteries?

Rach in SR getting fresh batteries...

(can someone take over? I have a conference call)

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10:16 BBT

Rachel brought her bags back in the bedroom with Hayden and Kristen. She asked if she could turn on the lights and does. Brief conversation about how drunk Rachel was last night. Kristen and Hayden seem to have gone back to sleep. All feeds on Rachel putting on her make up. (and by the way, making lots of noise. This girl doesn't really seem to care about anyone else!!!)

Feeds switch to Brendon and Brittney in the kitchen and then we get WBRB.

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10:10 am BBT

Rach in her bed putting on make up (tons of foundation - could be the reason for breakouts)

Feed switches to Brit and Bren in the kitchen.

Brit: What time did you go to bed last night?

Bren: Ummmm about 1

Brit: Yeah we were up late last night


(thank you Bonbon13 - now I can get back to my call)

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In the kitchen Andrew asks Brendon if Rachel is ok since he heard her crying this morning. Brendon says "Rachel was crying??" and gets up to go find her. Rachel is now back in bed and she tells Brendon she does not feel well because she drank too much last night.

Lock down is over

(your welcome myss911! there may be some gaps. I'm at work and the phone won't stop ringing!!! don't they know it's BB time!! HA HA)

All feeds on Kathy outside smoking. Hayen is outside too laying down.

BB-"Enzo, Ragan, Kristen-it's time to change your batteries" in a mad voice. Guess they are not up yet.

All feeds switch to kitch where Brendon is sitting at the counter eating and Brittany seems to be making something to eat. Enzo comes in and Brendon asks how he slept and he says "Like Shit" . They both say how cold it is in that room.

All feeds now switch to the backyard. Rachel comes out and starts talking about having laundry in the washer and Kathy tells her that she folded them and gave them to her last night. Rachel doesn't remember. She thanks Kathy and says she's starting to think it's not a good idea to drink in the BB house.

Now Rachel is trying to use the eliptical but thinks it is broken. Brendon trys to help but they can't figure out what is wrong with it. She tells Brendon she is sorry for keeping him up but she will give him a neck message if he wants.

Brendon asks Rachel to go across the yard to talk. He doesn't seem happy that she got so drunk last night. He seems concerned that she said things to Matt that she should have. Rachel keeps saying she is sorry. Now he asks her about her crying this morning and she said she wasn't crying. (yes she was, I saw her!!!)

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11:00 BBT

Matt brings Rachel and Brendon up to the HOH. He is basically pitching his plan. If he doesn't put them up he looks bad to the rest of the house because of the house meeting last week. If he doesn't but them up and he puts up the other two that he is thinking about putting up and someone wins POV then one of them has to go up but he will not campaign for anyone to use the POV. He wants to make a deal with them that if he doesn't put them up that they won't put him up next week if one of them is HOH. But he wants it to be a real deal not like the deal last week. Lots of going back to last week and what happened. Rachel wants to make the deal. ( Brendon has a strange look on his face. ALmost like, why is Rachel jumping into this deal before we talk about it) Matt is telling them that if someone uses the POV it is up to them to convince them not to use it. He will have to pick one of them to go up then. Rachel asks if it is a good idea for her to go on the block and then she can play for the POV. Matt and Brendon say no. Matt says he wishes they would have talked to him last week before the house meeting.

Brendon and Matt talking about how their eyes were open when they saw the 5 people jump off so fast last night. Brendon respects Enzo alot more now.

Meeting over, they hug, and now it's Andrews turn..........

Matt- "it's good news and bad news"

Matt says he is going to help him out. His target is Kathy this week. Andrew is surprised. Matt says he his putting him up but he will not go home. People are pissed at Kathy's behavior last week. He says people now like you. Not like the first week. Matt says he will feel like a "dick face" if he goes home.

Andrew asks why he is not going after Brendon and Rachel and he says there is always the "back door"

Matt says he didn't like him last week but now he likes him this week.

Andrew says one of them have to go home and he wants to get the other out next week.

Matt tells Andrew he is acting cool now.

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Brittany is telling Matt about her therory that Kristen and Hayen are brother and sister. (Twins)

Now she is telling Lane.

Lane says "what if they were kissing"

Brittany says they are not kissing.

She is telling them about the matching birthmarks on their stomachs.

(Brittany is hinting that she wants Kristen out)

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11:30ish BBT

Britney to HOH.

Britney: I know who the friends are. Monet told me before she left. Look at their pics, they have the same noses. They are twins. They have the same birthmarks. Ragan and Andrew tried to make me believe they hooked up. But I don't believe it. He has a sister he doesn't talk about, she doesn't mention family.

Matt called to DR.

DR over back to HOH with Britney and Lane.

Britney: That explains everything.

Lane: But what about them kissing and stuff.

Britney: Well if they do start kissing then we have to rethink this.

Matt: I did my 5 tweets today...WBRB

Matt: I feel like a caveman, what is this device....WBRB

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Matt and Ragan in BY talking about Matt tweeting. We keep getting WBRB.

Eliptical not working right.

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1:51pm BBT

Everyone waiting by sliding door to get inside. Indoor shot of what looks like a leafy green vegetable and something in glass jars for the have-nots.

Yup, baby food and bok choy...good call denise. And it's kosher. :)

Enzo upset...doesn't want baby food and nobody knows how to make bok choy. Andrew is happy and thanks America.

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2:04pm BBT

Brendon complaining that they competed, but now they're being punished for it. (man, these men sure are whiny!)

They found more baby food in storage room...the ones for toddlers, so they're more solid.

Enzo now happy and thanks America.

Andrew's hoarding and says it's the most variety of food he's had all season. :)

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Rachel and Brit talking in storage, Rachel complaining that it "sucks to watch people just fall off, and i'm not talking about guys right now either."

Rachel to Brit

"Just for future reference, you can trust me."

Rachel and Brit agree they like each other, and can trust each other.

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Rachel complaining they get way too much food, and food goes bad so quickly. She's going to ask the DR if they can get half of the food one day and half another.

Enzo THOROUGHLY enjoying the baby food. "These are GOOD, these are REALLY good!!" [they were given also toddler 'real food' in addition to jars of baby food]

They have all sorts of juices, garden chips, organic baby foods and other things.

Brit jokes to Enzo 'so you ready to go on the block today?'

She tells Enzo she's kidding, but she already knows who is going up on the block and "it wont be any big surprise." He kind of ignores her and keeps talking about all the baby food.

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Kathy talking to [at] Hayden outside. She's "not used to being around mean people."

K: "there's so much ungratefulness around that I'm not... I'm not used to. I'm just speechless. I'm just not used to it. It just.. it just.. blows my mind."

Lane/ Kristen sitting silently by the pool.

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2:30pm BBT

Rachel upset because she wouldn't give Andrew a small space in the fridge for his baby food and he snapped. Brendon trying to explain Andrew's side to Rachel. (she just doesn't get it - she can't see the other person's side). Rachel saying Andrew doesn't like her - along with half the house. Rachel saying she doesn't want the food wasted because CBS pays money for it.

Lane, Ragan and Kristen by pool. Lane saying Brendon is cool but he hates whiny people and Brendon is very whiny right now.

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