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7/23 - Live Feed Updates


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9:07 BBT

Rachel and Kristen in the Taj room. Rachel replays her conversation with Matt. Kristen asks if Rachel and Brendon will go up on the block and Rachel thinks at least one of them will be up. Rachel feels bad that she has to fight the entire game to be safe.

9:16 BBT

Ragan and kathy are chatting in the cabana room. Hayden and Lane have entered the Taj room to get items.

(Sorry, I'm out for the night!)

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Ragan and Matt talking about the HOH comp

Andrew and Kathy laying in a diff room doing nothing...

Rach has left the room, it is now Kristy, Lane, Hayden, Matt and Enzo in the room

Ragan just joined them

Matt just thanked them for voting for him, and they're complementing his speech. According to them, his speech helped garner him so many votes. They expected 5-4 instead of the 7-2 he got.

Rachel whispering into Brend's ear...(can't hear what she's saying)

"Enzo, Matt, you are not allowed to talk about production" (lol)

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(had to step away for a few)

Lane, Britney and Kathy are now chatting, trying to figure out their sleeping arrangements

Playing a game now, Britney's naming the contestants from top left to right

Brit and Lane talking about why Corrs is the best beer...apparently it's the best because it's made from the rockies (not much happening tonight)

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(I seem to have missed something)

Brend is petting Rachel, she seems to be upset over something

(she just got told to stop talking about diary room sessions, so maybe something happened then. Can Brendan pls stop kissing her like that?!)

Enzo, Lane and Hayden in dining area

Hayden just went into the room

Enzo making faces behind Kristen's back

Lane and Kristen talking about wine; apparently Port has 25% alc

Enzo mouthing to Matt in the dining room

Lane, Matt and Enzo joking about Matt's win tonight

"That guy won HOH"

"That guy's still an asshole"

Matt's wondering if they get a tape showing the good bye messages to the evicted house guests

Apparently, Russell asked Julie if there was more to his, and she said something about him seeing it later.

Time to feed the fish!

Brendan is pretty much on Rachel right now (can we not see them making out anymore?)

He's now sitting beside her, Rachel talking about her convo with Julie

Julie asked if her thing with Brenda maybe going to fast, Rachel think Brend is a once in a life time sort of experience

(time to go to bed for me, gd night)

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7:42pm BBT

Matt, Kathy, Britney, Hayden, Kristen in cabana room.

Brendon and Rachel in kitchen.


Brendon, Rachel and Ragan in Have Not room. Ragan is crying and Rachel is asking him what's wrong.

Ragan says he misses his dad and Rachel and Brendon are telling him that his dad would be proud.

FOTH again

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10:35 BBT

People sitting around talking waiting for Matt to get his DR...Apparanetly it will be between "much later" or "really fucking later"

and DR told him not to get "too drunk"

In caban room Matt joined Kathy Hayden Kristin and Britney just talking..

10:39 BBT Rachel's coke exploded on her {much lke her BB life expectancy}in the kitchen...as she asks Brendon "what do you wann do tonight" and joke around what movie they would go see and act it out..Brendon says "Debbie does Dallas" and "Saving Rayan's Privates" and Rachel says "i think that's a Ragan Movie"

10:41 BBT Matt talking about his house and likes using the tiny bathroom..they talk about beer...Matt doesn't like Mexican beer as Lane can't believe he doesn't like Modelo....Matt likes amber beer and Coors...More beer talk...and his touring van with his band...

In kitchen Brendon is glad Rachel doesn't have to :suffer with him"

10:43 BBT Enzo in LR just staring.....by himself...

Ragan is sad in the HN room...as Brendon and Rachel join him...Brendon tries words of encouragement as Rachel says "you can talk to us" as Brendon craddles Ragan as he's balling and he's misses his dad...They both tell Ragan how proud he is of him...and says "i'm totally proud how I did" and wished he watched him...and cries "please don't tell anyone else" as they continues to comfort Ragan...

10:47 BBT Ragan doing his "its just this house" and does his the house is getting to him...and says he doesn't want to be the guy who cries...more crying more words of encouragement......Rachel saying this season is more punishing than rewarding for the players and say they came to play and got "the short end of the stick" but ragan sees it as "part of the game"

Ragan saying the days are "adding up" and wishes he could "talk " to his sister...

10:49 Brendon rachel and Ragan talking about Ragan wicshing his dad could have seen him

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10:51 BBT Lane and Enzo are enjoying the great status in the BB house..the JH prospects and wanting to "get Brendon out" and Enzo says Matt needs to put up "rachel and Andrew" and backdoor Brendon and Enzo says "we'll be the best alliance ever"

10:52 BBT More whispering and gaming in the kitchen as Lane and Enzo think Brendon voted for evicting Matt.."andrew stuck to his word"..as Enzo rags on Kathy..."we're safe for another week"....Enzo saying they are "kissing Matt's ass"...as Enzo tells Lane you have watch what you do at all times because you never know who will be HOH....Enzo excited at the prospect od backdooring Brendon...

10:56 BBT Enzo calling Matt's HOH is Fate because of Bren and Rach calling him out..

Andrew comes out of HOH "who wants to see my have not room"

10:57 BBT IN HN room Ragan:" I'm gonna cry more often" as they Rack and Bren dote over him for his breakdown...feeds go FOTH

BBAD Lane and Enzo planning out their path to BB victory...

10:59 BBT BBAD commercial and FOTH

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11:00 BBT Rachel saying she can't make a deal with Matt and is "mad at the whole thing that went down"...and tells Ragan "I can't be fake" and Ragan warns that he's not the person 'to talk to" about this as he "cares" for everyone and puts him in a wierd position as Brendon says he helped "keep him here" and Ragan: "i did what I could" and says he can't "talk about it"

11:02 BBT Rachel goes on about not being "fake" as Ragan talks about "the game" and does his breaking through the "psychological wall" and worries about being a have not...Rachel hopes "America gives you guys good food"

They are talking tomorrow may be a luxury comp....{I say luxury POV}......Ragan agrees and just said the POV comp will include luxuries...

11:05 BBT Lane in the caban room with the other group as Enzo was called to DR...

11:06 In HN room a lot of laughing about Ragan's W. Hollywood comment to JC...Brendon thanking Ragan for being "straight forward" and will leave with dignity..when he ever leaves...Ragan says he doesn't want to be in a bad position with Matt as HOH and him being close...as Rachel wishes the day of "week 1" when the were all "have notties"

11:08 Talking about HOH comp...Rachel "i'm gonna be an official have not grouppie this week" as Brendon goes to make her some fish sticks

Rachel telling him how much she "genuinely" loves him..as Ragan saying BB is "the coolest" thing he's ever done and Rachel "me too"

11:11 BBT Lane comes in the HN room "i'm bored"....As they discus what Andrew will do....Now lane is wonder "what the vacation will be" as Rachel "they do Hawaii every year"

Ragan says he would go for "the slop pass" but retracts and says "it may be a tough choice"..Lane says "next week will be the last week for slop" as Ragan says "two more evictions"

11:13 BBT in the Caban room Brit was suprised "jennifer was evicted" and Andrew would have kept Angelina while Matt would keep Jennifer..Brit says because Angelina is such a good actress is reason to forgive her for being "a home wrecker"

11:15 BBT Brit would consider adoption if she had fertility problems even from other countries like "Colombia" because of a couple of college professors she knew.. and Kristin says "i would adopt Asian kid" Andrew agrees..as Kathy would take any and not be picky since she can't have any... and Hayden has an adopted 4 year old Russian brother name Jackson aka Viktor.. Hayden says he sees him "once or twice a month" and almost share a birthday..May 26th/May27th..

11:18 BBT hayden goes how his parents adopted Jackson he was in Russia/Kazakhstan for 6 weeks background checks and Hayden mentions Joey and FOTH

11:21 BBAD has the have not room of Ragan rachel and Lane talking

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11:22 BBT

...In HN room talking about "wierd ghetto Lydia" from seasons past....

In caban room just a lot of talking "the mile high club" from Kiristin as Andrew says "there's a story to be told" as she says "i was totaly just kidding" and Matt says "logistically" it would be too difficult..

Andrew talking about a girl he had a hand job while at the airport terminal...went to bar had a drink..."she was a good looking jewish girl"..as they call Andrew "captain cock" and he screams "stop that" in embarrassment..

11:30 BBT they talk about airline stories...

In HN room Lane Rachel Brendon and Ragan talking people they have dated..and getting people to change their life...Ragan talking about the BB club and being part of only "150 people" who have done it...

11:34 BBT talking about crapping in the airplane toilets as Enzo says how hard it will be with "turbulence and shit"..Lane comes in as Enzo aks if he's in the mile high club..and aks if "BJ's" count..and says "in a little plane" when he was getting his pilot liscense..and says "i only got my single engine...no turbo prop"...lane says it is "as hard as you think" as Enzo says he heard Landing is harder than taking off as Lane goes on about "ailerons" ans stirring with the feet...

11:38 BBT Enzo asking how planes take off and thought pilots "just press a button"....Lane saying commerical pilots only have to land and takeoff as planes/jets fly "on their own" but not the planes he's flown..

Enzo doesn't understand "all the buttons and gauges"...as Enzo ask a lot of questions about "problems"...

11:41 BBT on BBAD they just keep torturing those viewers with Brendon and Rachel this time on a have not cot and Brendon professing his love for her..

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11:43 BBT In cabana room Lane giving flying lessons "loop to loop"...Ragan saying LAX is scary "because of the congestion"...and talks Jet Blue landing gear probs....

Matt comes in the HN room as Rachel smooches Matt talking about how crazy and fun drunks they are..as Matt says he's a "happy drunk" and Rachel is a "snorty drunk"....Matt tells him he was just walking around..as Matt says "every fucking week" they have been "split"....have or have not..

11:46 BBT talking about the punishments..as Matt brendon talking....Brendon saying he has respect for him and Andrew for "going all the way"...as they talk HOH..Brendon says "my height" was a disadvantage while Matt said his height helped as it was catered for him Britney and Kathy...it took "no skill"...

11:49 BBT Matt looking foward most to "the letter" and "the blog" will be fun...Brendon says he can't wait to see the message boards when he gets back...

More talk about HOH blog...Matt says his Dad is the biggest BB fan but isn't computer savy and so his wife probaly called him..

Rachel thinks they don't show it "on live feed" and Matt says "if you follow those messageboard nerds" they type all the happening.....

11:54 BBT Brendon going on how impressed they lasted as Matt hpoes he guess "oatmeal"...as Matt says he may cry because he's "a big pussy" sometime...

11:55 BBT Back in Cabana room talking about "I shouldn't be alive" TV show on Discovery Channel..differnt episodes

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12:01 BBT

Already Friday and the HOH doesn't have their room.. In Cabana room more talk about shows...

Enzo talking about the Piston Player who's brother killed him stole his identy he doesn't remember the name {I think he's talking about Bison Dele}

Enzo talking about his "saturday nights" with his wife....Enzo says you won't be able to go to work for a "week or two" and says "i may not have a job anyway"...

Enzo says "i'm a insurance appraiser..I argue with people" saying its a good job..

12:06 BBT Kathy playing with fish as Andrew says Ragan is the last person in DR and Matt may be next...Enzo says DR told him tonight will be a "late night" with many DRs and Enzo wants a "good work out" because of "all the fish sticks I ate"

12:09 BBT Back in HN room talking about his Wife's fake illness and the supposed "awareness" BB will bring...Rachel and Brendon eating it all up.....Matt talking about his wife...saying 'she's my biggest fan" but she doesn't like people to know..

12:11 BBT talking about drinking...and FOTH...

12:12 BBT Feeds comes back with Matt gone and Rach says maybe Matt isn't "such a bad guy" as Rachel obsesses about people trying to break them up...and Brendon says "it just means you care about me" and they srat in...

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12:15 BBT

Back in Caban room more fish talk...as Matt asks if Kristin is the last to go to DR and she says she thinks so...

Hayden and Lane head to kitchen as he wants to eat something healthy and easy on the stomach...just heads back to the cabana room..and Lane enguls his beer shoves a cookie in his mouth and follows..

The camera switches to Brendon and Rachel...with them talking about Botx as Brendon says she doesn't need it and she's "gorgeous" jus the way she is [grabs vomit bucket] and FOTH....

12:19 BBT Back in CR talking Ragan in the DR and Kristin is the last to go..."hey peeps can you do me a favor and.." a BB producer voice tells them and FOTH...

Feeds back with Enzo talking about I shouldn't be alive..and having Britney make something up for his amusement...

Lane is struggling to keep his eyes open...as kathy says no sleeping in the Cabana room and says "i'm not sleeping"

12:23 BBT Enzo asks Matt wjhat snacks and Matt can remeber only "airheads" as Enzo says "i'm a penalized have not"...as wonders what they will be on for have nots...as Kristin and Andrew hope its eggplant edamame

Enzo saying he can't believe he's sleeping on a beach chair..and said he thought about dropping but said all of a sudden 5 people "already sittin down"...Talking about HOH comp..Hayden said he fell "trying to avoid the water"

12:27 BBT Brit talking about how she "slipped on the tape" on the board...Matt asks why she stood there and says she was just trying to stand on the edge..she said it "went downhill" until BB made "me turn around"

12:28 BBT Matt called to DR

Enzo saying he's "a little tired" as Enzo wonders when LD is over and would be impressed if it was tonight..a lot of yawning..as enzo hopes "for something better" for have not food...

12:31 BBT Kathy putting the left over pizza away and cleaning up the kitchen

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12:33 BBT

Kathy pops in the HN room asking Bren and Rach "how y'all doin" ..and tell Kathy "you're never a bother" when she asks if she was bothering them and tell her to come in...she tells them to get ready as Matt will be getting his room soon and FOTH

12:35 FOTH

12:38 Still FOTH

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12:41 BBT

Feeds come back to Matt in his HOH room..Checks out his fridge.."sliders".."white castle".."baby back ribs"...saying "all the shit I want" but didn't askk for so says his fake sick wife must of had a hand in it...

Matt offers everything as Enzo wishes...talks about his CD..."Alkaline Trio" a band out of Chicago..

Talking about his cat wife wanted name it Bella as ragan's dog is named "bella" as he goes on about "taco bella"..talks about his letter though we were not privy to it...says "it feels real" and says its awesome...

12:45 BBT Everyone in HOH...Matt enjoying all his stuff and says "this could not be a better HOH basket" as Enzo now wants to win HOH..and likes his "zombie squirrel"

Matt tells them they are welcome to any of his stuff..

12:48 "have not sucks" Enzo says

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12:51 BBT

FOTH but prior everyone up in HOH fawning over his room..

12:53 A lot of FOTH tonight

12:54 Feeds back talking how exciting Matt's HOH room is and hope they have nothing to do tomorrow..Matt trying to unload the candy...

12:55 as Matt goes on how his fake sick wife knew everything he wanted for an HOH basket..

Andrew is the first to leave "i've gotta get some sleep" and do other stuff and thanks him when he congrats him..Brit Bren and Rachel get up and people start leaving...Hayden Kristin Lane staying behind as Kathy is there also "he has rubby duckies" in the bathroom..as Lane says "having candy" is "like heaven"....

12:59 BBT Kathy hanging back to show Matt his ducks as he offers any have some Amstel.....Matt says to eat "all of it" to Lane about the candy and looks like he is..

Enzo says he "almost started crying" listen to the letter from Matt's fake sick wife sent..

The brigade Kristin plus Ragan in HOH...and FOTH..

1:02 BBT Feeds return..as Matt says how good it feels "the letter"..."a hundred million times better" than he ever thought it would fill..

Enzo talking about his "perfectionist" wife as ragan asks if the letter are ready to go but Matt says his letter says was done recently

LD is over

1:04 BBT Lane helping move Matt's stuff to HOH as Matt thanks himm Brit reneters the HOH ....Britney reading the letter from Matt's fake sick wife...

Hayden heads back upstairs with beers..as they try to figure out which ducky is which HG...Hayden talks about maybe going in the HT as Brit plays with the ducks....

1:09 BBT In the Kitchen Kristin and Rachel talking wine...as Rach says will make a "rose Sangria" tomorrow night...

Kristin wants to "take advantage" of going outside and says she'll put on her "bathing suit" as they head to the BR talking sleeping arrangements...as Kathy talks about "the corner bed" and says anyone who sleeps on it "goes home"

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1:12 BBT

Brit and Lane outside at HT as Brit is "so tired" but doesn't want to be the first to go to bed..he tells her to get a drink but tells him "wait one month" for her bday as Lane pushes Brit to drink wine .."i need a woman's touch" as she asks why he wants her to drink....Brit says "i had a bad day"...as Lane tries to pep her up from Monet's eviction..

1:15 BBT Ragan in HN room fixing up his cot..sighing...Hayden and Kristin in BR getting ready for the HT....

Lane estimates the house is "2200 square foot" as he talks with Brit and hayden in HT..Kristin joins them ..

1;17 BBT talking how good it is to be outside and how fast they cleaned up..Enzo comes out bitching about having to be cooped up in the HN room....saying "i might even go for a jog tonight" as Lane wishes he didn't gorge on so much pizza

1:19 Ragan in HN room having another moment..when Andrew comes in getting ready for bed..."welcome to the real world" as he gets ready for bed.Ragan bothered by the light wraps his eyes in a sweatshirt..or maybe masking his tears that look like are about to flow once again...

1:22 BBT Kathy puffing away to make up for all the cigs she could smoke the last 24 hours while Hayden talks about working out tomorrow as Enzo is too..saying doing his "cardio in the morning" and Lane says weights at night...

Enzo talks about how fast BB took everything down..and FOTH...

Matt joins Hayden Lane Kristen and Enzo at the HT

1:25 BBT Brendon and Rachel in Taj wondering if Matt is "true to his word"....as Brendon worried and snaps at Rach "the one card we have" and you didn't play and wishes he was in on their convo...Rach goes on about he rtalk and how her feeling were hurt and felt betrayed...and goes on how she won't be fake as Brendon makes sure Rachel didn't threaten him with putting him up id Matt puts this up...

1:28 BBT Brendon Rach talking as Rach says they shouldn't "talk about this stupid game" and Brendon wishes she didn't talk to him when she was so pissed...Brendon aggitaed with her...as she tries to reassure him even though "i don't know what he's going to do" but Rach believes he won't put them up because Matt told her he "genuinely" like them...

1:30 BBT Brendon says he'll talk to her as he's still aggitaed with the situation they are in...Rachel saying she would never turn on afriend but says apparently some "people would" and not care...

1:32 BBT Brendon lamenting the "spineless" floaters....."these people are not intelligent players" as Brendon is mad at the Hayden and Kristen taking dives during HOH as Brendon says people like Kristen "need to go" as Brendon says "fuck that" when Rachel says Kristen is a stronger competitor..and now wish they kept Monet...

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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4:19 BBT

Ragan and Matt talking in HOH. I think Hayden and Kristin? are talking in a bedroom in separate beds (lights off).

Matt is worried that if he doesn't put up Rachel and Brendon the entire house will be suspicious.

Ragan: Oh my gosh, this is a big decision.

Matt: This is the only decision

Matt: I need to get a deal with them that says you are safe until the POV or I need to tell them they are up

Ragan: The selling point is if they don't go for the deal one of them is guaranteed to go home, this way they have a chance to stay.

Matt: This house meeting is forcing me to do this. If that had never happened I wouldn't have had to do this.

Matt: I want to be open to all of them.

Ragan: Be careful what you tell them, anything you say will be used as ammunition against you.

Matt: I don't care telling everyone else what I said and telling everyone the deal. If there's veto I'll put them up, it would only keep them safe for noms.

Ragan: Oh they'll blab about it. They might want you to put one of them up so they can fight for POV.

Matt: That's not an option, it's Kathy and Andrew up or them.

Ragan: Do you think Andrew would be pissed?

Matt: I'd talk to him and have the brigade reassure him.

Ragan: Don't make your speech personal, tell Kathy she's not good at comps etc. Andrew is a pair for Kathy, tell him you are putting him up because he's been gunning for you.

Matt: What about Rachel and Brendon?

Ragan: I think they'll be pissed.

Matt is talking from the bathroom and I can't understand him...

Ragan: If Brendon and Rachel go for the deal, I don't know what you get back from the deal. I like Rachel on a personal level, I like Brendon too but I don't feel he has my back. They desperately want to stay together, if they go to jury they want to be together. I think they'll tell you whatever you want to hear until week 4 when they'd both go to jury. They were both pissed today at the challenge.

Matt: Should I just put them both up then?

Ragan: That's why I'm not sure what you get out of the deal. They are blinded by their showmance. I don't think they'll follow through with the deal.

Matt: I kinda do, maybe I'm being stupid. But if I'm open with it how shitty would they look...

Ragan: They don't care how they look, they just want to be together. Have the conversation with them tomorrow and see how they react.

Matt: When Rachel pulled me into the cabana (last night), I told her Brendon said something about a deal and I want to be clear there was no deal. I wasn't promised two jury votes.

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4:35 BBT

Matt: The entire time I was talking to Rachel she was very apologetic and crying. I told her I'd like to get them into the jury house. But my ambivalence? was that you don't know how to make a deal. They didn't hold up their part of the deal last time which was to not call me out in front of the house. All they needed to do was call me up here and ask me. They know if I make a deal they better follow it since they already screwed up one deal.

Ragan: conversations between the two can alter things. When I got off the surfboard, I was talking to Rachel and Brendon outside and immediately Brendon was bringing up a deal.

Matt: A few hours later, I was talking to them in the have not room and I told them I trust you two just because they are the worst liars I've ever seen.

Ragan: It's like a chemical reaction between the two, it's like game play wise is a bad combination for both of them. Some players here eat all the time, don't have to win comps and don't have to get blood on their hands.

Matt: but these people have my back

Ragan: These people their names have never come out of my mouth. There's a time where BAM they will suddenly compete. It's smart to get rid of a major floater player, if it's possible to leave these two in the game as targets.

Matt: My best bet is to lead them into the deal, then if they don't follow it I still have them in the game and I might have a deal.

Ragan: The best thing to do right now is to go to sleep. When it gets down to the wire, the people who know what they are doing in this house will really go after the ones that know what they are doing. The best bet is to leave in... well they aren't going after Kathy.

*they go downstairs, Matt with laundry*

Ragan: I might not even go up there tomorrow unless I think of something new.

*They say goodnight*

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1:45 am BBT: Kathy is telling Britney about voting to keep Monet and that she did it because she was keeping her word. Britney tells her she should be proud of herself for standing up for Monet.

1:51 am BBT: Britney tells Kathy she feels bad for Enzo and Brendon being on slop for a second week. They start giggling about Enzo eating a slice of pizza and they didn’t tell on him because he didn’t want him to get in trouble. Kathy says the ants are really bad.

2:02 am BBT: Britney and Rachel are looking at Monet’s picture and Rachel says, “I will admit I suck.” Rachel thinks there is an “I hate Rachel club!” and mockingly says, “Why do we hate Rachel?... because she has red hair!” She laughs.

Matt comes in the room with some wine and Rachel is very excited.

2:10 am BBT: Rachel is drunk already in the HoH room with Britney and Matt. Rachel talks non-stop about her and Brendon and comparisons to Stacey & Matt.

2:50 am BBT: Britney escapes to the kitchen and finds Lane. She whispers to him that she’s figured out something… Hayden and Kristen are twins. She says she knows this because they have the same birthmark. (Clueless in Arkansas!)

3:05 am BBT: The Brigade finally meets in the HoH room. Cheers, chest bumps and popping of beer cans ensue!

3:10 am BBT: Matt starts off the strategy talk by telling them he’s for sure putting up Kathy. He asks them who he should put up against her. Rachel and Andrew are suggested but, Hayden is concerned that if Brendon wins PoV then he’ll pull Rachel off the block and they can’t get either of them out. He thinks they should just put them both up to start off. Matt says that this is a social game and he needs to be able to make deals and because what he really wants to do is backdoor Brendon. If it doesn’t work out that someone comes off the block then they should get rid of Kathy. Enzo stressed the importance of getting rid of either Rachel or Brendon this week. They have to strike before they get one of us. They have a quick discussion about Kristen, Ragan and Britney and that they need to use them to do most of their dirty work and then discard them before the final 4.

They give themselves some more pats on the back for still being unknown.

Hayden leaves.

Matt, Lane and Enzo discuss the risk of keeping Kristen in the game because of her relationship with Hayden. They don’t think Hayden will screw them over to keep her so they’re not worried. Matt says that he can’t put up Ragan, Lane can’t put up Britney and Hayden can’t put up Kristen but, the can do that for each other and then vote them out for each other also.

3:25 am BBT: Ragan comes up to the HoH and Lane leaves. General chatting and laughing about the HoH comp. making fun of Kathy and her inability to do anything especially compete.

3:50 am BBT: Meanwhile, Kristen and Hayden have a serious talk about what is going on between them and what they’re doing to the people they left back at home. Kristen feels guilty and Hayden feels like a home-wrecker.

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5 am BBT: They all finally went to bed!

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8:57 BBT

Lane up. Went to the Bathroom. Washed hands, checked himself out in the mirror, used some mouthwash, and went back towards the bed rooms. Just as he was walking past the DR, It looked like Rachel coming out and she was wiping her eyes. Then we hear a lot of rustling around, a girl (I'm assuming Rachel) is pulling luggage out of the bedroom and then we get WBRB!

Note- Just before Lane got up we had a WBRB and I thought it was the wake up call. But when they came back on everyone was still asleep. Then Lane got up.

Ok, so feeds come back and Rachel is in the bathroom. Andrew up also. Rachel is taking out her extensions. Kathy comes in and asks if everything is ok, and she says fine, why??? Kathy says because you were banging and pulling your suitcase out the door of the bedroom. Rachel says, "I was just trying to find the stuff I work out in". Rachel says sorry if I woke you up but I was looking for something. (Rachel does not seem like she is in a good mood today.)

Now she goes to open the back door and THEY ARE ON LOCKDOWN!!!!!!!. She stares at the wall for a few seconds and starts to cry. She is in the spa room doing jumping jacks and running in circles.

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