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7/20 - Live Feed Updates


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9:01PM BBT: Rachel, Brendan, Kathy & Kristen are in the bathroom, talking about dance. Brendan used to go to group dance lessons, he learned salsa and the waltz. He also said he did ballet in high school, & Rachel was really surprised about that. Kristen is straightening her hair (I think it looks much better curly, but that's just me :-D), and the others are on the benches. Andrew popped in for a second and apparently there is some Jewish holiday or something & he has to wear white, I couldn't catch most of it.

9:05PM BBT: Britney & Monet are in the hottub, talking about what jobs they'll get when they get out of the Big Brother house, how they hope they'll be able to find something or at least get their old jobs back. They talk about random companies and if they're good to work for or not. Britney tells a story about her first job at a pool store, where she had to sell pool chemicals & whatnot. She said she got fired after like, 2 weeks- Monet: "why?" Britney: "I don't know, I'm still like, traumatized about it"- she says the owner came in & told her that his neighbor came in and said she wasn't very helpful (shocked!), so he fired her.

9:10PM BBT: Britney tells Monet "I'm surprised Hayden doesn't hit on you more". Monet asks why, & she says "You seem like eachother's type". Monet says "Maybe I could use that to get a vote" & they laugh. Britney says "You should... you're way cuter than Kristen for sure". Britney goes on with "I'm surprised seriously, that he hasn't like, fallen in love with you.." Monet says "Maybe he feels like I don't like him". (I'm laughing so hard at this conversation right now!)

9:13PM BBT: Big Brother just said "Rachel, please treat the microphone with respect" in a really pissy voice (the camera wasn't on her, so I don't know what she was doing). Then 10 seconds later, they call her to the Diary Room...

Monet, getting ideas from Britney, says "Maybe I need to like, talk to Hayden". Britney says "You should.. go crawl into his bed in the Taj & just see what happens". Back to the mean-girl stuff, with Monet saying "I don't get the Kristen thing, though. Who was it -Lane- who said he thinks she's cross-eyed?" Britney says "I don't know, she's obviously more mellow though, because if I had her picture, I'd be pulling a Jenn.. I'd be crying". Monet says "I thought she was supposed to be a model".

9:25PM BBT: Almost everyone is outside, either on the couches, in the hottub, or working out. They're just chatting, no one is talking game since both sides are together.

(Sorry guys, I might not be able to do too much updating tonight, my computer is in a separate room from my TV tonight, so I have to run back & forth between watching BBAD & here in order to report :-D)

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9:33 PM BBT:

Hot Tub:

Brit and Monet in hot tub wondering if last season is chatting that they were better. THey turn their focus to Kristen's loud laugh and make one of the usual snide remarks. Matt brings them over a towel.

Matt asking how the stockade went with Rach. Appearantly Rach was trying to talk with her and when they played the alphabet game Monet gave words like B.... for the letter B etc. Matt hasn't talked with Rach yet. They don't understand why she's trying to be all nice. Matt thinks that Rach is now acting back to normal

Brit thought that Matt was with Rach/Brend. Now she doesn't think that. Monet says that Rach just wants her out because of not likeing her and not about game.

HOH Room:

Rach and Brendon cuddling on bed. She thinks that whatever goes wrong Brit/Monet etc will say it's her fault. Now back to lovey talk. Asking her if she's ever been in love-love. He thinks it was his 1st love and since then he questions the intentions. Both believe that there's a difference between loving someone and being in love.

Brendon has noticed that Matt is really trying to do something with everyone now.

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9:46 PM BBT:

Outdoor Couches:

Kathy telling Kristen that seeing how Hayden and Lane horse around makes her think about her son and his friend who lived with them. Kristen running her fingers on Ragan's arm and both just quiet. At the end of this Ragan thanks her. Hayden and Lane watching a spider. Camera keeps jumping from face to face (Kristen/Kathy/Ragan). Mellow moment.

Lane wants beer that's not budweiser. Goes inside to look.

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Lane and Monet play fighting. Takes his hat. He says he doesn't mind. She thinks he does. Earlier they were annoying each other in the hot tub as well.


Enzo saying that he may pop two advils just because he's bored. Brit and Monet being as happy as ever. As Brit looks over to hammock she mentions that there's something shady going on.


Rach and Brendon on hammock. Now he's gone and joined the spider watchin group by the pool table.

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10:06 PM BBT:

Kristen saying that Andrew didn't seem to care that they kept him off the block, as if something else was on his mind. Didn't get a thank you. It's making her nervous, but will wait it out. Kathy has observed the same thing and only hopes that their choice will work out. Both are uncertain about Matt as well.

Storage Room:

Lane telling Matt Andrew said he knew Matt was going up and that he thinks Matt's a spy. Matt says he's right except it's a spy for brigade. Both hope Brit wins hoh next week. Meeting is brief.

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10:18 BBT

In BY on the hammock Rachel is telling Bren about her feeling for him...as they kiss...

On the couch Kristen Matt and Ragan playing a derivative of the movie/actor trivia game we've seen in past seasons..

10:20 BBT Brendon being Mr Sensitive with Rach while the talk on the hammock..In the kitchen Enzo and Monet discussing what "rice vinegar" is used for...

Brendon talking about his first impressions of Rachel and thought she was a "party girl"...Brendon wants to hug and kiss Raach when she's stressed..

So its either Rachel and Brendon rehashing their love on the hammock or Enzo and Monet discussing protein in the kitchen so not much going on...

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10:27 BBT

Enzo complaining aboout the fruit cake.."why is it so ugly looking"......"where I'm from you call somebody a fruitcake..you're fightin"...

Kathy in the kitchen "what are the red and green things on the top" and says "it smells better than it looks"

Monet is complaining that Enzo needs to take "Gas-X" tonight as he rips a ripe one and make Monet and Kathy gag from the putrid smell..Enzo is amused by his flatulence...

10:31 BBT Monet and Kathy head to the bathroon for the Gas-X pills and make him take em...Enzo heads outside "they are making me eat Gas-X..you know what these things taste good these Gas-x"

Back in the Kitchen Monet and Britney together as monet is complain her stomach hurts and ants to go "to bed"

Outside the movie/acxtor trivia game goes on between kris,ragan and Matt...Kathy plops down to listen...

10:34 Back at the hammock..Rachel and Brendon still laying there but now aren't talking much....except Brendon saying he's turning in early tonight because he's exhausted and Rachel obsesses "i'll go with you" as Brendon just decides to hang out on the couch and hang out "with the guys" in the morning.."i like hangin out with them...I just get bored" as Brendon tells Rach he likes to hang out with her "all the time" and she quickly repiles "me too"

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10:38 BBT

rachel and Bren get off the hammock as rachel runs over to the couch "i wanna play your game" as it seems the game has turned to "twenty" guesses..

At the pool table enzo and Lane play pool as Britney looks on...

10:42 BBT pretty much the same..no game talk just pool and twenty guesses.{its a slow uneventful night so far]

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10:45 BBT Monet has joined Brit with Enzo and Lane at the pool table..Monet asks if the gas-x is working and Enzo says "not yet"..Britney is now playing pool with Lane telling him she can't break because "i'm not strong"....as Monet talks about "my Green tea" as Lane talks "Jamba Juice" as Lane calls his pool ball "a stupid bitch" Monet says "that's uncalled for" {not sure if she was serious] but lane says "I was talking to the ball" "there are no cameras on us"...

10:49 BBT At the couch they are talking about a cop who made a flashlight with a "latex pussy" inside they all giggle and wonder where you would buy such a contraption.....as the couch talk turns "would you...or would you"...questions....

Enzo's gas seems to have invaded their space as they gasp for air...

10:53 Monet is yawning in boredom as she watches Lane and Brit play pool..Just pool talk no gaming or campaigning...just Brit saying her life has hit a place its never been before when she is concerned about her pool shooting than anything else..

10:56 {graphic if you insult easy stop here} BBT At the couch ragan talks about his "podcast' about the best week and Matt "are you famous" and says "nooo" and does Ragan "does 5 shows a week" but has dwindle down to 1 every other week..as Matt asks "how many subscribers" he has and tells him couple thousand as he tells him his review of "the flashlight" on his podcast...Matt asks "is that the only vagina you've ever been in" and Ragan says yes...even though according to Ragan they had a "butthole one" they all laugh...

11:02 ragan called Brendon "a fag stag" who is a straight guy who hangs around gay guys that they "whoooo" over...

rachel "is Hayden a fag stag"...Ragan "hayden would be.....I don't what Hayden would be"..Ragan says......as hayden joins the convo...

Now Ragan talks about the "gay names" bloggers would come up with "Matt tri sexual"..."fagan"...."Gaychel"....as hayden asks about Enzo..ragan says "they would probably just call him fart" as Ragan says "he is so Straight he can't see any colors of the rainbow...he'd need special glasses" when some asks about Enzo...

11:06 BBT Annie talk....

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11:07 BBT

BBAD is just showing lane and Brit playing pool..very little convo....

Back at the couch they are talking games..like candy land...as Ragan says "dice" would be nice to have and "scrabble would be insane"....as Brendon as joined the couch crew..

They decide to play "20 questions" game...

Brit heads into the kitchen "go find out" what Enzo is cooking...Whjatever it is Monet says "it taste good" as Monet says its a little to salty..Brit says "it kinda tastes like rice" as Enzo spiced up the slop...and decides to add Salso as Monet "if it had a little less salt..that would be great"

Brit wants to add "mayo" as Enzo says "this is bangin' with the salsa as Brit says that "its almost like food" as Monet says its like pasta and enzo "its fucking pasta...its legit" as Lane waddles in "what did you create"

Brit adss "mayo" ..just to see "what happens" as she makes sure its allowed..Enzo "it actually looks appetizing..I call it Slop Pastina"....

Enzo has brendon taste it....Everyone tastes it..Britney admits the mayo is "no good" and complains "it was better before he dumped in the whole thing of salsa" as Enzo keeps patting himself on the back for his concoction..

11:17 BBT Monet and Brit like it but add he put in too much "salsa" and "salt"

Enzo: "in my mind its pasta"

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11:23 BBT Krist says she told Kathy that Andrew "was crying earlier"..and says it feels like "we did something wrong"....saying he was in the shower "crying a lot"..

Back inside Ragan and Matt join them in the kitchen....as Britney saysshe's ready to go to bed..

Brendon and Rachel talking about the Periodic table of elements and what order the elemnets are...as Rach says she doesn't want to do it just in case she gets it wrong and people "doubt my education"

Hayden talking about Andrew with Kristin and Kathy but are drowned out by Bren and Rach's louder mic...

Kristin seems really concerned about Andrew..Kathy says "he never opens up" as Hayden says he can't talk to him and just usually just runs off as Kathy says she talks to him for "two minutes" and then he's out the door...

Kristin says she doesn't think its "anything religous...its internal"..as Hayden can't put his thoughts into words "uhh I don't know"......Hayden gets up and leaves..Rachel joins in and says she was in the room with ragan and Matt talking about "annie" being "crazy"....as Brit brings up the Lane and Andrew thing and Ragan says the viewers will "love the drama" as Rachel says he's upset for some "religious thing" and Kristin says no.."he's either feeling sorry for himself' and says "i'm really worried about him" and Rachel "you're worried about him?" and asks if Brit and Monet talk to him and says yeas and says he told Kristin he wasn't talking to anybody all day...

11:34 BBT Brendon thinks its "religious" because he's wearing "all white and his yamika"....Brenon says there are just some thing "we'll understand about Andrew" as Kristin agrees but "i can tell something is different' and "i can tell" because she knows him...

Brendon says he talked to him earlier to reassure him he wasn't going home and Rach says after the POV ceremony Andrew "gave me a hug"......

11:37 More Andrew talk as they thing Brit and Monet seems to be the culprits acording to them as brendon says "i wouldn't put it past them"

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11:40 Matt says talking to Enzo, lane Brit and Hayden he told monet he was suppose to have a sleepover in HOH and walked in and says "Katy in there" and left and when he was sick he asked Rach if he could lay down Kathy came in took a shower..cleaned up...for an hour...saying "its a wierd vibe" with her..calling her "a total cock block"...

Matt says "we're outt luck tonight" for booze..Matt discuss about HOH pics and what they will do the rest of the week..

11:43 BBT "brit "i think Andrew is a little pissed because he wasn't included in last night pow wow"...Enzo says "he's playing possum" as no one know where he's at...

Brit complaing Rach called out people's votes at the pOV ceremony "i don't get it"...Monet chimes in "she wa trying to make me upset"..

Enzo "that's crazy". "if Andrew wins HOH who does he put up?" as Monet and Matt think he's mad at them....Matt says "britney and Myself" as hayden agrees...

Britney says the whole house is playing against Bren and Rach as Lane says "not Kathy"....

Britnet says "i'll throw her fresh towels in her face..I didn't order room servive" when lane asks if brit wins HOH and she goes upstairs..

11:48 BBT as Enzo Brit and Monet Kathy Bash with Matt doing it a little...

Enzo if Kathy win HOH "who does she put up" and Lane says she won't win and Matt says it will be Bren and Rach being HOH..

11:50 BBT they are talking what HOH comp will be....Lane says "i think it will be endurance"...

11:51 BBT Back outside Kristen Kathy and Brendon and rach talking about the girls taking all the girls out...But goes on about anyone is interested in keeping Britney inn..and "not let her win" HOH and Kathy says Enzo told her "next week I'm gonna throw someone under the bus" and she took it as she better be prepared...

Brendon says Brit is struggling to be nice because her true mean personality is struggling to come out..

11:54 BBT brit bashing outside continues..

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11:57 BBT outside Krist Bren Kath and Rach complaing about Monet's Ebay intentions with BB house stuff

11;58 BBT "enzo inside talking about "a lot of pressure" to win HOH or "you're going home...or you gotta win POV" as Brit says Hayden was a nicer HOH...and didn't have Pow wos as they bring up Rache's "toilet clogged" and "kathy napping" lies...

Matt say "i called her out...she was a terrible liar"....outside group comes in and talk turns about the weather...

12:00 BBT Brit says she misses "pop up video"...as Bren Rach kathy and Kristin are in the kitchen cleaning up..

12:02 BBT Rach asks if they liked the food she made...Hayden talks about DR tried to get him to change his decision to not put up Annie.....Brit says she asked if there was a pair and says "they won't tell me"

Outside Lane hayden and Enzo talking about Brit wanting to put Rachel or Brendon or Andrew up and they could pull off Andrew if they get POV..and next week Britney could go..as Enzo hopes britney wins HOH to keep the blood off our hands..Lane talks how nobody knows about their alliance as they talk about Andrew going up..and how he voluntered

Lane and hayden saying "kathy is being stupid" and calling her 'the weakest player" as Enzo calls it a waste to even put her up...

Matt comes out and Enzo talks about Brit winning HOH..."more people doing dirty work"....The brigade in the hot tub agree Monet's gone...Hayden says "ragan will put up lane"...Enzo says "ragan will go after Britney"...

12:09 BBT More Brigade talk..."this hoh is gonna determine" us Matt says saying its huge..

12:10 BBT Matt calling Ragan and kristin "good for votes" and will get em out when they want or don't need em..Matt says Ragan wants to talk and maybe start an alliance and will find out "who his targets are"..

12:12 BBT Monet bashing "10 grand"....as Enzo says I wanna see brendon win HOH to see if " he keeps his word"...

More patting their backs how their secret alliance is fooling the whole house...

Enzo says "it would be a stupid move" to put him up the next two weeks because people in the house like me...

12:15 BBT More Brit get HOH and they make JH and one of them makes final 2 they have votes...Lane says "brit doesn't "want to make jury house" as he says she doesn't want to be "sequestered"...Hayden says "she's an idiot" for not wanting to make JH as "$750/week is a good paycheck" that "49000 and get BB warning..

12:17 BBT Brigade meeting breaks up

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12:18 BBT

Hayden joins Kristin and Kathy in Cabana room..

Brit and monet in bed "its only week two"..Brit says "I'm ready to have food back" and Monet says her too if she's still here...and Brit says she will demand to be taken to a 'drive thru"..Brit says "i'm really gonna try really hard to get HOH" and Monet says she wilt too if she's here...Brit says Monet will be good at it if its endurance and told her to tell Hayden she will win it to get his vote..

Monet is worried she will lose by one vote...as Brit says not to stress out about it as she won't know till Thursday..Monet "we have three days"......

12:23 BBT feeds flipping out be back when they are in order

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12:25 BBT

Rachel and Brendon in HOH talking about Britney and Monet.. and their little alphabet game...

Brendon says Monet is being "tacky" about selling stuff on Ebay...Self righteous Rachel calling it crazy..and says "lets knot talk about Britney" and Brendon stupidly says he'll let Enzo know "matt volunteered" to go up against Monet...He belives Enzo will tell Brit and Monet about Matt volunteering it will undermine matt...

12:29 BBT Brendon says Andrew "doesn't like Matt" it makes him happy he'll get him out...

12:30 Back in the HN bedroom Monet and Britney talking whether Kathy is in HOH and says "gross" if she tried to get in bed with her she would kick her out..."what a psycho" Brit calls Kathy...Brit says to Monet "i hope they ask us to do the Amazing Race" and talks about a "big brother themed amazing race"...talks about other family members doing the AR/ Monet has never beeen out of US ..

12:33 Enzo comes in as Bit says she was lucky because "my mother loves to travel" and went on great trips like "Italy"

Brit "i miss my bed" and food and would do the cold showers to have food...Monet says she went on a "fruit cake binge" as Brit says she's lost weight...

12:35 BBT Kristin is getting ready for bed with hayden..so already in bed laying down..."you find out anything new today" he asks and Kristen whispers inaudibly..Hayden talking about Brit talking about Kathy and says Brit would put up "andrew and Rachel and try to backdoor Brendon..who knows" Kristin says "she's such a bitch"....as Hayden "she is so rude to lane ..I can't stand her"....."matt and ragan are kinda close and overheard doesn't want to align himself with Brendon and Rachel" hayden says "is that true" and Kristin says she didn't know but could see Rgan saying that....Kristen says they really need to keep their alliance with Rach and Bren a secret just in case...and jokes they need to keep their showmance a secret and says something to the effect he wish people could know about ??? because it "would make the day go by faster".....as Hayden complained it was a long day...

Kristen telling someone in banged on the window with their hand really loud "to scare me"..and hayden says she scared him when she "woke me up" and says she didn't "mean to"

12:45 BBT They are talking about "shaving off " something as Kristen says "i think you'll look good" now its mostly quiet ......."what do u wanna do about Andrew tomorrow" Talk to him Hayden suggests and kris says she doesn't know and is worried he "feels gulty about something"...Hayden admits "i don't know what to do about him" and Kristen agrees..

12:48 BBT Hayden hopes they don't get a question from JC next week..rach says she doesn't think she will and Feeds go haywire..

12:49 BBT Kathy is in bed with Brendon and Rachel in HOH complaining about the mean girls Brit and Monet.."its tiring" Kathy goes on...as Rach and Bren play doctor on Brendon's fingers...

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12:51 BBT

kristin "i wanna make it to the end" when hayden talks about making it to the JH..and Hayden says I wanna win "half a million" dollars....Kristin would go to "Monanco" "Ibiza" and "Greece"

hayden "i wanna travel sooo bad" calling himself "a poor college kid" and can only afford "snow boarding" and gets to go to "San Diego" in the summer..

Kristin shoulder hurts and Hayden rubs it for her..."thank you" she tells him..

12:55 "feels better" she says...Kristn saying a "cruise is a waste of time..sitting on a boat" while Hayden says a cruise "would be awesome" and talks about his friends says you get to stop at different places..

Kristin says it would be hard because you wouldn't get to get all the different places..and FOTH

12:58 BBT In the HN room they are still up talking...Brit talking about an event on the train and a guy kinda harrassing her and feeds cut off to Ragan and Matt

Ragan tells him he's having a "crisis of conscience" and not wanning to look like a douchebag..and feels two times he fely unrepresented of himself..and Rgan says one time when he gareed to vote out Rachel when Bren POV and says "it was groos" and did it out of self preservation and 2nd about what happen last night and tells him he went upstairs to get Brendon and Rachel to play pool and says "i like Rachel as a human being" and Brendon "is growing on me" ...that things that happen he wants them to happen "organically" as Matt understands that despite alliances he wants to remain friends with everyone...and says "i feel like Brendon and Rachel" they "primarily Brendon" are artificially constructing a "divide in the house"

1:06 BBT Ragan says they wanted to put Andrew up because he wanted to see MOnet and Brit to campaign and if he did go home and they didn't want him to "he's expendable"....Ragan says "there was a very good shot Andrew" would go home but Monet has $10,000.......Rgan says "with you its a sure bet" he'll stay and she will leave and "it doesn't force a divide they are constructing"

Ragan saying his problem if the "divide goes down" there are people "i don't want to be associated with" and is calling Brendon "a snake" and throw people "under the bus" and "Kathy..she's floating" and doesn't wantto be part of it..

1:09 BBT Rgan tells Matt they told him they believe he's working "both sides' of the house I likes hanging out with the other side "i don't want be trapped in a situation" he doesn't want to be in..

1:11 Ragan Matt talk continues....as Matt says he never would have voted against Monet against Andrew...

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1:13 BBT Matt and Rgan talking as Matt talks about feeling strong armed by Bren and Rach and and "bullied" and that's why he volunteered to go up and hopes it not a bb "blunder"...

More bullying talk by Rachel and Brendon according to Matt...Matt says he like Brendon as a person but doesn't like "the way he plays the game"

Ragan says it isn't going to be endurance..if "production was smart" they will do the game "where they pick two" hg to go against each other...as Ragan "i don't wanna pick two people"....

1:17 BBT Rgan going on about not being unable to trust Britney and make them feel uneasy and Brendon does too...and says "those players will take care of themselves" just by sitting back and Ragan says Brendon is "digging his own grave" with his gameplay...

1:19 BBT ragan continues to be oddly paranoid and nuerotic about talking to people and says he will have to do "damage control" because Kathy saw him talking to Matt on the hammock..

1:21 BBT Matt talking about trusting rgan the most in the house....as Rgan says he doesn't mind stabbing people in the back if he doesn't trust them...and even lying...

1:23 BBT More Ragan and matt talk...."i treat people " the way ragan expects "to be treated" as Ragans talking in circles...

Matt saks who he would put up if he wins HOH..and ragan makes Matt promise not to say anything.."i would like to see Kathy gone" and goes on about floaters..

1:26 Ragan say brendon "wants strong players" who will protect him and goes on how he like Hayden and the way he ran HOH...

Matt says "i really want to split" brendon and Rachel even though he likes them...and says they're are "a dangerous power couple" and Ragan says they don't trust matt. Matt worries he'll get backdoored and Ragan says no they want Monet gone..

1;28 BBT Matt worried why Bren and Rachel don't trust him. Ragan tells him that becaus ehe offered himself to go up to play both sides of the house and look like the sacrficial lamb...and look good on both sides of the house..

1:27 BBT they continue talking Rgan filling in the Brigade Alliance member Matt with Ammo...as Matt decided that he has no choice to put up Brendon and Rachel..

{i'm out will be back tomorrow}

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2:00 BBT

Matt and Ragan continue to rehash their conversation. Matt says he thinks it's interesting that he is basically saving Andrew this week by going up even though Andrew hates him. Ragan jokes that if Matt survives this week he will win the money (the houseguests have been discussing past houseguests who survive week 2 and go on to win the money).

Matt re iterates that he thinks Brenchal are two of the worst players ever, but that it's hard to predict what moves bad players will make. Ragan basically agrees. Neither can predict who Brendan will put up if he were to win HOH.

Ragan won't be surprised if the jury is all guys. Matt agrees: The women screw everything up. Ragan says that no one will put Kathy up. Earlier I heard him say if they don't get Kathy out early she will go nearly all the way. Ragan doesn't trust Kathy. Matt says Kathy's behavior this week has been "disparaging and weak." Ragan: Kathy is playing a game of survival...it may just work...she'll never win the money no matter who she goes against. Matt: I don't want her anywhere near my HOH room...not even to use the bathroom (lol). Matt goes on to say that he doesn't dislike anyone on a personal level, wants to enjoy the experience with everyone when they get out.

Ragan half jokes that he will have to be up Rachel's butt the rest of this week to make sure Matt stays. He goes on to say he doesn't want to arouse suspicion that Matt could flip Ragan to his side but even so, Brenchal still would think they have the numbers with or without Ragan. Ragan also doesn't want the taint of being so close to Brenchal.

Ragan joking that Kathy should put a red wig on (ala Single White Female) and crawl into bed with Brendan and he would think she was Rachel.

Ragan and Matt decide to turn in around 2:20 BBT. Kristin and Hayden appear to be asleep on cams 1 and 2. Nope I'm mistaken. They are spooning and giggling a bit.

Hayden and Kristin discuss that their situation sucks. They think that BB knew what they were doing putting the 2 of them together. Kristin jokes that BB wanted Monet and Hayden to hook up. Hayden: You ruined their plan.

Kristin talking about Brendan complaining that Britney hasn't done anything around the house. Kristin says she hasn't done that much either. Brendan and Andrew have done most of the housework they say. Kristin says that Britney is "such a little princess...you feel bad for her fiancee." They think he must be an idiot for not knowing what he's getting himself into. They doubt she is different outside the house...probably worse!

2:30 BBT

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Hayden and Kristin settle down. Everyone else asleep on all other cams.

Kristin starts back up saying it cracks her up that everyone paints Annie as a psycho now but not when she was in the house. Hayden thinks she was a nice girl.

Hayden jokes that he is going to show Kristin what a dutch oven is.

Kristin starts talking about something they loved when she was on one of her interviews and we get bubbles....come back to her saying Enzo smelled the whole house up tonight. Hayden wonders how a person can physically have that much gas in them (lol). Kristin: All day long...he can fart on command.

I think Hayden just said he bites her when he's frustrated. Kristin says she will have bite marks all over her by the end of the show. Talk moves onto Ragan...he is playing a good game, very convincing. Also Enzo is very likeable and could take it all the way. Kristin thinks Kathy won't make it all the way. She also thinks she and Hayden have a legit chance although it takes a lot of luck. They don't think Kathy has a legit chance although they didn't think that last year with Jordan either. They think Enzo will win the jury prize if he makes it.

2:45 BBT

Continuing from above, it might be a good idea to get Enzo out soon but they don't think it will happen. They settle back down. Only cams are on the taj and jumanji rooms. Pretty soon Hayden and Kristin start making out under the covers.

3:00 BBT Bubbles.

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Flashing back to 3:00 AM BBT

Kristin and Hayden talking about the guy/girl they left outside the house. Kristin says she tries to imagine what it would be like to be in that person's shoes. They would obviously see the attraction between Hay and Kris but there isn't anything they can do about it.

Hayden hopes the girl he left doesn't hate him. Even though what they're doing is PG he thinks it's weird that their outside girlfriend/boyfriend is watching.

Hayden says he doesn't think he could do it (not sure what he is referring to)

Kristin asks if he wants to be with that girl when he gets home. He said initially he did but now he is questioning it. Kristin basically says the same thing...adds that he wants to get serious with her, she sees it heading towards marriage, but she didn't know this was going to happen.

They're around each other 24/7, no one can understand their situation unless you're in their shoes. Kristin says she can't talk to anyone in the house about it

3:15 BBT

Hayden feels bad about his role in the situation, doesn't want to hurt anyone he cares about. The house speeds up normal relationships.

Talk changes to who deserves the money. Kathy does for everything she's been through in life and it would make a huge difference for her. They think Britney doesn't deserve or need it. If Kathy doesn't win they are going to start the Kathy foundation! Hayden thought Kathy was going to be a cougar when he first met her. After he won the first HOH she gave him a big hug and he thought she was hitting on him.

More talk about Enzo being likeable and a candidate for winning the jury prize.

Matt deserves the money too for his wife's condition. They like Captain Kosher...Ragan is a threat...Lane is a physical threat but they can't see him winning.

Hayden: I can't see a thing in this room (haha funny I can see just fine).

Kristin says her friends said they could see this (her and hay) happening, but didn't offer any advice if it were to. Hayden: What do they think of me? Kris: They saw you...they know my type...you just open your mouth and talk they would know. My friends know.

Hayden called Kris a hottie in the DR...bubbles.

3:30 BBT

Hayden wants a luxury this week. If Kristin was asked to be another sab. would she do it? No. They both think they wouldn't make the best sabos. They think Ragan is one of the lifelong friends.

(I heard an interesting theory that Matt/Ragan are brothers)

Kris scratching Hayden's back. They both think it would suck without the other in the house. Hayden is grateful for the experience. They should enjoy every minute but it's so hard with people like Britney. Kristin: I know. They don't think Brit will make it to jury.

A few minutes later Kris stroking Hayden's hair and it looks like kissing his ear/neck area....meanwhile no action taking place in the HOH bed with Kathy and Rachel.

Kristin and Hayden resume spooning. By 3:45 BBT they seem to be asleep.

6:30 BBT Everyone asleep...Kristin now in her own bed.

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8:43 am BBT

Ragan heads straight out to the garden to the hammock

Enzo and Matt in the kitchen... They liked the U2 music to wake up to...

E: That Gas-X really works!

Haydon and Lane in the cabana room, hay gets a blanket from enzo and tells him thanks, E tells H that when he wants to cuddle he'll be ready for him

The guys talk about the fish and about how they are moving the rocks.... they say that they are trying to bring the weight of the rocks so that the tank will tip forward, it is their masterplan to get out of there...

Monet goes outside and lays on the couches...

Lane says that he had a snake that comotted suicide and was racist

Enzo hates snakes

8:48 am BBT

Lane says that the hispanics would pick him up and drop him and hurt him, so when ever he would put rats in there and he wouldn't eat them so he killed himself (huh?)

BB: Enzo Stop that!

(Slurpin cereal eating... can't listen to it)

BB: Enzo Thank you very much

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