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7/15 - Live Feed Updates


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11:51 am BBT

Camera man panned around to get a close-up of all the HG's in the HOH... No one noticed except Matt, who shot the camera a look like "Seriously????" Bren and Rach are cuddling & holding hands.

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11:56 am BBT

Monet has arrainged the HOH chairs to make a bed (good idea), Lane has left the chair and is now laying on the floor.... (I would be playing games or something... can't these folks get creative? ~myss911)

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12:22 PM BBT HOH LD is over... the masses return to doing other things. Andrew resumes vac'ing, Kathy helping Hayden bring down his stuff from HOH. Ragan is getting something to eat but asks if they need help with the HOH stuff. Matt dippin pancakes into syrup. Ragan asks Hayden if he needs help again. Monet comes into kitchen and asks Matt if he ate the rest of the pancake, he says yes, Monet says "They were good".

Lots of yawning....

12:26 PM BBT

Monet in kitchen asking what is that beeping, starts looking around. Matt joins her in kitchen... Ragan in kitchen eating crunchy food. Kathy folding blankets. Kristen thinks that they (BBPC) did the rom this morning. Kath says someone else did it this morning. Andrew cleaning....

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1:30 BBT

Feeds off and on.

In bathroom:

Rachael is giving Enzo a haircut, Brenden is taking forever to shave, and Matt is trimming the back of Lane's neck. Britney has showered and is now fussing in side mirror. Brenden has joined while he eats a plate of food on the couch.

In Cabana Room:

Monet and Ragan. Matt had been in there earlier.

Saw Annie float by and gone now.

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At 2:00 they will have a "walk-thru" of the voting process.

Britney and Andrew eating in the kitchen.

Enzo's haircut is finishing - now it's Andrew's turn. Heyden is using teeth whitening strips.


Trivia, then back again. Nothing new, tho.

Brit, Lane, and Heyden in LR. Annie comes through and says she was playing with that camera last night - dodging around. She's changing outfits and asking Brit's advice on what to wear tonight.

Feeds are looping again, trivia is on, then off, then on again.


Heyden now asking Brit's advice on clothes for tonight. Annie is packing, but not her bathroom stuff.


Trivia and the "Live feeds will be back later"

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Off and on thru the day we have had trivia, bubbles, and parts of a fish tank. Finally we got the whole fish tank. FOTH have returned to BBH click here

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4:00 PM BBT

Ragan, Matt and Britney hanging out in CR talking about winning HOH tonight, the 'Biebster'. Britney can see Rachel's bra - she should just go bra-less.

Enzo is picking out his hat. Ragan recommends anything but the Fedora because that's what he wore in to the house. Matt hates clothes, wants to wear the monkey PJ's and footies for the show.

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4:07 PM BBT

Britney getting ready and debating mic placement. Annie doing her make up. Kristen looks ready and is wearing a top that matches her sparkely green bikini. She just said she liked green a lot. It's kind of Feng Shui. It was Kristen's bra Brit could see not Rachel's.

They've got about an hour left they say. The group is excited not nervous baout tonights show. It's the HOH comp they are worried about.

They are talking about which rooms they were in in the hotel Ragan in 506 someone else in 508.

Matt kept the money they were given for food in the hotel - kept it cheap.

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4:15 PM BBT

They are discussing something whether it was recording or not. They have half an hour left to wait. Ragan loves hearing how Julie says his name. Matt told Ragan Julie was a huge fan of him from his other show. Ragan had such a jealous look on his face - too cute. They are laughing and saying how that news nearly killed Ragan because he thought Julie was his fan. Hayden got 13 Snickers bars - more chocolate than beer. If Britney could leave and do anything for an hour she'd go driving with her dog.


4:22 PM

They are practicing their "Hi Julie!" opening.

4:31 PM


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5:57 PM BBT

As we leave the show the Sabo has struck and a sound appears in the LR.

6:03 PM BBT

still trivia

6:05 PM BBT

Rachel telling everyone Brendon's in the game that's all that matters. He apologizes for throwingher under the bus on live tv about the sideburns. Calculating who Julie asked questions of: Enzo, Andrew, Brendon. She can't wait to tweet. She'll be like "Vegas in the house."

Annie's bed is now going to be shared with Matt and Ragan. Brendon is going to double up. Enzo liked seeing people out there, different people.

Tomorrow nominations will be around 4. The HOH questions, the majority knew the answers. (It was based on majority wasn't it?) Kathy didn't know any of them. Lane and Monet went to get changed. Rachel hugging Britney

6:15 PM BBT

Rachel and Brendon alone in BR. She's rehashing how Annie said he carried her and she proved it's not true because she fing won this one. brendon saying next time it'll be athletic and he'll win. Andrew comes in, apologizes for interrupting, hugs them in congrats and leaves. He comes bac because he's got to change. Rachel sitting on Brendon's lap and they keep kissing. Rach can't believe how Annie talked to her and then who was sitting there 10 to zero? They can't believe Annie through them under the bus. Rachel hopes they played that f-ing video that she made for her. Brendon is proud of how Rach played because she was not only a good loser but a good winner.

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Rachel sways to leave Britney by herself and Brendon making deals with some of these guys he's playing with this time. Next week Brendon will have to get Andrew and Kristen out. Rach thinks there are people in the house who are not happy she won. Rachel thinks Enzo didn't care less because he knows he's not one of her targets. Kathy is happy - she's really nice. Hayden just wants a heads up. Lane doesn't care either way - not in a bad way that's just his personality.

Brendon just called Rachel "My Queen." she said he was sweet. She thinks CBS is breaking out and both of them are underdogs. She wants to know who told Hayden to put her on the block, she'll be able to make a position with those two girls after that. They don't know where Enzo stands. It's hard to hear with their whispering.

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6:26 PM BBT

Rachel wants the have nots to sleep in the bed with her tonight because she promised them. The Have Naughtys party. Brendon understands. Lane comes in the room. He wants to know if he has to get meat out for the tacos. Brit and Monet talking with Matt in the CR - Brit is so pissed right now. Enzo was so pissed to. Monet knows she is going up. Her and Brit wonder if they will go up against each other. They've heard her (Rachel) say stuff about liking Kathy. They would rather go home now if they weren't going to win. The positive thing is that they only have to wait until tomorrow to find out. "This sucks"

Matt and Enzo whispering.

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6:33 PM BBT

Monet, Brit and Andrew talking and clearing the air. Brit says that he looks too happy that they are out. That he wasn't being very tactful by congratulating her on her game after she lost because he was happy it was someone else. He admitted he was afraid if they won he'd be up because they think he's the Sab. Monet walks out. Brit just getting more upset at Andrew. Enzo in the living room trying to see/hear what was there before.

Andrew corners Monet who says she wasn't a part of that conversation, that wasn't her speaking because she doesn't want to get sucked into that. He thinks she's a sweet girl. He knows these things happen. He applauds her game, he was happy though because he was nervous. Monet does not think he is the Sab. Monet finds Matt "Britney just went off on Andrew." Matt, "Why the hell would she do that? She's a dummy. Why would she do that?" MOnet says she was looking at Britney like why would you do that Britney shut the f up? Now Andrew has told Monet she has a chance. Monet wants Matt to know she tried to contain the situation. Matt doesn't think "they" (Rach/Bren) will listen to him (Andrew) and he's going to use his time up there in HOH tonight to try and influence nominations. Monet asks him to put in a good word for her.

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6:40 PM BBT

Enzo/Matt talking again. Matt says they have to regroup and re plan this thing. They think Rachel will put up Matt and Monet - Enzo doesn't think so. Matt says, "Rachel doesn't think for herself." Matt saying you can't trust Britney. It took her two minutes to go bitching it all out to Andrew, if you tell her something she throws it right back out. You can't trust her. Enzo does not trust Monet. Matt says you cannot trust Britney she cannot keep her mouth shut.

Enzo cannot get over how everyone picked Rachel to win a bikini contest over Kristen. Kristen IS a model. They both agree that next week is tough that they'll have to hang it out. Enzo thinks he's got the votes to be saved. Matt thinks Monet is going up for sure. Both guys are convinced that Britney is the Sab. Britney will vote for Monet over them anytime. Matt not sure what to do about Monet and Enzo is saying "get rid of that B$tch"

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7:05 BBT

Britney in the kitchen talking to Lane. She comments how she could have won that HOH game and should have. She also states that they could have kept Annie. (I think that regret will haunt them for awhile. Until they find out that Annie was the SAB.)

Both head outside to play pool.

7:10 BBT

Enzo and Monet in kitchen. They think Andrew is with Brendon and Rachel. They have no clue who she'll nominate, but think Brendon will be in control with who goes up.

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7:12 PM BBT

[Hi Lala!]

Lane telling Britney that he's going to show his weeny on showtime tonight. If she ust happens to eb around when it happens he guesses she'll see it too. He's thinking that America has waited long enough. Britney thinks there's something wrong with him - thinks not that many people in America want to see his weeny.

Lane thinks God wanted to put all things good into one package and there it is right there. Brit thanks him for the compliment. He scoff and says, "He could raise me right now Ta-Da!"

She's asking him about a shot is a BS shot? He says no but if you give it to me I'll have to take it. She says he has no respect for the game but if he has to cheat to win....

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7:20 PM BBT

Brit asking Lane if she should have another taco. He asks if she worked out today? She says no they were on lockdown all day. He says "Stop feeding then, stop feeding. I can't be your Daddy all day." He then misses his shot and she retorts,"If I was to miss a shot I'd want to miss it just like that it's so beautiful. So pretty." He asks if sometimes when she talks does she feel dumb? She says only when she's talking to him. (They go on like this forever sometimes. 7th Grade Crushing)

7:26 PM BBT

Patio party - Some having Coors light others eating Tacos. Hayden and Enzo playing pool. Enzo looks over at Matt and Andrew who offer to play doubles and he says they must be pretty bored. Just pool smack talk. It's too early for Andrew to have a beer he'll just fall asleep. Enzo wondered if America laughed at his slop comment where he said slop was like an ex-girlfriend, he wants nothing to do with either of them. The guys agree everyone laughed. Enzo hopes his wife and hometown laughed.

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7:38 PM BBT

Brit in the KY says she expects to go up at this point. She's with Monet. She's still complaining about Andrew. Monet thinks its the two of them going up. Lane is in the BR - Monet says he's playing with himself. Monet will be serious about eating healthy tomorrow once she knows she's not on slop. They are eating cookies because tomorrow they will wish they had. Brits not even going to let herself feel bad about it.

[if anything exciting happens or the room is revealed I'll be back]

7:54 PM BBT

Brit apologizing to Andrew in BR. She says she shouldn't have said something in front of others, she would not have put him up if she won. He's apologizing for jumping up when Rachel won, he doesn't bad mouth Britney. He says jumping up was tacky. Now Britney and Andrew think the Sab was Annie. People are telling her that Brendon and Andrew are in an alliance because he celebrated when Rachel won. He says he's a floater. He's not in any team right now, ask Kathy.

8:07 PM BBT

Lane requested three bottles of wine. One of the girls said they need to get "Schmammered" tonight. Britney can't stand Rachel and Kristen. Rachel should be worried about any kind of food. Her shirt was ugly.

Brit and Monet say that Hayden is the one sitting pretty - he made a deal on both sides and if he's sitting pretty so is Kristen. they go on to say that Kristen looked like a highway hooker. A third grade skank. She was wearing high wasted trousers and the way she was working it she thought she looked hot. And she still has it on because it's so cute. And if she burps one more time they are going to lose their minds. She's disgusting. She farts and burbs all the time it's gross. Britney doesn't like fart humour, she gets it but she doesn't think its funny. When Enzo does it she pretend laughs. Kristen laughs like this (they imitate a crazy loon looking person) it's the only time she laughs, when he farts.

[sorry Morty forgot to edit in my who said what parts - it was a convo]

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(Hey Zuzu!!)

8:40 BBT

Rachel and Brendon chatting on the outside couches. Looks like Kathy, Monet and Britney are also out there. It also sounds like people may be playing pool off camera.

In the kitchen, Matt is sitting on the counter, looking dumbfounded. Ragan, Andrew and Enzo are also in there. Enzo says he's glad nominations are tomorrow, so they don't have to wait too long, wondering who Rachel will put up. Enzo heads outside. Silence in the kitchen.

Enzo joins Hayden and Lane by the pool table. Rachel heads to the large lawn chair and is followed by Brendon. They cuddle and start to kiss.

Enzo is commenting on his short conversation with Julie during the live show.

Matt and Ragan move to the HN room.

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8:45 BBT

Matt says that it's obvious that Brendon, Rachel and Andrew are together. They both don't think Rachel would nominate Matt, but Matt thinks Brendon or Andrew may want him out. Matt wonders if he should call someone out, to try and take a target off his back.

Ragan thinks the SAB could have been Annie, mainly b/c she played so hard so fast. (Exactly what Annie said during the live show.)

Matt thinks he, Monet and another person (who he believes is the SAB, but won't say) will be targeted this week. Ragan insists Rachel doesn't want Matt up. Matt is worried Brendon and Andrew are after him.

8:50 BBT

Britney enters the HN room. She says DR told her that the HN have to stay in the room for another night. Britney says that she was asked by DR what she thought of the SAB's latest prank (the smoke or whatever was happening in the living room during the live show). She says this is the 2nd time the DR has phrased it 'Without criticizing the SAB's actions...' FOTH.

Feeds come right back and Britney is still made that she lost the HOH by 42 gallons. Matt says he everyone should have thought Kristen had a better bikini body.

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8:55 BBT

Feeds outside are showing Monet and a smoking Kathy in silence.

In the HN room, they're still rehashing the HOH comp.

9:00 BBT

Monet enters the HN room. Matt and Ragan complain about how bad the HN 'beds' are. Monet thinks the HN room would upset her allergies, with all the wood in the room. Britney and Matt love the decor.

Kristen has gone outside with a container of ice cream and a big spoon. Lane and Hayden still playing pool. No talking going on.

Ragan thought that Julie would have asked him about being a HN. Had she, he had a joke ready: Being a HN was a metaphor for his love life. He thought that would have been a cute response. Ragan was impressed with everyone's quick responses with Julie.

9:08 BBT

There's finally giggling going on outside, between Kristen and Kathy. Kristen starts to say something, then FOTH.

9:11 BBT

The HN room discussion breaks up and wonder throughout the house. Lane and Hayden head inside, looking for food. Ragan is thinking of going in the HT. Hayden joins Kathy and Kristen outside.

Brendon is inside now (without Rachel ohmy.gif ) Andrew is cooking himself food and Monet is getting a drink. Lane heads back outside.

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