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7/15 - Live Feed Updates


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9:21 PM BBT

Annie now in HOH with Hayden. She is saying maybe the Sabo is Brendon or Andrew. She knows that Brendon is upstairs talking to him about her. She has no alliance, no one talks to her, no one trusts her. She'll throw HOH, she'll put anyone else on the block he wants, she'll do whatever it takes to stay. She's been telling people to go talk to Hayden.

She told him about her situation the other night because she wants him to know that she is 100% on his side. He says she's incredible. He'd love to go to Chicago and hang out. She wants to see him outside of the house. She truly, honestly, thinks it's best for her to stay. He sees positives for her to stay too. Annie says Rachel has bonded with people. Hayden says "Has she?" Then she goes on about how they act in the kitchen. She asks if he's ever seen Brendon or Rachel kiss? No one has seen them kiss (we have) and Hayden tells her other people in the house are questioning that. He says tonight he's doing the one on one with everyone.

(as they are playing the round and round game this is a good time for me to say..good night!)

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10:20 BBT

Outside on one of the big chairs rachel and Ragan are Jedi drilling for tomorrow's HOH comp. Doing the basic counting of items..

inside Kathy is laying down as usual talking to Kristin in the cabana room talking about her job...

In the Hot Tub Enzo and Brendon are talking its shitty Annie is leaving without the 10k like Monet has and talkinh how its a lot of money..Matt broke the big clubs and Enzo and Bren mad that they can't practice and joke Matt did it because he's the saboteur..

10:25 BBT Bren goes over to rach and Ragan to help with the drilling...actually dates..all three seemed confused."i'm so lost of what the days are in this house" ragan admits....as they sit and figure what day was what...

Brendon says if Enzo wins HOH he would put up Monet he has a "good feeling" Ragan: "really?..why" and Bren tells him because she's won the 10K

Ragan says the floaters will run to the power next week and Bren says "what 90% of the house guests"...

10:29 BBT Booze is here and Annie cornered Enzo in the SR begging for him to keep her Enzo quickly makes an exit to put the booze on the counter...

Kathy talking about how bratty her kid is...with hayden and Kristen...Enzo comes in and tells them about Libations" and ask if they shold "save them" and get "fucked up" after HOH and Hayden says they will know we saved them and give us less...Enzo says he feels like " caged animal"

Hayden and Kristen alone as hayden tells her he isn't drinking tonight..

10:33 BBT Outside Bren tells Ragan he hopes Andrew wins and ragan is excited for him to win too....talking how "tough" it is so far..

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10:56 BBT

Bren: "if its not someones an idiot" when Ragan aks if tomorrows vote will be unanimous...they talk the saboteur may be a lone vote but Ragan admits it probably will be

Brendon complaining about the lazy people in the house..Brit and Monet and says he wants to keep people around "that are genuine" and Ragan says "me too"

Annie is in the cabana room counting fish with Katy Kristin and Hayden...11 fish as Kathy remembers the dead ones...

10:40 BBT Monet and Brit are talking about rings well enternity bands while Brit has small fingers and Monete says she needs a bigger size because of her "big knuckles"..Matt joins in the wedding band talk...

10:42 BBT Brendon and Ragan still bonding outside talking game...They are talking slop even though Brendon doesn't want to be on it but if he has to be then he wants certain people to be on it also...he mentions no names and Ragan pretty much agrees with his sentiments...

Brendan says "i don'r know where Lane stands he may be a little bit of a wild card" but both think he's genuine guy and wit to see how things will play out..

Inside Brit is talking about her destination wedding...Monet doesn't want a big wedding "less than 100 people" while Matt says his was "170"

Lane opens the wine and Brit snottily says "so much for saving it for tomorrow" and lane says "well you're not the only one in the house...and you don't even drink" and brit says she would have if there were 4 bottles tomorrow not 2....and lane "are you crying" that hes taking a glass of wine....and brit says whatever she doesn't really drink..

BB "annie please don't obstruct your microphone" {you'd think they'd want it obstructed..I know I do]

10:50 BBT Outside Rach and Brendon playing with the oversized golf clubs and Bren said he needs to go into the rooms "to listen to these noises" but Rach said "they've stopped" as she explains what they were or sounded like

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10:53 BBT

Brendon says he's worried about being "backdoored" but feels we need to build a steadly slow and strong alliance "but we need to get some confidence in us"

They keep practicing using one of the big vases as Matt broke the basket the golg clubs came with earlier..

inside they are just showing kathy laying around and gets only to report to DR..Back in the kitchen ragan matt and Enzo at bar with Annie...Kristn gets a glass of wine...

Annie being undecesive of whethere to but on pants or not and heads outside and says "its toasty"..Kristin talking to Enzo in Kitchen as Kristin tells him she likes "pinot noir"

Basically no ones is talking until matt says he's getting ready for bed to turn in early and Ragan says he got in trouble for saying hi to "my sister in New York"

11:01 BBT Outside Lane and Hayden are playing pool and Annie has planted herself right by the pool table...Ragan says he's gooodnight and Annie says 'you want mama to tuck you into bed" and ragan says he's alright...but follows him in and heads to the bathroom to talk to Monet and britney

Outside Rach and Brendon talking about and head to the hammock and Bren says he's not the saboteur and gurantees to rach he isn't and wished he was to get the 50k...

11:05 BBT Annie trying to talk to Brit and asks Brit if there is anything else she needs to asks and Brit tells her no because she's heard it a;; and glad she and rachel are on good terms and Annie says she's in her happy place..

matt escapes the convo by going to bed...Annie's campaigning has a softer edge tonight talking about her private life and Annie says she hasn't told any of the guys because she doesn't want her relationships to change if they know she has aGF

Now she's back to bashing Brendon...saying he's doing all of Rachel's campaigning and says the old stuff "Yeah he's gotta go" Britney agrees with her...

11:09 BBT Brit asks about Kristin and Annie says she couldn't get anything out of her and Brit says "she don't talk to me at all" and adds "not even about game".......

11:11 Britney and Annie are talking Saboteur..."i think it could be Brendon or he's part of the pair" Brit says and Annie "have you seen them kiss" about Rach..Brit asks "does Rach know all the truth about brendon" and Annie says yes and they can't figure out why people lie about their job and hopes Annie calls him out when she leaves...

Brit thinks the Saboteur may be Kristin...but really believes its Andrew because he sat and "listened to the beeps" and Brit knows "they are work of the saboteur" because why would he listen to all the beeps for 15 mins in each room being a big competitor but just volunteer to sit on on HOH..

11:16 BBT Brit says Brendon told her he got layed off two years ago and says he couldn't explain to her how one becomes a substitute teacher and he told her his degree was in "liberal studies" and Brit stupidly says how can you get a dgree in undeclared and thinks there is no such thing as a degree in Liberal Studies [oh what an idiot]

11:20 BBT Annie asks if she's talked to hayden and continues to campaign...

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11:23 BBt Annie called into DR and Kathy told Monet and Brit she thinks she's staying...and Brit says hayden just told her what she wanted to hear "so she would just shut up"...

Kathy "there's a new found hope" and brit says she doubts it because people are telling her what they want to hear but deep down they want her out.

11:27 BBT Enzo, Matt and ragan talking in the darken bedroom about tomorrow...

inside the Kitchen Hayden telling Kristin Annie "made some good points" but Kris says "we can't go back now" and Hayden says he knows and she's gone..

Brit asks hayden are things "still the same" and tells them yes....and Brit says she talks too much and Hayden says 'we'll talk tomorrow"....Hayden leaves...Monet: "if she does stay..would that be better for us than Rachel" and Brit says maybe as Monet says she's not sure if they can trust her..amd Annie pops back in..

11:32 BBT Annie messing with her contacts and says she talked to hayden..."if someone gets in my toothbrush would they tell me"

and Annie campaigns that Hayden will talk to all of you guys "one on one tomorrow" and make his decesion....Britn what are you sights "after Brendon' and Annie skirts the answer with saying she wants "start fresh"

Brit wants a quadruple eviction week and she was HOH....Brit "who do we not want in the jury house" as Brit tells her she doesn't know how she's going to vote as Monet is worried she'll go back to Brendon as Annie "swear on my mother's life" she will not have anything to do with Brendon....Bit thinks she may be HOH and tells her would she be fine being a pawn..evenn putting her and Andrew up and try to backdoor Brendon..Brit says "it will be rough" because she will be put up on the block with a Britney HOH..

11:39 Annie agrees since it gives her another week...

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11:40 Brit wants a deal where she doesn't go on the block until "final 6" and even Annie couldn't gurantree her that..

In HOH Lane and Hayden believes Brendon really did stab her in the back and Brendon would have been stronger with Annie than Rachel..

Hayden says he "like Annie" but she played too hard too fast and Lane says she would have been a good person to keep but its too late..

Both hayden and Lane have worries about Enzo....."you and I were kinda raised the same way" and Hayden feels good about that....

Lane and Hayden know Brendon isn't that great of an athl;ete because both him and Lane have played 'division I" sports and he hasn't...Hayden: "he's pathetic...you can tell by the way he walks"

Enzo comes in and says "pretty much want Annie out" and Enzo tsays Annie could help us out but can't trust her...and now "its too late' for Annie Enzo:" i think Annie's done"

Enzo thinks everyone will go after Brendon..talking about the Brigade being secret and Lane says "it has to stay this way" and Enzo thinks they're the show...

11:49 BBT noe they are guessing Bren and Rach are friends because none of them have seen "them kiss"..Lane says he would love to get Brendon out..and Enzo wants to backdoor him next week and says the Brigade has "the players" in other HGs to do it...

Enzo warns they need "to watch her" about Britney..."andrew scares me a lot" Enzo says "i don't trust her at all" and they think he'll put up Britney...and they all think they are "sitting pretty" no mater who wins HOH..

Lane says if they make it past the next two they'll be good and Hayden thinks One of them will win and then get second and win AC they will all win..

11:56 BBT they go over all the possible HOH's and noms and none of their names come up as nominees..saying in BB history "its never been this good"

They thinks Ragan wouldn't put him up...and says even if he gets put up he has the numbers to stay.. and go on how they control all the votes..

11:58 Andrew remains an uncertainty as Lane thinks he wouldn't put them up and if would be a big move and then "he would be done" but says if they were nominated they would win POV...

12:00 BBT In HOH Brigade Lovefest continues...

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12:05 BBT In HOH they are talking Final 4 final 2 and getting HOH next next several weeks..

The Brigadefest breaks up as Hayden says he'll head back down...but they continue to talk about their invincibilty...

12:07 BBT they decide they shouldn't come down together...more safe talk and Enzo says "she was really hustling" about Annie and Rach didn't "do nothin" and Bren did more..

Hayden and Enzo says all things point to Brendon being the saboteur..

12:10 BBT Enzo and hayden finally leave HOH..

Outside Brit and Rach talking about pre production and their handlers and we get foth...

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12:22 BBT Outdooors everyone who isn't in bed talking about what they are going to wear to the live show...they discuss what the whole eveiction day procedure will be like tomorrow...

12:23 BBT Racel and Brendon go to bed as Annie looks pleased..Kristin "wonder who watches you go to the bathroom" and its funny to think someone watches...

Enzo talking about "first live show" and Monet "huge HOH" and Enzo wonders what HOH comp will be and Lane thinks it will be a golf type HOH while Brit thinks they just gave it to them..Brit says if it were they would get the whole prop..Monet and Brit thinks it will be mental.."or quiz thing"

12:37 BBT More HOH speculation..

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12:29 BBT Brit thinks they have to be strategic if they chose the two people to play....Hayden says he doesn't think it will be that and Brit says guessing numbers she's really bad because she overestimates..

Hayden admits he's nervous who might win HOH...when Brit asks...

12:31 BBT Wine talk as hayden says 'wine's gross"...Hayden asks why brit doesn't drink....and says if she doesn't drink unless its a lot like 2-3 glasses and doesn't see a purpose in drinking one..also 'a religous aspect' to it even though she's drunk before....

Brit says he BF will order drinks only when she goes out but never "lays around and drink"

12:34 BBT BY general chit chat as the numbers dwindle as Lane goes to bed..

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12:40 BBT

Outside kathy is telling Monet she brought 5 cartons or 60 packs of cigarettes and she usually smokes 1/2 pack a day..

Enzo says if he can make it to week 6 "i'll be smoking"

12:45 BBT Rachel and Brendon talking about what they are going to do with their science education as both want to get kids excited about science...and Brendon says he already does that and Brendon explains a "favorite " kid experiment..."mentos and diet pepsi" experiment and makes a fountain or gyser...

12:48 BBT Racel Brendon science talk continues in cabana room...as my feeds act up....{these live feeds suck]

12:50 BBT Kathy comes in and jokes she caught them and wishes they goodnight as she hugs them both

12:52 BBT Kathy leaves as they continue to talk...Rach says she loves "nuero chemsisty" but didn't get into a school wants to be a professor and get her PhD......and have "an influence on the education system in Nevada"

everyone getting ready for bed..

{my feeds are messing up so I'm gonna reboot be back in a few]

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1:03 BBT Hayden and Kristin are at the sink doing dishes they are whispering and the running water is drowning them out..they are discussing who will put up whom ...he's telling Kristin he has a "good feeling" about Lane and she says "i do...but" and he says he's smart and she says "if you say so" and he gets snippy "i want your opinion"

Hayden tells her his spy cam had a view from the mirror..

1:07 BBT Hayden says to talk to someone more...because once Annie's gone he won't have that person to talk to.

They are talking about someone but the water is so loud..

Hayden is talking about using rachel as a pawn next week to get someone else out...Hayden says Rach is so 'gag ga " about Brendon "its disgusting' and Mocks her how she fawns over him when he cooks..

1:11 BBT hayden and kristin still at the sink talking and I'm gettung mostly the sound of running water....

" tomorrow sticking to it" hayden tells her and she says "of course" {i think voting out Annie]...as he says nobody campaigned for Annie that hard..

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1:14 BBT

Water is finally off as they continue to tidy up the kitchen..Kristin says she's lying around all day saying her body is not used to it and Hayden said he was gonna work out earlier but when she was lying in the hammock he said no and Kristin says "i don't wanna make you lazy"

1:16 BBT Kristin asks for one if ice coffe and says she'll get it tomorrow and asks if he's going to bed or stay up and he says "i don't know what are you gonna do' and they decide to go outside..

"what else about you should I know" and she says "i don't know" and says "there is a lot " he doesn't know and says she was wierd...and says in HS she says she was wierd and even though she was friends with popular people but always tried "not to be popular" and says she hung out with them ...she says the jocks were "corny" and she was "artsy" and so no one didn't know who she was..

"i've noticed that shield" Hayden says when she says she has a shield up around people and says she didn't talk to him the first 7 days..

1:21 BBt she says she is so good with people and is goos at manipulate people butr wouldn't do it as hayden says he's the least malicious person..

Kristin "i'm so complicated" and hayden "i like that you're wierd" and says "girls like Britney drive me up the wall" and says he could never date a girl like her..

Kristin "you're a litle wierd and mysterious yourself" and agrees and says he won't brodcast his quirks but kristin pushes him to say..

1:25 BBT hayden says his comfort level gets so high that he'll do "anything" around people and "do stupid things sometime" and people get "a kick out of it"

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1:27 BBT

Kristin ask what he thinks about Matt and Hayden says Ragan trusts him and likes him "but there be more to him that meets the eye" and Kristins says he's one those people that like each other there will always be those underlying suspicion because they don't understand each other..

Hayden says the problem he likes everybody and some people are "full of shit" and says eventually it will come out they are aligned with one another and still will say "she doesn't trust antone" and says if anyone asks say yes nut still have doubt...saying this early on inthe game "it is unheard of" trusting someone..

1:31 as hayden starts being stressed we get FOTH

hayden talking about how terrible for both of them if people think they have a showmance..

1:33 Kris says Rachel was interrogating about her and hayden and the showmance status and jsut tried to blow it off hayden says "brendon needs to go home ina hurry" and Kristin says "yeah by week three" and says most of the house would put up Britney and Monet like she would...and Kristin says she would put Brendon or Rachel up as POV replacement because i would be "too dangerous" and be a "big risk'".....Hayden says Enzo will go after Brit and says if someone else goes after brendon it would be good for them...Hayden says brendon like threatened me by saying that he would do anything from keeping Andrew off the block..

The are talking lifelong friends and who is the saboteur..

1:38 BBT Lane told hayden Matt was in the Chair and when the lights came back on he was in the couch..but says they were talking to him the whole time...

hayden says it wasn't him....Kristen 4 people she thinks Nren Brit Enzo and Matt and Hayden says "i don't think its Enzo" and Kris says he was "the perfect person" because no one will put him up in the next several weeks..

Hayden worried Brendon will put him up against Enzo and he won't "have a chance" and Kristin says if he did that to hayden she would get rid of Rachel "in a second"

1:43 BBT "i just don't trust him...he has to be the saboteur..he escaped the block this week" Hayden says

1:44 for hayden Kristin says is an Enzo HOH.....hayden says not that Annies gone they need Andrew to get closer to Lane ...Kristin says they need to keep their alliance from getting to big....and say not necessarily bring Lane in but just Keep her hayden and Andrew's alliance a secret...

1:47 BBT "i would rather hang out with you than anyone else in the house" hayden tells kristen as she says it was obvious

{on that note I'll call it a night be back tomorrow]

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7:30 Annie up to heed the "Call of Nature", heads into Bathroom, but before going, grabs a tampoon. Then washes Her hands, using No Soap, just water(Gross) and wipes her hands on the nearest towel. Back to Bed she goes ...

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7:45 BBT There's an audible Electronic Beep going off in the House about every 4-5 minutes and can be heard on all Feeds. Doesn't seem to be disturbing anyone, yet though.

8:04 Yep the Electronic Beep continues to go Off every 5 minutes

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8:50 BBT Beeping is now down to every 3 minutes. Brendon grabs his Mic out of the Bedroom and Heads to the Storage room to change Batteries

Grabs the Vacume Cleaner and some Apples, Drops off vacume cleaner in the Bathroom and heads for the Kitchen. Breakfast time.

88:55 Ragan up, says "Mornin'" and heads to the Bathroom

9:00 Andrew up and says Hi. I was mistaken earlier brendon grabbed tomatoes instead of apples. he just grabbed out the big sskillet. Brendon is frying up the tomatoes he just chopped while ragan watches. In the Bathroom, Andrew is Vacuming up.

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10:47BBT HOH lockdown started. General chitchat/joking around. Enzo making alliance with himself, noms self, wins POV, puts self on the block.

11:00BBT HOH spy screen showing FOTH. (Bet they don't have the music.)

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11:44 am BBT

HG's still in HOH LD. Rach is giving Bren a head massage, Hayden is on the floor, Lane is in the chair, Matt, Kristen, Kathy, Regan, Enzo on the bed, Monet in the chair, Brit on the floor, Andrew on the floor other side of bed, Annie laying on floor...

11:49 am BBT

Rach done with the head massage for Bren, lays down next to him.... Matt seems the most restless....

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