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7/13 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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  • 3 weeks later...

9:15 PM BBT: Matt, Kristen, Rachel, Lane, Monet, Kathy and Brendon in the cabana room. They're asking Brendon to cook all kinds of different things. Consensus is for honey-Dijon baked chicken. Someone says something about a movie and Matt says this is better than any movie they could go to. They all have a good laugh.

Brendon and Rachel in the storage room getting supplies, chicken, rosemary, zucchini, red peppers.

9:17 PM BBT: Enzo just called to the DR. Annie is now up in the HoH room.

Ragan comes into the supply room while Brendon and Rachel are finishing getting the dinner supplies. All the drama tonight has made him uncomfortable. (Earlier he said he had a stomach ache and Kristen suggested green tea, which she offered to make for them both.) Ragan trying to tell them to stay away from the drama. He leaves and Kathy comes in. They ask if he can make chicken cordon bleu. They all leave the supply room with all kinds of food and go into the kitchen.

Lane in the kitchen trying to put the garbage can liner in the can. He almost gets it all the way around and it comes off, he says "fuck" and tries again (pretty funny!).

I'm out, good night everyone.

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9:45 pm BBT: Enzo tells Lane that Kristen is scarring the hell out of him because she could break the brigade up. She's getting too close to Hayden.

9:50 pm BBT: Lane thinks that Andrew is aligned with Brendon.

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10:26 BBT

In the bathroom Kathy is talking to Lane about the vote because she doesn't know what to do.Lane tells her not to worry as they have several more days and tells her drink tonight have fun ..."drink some berr" "wine" and just "loosen up" and she laughs as he leaves

10:28 BBT Everyone else is in the kitchen area eating a late night dinner of chicken, stuffed bell pepper and whatever else Brendon and Rachel cooked up..

Annie is eating chips as she told people she wasn't eating Brendon's food...

Ragan talking he was self conscience how he looked when he came into the house so he made sure he didn't scream...

10:31 BBT Outdoor the Brigade (Enzo Lane, Matt and Hayden) play pool and game....Enzo says he has Monet and Britney in his pocket and he says they know to "backdoor Brendon" next week....

Enzo "you gotta give it to her" about Annie as they laugh how hard she's trying to stay...Now they are making fumn of Andrew as he supposedly "spazzed out" on Lane earlier...

10:34 BBT Enzo gloating about his alliance and no ones knows "we take out Brendon next week and its easy pickins"...Matt saying as "long as production" isn't telling the saboteur anything "I don't care"

Hayden talking about his take on "the life long friends" as he thinks "its brendon and Rachel" and he thinks they may be married....and continues to speculate because Rachel said she was "going to pull Brendon off the block" if she had won POV..

10:37 BBT Matt thinks Bren and Rach are "faking a showmance" to actually talk and strategize because people leave you alone..

Enzo thinks "monet is gonna win HOH" at the next HOH comp..and thinks it would be a good thing

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10:40 BBT

Outdoor the brigade's strategy session has been broken up with the arrival of Annie. wrapped in her blanket...

They are now just talking pool as Annie looks on and seems in a jovial mood at the moment..

10:43 The rest of the house is in the kitchen area either shooting the breeze or cleaning up...Kathy has he head on the table "there's too much going on" as Ragan feeds her whatever with him saying "I'm overwhelmed" and convinces ragan to "go in our closet" and head to the have not room Ragan reapeats "i just feel overwhelmed" as Kathy hopes "i make the right decesion" as Rachel comes in and offers to brink some food for Kathy and Kathy agrees and Rachel fetches her food..

10:45 BBT

Annie broke up the game and the guys came in to eat....

Back in havenot room Ragan has decided not to drink tonight and Kathy says she waited to late to eat as Rachel walks in with her 10:46 BBT dinner...

Rachel and Kathy talk about her dress and she leaves..as Kathy picks at her food "what's this green stuff" tastes it "my gosh its good" and offers Ragan some and politely refuses..

10:48 BBT Kathy going on how delicious his food is and wonders how brendon does it and says its better than a restaurant...

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10:50 BBT Ragan going on about being disconnected and feeling like "being in a different world" and Kathy eat "right"...

Ragan going on about the "stress" and "the yo yo factor" of living in the BB house fun to boredom...trust to untrustworth ..from fun to hard..and says "i'm just in a bad space right now" he tells Kathy Ragan's minor mental breakdown continues as Kathy eats...

10:53 BBT Hayden coming down from the HOH to everyone in the kitchen area...They talk about the live feeds must be boring when they get to the final two and three Brendon "its gotta be boring" (it is) when it gets down to the end.

10:55 BBT

Hayden realizes "its already eleven" and "no libations"....

General chit chatting ensues..

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10:58 BBT Brendon jokes about the saboteur giving them all food poisoning as cooking is still going on as people wait or just sit around..

10:59 BBT

Back in the havenot room Rgan's depression talk continues t and his feeling being "discombobulated" and gets up to go to the DR...

Lane pops in the and asks what kathy's doing and Andrew looks in and asks where Annie was...

Booze is here and Lane asks Annie if she wants booze and says "o don't want o be near her" about Rach

11:03 BBt In the Caban room Kristen is telling Hayden that she doesn't believe rachel did anything to Annie and if she had Rachel would have told her..

Hayden agrees and tells her that he feels Annie is making it up and her story "didn't seem real genuine...you know" as Andrew joins them...

11:05 BBT Andrew "i hope your good friends with Lane" and tells Hayden he likes to push people's buttons and Kristen says That's just the way he is as

Andrew going on saying "i tried" and keep a low profile and says "people are talking" and gets up and leaves....Now its just Kristen and Hayden in the room again..

"i'm worried about him" Hayden says about Andrew.. and Kristen says its up to him to clear things up or be in trouble as Hayden goes over a "couple of theories"...and thinks people 'are looking at us" and Kristen disagrees. and says "i think we've been doing a good job' and hayden retorts "i like to think so" as she says "should we talk in your room later on" and Hayden thinks people will be going to bed early..

11:10 BBT They are talking about Annie and her capaigning and their advice they gave her... hayden says she won't take advice becaus eshe will be caught in a lie..

Andrew returns with info where everyone is at...and hayden defends Lane immediately and tells Andrew "you have to relax" and tells him he feels him and Lane "are getting closer" and "lane's strong"

Andre whispering I can't understand but its about Annie...Hayden "annnie and Brendon" are way more dangerous than Rachel..as Andrew is trying to keep Annie over rachel and hayden is trying to steer Andrew to keep Rachel...Andrew concedes even though it doesn't "make sense" to keep her...Andrew leaves again and they both laugh at him "i feel like I have to spell it out for him" Hayden says as him and Kristen laugh at him "oh my gGod" Kristen says and does his whole convo to Kristen that him and Lane are getting close....

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11:18 BBT

Ragan and Andrew talking about how hard the games is....Ragan suggest tomorrow they do "breathing exercise" and Andrew talks about missing his daughter and his brother Jeff will be Letter as he was the only person who signed the BB release and Ragan says his HOH letter will be from his mom...

11;20 BBT Matt joins them in the havenot room. Now just talking about the room... Ragan saying him and Andrew are having a "bromance" as Ragan hoping he feel reinvigorated tomorrow and says "i'm in a wierd space" as Andrew asked if he was feeling bad..

Ragan says shopping helps while Andrew says "going to Toys r Us" as they talk Ninetendo videos games..

11:24 BBT the odd convo continues between ragan Matt and Andrew..after debating how far the bathroom is and wishing it was closer Ragan gets up and goes as it leaves Andrew and Matt talking about HG ages/birthdays...

Back in Cab Room Kristen is planning to put up Britney and Monet "as a pawn" .."britney going home doesn't affect anybody" Hayden suggests.. "i thinks that's a good move"...Hayden says "monet already has the target and Britney isn't aligned with anybody"

Kristen "kathy knows about us" Kristen tells Hayden..though Kristen says she won't do anything about it and a worried looking Brendon.."i like Kathy..she's a sweatheat" and laugh who's wierder Andrew or Kristen as Lane enters..

11:28 BBT wierdo talk....

Back in havenot room Ragan has returned "i'm over today" and Matt says he loveed today and says fans love days like today "this is good big brother"...Matt talking about missing his wife..Andrew randomonly asks for a nice jewish girl to marry and saying "a nice gay guy" for Ragan...

11:31 BBT Lane talking about Andrew and their little confrontation and really doesn't elaborate much as Hayden turns to hotdogs and how good it was in a tortilla. "i can't believe we ony got 6 beers"

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11:38 BBT

Hayden Lane and Kristen talking about Andrew. Lane going on about Andrew thinking he's the one creating the drama between people by talking to different peop0le..

Outside Brit and Monet in the hot tub talking eyebrows

11:40 BBT Matt joins the convo in the cabana room about Annie as Hayden "she's ready to leave" but says he warned her "not to freak out" and says he can't help her..They are talking about if Rachel did what Annie says then "that's part of her game"

Just the low booze ration talk.....

11:43 BBT Matt asks if people bother him now that his power is almost over.."annie's talk to me a lot" because she thinks he tells people how to vote..

Lane leaves for outside ....Matt thinks "annie is losing her mind" "Brendon and Rachel are schemeing' and everything is "bullshit" when Hayden asks his take on the day....as they try to figure out what happen between Annie and rachel...

Matt thinks Rachel is the liar..he thinks Brendon told Rachel to piss her off as its apparent he wants Annie to stay over Rachel..

11:47 BBT Outside Enzo Monet Brit Kathy Annie and LAne talking about their HOH letter and baskets.....

In the kitchen Rachel and Brendon finishing up cleaning the kitchen..."this looks wonderful" to rach as she gives Bren "a booty bump" saying they will head to the hammock with the have not blankets with all the holes...

More Pyshics and school talk..

Kristen and Hayden get a BB "stop that" and Bren and Rachel run to see what happened..Kristen was tasting the fish tank water to see if it was salt or fresh..

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11:54 BBT Enzo in BY talking about his view of what a Southern girl is and how amazes he is about the different accents acroos the US "its unbelievable"

Accents talk continues..

Back in the Caban roon Brendon and Rachel joined them and talk about POV Rache thought "I won with Chemestry"...

11:58 BBT Hayden says "i fell on my but 4 times" because the "mayonnaise was so slick" as they talk POV..

Hayden saying the mayo was nasty...

{Well its that time of night when the feeds do haywire..always after BBAD so it may be a few moments}

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12:07 BBT

Still no feeds, well at least for me.

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12:10 BBT

Feeds finally return with the Caban crew of Matt Hayden Brendon Rachel and Kristen talking food and fish..Hayden or Bren sumises "i think the tanks is just messed up" for the reason of the dying fish..

"they're getting evicted faster than us" about the fish ..Matt asks if the Salt water for the fish was just water "with table salt" as Rachel saying it might not be "enough oxygen"

Matt called to Dr as they just talk about what its like trying to think of things to say in DR. and its triggers a FOTH..

12:14 BBT Booze talk "i don't want to sound ungrateful" Hayden says but wishes they had "more lite beer"

Ragan walks by and bids a goodnight..Kristin thinks she is going to bed..yawns..Brendon "please hurry Thursday" with the thought of Annie leaving and fun stuff..Rachel nervous while Kristen is excited and Hayden looking forward to his one on one with JC.

12:17 BBT Rach says she needs to think of a speech and jokes at one about Annie lying..Brendon asks about Hayden's convo with Annie and says he heard both sides and Rach says "i didn't do anything" as Bren calms he rdown not to get worked up as Bren says about Annie "she's a very good gameplayer"

Rache says Annie came up to her and aske dwhy she hates her and Rachel says she didn't say anything to her and the convo lasted less than three minutes as Kristen agrees and afterward she went crazy..Rach mad Annie "made up lies" as Bren calms her back down..

Matt enetrs talking about his DR and FOTH...12:21 BBT

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12:26 BBT

They are talking about America and the Saboteur in the cabana room..A lot of yawning

12:28 BBT Kristen offers her bed so Brendon doesn't have to sleep with Annie....laughing at anyone who has to sleep with Annie and Bren jokes America has to call to see "who has to sleep there"

Matt starts talking and FOTH

12:30 BBT

Hayden talking abot how he missed Andrew blew up on Lane and Annie's meltdown and they laugh..Brendon finally says he'll just sleep with Annie..Kristin says OK..

Now they are wondering how they are gonna look and Matt again starts talking about his DR and FOTH..

12:34 BBT Rachel comes back and tells them its 12:30 BBT..Rach like Kristin as Kristin puts it "i'm a very honest person" as Matt jokes he'll backdoor her next week...

12:35 BBT Annie calling Brendon out about his job to lane Enzo Monet Brit a nd Kathy..."he's smart" as Enzo acts..Annie saying "he has a different job " than je says..Lane says he doesn't care what his job is as Annie paints him a liar as Annie says "he's smart as hell" as Brit wonders if he's really 30..

Brit saying now his career path didn't make sense..Annie now saying that he's cocky and Monet saying he was lucky...Enzo sirring the pot about Brendon being the sabotuer...and the gunious factor adds up...

12:40 BBT Talking about how Brendon winning POV ruined their plans and Annie says they still have a chance as Enzo says he was impressed his word had "13 letters"..."he's a good kid and laughs at the jokes I say...we'll see what happens" though he says he has a huge target on your back..

Annie going on about being the poor victim...and Annie admits she hasn't been open about her life story with Brendon.. and feeds go haywire...

12:43 BBT Enzo tells Annie "keep fighting that's it..you don't want to cram it down people's throat...little by little" and if you get evicted 'you throw him under the bus" and let them know everything

Enzo "enzo says he will create a scene if I get evicted" give JC the finger get security to escort him out..he's joking of course..

They think that they do the early show in the morning instaed of the night they get evicted..

12:46 BBT Kathy amused by Enzo's antics..Enzo says it hard not to take things personally

Monet gets up to go in and Enzo says they should go in but is afraid he'll eat something because "i'm a fat fuck" and is seriously comsidering "gong on slop next week"

12:48 BBT Lane and Brendon talking in the kitchen about his game he made up then goes to bathroom to prepare for bed. HG in bathroom preparing for bed..

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12:53 BBT

In the Cabana room Kristin and Hayden talking about Pasta and maybe eating something for bed and also what they order at restaurants

In the kitchen Enzo stuffing his face as kathy wonders if she "should feed the fish or not"

Rachel and Brendon in bed in the dark but gets out to lok in the dark for a pair of pants for Rachell realizing he can't see turns the light on to look..finds them and she puts them on go back to bed and whisper...kiss and heavy breathing...

12:58 BBT back outside Matt Enzo Britney and Annie talking..

Back insides "i really like you" Rachel says as they make out and who knows what else..

1:01 BBT Back outside Matt and Enzo plead for us not to vote for them as America's player..and joke for us to vote for Lane..Enzo saying he Lane had his tongue pierced but Lane says he never had it pierced..now they are accusing of Lane he has had his tongue pierced and finally Annie lets see you tongue and lane says he would never het his tongue pierced..

1:06 BBT Rach and Bren still going at it..kissing

1:10 BBT In cabana room Enzo and lane have joined Kristin and Hayden..just a lot of nonsensical enzo talk

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1:12 BBT

Enzo talking about his brother too cheap to buy feeds but will watch over at his wifes for 10 mins and leave..

hayden gets up to eat but all the stuffed peppers are gone..

1:14 BBT Cameras seem to be following enzo as he goes into the bathroom with more enzo talks and goes back to the caban room and tells hayden and kirsten he's thinking about brushing his teeth "because my breath stnks" and goes to bed..

Annie comes in as enzo talks about his brother has "a little head" like "Beetlejuice"

1:17 BBT Fish talk

FOTH for unknown reason as they were talking about the fish eating poo...

1:21 BBT still FOTH

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1:25 BBT

Hayden talking about how hungry he is...while Annie whines she wants to make a shake...

Not a lot going on as people get ready for bed..

In Cabana room Annie going on about being uncomfortable about sleeping with brendon...

Enzo returns about him getting fat and Hayden says "i wanna meet his wife so bad" as Annie turns it back to the sleeping arrangements..

1:27 BBT FOTh

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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7:15 am BBT

Andrew is done with his morning prayers... packs up his stuff and heads down to the kitchen... starts preparing himself some breakfast... Sits down at counter to eat his bowl of cornflakes with 1/2 a cup of sugar on it.

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9:03 AM BBT: I fire up my feeds to a WBRB. I heard a shower running and someone ask "What time did you wake up?" (Lane??) Right before it went WBRB

9:04 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Matt is in the BR and Braden walks in. The shower is running. Lane is in the shower. Annie is asleep on the couch in the BR. MAtt is now brushing teeth doing ADLs. Not a whole lot of talking going on.


Ragan, Rachel and KAthy are in the Have Not Room. Rachel promises Kathy that she wont throw her by her hair into the hot tub today [Dang it!].Kathy leaves for the Bathroom. Ragan and Rachel are sitting in an uncomfortable silence.

9:07 AM BBT: Feeds switch to Braden and Andrew are in the BY talking about fruit flies. Braden walks into the kitchen and pours some more coffee.

9:09 AM BBT: Feeds switch back to Ragan and Rachel in the HN Room. They are talking about the "beds" that they are sleeoping in. Rachel asks if the bars are cold on his back. He says no. Ragan promises that if he gets HoH, all the H-ns can come up and sleep in his bed.. Rachel says for sure

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9:11 AM BBT: Ragain is saying that "he" has been very explicit on who he wants out. Matt says he knows. They are talking about someone who they are worried about winning HoH. Conversation turns into the camera men. smoking cigs and then when shit hits the fan everyone is in a scramble. Ragan asks if today is going to be crazier, Matt says he hopes so. Rachel said that it will be mellower. Matt said the Saboteur will being coming today, something about someone being related. Ragan starts whispering and I cannot hear him. They are discussing the the Sab messages.

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9:15 AM BBT: Matt is asking Ragan what a swollen lymph node feels like. Matt describes his symptoms and Ragan says he could have gotten that from the slip and slide. Matt is making fun of the Sab saying that "If you vote to evict Annie, you will be electrocuted" or "If you save Rachel you are going on slop for three weeks." The H-Ns move out of their room and start meandering around the house. Matt stops in the palm room and starts talking about Lane to a sleeping Enzo and Britney.

9:18 AM BBT: Cameras switch to Ragan and Rachel in the Storage Room. They are trash talking Annie. Typical trash talk. They finish up and move out to the Kitchen where Kathy and Braden are. Braden asks Ragan how his lymph nodes are doing and Ragan says they will bring in a Dr. today. Braden says he wishes he knew more about that. Now they are talking about if they could do it over again they would go into medicine...

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