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7/11 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=113

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Brendon and Rachel chatting in the kitchen. Annie, Kathy, Ragan and Kristen are in the cabana room talking about hair.

In the kitchen, Rachel says she needs to be more social and Brendon agrees. She heads outside and Brendon says he'll join her soon.

9:35 BBT

Brendon enters the cabana room. They start giving shout out to family and friends. Ragan starts to talk about the BB cameras and BB warns them about talking about production then FOTH.

10:00 BBT

Ragan, Brendon and Rachel talking in the cabana room. They were talking about a female (not sure who) who has changed their ways in the BB house by cleaning more now. (maybe Annie??) Brendon says Andrew does most of the cleaning and people still talk bad about him. Ragan says everyone should have a daily chore.

Ragan says if any other team in the HN comp would have lost, there would have been chaos. Rachel says their team was the only ones who could handle being a HN.

Rachel wonders how her and Brendon always end up in a room together.

Not sure where Kathy is, but everyone else is outside in the HT.

(I'm out for tonight.)

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10:40BBT Rachel in backyard doing cheers while Enzo, Monet, Annie, Lane, Hayden, Brittney and Kristan ate at the hot tub. Brittney get up to start to do a cheer, but sits back down saying no way I am not jumping.

In the Cabana room Regan is giving Kathy a pep talk.

10:44 BBT Annie asks hot tub group if they saw the movie UP. She said it was so good but also so sad. Rachel agrees it was very sad.

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10:53 BBT Annie at hot tub telling them about this great place to go where you can play any board game and thats it is open to 5am. Annie tells everyone at the hot tub, it is a lot of fun to go there and play board games when you are drunk. She said her favorite is ??Apples. ( I didn't catch the whole name of the game) Eno asks her if it is a board game? Annie says no it cards, but considered a "Board" game. Matt is also with the hot tub group.

11:00 Hot tub group leaves hot tub to go over to metel balls in backyard. Matt starts to climb into one. Big Brother says Stop that. A minute later Rachel says they only said it once. Matt starts to climb in again and Big Brother says Stop That! again.

11:03 Rachel is doing hand stands in the back yard. Kristen does a head stand. Annie says what to we do, we have nothing to do. Rachel is called to the diary room.

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12:27am BBT

Annie and Ragan have been having a private conversation in the have-not room for the past several minutes. She's doing a lot of speculating who Hayden is going to put on the block. She feels it in her gut she is the one to be nominated. She also believes if she goes up against Rachel she'll be the one out of the house.

Annie thinks Hayden will do what Brendon wants him to do because he's afraid Brendon will come after him if he wins HOH over the next two weeks. Everybody knows Brendon wants to keep Rachel in the house.

Ragan also believes he could be a target too. He finds it strange nobody is really talking about the POV ceremony which is making the house uncomfortable.

Ragan just said it's hysterical they were wanting to be in this house MORE THAN ANYTHING!! Annie also chimed in saying the same thing at the same time. Now they are in the house they can't believe how hard the game is inside those walls.

Annie starts talking about crying in the DR and we get FOTH.

Kathy enters the room and Annie asks her if she was in there yesterday when she started crying. Kathy says no.

Annie said someone started talking about family which made her cry. Brendon came over, put his arm around her asking if she needed to talk. She said no and left so she could be alone for a little while.

Kathy says there are things she knows she can't talk about but she wishes she could. They told her it would cause a lot of trouble if she did so she just keeps things to herself.

Ragan wonders how many ppl in the house have broken down and cried. He admits he has and so does Kathy. They know it's hard on everybody.

12:37am BBT


Cameras return and Annie is leaving the have not room. Ragan tells Kathy he's had a really bad day today.

Lane enters the room. He wants to know what they're talking about. Kathy says they're saying how difficult it is to be on slop and hates how much it drains them.

Kathy says nobody in the house knows how she normally behaves. She usually cuts up and is loud, has a good time but being a have-not really takes a toll on her body and thinking process.

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12:41am BBT

Kathy, Ragan & Lane still talking in have-not room. Lane is telling them he realizes he's not on slop but they just need to eat it as much as they can because it is suppose to have things your body needs. He also says they need to use the protein shakes. Ragan is frustrated how hard this week has been on his body. He has swollen lymph nodes and thinks all this is causing it.

Ragan laughs and tells Lane, "I bet you thought you were coming in on some juicy gossip". Lane says yeah, I did. I'm disappointed. Lane tells Ragan he's an alright dude but sometimes when he's around him he just wants to hit him. They all laugh. Ragan starts yelling, "come on big guy, HIT ME, JUST HIT ME. They laugh again.

Ragan says they better give him something good for these lymph nodes. Lane says, what...hydrocodone? Kathy says they can give you a morphine patch! Ragan says, "how about a Zanax?" Kathy wants to know what that does and Ragan says it calms you right down.

Ragan says if this room had nice beds he would like sleeping in it. Lane says it reminds him of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

12:49am BBT

Lane says how about a sex room?! "Ragan, does that make you uncomfortable?" YES!! They all laugh.

Ragan says Kathy has been smoking weed! She says she's never smoked pot. He teases her saying the inmates have been teaching her how to do drugs. Kathy starts to laugh hysterically.

Ragan wants to know if he can admit he's done drugs on this show? Lanes says he doesn't see why not. Then Ragan says no, I've never done drugs.

Matt enters the room and suddenly there are two conversations going on at the same time. Ragan says he thinks it would be fun to see Kathy in her element, doing her job.

The camera switches to the kitchen where nobody is talking.

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2:14 am BBT: Hayden and Kristen are the only two still awake and they're in the Cabana Room. Kristen conveys to him that Andrew thinks Matt is being fed in the DR and therefore, the saboteur. Hayden isn't buying it.

Hayden tells Kristen that that he doesn't trust Britney because she can't keep her mouth shut and because earlier in the day she wanted to start a fight with Annie just to prove her loyalty to Hayden... too much unnessesary drama for Hayden's taste.

They talk about what Hayden will do/say when Brendon comes to him to discuss the PoV. Hayden tells her he won't make an alliance with him but, that he will make a deal. Hayden will keep Rachel safe and not nominate him next time he's HoH, if they (Rachel and Brendon) agree to vote out the person he puts in Brendon's place. Kristen thinks that is a great deal.

They also consider whether or not Kathy and Britney are related because they look alike and are both from Arkansas but, neither really thinks that rumor is true.

2:30 am BBT: Hayden goes to HoH to get ready for bed and Kristen goes to bed... everyone else is already asleep.

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8:34 AM BBT: Captain Kosher goes back to bed after brushing his teeth. When Andrew was walking back to bed he was nodding at the cameras (in a sad sad attempt at being funny...-Sheldon)

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8:59 AM BBT: Lane is up and moving around. He went straight to the bathroom

9:02 AM BBT: Lane checks himself out in the mirror and then doesnt wash his hands... (Do you hear me Danielle from BB3???)

9"03 AM BBT: WBRB (Wake up call???)

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9:09 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Monet is in the Storage Room changing her batterys. BB then asks Brittany to put on her microphone. Switch feeds.

9:10 AM BBT: Brenden, Brittany, Lane and others are in the bathroom talking. The shower is running, I dunno who is in there though...

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10:17 BBT

Feeds come back to show Annie giving Hayden her plea in the HOH room. Annie doesn't understand why she's being targeted when everyone is making alliances. She says she's trying to get with the guys b/c she doesn't get along with Britney and Monet has a target on her back b/c of the $10,000. She says people think Hayden and Kristen are in an alliance. He asks her about trusting her for HOH. Annie doesn't think Britney will win HOH and Hayden doesn't know what to do about Britney. Annie says she can't handle Britney and sees Britney talking to too many people.

Hayden asks how close Annie is to Brendon and Rachel. She says not Rachel so much as Brendon, as they've had long talks about personal stuff, which she can seperate personal from game. Hayden explains that if he tries to save Rachel, someone else has to go up. Annie says Brendon wants Monet and Hayden says he won't put Monet up. Says he doesn't know why, but he won't put her up.

Rachel rings the doorbell and asks Hayden for a minute. He asks her for a minute and she leaves, after telling him he looks cute. Annie continues talking.

10:25 BBT

Annie says people came to her and told her to stay close to Brendon to share information with the others. But, she says, people turned that against her, now saying she's too close to Brendon and has an alliance with him.

Annie asks what her chances of going on the block are and hayden basically says high, as he's talked to many people and Annie is definitely an option. Annie pauses, then says okay. Hayden says he likes Annie, which is why he pulled her key first for nominations. Annie says she's hurt if she goes up and Hayden says she's not the only option. She tells him if she doesn't go up, she won't nominate her when she becomes HOH.

Hayden says they can still talk later and he apologizes for his honesty, but says Annie may not go up. Annie thanks him for not lying to her. Hayden thinks his honesty will bite him in the ass later on in the game and Annie thinks being open, like she is, will hurt her, too.

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