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7/10 - Live Feed Updates


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9:10 pm BBT: General chit chat in the BY; talking about what they find attractive in the opposite sex, penis enlargement, big brother coffee.

9:28 pm BBT: Hayden is getting in the hot tub. He asks the others if it will make him more sleepy or not.

Kathy and Monet are already in there and after Hayden gets in Krista joins too.

Ragan, Rachel, Matt, Britney and Enzo are in the Lounge trying to figure out where everyone is.

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10:08pm BBT

Brendon & Annie are in the hammock and have been having a heart to heart talk about their personal lives. They've talked about their loves, lives, ambitions and hopes & dreams.

Brendon thinks Annie is selling herself too short. She seems to have a bad personal image and doesn't give herself enough credit for her accomplishments. He tells her he believes she's a great person with a good heart. They both agree they will be friends outside the BB house.

Brendon was also talking about how he wants to go to school for another six years. Annie asked him if he wants to settle down, get married and have kids. He said yes but not at this point in his life.

Annie kept saying she's just a bartender but Brendon thinks there's more to the story, she does other things at the same time. Annie doesn't open up about that part of her life.

Brendon & Annie go in the house. There is a group of people in the kitchen eating and telling crazy stories. Lane, Enzo, Matt, Brendon and Ragan are at the bar stuffing their face and laughing their butt off at each other. They're all talking with their mouths full and it's hard to follow the conversation.

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10:18pm BBT

Group still in kitchen. Brendon said he'd love it if there was a tally over the door showing them how many people are watching them at any one time. Matt said there are people who are watching Showtime too, not just on the internet.

Enzo is setting at the table eating corn flakes. He says they taste funny but it must be the one percent milk. He's not used to that.

Lane says Enzo is living in his own world. He comes up with so much crazy stuff which makes everyone around the table laugh.

Brendon, Matt, Annie, Enzo and Lane are sitting at the table eating and cutting up at silly remarks each one is making. Enzo said he's binging tonight, can't get enough to eat.

Lane says he gets paranoid when he catches himself whispering. He starts thinking, "oh my gawd, people are going to think I'm talking about the game!" They all laugh. Britney wants to know how people survive long enough to win this game. They all think the house would be real creepy when they get down to 2,3 or 6 people. Britney says they'll have to get rid of Enzo before the house gets down to a small number of people. Otherwise his head will explode!

Brendon says being in that house is living in a constant state of nervousness. Lane says he can't wait to hear the code words for each alliance in the house this year. (the nicknames given to them by the viewers?)

The guys send Britney to the storage room to see if there's any liquor. She isn't coming right back out so they wonder if there is some. They're quizzing her what happened when she was in there. She said she was talking to production then laughs.

(Feeds crashed. Have to reboot)

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11:06 BBT: HOH Room... Britney and Monet talking about Annie and Kristen. Making fun about Kristen's voice and how hard she tries to seem cool with the guys.Also that Annie has no idea that she's going to be nominated. moving on to bashing Andrew. Now their bashing Rachel (?) claiming that she couldn't do a back flip and she's supposed to have been in gymnastics. laughing about how paranoid Enzo is and he's safe this week. Britney reassures her that she's 110% sure Monet is not going up and if she does then Rachel goes home. Now their just watching the camera.

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11:15pm BBT

Hayden, Lane in storage room talking about nominations. Lane said if it's between Annie and Rachel he'd rather keep Annie because he feels she can be easily persuaded with her vote. Rachel is going to stick with Brendon no matter what.

They both also believe Enzo is causing himself more harm than good. He needs to chill and not be so hyped up all the time.

Lane says if they do vote out Rachel he would throw in a vote for Rachel just to make Brendon think things are OK. If Brendon doesn't win HOH next week they can back door Brendon to get him out of the house.

They both think they should keep Annie next week. They believe they should also stay friends with Andrew in case he gets HOH next week.

Hayden agrees they should be nice with Andrew in case he does get HOH. They said who cares if he is the saboteur. They'll be able to get him out when they need to later on.

Annie has shown she's trying to be a part of all the groups on the house and they will need to get her out of the house.

Hayden says when Enzo was in the HOH with him he was getting all fired up about getting Annie out of the house. Enzo kept telling Lane all day long they need to get up to HOH and tell Hayden to get Annie out of the house.

Someone opened up the door to the storage room so they quit talking game and said they would talk tomorrow about what they need to do. They both head to the kitchen.

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11:25 BBT: Storage room...Lane telling Hayden that even though Annie can't be trusted she'll be easier to sway as opposed to Rachel who is loyal to Brenden. Hayden is just listening for the most part. Both mention how Enzo is the one out of their final 4 to freak out since he's being so paranoid right now. Before they leave they mention talking again sometime tomorrow.

11:29 BBT: HOH Room ... Britney telling Annie about Andrew's appology and how he said that he was testy with her because he thought she was the sabatour. Annie just makes a face.

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11:10 BBT {lost the last half hr of updates due to the feeds freezing up my computer}

Annie is the HOH talking to Monet and Britnet as she tells them Brandon "assumes" she is going to vote "to keep Rachel" as all agree it would be "stupid" to "keep Rachel" and Annie says "the smartest idea would be Kathy up" and Britney says Rachel will definitely go"...Britney saying maybe Rachel shouldn't go "but her boobs should" and make fun of her gymanatics display earlier..

11:14 BBt Annie saying Brandon spent a lot of time bragging about his academic accomplishments....Britney asks Annie who she thinks the alliances are...Aniie just skirts the question other than Brandon and Rachel..

11:15 BBt Land and Hayden having a talk in the SR...Talking about Rachel and Lane says he could throw a vote for her to keep Brandon from getting too upset..and Hayden says for sure Annie is going to vote out Rachel and Lane is saying to backdoor Brandon and Hayden keep Andrew just he gets HOH they are both safe.."even if he's the sabetor" and just keep him for 5 weeks and let him collect his money...

11:18 BBT Hayden worried about Enzo flipping out and will be the guy that fips out in final four as Lane worries he'll be the one that will get paranoid...

Back in HOH Britney worried about Brandon being "a smooth talker" and assembling an alliance together...Britney saying Hayden has asked her if Annie was close with Brendon...and tells Annie Brit told Hayden she was "just guilty by association" and Annie agrees Brendon was just trying to get in her pants at the beginning...

11:22 BBT Annie wondering if someone must have put that idea in Hayden's head and Annie wants to talk to him about it....They agree "one of the girls" will be the pawn.. Britney believes it will be Monet or Kathy and Annie is afraid she will be backdoored with hayden asking about her...

11:24 Brit says she should talk with Hayden tomorrow not tonight....and tells he not look "to skittish"

11:26 BBT Britney says being in an alliance with Brendon is like being on a sinking ship....Annie agrees.

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11:26 BBT

In HOH a lot of repetition talk..as Britney goes on about her saboteur talk with Brandon.....Annie being just saying she would have died laughing had he told her that..

11:30 BBT all feeds and BBAD on this HOH convo...Annie finally leaves and heads back downstairs...

Hayden is eating in the kitchen as Annie joins him and Enzo telling them she was just "kickin" in HOH.....Lane at the table asking about "that showtime thing" schedule...no one knows...

11:33 BBT Rachel is at the spa talking to Brandon..Brandon talking about his ucla days and not needing to be part of a fraternity...

Rachel talks about before she moved to Vegas says "i moved to Chicago for a week' and couldn't handle it and "moved straight to Vegas" not even going home...

11:35 BBT Hayden has been corneredd by Annie in the Cabana room asking him about the supposed alliance with Brandon as Hayden says "its going around" and Annie says its bullshit as she asks him "who told you that?" and hayden skirts the question and Annie says she understands if he doesn't want to say...though she's "upset" about "stupid assholes" trying to make "me look bad".....she promises to keep Hayden to the end..

11:38 BBT Annie blathering on how she considered going into alliance with the girls but is certain she would be backstabbed and she wants to go into an alliance with him and Enzo...

Annie is disavowing any alliance with Brandon..

11:40 Back in HOH britnet upset Annie ran to hayden and says she looks like a "sittish psychopath"...as Britney accuses Annie of being insincere and hopes "hayden can see through her" as Lane and Brit now wonder if Annie should go over Rachel as "annie is a bigger competitor"

11:41 Britney accusing Annie of playing all sides..as Lane says "she benefits us more than Rachel would" as Britney says she's asked around about alliances..

11:43 BBT

Back in Cabana room Annie has calmed down as Hayden says they have a few days to talk about it and assures her its "nothing to worry about"

11:44 BBT Britney trying to convince lane "Rachel would be easy to get out" later and Annie would not...Lane seems to be not agreeing as Britney says she only trust Lane and Monet and she trusts Hayden but feels he has no "loyalty "to me"....

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11:48 BBT

Annie still talking to Hayden as she soos Kathy away as she needs to keep talking to Hayden as Hayden is trying to escape her clutches....and no is accusing britney or Monet oftelling him as Hayden says he heard it "second hand from her"

Annie says she talks to Brendon to find out whats in his head and bring back the info to hayden because he's a strong competitor...

11:50 BBT Annie talking in circles...."i'm guilty" of trying to get "to know people" in the house and says "at this point' she is no longer talking game becaus epeople "twist what i say"...saying what is happening "didn't expect it so early" the backlash..

Hayden: "todays was the worst case scenario..I love Brendon to death" as he has "good chance" to get HOH...

11:53 BBT Annie still going on and on..

Britney still going on and on about Annie as Enzo comes in "great the last person i wanna see" as it was Brendon...as Britnet says "there's alcohol Lane" as Britney says she'll be down in a bit...

11:55 BBT The booze is flowing as everyone assembles in the kitchen...

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11:56 BBT

Hayden corners Lane in SR as he gets beer to fill him in about his convo with Annie and Hayden says if they don't put her up they will get her in their alliance as Lane calls it "the Brigade" and Hayden says he'll talk to her tomorrow about it...as he thinks she is just looking for an alliance..

11:58 BBT Most HG etting their share of booze...Matt talking about breatalizer and mouthwash with Katy and says she tried it and "blew" a ".07" with mouthwash..and Brendon was reall suprised as they talk about it in the bathroom..

12:01 BBT their convo continues in the bathroom...as Kathy talks about all her house smelling like bleach and she loves it...and brendon wonders if all the cleaning supplies "are good for the environment".....Kathy going on about her klorox smelling house...

12:04 Brendon leaves the bleach talk to head back into the kitchen

In the havenot room Britney is talking to Annie about her dilema with being accused of being with brandon and FOTH {sorry old habits are hard to break}

12:06 BBt In the bathroom Rachel is talking to Matt who doesn't "get booze" and says BBAD is over and now this is for "the hardcore fans" to watch as feeds just switch from convo to convo...

Back in Havenot Room a very nuerotic Annie keeps going on about the Brandon thing....Britney being assured "i'm on board" speech...

12:09 Annie is suprised that she was accused of being with Brandon..

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12:13 BBT

Annie and Britney talking as rgan says he didn't hear anything about it as he tries to calm Annies fears..and convinces her and Brit to go outside as Annie wished he wasn't "on slop"

They head into the bathrrom where Enzo Brendon, Rachel, Matt are talking...mostly talking about sleeping and naps...as britney tells them about her hour long nap in HOH..Ragan pining about sleeping in the HOH bed...

12:17 BBT unfortunately I can only get the bathroom feed and the general chit chat is going on...talking about Marcellas' blunder from season three

12:21 BBT Britney and Enzo whispering about Rachel and Annie and advises her to "play it cool" about what hayden told Annie..."i can't belive hayden told her" as Enzo says "i don't know nothin" aboout what Hayden is doing but says she'll be going home and I am not sure which she they were talking about.. they break up their little pow wow

12:24 BBT In the spa Hayden is sitting in the hot tub ..Lane and Monet and Annie..Britney joins them as Hayden says he never goes up to HOH unless "someone wants to go talk"....Oh Kristen is in there..as they talk about sleeping and lights...Nothing interesting as far as convo is concerned..

12:30 More hot tub group talk..

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12:37 BBT

half the house is at the hot tub the other is in the bathroom as Enzo tells the outside people they are in "the spa"... Annie, Monet, Britney, Lane hayden, Kristen Ragan and Enzo are outside...talking over each other so not much to report..

{these feeds suck}

All four feeds on outside hot tub though I can see the bathrrom convo but when I change cams I just get the backyard cams...

12:45 BBT Outside group drinking but alcohol seems to just mellow them and make them boring...

Everyone is now outside...several convos going on at once...

Ragan bids goodnight as he's tired..

12:50 BBT Kathy and Ragan in havenot room as Ragan tells her he's confused about all these convos going on...all he remebers is the Cabana convo..Kathy says "they both are playing together about rachel and Brandon and is they stay together "its over"...Ragans says she shouldn't worry about it....Kath says she's never been around "childhood drama" without telling em "to stop it" and Ragan says to just extract herself from it..as Ragan says "just sit back" and "let what ever emerges emerge" as he sounds like he's preparing her for a possible nomination...

12:53 BBT Brtiney pops in as she agrees with them its exhausting as Kathy imstills Rachel and Brandon are enemies to them and shold be broken up...Brit talks about Annie and her confronting Hayden....and goes on about it...

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1:13 BBT

Annie's mini meltdowm seems to be ending..Apparantely half her family didn't sign releases {I wonder why} as Brandon is comforting

Annie heads in and says "monet I broke down again..I'm done" and now she's talking to brendon about everyone acussing her of being in an alliance with him

1:17 BBT Now she's spilling everything to Brandon...and reassures her he is going to talk to hayden tomorrow and if he doesn't put up who he wants he will threatnedn him thet "i'm going after you" and says he gets pissed and "steps up" as he reassures Annie he's got her back....

Brandon agrees to make sure he doesn't tell hayden he doesn't have an alliance with her as she tells him she only trust him in the house....

1:19 BBT she says her meltdown started in DR and had to stay in there.. gets warning from BB and tells them Shut up..I hate your motha" and continues her convo with brendon...about Hayden's convo of playing both sides...

Brendon going on about his education "i've got my bachelors...my masters and starting my PhD"......"i know he's fucking done" if Hayden doesn't do "what i want" Brendon tells Annie....Brendon says he'll give him one more chance as Annie complains hayden doesn't help with dishes and cleaning...Annie bashing Hayden to Brendon..

1:24 BBT Brendon wants her to go to Hayden to let him know he's smart..and he "fucked up" by putting him up...Brendon just told Annie "you're not going home" and repeats his threats to hayden..

1:26 BBT In HOH Hayden is explaining to Matt and Lane what transpired his convo with Annie earlier... Hayden says He told her it wasn't Monet that didn't tell him and Annie assumed it was Britney and confronted her..and Hayden says Annie is just trying "to stir up shit"

1:28 BBT Lane says he knows both Brit and Annie really well and hasn't told them about "the brigade"...Lane "britney can't keep her mouth shut..Annie can't keep her mouth shut" as Matt thinks Britney is the saboteur and Matt thinks Annie should go...

Now they are patting themselves on the back how they have the whole house fooled about their "brigade" and how each have different HG wrapped around their fingers...

1:31 BBT

Lane says Rachel has been talking to him all day looking for votes..Hayden saying "britney is an instigator" and both of them "going back and fourth" so "one of them has to go"

Right now Annie is who they want to get rid of..{this should be good when she's nominated]

Now they are talking about Next week and want to get rid of "britney" and keep andrew..

1:33 BBT Lane happy everyone thinks he's by himself and feels sorry for him so he thinks he's safe....Lane "we've got the game down" as long as they keep their alliance a secret..

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1:36 BBT

The HOH pow is breaking up as Matt leaves and Lane and Hayden talk about "the girl drama" and how it makes it easier and Hayden says he's all hurt because Annie ran to Britney about their convo and agree that she has to go and it won't affect them at all...

Lane and hayden upset BB made a mic warning with them talking...now they are talking about their boot list...Annie this week ..Britney next week and Monet or Kathy week 3 and Lane says Brandon after that because he's strong "he like has a masters" Hayden sumises...Lane says they are cook but wants to get Brendon out as soon as possible but Rachel and Brendon are votes for them.....

1:40 BBT Now they are talking about Enzo being to emotional in the game....and they continue to think they will win every HOH the next 5-6 weeks...

Their meeting breaks up but Lane checks the spyscreen to make sure no one is watching....as they decide who leaves first...Lane leaves "i've been trying to backdorr myself all night tonight" as he jokes his way downstairs...

1:45 BBT Brendon Enzo Hayden and Krsiten in Kitchen talking...as Enzo thinks BB is the saboteur...they seem to feed off the idea..Brenden says he'll hide in the sink to catch the saboteur..jokes about it...Brendon says the saboteur will need outside help to get things done and we get foth...

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1:50 BBT

All 4 feeds are FOTH....

Feeds are back but I only have audio..except Cam 4 with Enzo complaining no one does their dishes to hayden and Kristen as brendon heads to bed as they congratulate him on his POV win..Hayden said he had 8 letters in POV and thought he was gonna win but apparantely Brendon won with 9

1:55 Monet and Britney are wispering to Lane in bed..about Annie I think..before the feeds went to FOTH..I didn't get too much of it

1:58 BBT Brendon and Annie whispering in bed as he reassures her hayden won't put her up because hayden is scared of him and Annie says he's petrified of Brendon and assures her she will not go up...Annie saying she doesn't trust enzo....and whispering very low about his demands he will deliver to hayden...

2:00 Brendon and Annie wispering in bed pretty much the same stuff over..

{I'm out I will be back tomorrow...night all}

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2:08 am BBT: Kristen and Hayden are talking in the lounge. Kristen tells him that the house is going to divide into two sides. Brendon vs. Hayden

Kristen thinks Hayden should trust Andrew and Enzo.

Hayden asks her if she thinks Annie is an actress because Enzo thinks she is... Kristen tells him no, she's just manipulative.

Hayden thinks Britney is high maintenance and Kristen says that Britney is the kind of girl that makes her want to blow her brains out. But, they need to keep her around for a bit because she's easy to control.

They tell each other how they like Andrew even if he's bit odd.

They say good night to each other... everyone else is already in bed.

3:05 am BBT: Sleep cams.

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8:30am BBT - Brendon and Ragan are up. They are chatting in the kitchen. Just said Hello to Kathy so I assume she is up. Saw Annie on the feeds a few minutes ago. (is it just me or are these the earliest bunch of risers we've ever had).

Kathy is in the bathroom doing ADLs.

Just saw someone upstairs by the HOH room. No idea who it is... Didn't catch who it was.

Brendon to Kathy: "How'd you sleep last night? Warm enough?"

Can't hear Kathy's reply. She doesn't have her mic on.

8:33 BBT: FotH (Wake up call?)

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8:35 BBT

Kathy is now up mixing up a protein shake in the kitchen. Ragan and Kathy discuss how they slept. Now Brendan making tea while Ragan cooking slop over the stove

Brendon and Ragan are the only ones in the kitchen right now talking about the downtime. Ragan comments that they wait more time then they play during comps. Brendan hates the suspense leading up to events. Ragan says it's very revealing of people's characters - how they act the hours leading up to a competetion.

Andrew has been on the 2nd floor balcony since about 8 00 BBT doing his daily ritual (Someone posted the name of it yesterday but i forgot!)

8 45 BBT

Ragan and Brendon joking around in the kitchen. Ragan faces one of the cameras and tells the feed watchers that Brendon is always trying to kiss him.

Brendon steps outside to tell Kathy he made some tea and put it in the freezer. I missed the whole convo but when Brendon re entered he tells Ragan he thinks she's hilarious. Both also comment that she is a strong person for what she's been through.

Ragan thinks everyone acted classy during the HOH comp. Re capping how Kathy helped Britney when she fell. They wonder if the next HOH is endurance.

Brendon and Ragan discussing Casey from last year - taking the Margarita Party was not smart. Ragan loved when Casey told Natalie to go make Jessie a sandwich when Casey was evicted.

9:00 BBT

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Kathy joining the conversation about last season. The Natalie in the middle thing was awkward for her. Re Capping Lydia's "psycho" diary confession where she went to Jessie's room in the middle of the night.

Ragan imitates Braden from last year: Go Back to West Hollywood Ragan.

Kathy shares she started watching BB with her grandma when she was terminally ill.

FOTH for a sec. Comes back to the Kathy Ragan and Brendon discussing the comps they've had so far. Kathy is pleased with how she's done despite her being sick.

Andrew emerges from the balcony

9 15 BBT

Kathy says she will not change her morals or beliefs for 500K. Brendon tells her he respects her for everything she's been through. Kathy says she has no alliances or deals; all she's been doing is trying to get better.

Kathy theorizes that the fish have been dying b/c they are in the most stressfull room, not b/c of her taking care of them.

Andrew showing his religious text (not sure what to call it) to Brendon and Kathy. Brendon has a lot of respect for Andrew being as devout as he is.

Brendon trying to pronounce a word from Andrew's Bible. Sounds like Humusch - Andrew says it means 5 books of Torah in Hebrew.

Kathy's favorite book in the Bible is Psalms.

Enzo enters the kitchen briefly, off to the bathroom.

Brendon lowers his voice, tells Kathy and Andrew that he doesn't want to backstab throughout this game. He thinks both of them are real people. Others are making 5 million alliances with people. Kathy re iterates that she hasn't made or done anything.

Brendon: I had my bags packed....I'm gonna try my hardest to win HOH. I'm not gonna be something this house doesn't want...won't follow orders from anyone else. I've got nothing to lose at this point; I'll have a huge target on my back for the rest of this game....If I wanna hang out with Rachel I'll hang out with Rachel.

Brendon thinks people are wanting Rachel to compromise who she is - not to be her bubbly happy self. Brendon wants to be like Jeff from last year.

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9:05 am BBT: Brendon and Ragan say they're going to start "peppering" the feeds with some jokes for the diehard BB fans.

9:11 am BBT: They tell Kathy they want to re-enact some of the great moments of past BB house guests.

9:16 am BBT: Brendon and Kathy alone for a moment and he tells her how much he respects her and she tells him that she won't do anything to compromise herself, even for $500,000. She wants to leave with her dignity. She tells him she has no alliances and won't talk bad about anyone else in the house. (Ummm, what have the last two nights of bashing Rachel been?)

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Andrew: Even if I screw up just keep talking to me

Brendon: I want you to be a part of this house.

The three sharing how they have always been different.

Wake up call. Change your batteries. FOTH for a few mins. Back to Matt and Ragan on the hammock. Ragan thinks there will be a lot of drama the next couple of days; tells Matt to not get sucked into it. Matt thinks they are playing similar games at this point, just trying to be nice to everyone.

Hayden reminds Ragan of Tarzan. Ragan thinks there is a lot of "lady drama." Matt likens it to a virus. Since he doesn't have it he doesn't think Hayden will put him up.

Speculaing when they will get off slop.

On Feed 1 Brendon and Rachel talking in the red room. Brendon talking about telling Hayden what to do. Rachel says she's scared, also that Hayden wants to make a deal with Brendon.

9 45 BBT

Brendon wants to flip the house and cause as much damage as he can. Rachel can tell Annie doesn't want her here. Rachel thinks if Hayden does what Brendon says then he is a good person to have on their side.

Matt comes in and asks her if she wants any slop, not now. Brendon and Rachel talking about who will go up against Rachel and if they have enough votes. Rachel tells that Hayden told her there was one option who everyone will vote for (Annie). Brendon is going to make sure Rachel won't go home. Rachel promises that Annie wants her out. Brendon doesn't want to send her home.

Rachel thinks it would be safer to go up against Monet than Kathy. Rachel likes Kristen. Brendon likes Andrew and thinks the way he's been treated is shitty. Brendon thinks Andrew has a good chance to win HOH.

Andrew enters and they all think the next HOH is endurance. Andrew thinks not since they can't make it last long on live TV. Rachel asks if Andrew will vote her out. He says no and hopes Monet goes up.

Brendon will keep Rachel no matter who goes up but will try to influence Hayden to put up who they want.

10 00 BBT

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