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Which housewives are the most annoying?



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  1. 1. Which state has the most annoying "real" housewives?

    • The OC "not only is my credit card plastic" "real" housewives?
    • The NY "yada, yada, yada, yenta, yenta, yenta, I'm a deer caught in the headlights" "real" housewives?
    • The NJ "move over Tony and Carmela there are new guidos and guidettes in town" "real" housewives?
    • The Atlanta "I can't sing, I can't act and I know nothing about fashion" "real" housewives?

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Okay, I've watched some episodes of each of the housewives and in your opinion which state has the most annoying "real" housewives?

My vote goes to the NY crew because I have never seen that many annoying, obnoxious, full of crap housewives smooshed into one tv screen.

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I'd have to say NY as of right now, but I think in the end DC is going to wind up the wackiest in my opinion, just because of the idiots that think they can go to the White House without proper invite...

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How cool, someone made an actual poll. Thanks!

OMG, they gave Bethenny her own show, what is this world coming to? I didn't think she should be on the other show and then they go and do this. Wow, I feel sorry for that guy who is going to marry her (or did this happen already)? I hope he's just another fame monger who wants a slice of the pie and will disappear when this show doesn't get picked up again because I think he's too nice for her.

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