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Once again it's time to plan your trip to the Reality TV Vegas Bash 2010!


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I would rather stick toothpicks in my eyes then hang out with that group list. I'm glad you had fun though.

How about if it only cost $5?

Hey big news! Niki at Liveatthestudio.tv is giving away the Ultimate Fan Experience for ONE lucky person PLUS a guest to the Vegas Bash 2010! Yep! Airfare ($250 limit per airline ticket), tickets to all events, and hotel accommodations in a raffle! $5 gets you a chance to win $950 (per person) worth of ABSOLUTE FUN! To enter for your chance go to http://liveatthestudio.tv/discography.html and click on the "Ultimate Bash Raffle" link to get your chance today!

GO GET YOUR CHANCE NOW!!!! This is too friggin COOL!!

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