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One Big Happy Family


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I found this show out of sheer boredom a while back. I think they only made a few episodes for the first "season" but they are back, and this family is SO funny. There is a mom, dad and two teens, all very overweight, and they are trying to change their habits, get more active and eat healthier. The mom has lost like 90 pounds so far, and you can really see the difference (actually in the first episode of the new season, she had lost 90, in the article it looks like she has lost quite a bit more now). Check it out - they'll make you laugh, for sure! Tuesday nights on TLC

Stars of TLC's 'One Big Happy Family' continue to pass on obesity warning



Tuesday, June 1st 2010, 4:00 AM

"One Big Happy Family," Tuesday night at 9 on TLC

Norris Coles still misses cheeseburgers.

But Coles also knows, for him, the difference between life and death was cheeseburgers, deep-fried foods and the kind of junk he'd eaten for years on his way to becoming obese.

Now, however, Coles, along with his wife and two children, have become weight-loss motivators and the stars of TLC's "One Big Happy Family," which returns for a second season Tuesday night at 9.

"If we can get anybody up off the couch, it's a good thing," Coles says.

"We're trying to teach and educate everyone," he says. "We're not trying to get out there and say we're comfortable where we are. We're trying to do something. There's no voice for obesity. If we can fight back, you can fight back."

And they have.

After the entire family got word that if they did not radically change their diets - and lives - they would be dead, the family decided to fight fat together.

The day the doctor said Coles would die, he weighed in at 345 pounds. He's now down to 263. His wife was 380 pounds, and she's at 259 now. His two kids were each in the 330-pound range, and they're down to the 290s.

"You need that real truth, that you're going to die if you don't change," he says.

The show follows the family as they go through their regular lives in North Carolina, while trying to eat healthy. They also try to share those meals with friends and extended family who maybe don't like plain turkey burgers.

"I remember when I couldn't tie my shoes," Coles says.

The family keeps pictures of themselves in heavier times around the house as a constant reminder of their bad eating habits. They do, however, have cheat nights every two weeks, where they can have a treat.

The dieting has resulted in more family meals together, and internal competitions of sorts. Wife Tameka has lost the most weight so far.

And they're doing it all on their own, without the help of trainers, like those on other weight-loss shows.

Cameras follow them as they take walks, exercise, eat and go about life as a plus-size family.

"Our show is real," Coles says. "Those shows, they have so much help, they have drill sergeants and people pushing them," he says. "The ultimate goal is to live longer and be healthier. We're trying to trim the weight off, we're trying to do it the best way, the safe way. And you have to be accountable for the weight you're losing yourself."

Since the show launched, Coles and his family have become celebrities. When they shop, people look in their cart to see if they're getting low-fat milk or ground turkey instead of fatty beef.

"I'm taking steps, we're making steps, every day is a struggle," Coles says. "I'm still thinking about cheeseburgers. But you have to look at the final product."

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