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Does anyone know what the actual ratings are for this season. The house guests seem to think they're the most popular cast ever. While most of the board complains about how boring this season has been. Brit said something that the DR told her on live feed recaps that said they were the highest rated so far.


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Bayonne, New Jersey News


'Big Brother' finalist is hoping to come home to Bayonne with the $500,000 prize

Saturday, September 04, 2010



After two months of being confined to a small house on 24-hour surveillance, Bayonne insurance adjuster Enzo Palumbo has made it to the final four on the 12th season of CBS's "Big Brother." The other remaining contestants are Hayden Moss, Lane Elenburg and Britney Haynes.

Since early July, Palumbo and 12 other houseguests have been living in the house and vying for the top prize of $500,000.

While deception remains a common strategy in the house, Enzo, 32, has opted to play a subtle, cerebral game with a level head. Outside of the game, he works for Mercury Insurance and also part-time for the real estate firm Coldwell Banker.

Palumbo, who maintains a low profile, is among the few remaining targets. He has been nominated for eviction the last two weeks but squeaked by, having most recently won the Power of Veto and removing himself from the block.

The show is an even bigger strain for contestants' families. Enzo's wife Joella said the last two weeks have been nerve wracking.

"I just want my husband back," she said. "I don't even care what happens."

Enzo's absence has left a void in his family. He routinely dropped Joella off at New York Waterway ferry on the way to work every day.

Joella is the vice president of loan sales and trading at financial services giant Credit Suisse in New York City. Their daughter Gia is 9 months old.

Family and friends come to their Bayonne home to watch the show during the week. She said the CBS production crew will be visiting the city this weekend to film a short segment with her and Gia.

For most of the season, Enzo has been a member of the Brigade alliance with Lane, Hayden and the evicted Matt Hoffman.

If he wins, Joella said, the money will allow them to have a second child a year sooner and will secure their children's college funds.

Joella said that due to his popularity in the house, the evicted contestants who vote for the winner on finale night are likely to pick him if he makes it to the final two. Therefore, all remaining houseguests view him as the chief formidable figure.

Val Nowinski, a 38-year-old contractor from Bayonne, said he has known and worked with Palumbo in the real estate market for five years.

"To be successful on that show you have to be deceiving," Nowinski said, "and that would be totally out of character for him. He's keeping it low key and playing the game fantastically."

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