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Robin Hood


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I see a LOT of movies at the cinema (59 so far in 2010), so you can be sure I'll be seeing this block-buster.

Cate Blanchet is one of my favourites because she is versatile enough to take on just about any role you can think of.

From what I saw in the previews, she plays a Marian that is not a shy helpless girl, so I'm eager to see what she's done with it.

And Russell Crowe will at least have a better accent than Kevin Costner did (or didn't, as the case may be!), so that's a bonus.

I have seen the British serial Robin Hood (from the 80's), so I'm thinking this film will be more like that; a tougher, bleaker reality, without romanticizing it so much.

I guess I'll just have to wait (not too long) to see for myself.


I can honestly say that sometimes my enjoyment of a particular film can be affected by my surroundings.

If there are problems with the picture or sound.

If the theatre is packed to capacity.

If there are people talking around me, or checking text message (whose bright screens in the near-darkness distracts me enough to rip me out of the hypnosis of being submerged in the movie), or even opening snacks or munching too loudly, I end up with a lesser opinion of the movie just because I didn't have as good a time as I could have.

(Obviously, the number one movie peeve is the person in back of you kicking the back of your seat repeatedly!)

I used to be a very tough critic, and a movie had to be simply unbelievable just to get a thumbs up from me, but now that I am going through movies in bulk quantity, it seems that even a mediocre movie is enough to satisfy me.

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I really liked it.

The storyline had a thread you could follow, and it was nice to see how they combined all the elements of the myth.

Incorporating the Magna Carta stuff was well done also.

I liked how they kept the mystical out of it, so that Robin seems more like just a man. An extraordinary man, perhaps. A hero, definitely. But flesh and blood.

I guess it would have been nice to see him use his bow more often, making some spectacular shots. But using it sparingly makes the few shots that he does take all the better, I imagine.

All in all, it looks more like this movie is trying to lay the groundwork for a sequel that will probably follow soon, and be so much better that it will blow this one out of the water.

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