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'The Bachelorette': Meet Ali Fedotowsky's 25 bachelors

By Andrea Reiher

May 12, 2010 2:00 PM ET

"The Bachelorette" has announced the field of hunky men for Ali Fedotowsky to choose from in the upcoming season of ABC's popular dating show.

You can check out the pictures of the men vying for Ali's affections at our "Bachelorette" photo gallery here.

The eligible bachelors are:

Chris H., 27, real estate developer from Vancouver, Canada

Chris L., 33, landscaper from Cape Cod, MA

Chris N., 29, entrepreneur from Orlando, FL

Craig M., 34, in dental sales, from Sarnia, Canada

Craig R., 27, lawyer from Philadelphia, PA

Derek, 28, sales manager from Warren, MI

Derrick, 27, construction engineer from San Diego, CA

Frank, 31, retail manager, from Geneva, IL

Hunter, 28, internet account executive from San Antonio, TX

Jason, 27, construction consultant from Denver, CO

Jay, 29, lawyer from Barrington, RI

Jesse, 24, general contractor from Peculiar, MO

John C., 32, in hotel business development, from Issaquah, WA

John N., 27, in engineering software sales, from Wichita, KS

Jonathan, 30, weatherman from Houston, TX

Justin, 26, entertainment wrestler from Toronto, Canada

Kasey, 27, advertising account executive from Clovis, CA

Kirk, 27, sales consultant from Green Bay, WI

Kyle, 26, outdoorsman from Highlands Ranch, CO

Phil, 30, investment manager from Chicago, IL

Roberto, 26, insurance agent from Charleston, SC

Steve, 28, sales representative from Cleveland, OH

Ty, 31, in medical sales, from Nashville, TN

Tyler M., 25, catering manager from Austin, TX

Tyler V., 25, in online advertising, from Chelsea, VT

Three guys named Chris, two Craigs, two Dereks, two Johns, a Jonathan, a Ty and two Tylers? Are you kidding us, ABC?


Courtesy of: ABC.COM


Ali Fedotowsky has finally decided to risk it all for love. The energetic and charismatic career-oriented woman from San Francisco has re-prioritized her life -- and now love comes out on top. She will have her own opportunity to find her soul mate when she stars in the sixth edition of The Bachelorette, which will premiere MONDAY, MAY 24 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. The identity of the new Bachelorette was revealed tonight on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love -- "After the Final Rose."

Ali, 25, has been a fan favorite from the moment she stepped out of the limo with her sexy raspy voice and a peacock feather to meet Jake Pavelka on the last season of The Bachelor. She became the front-runner for Jake's heart, but instead they found themselves in a heartbreaking situation when she made a gut-wrenching decision to choose a job she loved over the man she loved. Ali made the surprising safe choice to go back to work, but regretted it immediately. By the time she sorted out her work affairs, Jake had already moved on with his search for love with the three fabulous women who stayed with him, and he did not allow Ali to return. But it's not too late for Ali now. Admitting that she made one of the biggest mistakes of her life, she has let go of everything this time -- her apartment, her job, her stability -- to really make a life-changing commitment to put her heart first.

Ali grew up in Williamstown, Massachusetts, with one sister, one brother and their parents. Although she gave up her chance at a future with Jake, she has set her sights on a reliable, funny and humble guy who can challenge her. Even though this Bachelorette is known more for her work ethic, she loves to play. She enjoys hiking, wake boarding and playing soccer, but also takes pleasure in going to wine tastings.

After attending Mount Greylock Regional High School, where she played varsity soccer for four years, she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in psychology from Clark University in New England. She also was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Ali moved to California after graduation in 2006 and most recently was employed as an account manager in online advertising.

Hosted by Chris Harrison, The Bachelorette is produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton are the executive producers.

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The Bachelorette May 24 2010 - America

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I haven't been watching. I didn't even know it had started yet. Now that I know it has, I still won't be watching. I think this girl is a fake... I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the whole thing was scripted and they pegged her as the new Bachelorette early on.

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From the lack of posts here, I assume most everyone feels the way I do about Ali. I don't like her and cannot watch an entire show about her. I've never seen a Bachelor/Bachelorette thread with less interest.

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I thought the same thing. I haven't even been a little bit tempted to tune in. Even with nothing else on, and nothing else to do. Other summers, I've watched The Bachelor / ette, just to give me something to watch. Not this time, and it's obvious I am not alone.

Maybe the producers will get a clue, and some new blood in there. Because if no one is watching Alli, then no one will be interested in any of her rejects, for the next season, if there even is one.

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Guess I'm the oddball, becsaue I'm watching! :animated_rotfl:

She wasn't my favorite last season, but I love the show. I think several guys would be a good match for her: Frank, Roberto, Chris (from Cape Cod) and Kirk. There are 9 guys left.

Who do you think she will pick?

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From episode one the entire season has been slanted for Roberto. All others are depicted from slightly flawed to seriously flawed. Roberto is the only one who is seen as the knight in shining armor. It could lead to a big surprise twist where he turns out to be Hannibal Lector, but I'm guessing he is going to ride off into the sunset with Ali. This season they are trying portray Ali as the poor 'innocent' girl who was wronged last season by the evil Jake who dumped her for some insane woman from hills of Kentucy... :)

And if the producers stacked the deck with a few guys who were hired to create drama (Ali fully aware they were hired) I point my finger at the weather man and the hair-do guy that were always going at each other. My guess is they were to creat drama among themselves to keep the drama down from the real guys. In other words, if the real guys are busy watching the fake drama and weirdos that clearly have no shot at winning, they aren't focused on killing each other. Producers also can script the fake drama so the show is more interesting. I also think the Rated-R wrestler is a plant. :)

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I think several guys would be a good match for her: Frank, Roberto, Chris (from Cape Cod) and Kirk. There are 9 guys left.

You pretty much called it. Frank, Roberto, Chris (from Cape Cod) are practically guaranteed to have home town dates.

I think Ali made up her mind pretty much at the very beginning that Roberto is the front runner for the others to beat. Roberto has it won unless he confesses that he likes having sex while dressed up as Shirley Temple or something that really freaks out Ali.... :)

Of course, lets say Roberto tells the producers off camera, "Ali is nice, but no way in hell would I ever marry her" They most likely will have Ali send him home in dramatic fashon so that, just like she was chosen, he can be the next season's Bachelor.... :) (BTW, I think the producers cooked up Ali's boo-hoo story because Jake told them he would not pick her in the end, thus they oftered her a better deal)

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i personally like ali, and this season. granted, there are some real tools on the show, but i think she's got a few good ones too.

LOVE me some roberto. and i hope he wins.

chris from cape cod rocks and i like craig the lawyer.

kasey is a bit off, and kirk is okay.

frank is a crazy stalker who should be labeled and registered. not sure what she sees in him.

as for justin.....ew ew ew

hope roberto is NOT the next bachelor ( i want him to win!) but wondering who would be a good fit for the next bachelor?

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The thing that bothers me about this season is that when a previous contestant is chosen to become the next Bachelor/Bachelorette it is usually the nice guy/girl who got their heart broken so, of course, everyone's excited that they are given another chance at happiness.

Ali was the cattiest girl in the house last season, nasty as heck to Vienna for what seemed like no reason, kept saying every week that if Jake gave Vienna a rose, she was going to leave, and finally ended up choosing her job over her supposed love for Jake. I cannot believe that America found her so irresistable that ABC thought she would make a good Bachelorette. I hate her.

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oh, i agree with you on the cattiness (sp), but i think she's a cutie. that's why america loves her, imo. she's an attractive girl who got a lot of good press because vienna was SUCH a hated person.

what i find ironic is that justin is this year's vienna. and while all the guys are telling her how wrong he is.......she keeps him around! and she even mentioned the connection with justin/vienna being the same. but she's oblivious. that frustrates me so much, because she was so outspoken about vienna last season.

i personally think the whole concept of this show is wrong on SOOOOO many levels. i had watched the first season and then quit for awhile, but i've been sucked back in for the sheer entertainment value. its my guilty pleasure. and i'm trying to not get too riled up about things, because i know that over half of it is staged and scripted.

on a side note, cheesey kasey monday night made ME feel uncomfortable from my familyroom couch!

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The commercials they had for the last show had Kasey scaring her in the dinosaur musuem with a flashlight, which I thought made him look like a really strange guy, but when you see how it happened on the show, it was pretty funny.

She clearly loves the closeness Chris has with his family and I think they would be a good match, but she also seems to like the way that Kirk takes care of her. Chris was very thoughtful to bring her chicken soup and flowers and it was really nice the way Kirk put her to sleep. Chris also had two tablets under his arm, but they didn't show them doing anything with them. I wonder if they were drawing tablets or something like that.

I don't see that Frank is stalking her. If he was, he would always be around her and he seems pretty good about giving the other guys their time even though he clearly doesn't like it. I thought they had great chemistry on the first date and would make a great fun-loving couple.

Roberto does seem to care for her, but there's something about him that makes me think he's doing it all for show.

OK, remember the commercials from when the show first started? One of them was a guy running down some stairs with her chasing him saying she gave up everything for this, her job, her apartment and she's finding out he had a girlfriend. I wonder who that could be?????

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iris......serious spoiler, so don't read if you don't want to know!

two guys have girlfriends. or so the spoilers say. one we find out soon, the other not till the final 4. the running down the hall is the final 4 schmuck...........frank

i have to say, i was SO jealous of the Lion King date! i so wanted to be able to do that. even if i was one of the losers sitting and watching. to just be there and be able to experience that. how awesome.

jersey, i never hated vienna either.....but i was a bit sick of the tattling and the woe is me attitude. obviously, if EVERYONE dislikes you for the same reason, its you, and not them. but i did say all last season.......GET OVER IT GIRLS AND FOCUS!

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I'm watching- not sure why though. After seeing Mike Fleiss, the producer, explain how he deliberately chooses contestants he knows have girl/boyfriends or are nuts or drama queens/kings I told myself I wouldn't watch again but here I am.

Kasey obviously has something wrong with him. His choice of words when describing why he's there (something about protecting her heart) are sooo weird as is getting a tattoo.

Some of the bachelors still there have gotten so little screen time I don't remember their names or anything about them. So what's that about? Just filler?

Yes, Justin is being treated like Vienna but I think he's more like Wes- he's there for the publicity. But he doesn't seem as sleazy as Wes.

No, Frank is not a stalker in the usual sense. He just talks like he could be one. Kasey is the one with the most stalker potential IMO.

The weatherman needed to go though I did like his honesty in admitting his faults and his jealousy.

I think that if Ali knew about Kasey's tattoo that Jesse would have stayed and Kasey would have gone home.

I love Roberto and Chris L and Kirk so I hope they are the final 3.

I know who I think has the girlfriend:



Kind of boring season so far but at least the rest of the episodes will have nice scenery.

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oleander........two have girlfriends. that's one of them

and yes, i agree about the fillers.......there's a random guy who is always there, but never gets an individual date and you NEVER see him on group dates. he had the striped shirt on monday night when kasey got his date card. wtf is he?

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This is not a true reality show like survivor or Big brother. The producers of this show do, as most of us suspect, actually script the show and use many other kinds of behind the scenes manipulations. And I believe that the Bachelor\Bachelorette is very much in the loop with the hidden agenda that we can't see. For example, either the producers hire a couple of the guys as plants to create drama per the producers script, or the producers intentionally recruit guys (I think maybe as much as 4) that they know only want to be on the show for fame\fortune, and have no interest in finding romance... Ali (as well as past Bachelors\Bachelorette) are informed as to who are the plants and\or the guys who were cast because they have ulterior motives. Ali then knows who are the real guys, who's isn't. She keeps the fake guys around for several weeks of episodes because she is told to do so by the producers, and Ali also knows its good for the show to have drama. The REAL guys get REAL romantic dates, while the fake ones never do. The fake guys get group dates and short one-on-ones, but you never see the fake guys go out on a dates that clearly cost thousand upon thousand (ie private jets, helicopters, private performances by famous singers\entertainers) and have romantic music throughout the date. The fake guys are frequently shown with countless flaws. Shots of them are shown are nearly always unflattering in some way, either as having shifty eyes, scowling, pouting, uncertain, whinny, arrogant, hostile, etc, etc. The goal of course is to make the audience dislike the fake guys for several reasons, so when Ali doesn't give any of them a rose at some point, the audience is glad to see them go cheering "I am glad that arrogant whinny looser is gone. How he got on the show I will never know".... Well, you have some idea how clearly obvious single guys who have no chance get on the show. They are put on the show simply to loose with 100% certianity.... :)

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Ok what everyone think of Kasey being left stranded on top of a mountain as Ali and R-Rate ride off in the helicopter snickering that he about to freeze to death...... wink.gif

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Ok what everyone think of Kasey being left stranded on top of a mountain as Ali and R-Rate ride off in the helicopter snickering that he about to freeze to death...... wink.gif

How could anyone watch that and not crack up? I look forward to seeing that clip on the soup and the dish this week! :lol:

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How could anyone watch that and not crack up? I look forward to seeing that clip on the soup and the dish this week! laugh.gif

I truly laughed out loud when I saw that because we know damn well he'd not really being left there. It almost comes off as satire on all reality shows because audiences are not that gullible. It also kind of make Ali look rather ruthless\cut-throat to make her final decision in the middle of nowhere, and then fly off into the sun set with the other guy with a big grin on her face. Of course its all done through editing, but clearly the producers know they that they are making him look like some 13 year old smuck\geek that has a huge crush on 13 year old girl who's the most popular girl in the 7th grade, and she runs off with a cute 8th grade super jock, who's been constantly bullying the geek around, and she like cockiness that in a boy, and has no respect for the geek......

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the thing about this show that completely baffles me is the situation in the blue lagoon.......she's with 5 or 6 guys. she goes off with at least 4 of them and makes out with them. IN FRONT OF THE OTHER GUYS. how is that okay? i know its the show, but i just don't get it. gives me the willies.

and as much as i don't like justin........i really wasn't sorry to see kasey go. poor kid beat himself.

and chris n? oh dear. now i know why they hadn't shown him speaking or interacting with anyone all season!

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I think I've figured out how this show really works. It's works very much like how a dating services work. Before they start filming and after having selected the one Bachelorette, they have her review a few hundred tapes sent in by guys who want to be on the show. She selects the top 100 (just a guess) which are then flown into for series of taped interviews with producers, and after a lengthy review process process the Bachellorette selects about 4 single guys she that she feels are totally HOT for different reasons. These 4 guys make in on the show. The remaining guys are selected by producers as guys who they know will be rejected by the Bachellorette. The producers might go as far as actually hiring individuals like Rated-R and a few others to create drama among the guys with special instructions to not cause problems among the 4 guys that the Bachellorette chose to be on the show.

Case in point, how dumb do you really think the producers were when putting Kasey on the show? The guy was either hired to play the the role of a very immature 27 year old not even remotely mature enough for marriage, or they were playing him for total fool by having him profiled well in advanced as having the emotional development of a 14-15 boy. He, and nearly all the other guys, didn't get on the show because they were the best of best, more likely chosen because they had some very entertaining\interesting personality flaws that would make for great reality TV drama. And of course, once the Bachellorette sends each one packing, the audience can point to 1 or more personality flaws as to why they weren't good enough, all completely setup by the producers to take a fall smile.gif

The real bachelors:

  • Roberto
  • Frank
  • Chris (the one who's mother died)
  • Kirk

The rest are not, and won't be getting a rose at some point.

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