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AI9: Top 4 Discussion


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All of these faces came to this stage with a dream and its a dream they all share. But in 14 days only one will see it realized. This is your top four. And this is American Idol!

Good to have you with us, welcome to another Tuesday edition to American Idol. You are in control tonight and your job is to pick which three will move close to the finale. We have these guides to help you with your choice: Randy, Ellen, Kara and Lord Simon. Tonight our contestants will be performing their own song choices but they will also be paired up for very special duets. They are ready to sing for your votes. One more time, your Top Four, ladies & gentlemen. You are looking at your next American Idol and tonight, a theme fit for a star. Roll video introducing this week's theme, Songs of the Silver Screen, and this week's mentor, Jamie Foxx. Now is the time to put it into another gear, says Foxx, now is the time to elevate it to another level.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jamie Foxx!

Foxx holds out two shirts, one reads Contestant, the other Artist. He told the idols that he will give one of the shirts to each depending on how they do.

Lee DeWyze is first, singing I've been Kiss From A Rose by Seal. Foxx gives him the Artist shirt. He started off a little hesitant and the wide range gave his vocals were given a workout. Frankly, this seemed like 2 different songs, the first one I didn't get the second one sounded OK. Not my favorite performance. Randy said he agrees Jaime in that he is looking at who is really in this to take it, but for him he did nothing for this one, pitchy in spots, be a rocker, choose a more rocking of song, it didn't work, just OK. Ellen said there could have been more done with the song, but he is so good and sang it so well, she loved it. Kara said he had a great week last week but this was one of the most difficult songs to sing, up, down, all over the register and he had some tonal issues but he is still great. Simon said there are so many brilliant movies and songs and opportunities to find a song and then make it original to you, that was verging on karaoke, trying too hard to sound like an original, that was a Contestant T-shirt performance.

Next up is Michael Lynche, singing Will You Be There by Michael Jackson. Foxx gives him the Contestant shirt, but Big Mike refused to take it, says he's coming back for the Artist shirt. Again, not the best start to the song but when he started breathing he started singing and the performance began to take shape and take off. Backed with gospel vocals, he commanded the stage with decent performance. Randy said once again, its a cool song made by the late great Michael Jackson, he's an R&B dude and should have chosen one, it was just R&B, never really took off. Ellen said you can't really go wrong with the sound of a choir behind you, from one of the classic movies of all times, Free Willy, but your goal should be to win it not just get into the top 3, you are consistently good but maybe must a bit predictable. Kara said I'm Ready For Love and A Woman's Work gave her goose bumps but she didn't get goose bumps tonight, he played it safe. Simon said he has no idea what Free Willy is, or how it is connected to his song, is it about a song or a willy, but at least he gave 100%, it felt like he meant it.

Next up, our first duet as Lee and Crystal take on an Oscar winner, live.

Welcome back to American Idol, good to have you guys with us. Time for the first duet of the night. There will be no phone numbers during the performance. Here are Crystal and Lee, both playing acoustic guitars, singing Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Mark

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Same songs over and over. I wasn't impressed by any of them tonight and this season is turning out to be pretty bland, for the most part. They were all pretty good-but none blew me away.

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I completely agree kayo.

After only a few votes last night I put the phone back on the charger and went to my bedroom and watched Lost! :lol:

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We open with a movie trailer starting the American Idol Season 9 Top 4 and Jaime Foxx, setting the stage, recapping the performances, reliving the judges comments. American Idol Starts Now.

Please welcome your host, Ryan Seacrest!

Welcome to American Idol, it is Wednesday and thanks to you at home for the almost 37 million votes last night. This evening, the top four become three. Plus Bon Jovi takes the stage. And Fantasia is here tonight. Plus Daughtry is here tonight. Say hi to your judges, Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell!

Back in season 3, she went on the American Idol tour and has since had quite a career. Here with Bittersweet is Fantasia!

Ryan to Fantasia: You got to learn how to sing with some heart.

Fantasia talks about her forthcoming album. Her 2yr yr old daughter (when she competed) is now 9 years old. Coming up next, your results. We find out who made the cut after this.

We are down to just 4 contestants, Mike, Casey, Lee and Crystal, ladies and gentlemen. Here they are together on the stools. And here they are together in this week's Ford Music Video (commercial). Take a look.

The contestants who survive this cut not only make it to the top 3, but they get to go home with a parade, a trip to an AT&T store, its an amazing experience. Take a look at past trips home. Roll video.

So how are you gang? Good. What are you looking forward to going home to see, Mike? Seeing my puppy and my family, the beach, the salty sea air. Crystal is looking forward to seeing her family and wants to play a gig with Frankie May, her bass player back home. Lee watched the video and wants it to be him, the chance to go home and say thank you, sit in his parents house and have a conversation without any cameras. Casey said seeing his friends and family, smelling Texas air, hearing a bunch of people say y'all would be nice.

Also on stage are the families of the Top 4: Team Mike, Team Casey, Team Lee and Team Crystal. Good luck to the families. Let's get to it. These results in no particular order. Dim the lights. Please stand up all four of you.

Mike and Casey, you sang Have You Ever Loved A Woman and Ellen said yes. Crystal and Lee, you two sang Falling Slowly and the judges loved it.

Here we go, guys. After the nationwide vote, Casey, you are safe and in the Top Three!

Welcome back to American Idol. Now we are going to bring out the guy who started his journey here in this stage. He and his band have sold millions of albums around the world. Ladies and gentlemen, here with September, Daughtry!

Chris, no question why you are selling out arenas. What's it like to perform in an arena? It's great, awesome to have so many fans who want to come out and see us. I grew up in a small town and then I came here and saw the rest of the world. It's an incredible experience. Ellen says the Top 3 needs to give it 100% like Chris. Randy said this is the dream the Top 3 want to have. Chris tells the Top 3 to stay hungry and actually, don't compromise the music that you love. Stay true to you.

We'll be back with your results. Hang on.

Your votes will be sending one person packing after coming so close to making it to the finale. Casey is safe and in the Top 3. But who will join him? Bring down the lights and here we go. In no particular order.

Mike, Michael Lynch, you sang Will You Be There from Free Willy. The judges were not impressed, it was not original, expressing himself as an artist. Mike says Michael Jackson's genius is he made difficult songs seem so easy.

Let's go to Lee, Lee DeWyze. You sang Kiss From A Rose from Batman Forever. The judges were again not impressed. Lee said he thought the karaoke comment was unfair because he put a lot into it.

Crystal Bowersox, everybody. She sang I'm Alright from Caddyshack. The judges said you were back in the game. Here we go guys.

After the nationwide vote, Mike, hang tight for a second.

Lee, friends, Lee is headed back to Chicago. He is in the Top 3.

So its either going to be Michael or Crystal who goes home. Find out what you decided after Bon Jovi rocks the stage.

Tonight, if you can hear me, we are putting the results on the back burner for a second as we welcome a legendary band that's been selling out stadiums around the world for over 25 years. With Superman Tonight, Bon Jovi!

Number one touring band in the world, another number one album, how do you guys do this year after year? Hard work and good friends who put up with us. And great fans. The harder we work, the luckier we get.

On the other side of the break, more results. Either Michael or Crystal leaves the stage tonight. We'll be right back.

Back with you live. An intense moment on this stage. Casey And Lee are safe and on the couch with their families. Lee is just taking it in, thinking about the other two. Casey is overwhelmed, he thought when Ryan said his name he was going home.

Now lets get back to Mike and Crystal. One of them will be in the top three. Dim the lights, here we go. Dim the lights.

The person who is in the top 3 after the nationwide vote is Crystal.

We say goodbye to Michael tonight.

Crystal Bowersox, take a seat.

One of the most intense guys we have ever had on this show. You were saved 5 weeks ago. What do you make of this? Unbelievable. I wasn't supposed to be here. The judges saved me, I performed for my wife, its all good.

Let's take a look at Michael's journey on the show.

Before Mike sings, Kara, what advice do you have? Do not stop. Keep going. Write good songs, perform good songs, and above all go out and sing every night because you are great.

Big Mike reprises his performance of I will Be There.

Michael Lynch, a man who had a baby during the auditions. Each of the judges say goodbye and whisper words of encouragement to Mike as he leaves the stage.

Here is your top 3 everyone, Casey, Crystal and Lee. Thanks to everyone for voting, we'll see you next week. Michael Lynche, everybody.

Mike returns to the stage where he is mobbed by the Top 3 and joined by is wife and baby girl, delivering kisses to her crying face as the camera cuts away.


Who this America got the Top 3 right this week, but cautions that the top 3 were not saved in order of votes so don't go reading anything into it...

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