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AI9: Top 6 Discussion


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A paint salesman, a high school student, a glass blower, a mother, a father and a construction worker. These six lives have been changed forever. But only one of them can take the title. This is American Idol!

Hi guys, welcome to the show. First off, a huge thank you for your support last week for Idol Gives Back. In total, we raised over $45 million dollars!

That will help children here in America and around the world. An amazing feat given the times we are in.

And speaking of amazing, here is out panel: Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi and the fountain of youth, Simon Cowell!

So we are just one month away from our finale when we crown the winner. But which of these contestants will it be? Get on your feet for your top six, ladies and gentlemen!

We are celebrating a very special songbook tonight, the music of Shania Twain. Here is a little more on this country music pioneer. Roll tape.

Here she is in the front row. Say hi to Shania Twain! You were there for the auditions and now you are here as a mentor, how will it feel to hear them all sing your songs?

It will be different, especially with four guys singing my songs. None of them wanted to sing Feel Like A Woman!

First off tonight is Lee DeWyze, who Shania met in Chicago, singing You're Still The One . Shania says he needs to slow it down and not bury his fantastic style with his guitar. He starts with a soft, breathless vocal that works his his range, just one or two questionable pitch issues, but overall a very powerful performance, emotionally arranged and performed. Not his best though. Randy said check it out, this is one of my favorite songs of all time, it started out a little pitchy but midway through you found a way to make it your own, you found the sweet spot in your range, you did all rude, dude. Ellen said he did better than a pretty good job, he always makes the song his version and couldn't look cuter and all aboard the Shania Twain. Kara said the sound of his voice on every song makes it sound relevant; look how far he has come - that was a love song but he cracked a smile a couple times and maybe he was feeling the love. Simon agreed with everyone and said that was the perfect Shania Twain, but if he looks back he will see he was making some kinds of faces.

Performing second is Big Mike, singing It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing. Shania says he can sing the phone book and make everyone melt. Starting off in an upper octave, the vocals came off a little flat albeit heartfelt. Well performed as far as his stage presence, but maybe it was the song choice or maybe I'm just a guy, I just wasn't enthralled. The falsetto at the end was nice. Randy said he has really found his zone, the balladeer, love songs, he did a great job and is really in the zone of who he is, there is a big wide open space for him in the future. Ellen was nervous with his taking this song on but it was like Luther Vandross, she felt his emotion, it was beautiful. Kara said Shania is connected when she sings and she always feels that from Mike, the melody was beautiful, he changed it just enough to put his mark on it. Simon said Ellen was spot on but the performance was a little wet, like in a musical acting out the words, a little bit girlie.

Third on stage is Casey James, singing Don't. Shania says he needs to find his inner confidence in telling the story. In what should be his comfort genre, the performance starts very introspective and the question went through my mind as I listened to the lyrics for the first time, was he singing a singing song or apologizing for his last month's worth of performances? It was a strong vocal but the camera angles made me feel a little claustrophobic with all the up and in shots. Randy said for him, one of the best Casey James performances ever and he hopes he learned something going forward, this is a great thing to have in his wheelhouse. Ellen said he sang it as if that was where he really belonged, it was beautiful and his best performance to date. Kara said artists do not hide the good, the bad or the ugly, they show it all and that is what he did in that performance, he didn't hide, didn't cover it up with the guitar, and that's what he needs to do and if he keeps doing it he will be in the front of this competition. Simon said last week was a much much needed wake-up call because he wasn't taking part in the competition, and he agrees this was his best performance so far in the competition, it didn't feel like someone else's song and he should give Shania a kiss on the lips (he does).

Leading off the second half of the show is Crystal Bowersox, singing No One Needs To Know. Shania, who met Crystal at the Chicago auditions as well, says she needs to be cheerful and let the love flow. The start was kind of lost in the onstage accompaniment as I felt she was trying too hard to sound country. The vocal was solid and the falsetto nice, but the performance seemed a little disjointed with dramatic pauses and a concluding power vocal that seemed misplaced. Randy said he loved the whole acoustic base with snare drum feel, not his favorite performance, but likes how she tried to mix it up and do a little more country. Ellen said there is nothing she can't do, she has a great voice and while not her favorite performance, it is like asking what is your least favorite color of the rainbow. Kara said it is kind of impossible for her not to be good because she is always coming from a place of truth, it was honest and her believability is what she loves about her, but it was not her best. Simon said the story is they don't like Crystal this week, it was limp, its like a singer in a coffee shop who you have to listen to whether you want it or not, kind of what it reminded me of, he didn't feel any conviction from her, and sorry, Shania, it was kind of boring, the only week he hasn't actually liked her performance, he's afraid.

Next up is Aaron Kelley, singing You've Got A Way. Shania says he has to get over his insecurities and realize he is there already. With a vocal that was soft yet strong, he gave a tender performance that was believable and beautifully executed. Randy said this is his wheel house, his land, he is the country artist on the show this year and dude, did a really good job this week. Ellen said this will be tough, everyone will be doing well and she can't get over that he is just 16, now 17, OK, not as impressed than if you were still 16, the amount of depth and maturity to embrace those lyrics, tomorrow is going to be real tough. Kara agrees that he really felt the song and he changed one line so that he was singing the song to his mom and not his girl. Simon said to be honest, you are only 17, you have really struggled the last two weeks, didn't get it at all; however, tonight, you were a different artist - this is the kind of record you should make, for the first time in weeks it felt sincere, believable, it didn't seem like you were singing someone else's song, you did really well tonight.

Closing out tonight's performances is Siobhan Magnus, singing Any Man Of Mine. Shania says she has to put some attitude into the lyrics, make her character come alive. Starting out with violins and getting the audience clapping, this is a classic country performance that needed a harder edge to make it believable. She did better with the chorus as she worked the audience but I didn't sense that she was feeling the song until she hit the power note at the end. Randy loved the whole punk country, beat notes, he loved it. Ellen said way to pull the Shania Twain into the station, good way to end the show, fantastic. Kara said guess who's back. Simon said he really really liked the song, it was perfect, the screaming at the end may have gone a little overboard, almost like she was giving birth up there, but it was fun, good.


Whose favorite performances on the night in order were from Aaron, Lee and Siobhan...

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Thought it was the best week of Idol this season!!!

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Maybe because I don't know any of Shania Twain's songs (Lee's song was the only one I heard before), I was completely bored. If they're going to limit the songs to 1 artist's catalog, it should be someone more universal than Shania Twain.

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Like I said, if you've heard one Shania song, you've heard them all. Frankly, having Crystal or Michael or Casey sing Shania Twain songs is about as ridiculous as it gets, imo. I don't know why they don't let them sing a mix of all genre's. Didn't they do that initially before it got all about promoting performers they pull from their stables? I like to hear whether or not someone like Kelly Clarkson can sing Rodgers and Hart as well as a country ballad and then some rock. For me, that is the mark of a good entertainer. Scope. Shania Twain? No.

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We lead with a montage from last nights' top 6 performances and judges comments sparkled with live feed from the control room. Who leaves tonight? Music up. Cue. Roll open.

First off, many thanks. We had 33 million votes registered last night so thank you very much and tonight we have another does of your results. But that is not the only thing going on. We have Shakira and Rascal Flatts are here, plus performances by Sons of Sylvia and Lady Antebellum, so its going to be fun. A big line up. And they have a front row seat for all the actions, your judges, Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon.

So we are going to start things off with something special, one of country's hottest groups with Unstoppable, give it up for Rascal Flatts!

Now picture Rascal Flatts and Shakira together. Coming up. And we have your results. One of those six will be going home. We'll be right back.

Tonight one more person must exit the stage and as we get closer and closer to the finale, no one wants to leave. They have become close. Just look at this behind the scenes video from the Ford Music Video (commercial). Roll it!

And now, the Ford Music Video (commercial)! Actually, the garlic pizza was kind of cute.

Now, you know I am never one to turn down a job so this weekend Ryan sent the Top Six over to the director of Shrek Forever After, where I have a small but pivotal part. Check out this video of the idols trying to voice Ryan's part followed by a screening of the movie where they were mobbed. Roll video. Hope Dreamworks paid more than Ford for the extra screen time.

We are joined by two actors from the movie, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas (Fiona and Puss n Boots). They convey the message that this is really the last one. Ryan asks if Antonio wants to host and both of them lob big sweet kisses. Say it like Puss n Boots, say dim the lights and here we go.

Dim the lights and here we go. I am going to be forming three groups of 2 on the stage.

Siobhan, please stand up. You sang Any Man Of Mine. Everyone liked your song choice. Siobhan says singing in front of Shania was intimidating but an honor. OK, please head to the far side of the stage. Siobhan Magnus, ladies and gentlemen.

Aaron Kelley, you sang You Got A Way. The judges all loved the performance. Randy says this is his week, he loves country music and where he wants to be. For now, head to the center of the stage. Aaron Kelly.

Michael Lynche, please stand up. you sang It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing. The judges all liked it. Mike, please stand closest side to me.

Lee DeWyze, please stand up sir. You sang You're Still The One. The judges all liked it. Lee says it was hard to make the song his own but he liked it and it worked. I want you to go to the far side of the stage with Siobhan.

Casey James, you sang Don't. The judges said this song exemplified you as an artist. Kara said this put him back in the game in a big way. Casey, would you join Michael Lynch, please.

And last but not least, Crystal Bowersox, please stand up. You sang No One Needs To Know. The judges didn't love it but said it was OK. Ellen says America is not so fickle as to vote her out because of song choice. Crystal, please head to the center and join Aaron.

So take a look, here's what we got. Big Mike and Casey, Crystal and Aaron, and Lee and Siobhan.

Siobhan, walk with me to the couches and just hold right here with Casey.

This is your bottom three, Michael, Casey and Siobhan. The other group are safe. Aaron, Lee and Crystal can take a seat.

Coming up we will find out who is going home. Don't go away!

This just in: Harry Connick Junior will mentor next week's performances with songs from Sinatra.

Here to introduce the next performance is Idol's own Carrie Underwood to introduce a band she has been touring with, Sons of Sylvia with Nothing Left To Lose!

We are going to continue the music right now with a group that is dominating the charts. Here with a song that has just gone triple platinum is Lady Antebellum with I Need You Now!

So this is your bottom three, America, Casey, Michael and Siobhan. Who will be going home? Find out after Rascal Flatts returns, this time with Shakira, coming up next!

Thank you for choosing Idol tonight. Now, she has apparently just arrived, we have a very special duet on the Idol stage tonight, with her hit song Gypsy, Shakira with Rascal Flatts!

Rascal Flatts and Shakira! So, the contestants who will be here next week, what advice do you have? You have done so much at such a short age? Keep your eyes on the stars but remember to keep your feet on the ground (Roosevelt & Casey Kasem).

No we are going to get back to your results. Of course, this is your bottom three. Bring down the lights - here we go again. Casey, Mike and Siobhan.

Mike, how does it feel to be so close to leaving the competition? Mike says they all sang well last night, so this is how it goes.

Well, once again, Mike, you are safe. Take a seat with the gang over there.

It is so tough to say goodbye to anybody, but it is all down to Casey or Siobhan. Who leaves us tonight? Find out live, when we come back.

After weeks of pouring their hearts out on this stage, we find out who leaves us tonight, Casey or Siobhan. Dim the lights, here we go. A construction worker and a glass blower.

The person who goes home tonight is Siobhan Magnus. Casey, you are safe. Siobhan Magnus, everybody. A free spirit with laser like focus. What kind of impact has the show made on you? Hopefully a big one. You have always been true to yourself. Here is Siobhan's journey on American Idol.

Once again, Siobhan Magnus, ladies and gentlemen.

Siobhan reprises her performance of Aretha Franklin's Think with a huge voice to bring her Idol experience to a close. On an open mike, Siobhan hugs her mom who says she is still their star.

Ryan tells Siobhan to give Simon a farewell hug, he will miss her. Kara also hugs her as Ellen says she wills see her on her show tomorrow. Asked to give advice to Siobhan, Randy says just go out and do it.


Who was surprised at the bottom three but not surprised at who America voted out...

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well they usuallly just cover a "country week" this timeithat country week was just Shania, I love her and like all her stuff, it's different, but not enough range for all of then to have been able to find a fitting song for them.

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A radio station in Houston was talking about how the female singer from Lady Antebellum was a reject from AI 2x... couldn't even make it to Hollywood round. :animated_scratchchin:

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Very happy to see The Clark Brothers . . . oh, excuse me . . . I mean Sons Of Sylvia perform last night. Anyone remember this was the group (as The Clark Brothers) who won The Next Great American Band a couple years ago? I liked them then, and I like them now.

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