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AI9: Top 9 Discussion


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The contestants are ready to win you over. They need to win your votes. This is the top 9 of season 9. And this is American Idol!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your judges Randy, Ellen, Kara & Simon, and your host, Ryan Seacrest!

What's up?

Welcome to the show everybody, we are live, it is Tuesday and it is time for your first dost of Idol this week. Last week the curtain closed on Didi Benami. That's the way it goes. But here is your top 9, America.

One of these 9 faces will be your next American Idol. Our special theme tonight features 2 of music's biggest icons. Roll the Lennon and McCartney video clip. Sir Paul offers words of encouragement.

Randy says there can be big highs and big lows tonight. No excuses tonight, bring it. Ellen says she likes Blackbird, Michelle, Day Tripper, Come Together, Across The Universe, ... Kara says these songs are timeless because they retain their meaning and relevancy, the melodies still resonate. Simon said sometimes it is good to change up the original but certain songs shouldn't be changed, although he thinks a little originality should be good.

Going from last to lead-off is Aaron Kelly, who has been nicknamed Yoda by the other Idol contestants. Singing The Long And Winding Road as a metaphor for his American Idol journey, he starts of with a vocal that reflects his stature and not his size. He is a bit wistful in his intonation, emotional in his expressions, and he held that last note well. Maybe a little pitchy or maybe just the way he was singing. Randy says the things he liked about it were a great voice, a beautiful tone, but the arrangement was so sleepy, this needed to be changed up, maybe country or something different, it just kind of laid still there. Ellen said he is fantastic and that is a big song to take on, it felt like the long and winding song (Ellen gets booed). Kara said when it comes together for him, it works but for what he is trying to do he has to be great and he has not reached that level; every week it is the same performance and he should be more up tempo next week. Simon said the problem is it was old fashioned and boring (loud boos) and he has to become young and relevant, he needs to take some risks and have a moment.

During the break, Aaron said he felt great and is happy whatever happens.

Second to perform is Katie Stevens, who has 5 prom date offers and will pick the one who has voted for her most and who is described by her co-idols as energetic and unpredictable. Singing Let It Be, she also starts off wistful but with a simpler, much tighter vocal. Still, she is just standing there and not expressing any emotion. Half way through, I began hearing a metallic tone to the audio, suggesting she was overdoing her mic levels. It was pretty but not memorable. Randy said to him, that is her best performance ever, it reaffirms to all that those were all vocals, ridiculous, that's why she's top nine, that was hot. Ellen said that was a perfect example of how to change up a song just enough, no way she is bottom three this week. Kara said she didn't make excuses, but made the song her own, blossoming on stage, she is confident despite being beaten up for the last two weeks. Simon said tonight she got it right because she is absolutely leaning in the direction he suggested, more country, it was a lot better, it felt like she was singing about somebody instead of being robotic and that was the difference.

During the break, Katie said she was thrilled to be recognized as blossoming.

Completing the first trio tonight is Andrew Garcia picks it up for the adult set, his idol friends describe him as goofy and full of personality. Singing Can't Buy Me Love, it started off a little slow and confused but he brought in the brass at the chorus and began jamming with a bit of boogie beat. I wish he was moving around a bit more, dancing to the beat, but he set up on the small stage behind the judges and played it safe. Randy said it was a really solid performance, not jumping up and down, a little corny but interesting arrangement, more pop than soul. Ellen said first of all, you can buy love, right Simon? It was the perfect choice for you, a lot of fun, she loved it. Kara wanted to love it but didn't see anything this week she didn't already know and people may have been digging it more for the song than the performance, although she liked the breakdown as classic Andrew. Simon said it was like the guitarist taking over for the lead singer, the band overpowering the vocals, very old fashioned and irrelevant, you and the band got it wrong tonight.

During the break, Andrew said he was glad he was doing American Idol.

Performing fourth is Big Mike Lynche, his cast mates has been described as the Incredible Hulk, a big loud snoring teddy bear. Singing Eleonore Rigby, Mike won't be lonely with votes this week giving this ballad a bit of an upbeat spin. Not his vocal, I was expecting some adventure into his upper ranges, all in all a bit boring of a performance for a song with such emotional opportunity. Randy said he is loving the fact that he has reached the point where, not all of it worked, but the parts that did work were great, he has the license to do whatever he wants, it could be on his album, he loves seeing the artist in him blossom. Ellen said every song he takes on, there are so many sides of him, he handles everything equally well, he took a huge risk with his interpretation but it was incredible. Kara thought it was fire, his vocals were amazing, the drama, building and building and he sold the story, maybe the arrangement was a little crazy, but he was committed and he made the song commercial and relevant, and that is what this show is about. Simon said he didn't love it as much, this was the sort of thing you might hear in a musical, he was less contemporary, slid slightly backwards, too over the type and he is now confused as to what kind of artist he is.

During the break Mike says he could hear the song on the radio as well, as he lifts Aaron 2 feet off the floor (Aaron tried to give him a hug but couldn't reach around).

Next up is Crystal Bowersox, called mama sox by the other idols, funny, goofy and a beautiful mother and mothering type of person who sincerely cares about other people. Singing Come Together, it kind of a silty take with a soulful vocal that made for an original performance but at one point it sounded like she turned away from the mike and dropped out for a few beats. I wasn't too keen on the finish but the Australian didgeridoo was a cool bass. The audience clearly liked it. Randy said it was another solid peformance, not her best, started slow then got into the groove and hit the high notes, changed it up, but even though you were doing stuff that was kind of distracting, she still won him over. Ellen loved the didgeridoo, and it is hard coming up with new ways to say how much she likes her, she never ceases to amazing her, it was an example of making things current by making that song fresh, an album worthy performane. Kara called it one of her favorite performances, a bit of a Bonnie Rait feel, it was slinky and sexy and playful, she was more accessable, one of her favorite performances of the night. Simon said that was a song he could hear on the radio, despite being 40 years old, she is working because she is being true to herself, it was quirky, she and the freelance band member (say it with me, didgeridoo) worked well together, much better than last week.

During the break, Crystal said she is not s digeridon't, she is a digeridid.

Closing out the middle set is Tim Urban, who is always smiling according to his competition, going from zero to 100 in a second, if his teeth could sparkle they would. Singing All My Lovin', starting with a straight vocal, he then picks up the beat with straight Beatles style rendition but never quite picks up the fab Four frenzy in his performance nor does his audience react they way they did back when the British invaded New York. It was not a bad performance but it only a pale imitation that wouldn't have suffered with a faster tempo and a little more frenzy. Randy said it is cool that Tim is kind of in his own category, a much better performance than in the last couple of weeks, it was kind of a Beatles do (hair style), a good Tim performance. Ellen said it was the perfect song choice for him, his second best after Hallelujah, and girls go crazy for the Paul McCartney look. Kara said his best performances are when he has a guitar and they have come after him week after week, he has taken their criticisms to heart and should be given credit for that, and he can smile. Simon said he has to judge you on everything tonight and he did really well, no gimmicks, just the right thing to do, him and the guitar, not over singing it, it sounded very current, he takes the criticism like a man, no whining and cringing, everyone on the stage has an advantage, he has been given a great opportunity and he has handled himself really well.

During the break, Tim was glad the judges enjoyed his performance almost as much as he did.

Leading off the final set is Casey James, who is described behind the scenes as a playboy, so hansom and like a soap opera star, big laugh, flowing glowing locks like an angel, whose presence can be heard across the room. Singing Jealous guy, this was a song that could be performed for money, an emotional vocal with a sweat violin on the side, a little guitar pickin', he held his audience spellbound as he picked up the energy to bring the song home with the sad wail of a man with regrets. Fantastic. Randy said he loves he switched it up with the acoustic instead of the electric, sensitive song, sensitive side, loves that he showed a different side, not a perfect vocal but so heartfelt, don't know who it was about but... Ellen said it felt like it was about someone even if it wasn't, it was so solulful, his best performance, she felt it and was moved by it, he has a beautiful voice and pretty hair and she wants to see more of that personality. Kara said what he showed tonight was a vulnerability lacking in his other performances, very tasteful on the guitar, just showing depth and she is glad people got to see that and his range, she thinks he can do more. Simon said Goldilocks, it was the best performance of the night so far, in terms of the difference from a week or two weeks ago, the difference has been absolutely ginormous, his stamp on the song, emotional, a completely different side, he is impressed with him, terrific.

During the break, Casey said that was a performance he would have done at home during his show but to do it live on Idol, that was it.

Hoping to turn things around from last week is Siobhan Magnus, who is described as amazingly weird and unique by her compatriots, never changing or compromising. Singing Across The Universe, this is a pure soft vocal performance. I don't get the hair style but her lace dress with black blouse is elegant as was her voice, an enthralling dandelion blowing across the fields perpetually buffeted by a light breeze. Forget last week, this performance is going to change her world. Randy said he loves watching every week wondering what she is going to do, what she is going to wear, no one is more of an artist than her, it was a little sleepy but she loves the tender side but she had total control of the whole range. Ellen said she loves her because she marches to the beat of her own drum and she is special, really talented, yes it was a little different, she cooled it on the high notes like they said and it was beautiful. Kara said she hit the notes technically but it was very restrained and polite which was unexpected from her and she is having trouble processing it, that might not be current enough, a little confusing. Simon said it was pretty disastrous last week and she came back much stronger this week, unpredictable, she can be confusing but that is what he likes about her; the rabid fan in the back corner says it was good so it was good.

During the break, Siobhan got more hugs (besides the one from Earl).

The Lennon/McCartney tribute closes tonight with Lee DeWyze, described as the resident worry wart, always saying he thinks he is going home, so bad that they started betting him he would stay (Lee keeps losing that bet). Singing Hey Jude, he sang this one loud and proud, with the audience clapping overhead as his vocals were expressive and hopeful. Imploring the audience to join him in closing chorus, a bagpiper descends the stairs for a bit of theatrics as he ends the night with a screaming ovation. Randy said that guy was funny, dude, I love that, almost wore a kilt tonight myself; he always seems like a bundle of nerves, but believe, he has got it. Ellen said the confidence showed tonight, he was smiling more, even when that guy was separated from his parade, it was a great job, she loved it. Kara said there were some good moments, some off moments but she is still a fan, she can hear him on the radio, when he stretches himself it is hot. Simon said the house is drinking something, first the didgeridoo and now the bagpipe, he wouldn't have done this, he was doing great and then the bagpipe player turned up on the wrong show. It was Lee's idea 100%, he thought why not?

Once again, a tough decision. Vote for your favorites and like they do in Chicago, vote often. If the judges' save is not used, you could be deciding your top 8.


Whose favorite performances in order of Home Run to Single were Siobhan, Casey James and Tim...

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I have to admit that I didn't think any of them were great this week. Even Crystal didn't blow me away as usual. It was just an "eh" night for me. Of all the songs in the Lennon/McCartney songbook, I was disappointed with most of the choices.

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We get a Lennon/McCartney themed a video montage to open the show.

One of these 9 faces will be your next American Idol. But one of them could lose it all tonight. Prepare yourself for a surprise or two. This is American Idol!

Welcome to your live results. It is Wednesday night and your 9 will become 8 unless the judges decide to use the save. Now the producers have said there will be shocking results tonight. We have performances by Jason Derulo and Rihanna tonight. And David Archuletta is back on the Idol stage. Say high to your judges Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell.

Our Idol Gives Back show is in 2 weeks but you can get a head start bidding on an auction with prizes that include VIP tickets to the finale, singing lessons and a record recording session. Ryan has no doubt that Idol fans will deliver.

But here to deliver now with a Group Song Lennon/McCartney medley is your Top 9. BRB.

The top 9 in severe stress mode right now, waiting for results. But at least they got to have a little fun along the way. Take a look at the Ford Music Video!

How we doing gang, whats the vibe tonight? Casey is ready whatever happens. Tim said we got to sing some of the best songs in the world, so he's feeling good. Katie is nervous every week but keeps hope alive.

Good luck to all of you as we activate the results. Bring down the lights please.

Siobhan, would you stand up please. You sang Across The Universe. The judges thought it was sleepy and confused. After the nationwide vote, please step down here to the center of the stage, darling. Stay right there.

Crystal Bowersox, ladies and gentlemen, please stand. You sang Come Together with the Didgeridoo and the judges could hear it on the radio. After the nationwide vote, Crystal, please join Siobhan at the center of the stage.

Katie Stevens, please stand up. You sang Let It Be. The judges all liked you. Katie says she sang it for her grandmother. After the vote, Katie, please come to the stage with the rest of the girls. Let's here it for these three.

Randy, do you think one of these girls is going home tonight? Defininately not. What about you in the audience, what do you think?

Crystal, you are safe, you may take a seat. Congratulations, you continue in the competition.

That leaves us with Katie and Siobhan. I can tell you one of you is safe. And so is the other. You can both take a seat.

All of the ladies are safe but which one of the guys will make up the bottom three tonight? But first, Jason Derulo takes the stage after this break.

Live with you on results night on Idol. So far Katie, Siobhan and Crystal are safe and will stay in the competition. Next week they will be mentored by Idol's own Adam Lambert with a special theme (Katie's jaw drops as she did not know).

But now in our further effort to win over the teen and young adult demographic, its Kara signee Jason Derulo!

What a performance, Ryan says. Kara said he is an incredible song writer, dancer, singer who put this together in 4 days. Even Simon said it was absolutely great, well done. But Casey James now wants pyros for his performance and Ryan is worried about his hair. We'll have more results coming up.

Welcome back. We still have not announced the bottom three. But before we do, we bring back from last season, the Idol contestant with a stand out performance of Imagine, it's David Archuletta!

This is the difference between Archuletta and Kelley. David has become so much more confident and mature in his performance. He owns the piano, he owns the vocal, he owns the stage, he owns the performance. Little Archie (I believe he is 18 now) has grown up.

David Archuletta, everyone! What was more nerve wracking, that performance or the one from the finale? He says he is always a little nervous performing in front of the judges. He is writing and working on a new album to be released soon. You know what happens from here, right? Yeah, I do. We dim the lights and get to the results. But I get to leave, right? He does.

OK, lets get down to business. All right, let's get back to the results. Bring the lights down please. I am still looking for the bottom three from these six guys. We are going to form 2 groups on the stage.

Let's start with Lee DeWyze. You sang Hey Jude. The judges said he needed to show more confidence. After the nationwide vote, would you head over to the far side of the stage and hang tight.

Michael Lynche, please stand up. You sang Eleanor Rigby. Randy thought it was too theatrical. After the nationwide vote, would you form a second group on this side of the stage close to me.

Casey James, would you please stand up. You sang Jealous Guy. The judges liked seeing his sensitive side and called it the best performance of the night. After the nationwide vote, why don't you join Lee on the far side of the stage and hang for a second.

Aaron Kelley, please stand up. You sang Long And Winding Road. The judges said he sang technically well but needed to go up more up tempo. After the nationwide vote, Aaron, stand next to Big Mike over here.

Tim, stand up, sir. Tim Urban, everybody. You sang All My Loving. The judges said the song suited him. Tim, would you, after the nationwide vote, join Lee and Casey on the opposite side of the stage.

Andrew, last but not least, over here. Can't Buy Me Love. The judges were split between liking it and thinking you and the band got it all wrong. After the nationwide vote, would you join Aaron right here.

So here's how it breaks down. One of these groups is safe and the other is in the bottom three tonight. Take a good look, in the studio, at the panel, at home, Ellen DeGeneres, best guess which group is America's bottom three? Ellen says based on performances, Mike, Aaron and Andrew. No, the other group. Either way, it is horrible.

Let me put you out of your misery. This is your bottom three (Mike, Andrew and Aaron). The other three (Casey, Tim and Lee) are safe.

America, your bottom three. This is how you voted. Michael, Aaron or Andrew. One of them could be going home unless the judges use their save. But right now I am going to put one of them out of their misery. The person who is safe and going on in the competition is...

Aaron Kelley. You are safe. Congratulations, take a seat. So it is either going to be Michael or Andrew who sings in front of the judges to save their life. But next Rianna takes the stage. Don't go anywhere.

Back with you live on American Idol. Michael and Andrew are uncertain of their future in the competition, but before we find out who has the lowest number of votes, let's bring out a superstar debuting her new single Rock Star 101, ladies and gentlemen, Rihanna!

Welcome back to American Idol. it is between Michael and Andrew live tonight. Let's get to the results. Dim the lights and here we go. Two fathers, both trying to make a better life for their families. One of them is safe, the other in danger of elimination.

After surviving a season total of over 132,000,000 votes, the person who will perform next week and is safe is...


Andrew Garcia is safe. Big Mike is going to sing for his life. Are you ready for this? Give it everything you've got. Leave nothing behind. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Michael Lynche.

Michael reprises This Woman's Work as the judges confer. Before tonight, there was little question the save would not be used. Will the judges save Big Mike or let America's vote stand?

Michael Lynche, ladies and gentlemen, Big Mike in attack mode, singing for his life. You came to us and became a father in the process. His wife and little girl want to know what happens to their future and it is in the judges' hands. The save can only be used once this season.

Simon says they all wished he had sung like he just did yesterday. They only have one save in the competition, this is unanimous if it is any comfort, and they have decided they are going to see him next week.

Wild celebration on the stage. Ryan cautions, however, that this means that next week 2 will be eliminated.


Who cautioned the last few weeks that Michael was in danger of being typecast as a singer and he was not able to overcome his non-expanding base of support, but is equally not surprised that the judges saved him in the hope that he takes their benevolence as a wake-up call...

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Me too- I can't wait to see how he mentors Siobahn and Crystal especially.

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Okay, I know the mentor is Adam L. but Ryan didn't really say what the theme was did he? He just said it was a very special theme, and I don't recall him saying anymore about it. Anyone else hear more about it?

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uvp just posted about it in the spoiler section of AI...I'd post it hear in spoiler box but for some reason I can't get it to work right now!

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Adam lambert to be mentor this week on Idol the 13th and 14th of April,he will sing giving us his beautiful voice ,glad he is gonna come on as mentor ,first contestant to do the mentor gig in Idol history ,just love him ,great performer..

( Ryan also announced on show )

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Adam lambert to be mentor this week on Idol the 13th and 14th of April,he will sing giving us his beautiful voice ,glad he is gonna come on as mentor ,first contestant to do the mentor gig in Idol history ,just love him ,great performer..

( Ryan also announced on show )

Oops did not read far enough to see it mentioned ,sorry

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Getting sooo excited to see Adam tonight!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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It will be nice to see him relaxed and in a mentoring stance. He seems such a nice guy. Personable, easy-going and I always thought he was perfectly at ease in front of the camera and could converse with anybody. I think Adam has great parents, too.

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Last week in a dramatic twist of events, the one save of the season was used on Michael Lynche. After the celebration comes the big payback. This week, two contestants must fall. The pressure is on. Are you ready? This is American Idol!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your judges, Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon! And your host, Ryan Seacrest!

Welcome, hello, hello, hello, wassup, wassup, wassup. OK. Good evening and welcome to the show. We are coming to you live from Idol HQ and coming off one of our most dramatic shows ever! We have a lot to do in this 90 minute show, so put your hands together for your top 9!

It is a big night for these guys, so it is only appropriate that we draw inspiration from one of music's biggest icons, Elvis! Roll Elvis career recap.

This past week our idols took a VIP trip to Vegas to experience Elvis Cirque du Soleil style. And to help them channel their inner Elvis is one of our most dynamic idols ever, Adam Lambert. They met up on stage of Cirque's new Vegas show, Viva Elvis!

Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Lambert is in the audience tonight. He is the first former idol contestant to be asked to come back and mentor. Adam tried to be honest but constructive; they all needed to wake up a little bit, give a little more energy for Elvis week. They all picked great songs, great arrangements. Ryan admits his tongue is not as talented as Adam's, drawing a weird twitter in the audience.

First up tonight is Crystal Bowersox, who Adam says is so authentic and real, taking her gospel electric. Singing Saved, she starts off strong and up tempo but stationary on the stage. The audience was rocking in this tent revival interpretation. I liked the first half of the performance better than the second half; she may have lost a little pitch towards the end, but she definitely got the night off to a great start. Randy said every week, like a broken record, that is the way to come out, it had energy, it was dope, I felt I was listening to a record, I loved it. Ellen said she is so tired of telling her how great she is, is there anyone in the audience with a birthday today? Kara said it was another solid performance, the arrangement had drama, the vocals showed range, really good. Simon said it was a lyric he could really relate to (he used to), she didn't choose an obvious song but one that suited her, put her slant on it, did not fall into a karaoke trap, congratulations.

Coming up next is Andrew Garcia, who Adam says has the potential to be great but needs to step his game up. Singing Hound Dog, this was a slower bluesy take which was solid but just didn't work for me. It was lacking in message, not a meaningful performance, dragging a bit from start to finish. Randy said Simon predicted it earlier, that was not good karaoke; this was Elvis, the greatest ever, I didn't get it. Ellen said she has his back, he could have put a little more swagger into it but she liked what he did do to change it up and he pulled it off. Kara said it's Elvis and you have to own the stage, he owned it, you were chained to your mic, she wanted to feel more from him and didn't get it. Simon said it was lazy and unpredictable, like the part of the musical no one wants to see or hear, not a star performance, all the coolness has been sucked out of him right now, just really didn't get it.

Ryan introduces his mother in the audience, who confirms we are losing 2 during tomorrow night's results show.

Hoping to ride Elvis into the top 8 is Tim Urban, who Adam says has a pretty voice and pushed him to try a falsetto ending. Singing Can't Help Falling In Love With You seated behind the judges with his acoustic guitar, the picking starts off better than the performance which is too understated and not emotional. It's was a good vocal but I just didn't feel he was singing for anyone. And he bailed on the falsetto. Randy said this may surprise you but he actually liked it. Ellen said the first time she took a shot of Tequila, she didn't really enjoy it but then she took another and another and another and she really enjoyed it; that's how she feels about him, she can't help falling in love with him, it was beautiful, beautiful. Kara said probably her favorite Tim performance, ever, authentic, from his heart, meaningful, well done. Simon said he has managed to go from zero to hero in 2 weeks, he doesn't need much, a good song, his guitar, clean lyrics, he has taken their advice and it has worked.

Adam next met with Lee DeWyze. Adam said that above the shoulders, there is nothing going on with Lee (his face, not between the ears) and he has to work on smiling and connecting. With A Little Less Conversation, this was a back to the basics presentation, up tempo, solid vocal, lots of personality. I would have liked to have seen a little more movement, dancing around a little but this was a much improved performance. Randy said what he is loving right now is that he is definitely in the zone, another great, amazing performance. Ellen said he made it original, his song, he owned it and engaged the audience. Kara said he really went for it vocally tonight, an intensity she hadn't seen in him, he just needs to be a little lighter, more playful, less tense, looser. Simon said it was about nailing the song and it was on the money, full stop.

Next up is Aaron Kelley. Adam says he underestimated his voice and if can get aggressive with the vocal and get some self confidence, he can nail it. Singing Blue Suede Shoes, he worked the camera script but walking across the stage didn't quite have the Elvis swagger . His vocal was terrific and when he changed tempo from behind the judges, he was really working the stage and the audience. A surprising performance by the kid. Randy said for him it started off kind of weird, but when he broke into the half time with the blues thing, it worked, it was kind of half and half for him. Ellen said it was one of Elvis's most iconic songs and she gives him an A for effort for taking it on, not great but good job. Kara said he was outside of his comfort zone, he was a little nervous but that helped him, he was edgy and modern and it made him younger. Simon said it made him older, like someone at a high school doing a concert and there is nothing wrong with that in that context, it was very karaoke, he failed to make it original, not crazy about it.

A true Elvis fan, Siobhan Magnus takes the stage. Adam says she has the pipes but she needs to light a fire under vocals to be different. Singing Suspicious Minds, she starts with her back to the audience, turning around and walking sexily down the steps. Her outfit is a bit uptight, confusing me as to how she is interpreting the lyrics. She pulls out the power vocals midway with a bit of gospel influence that further made no sense. She had plenty of fire, I just didn't get it. Randy said she took some chances, some risks, he liked it but really came alive midway with the power vocals, that girl can sing right there. Ellen said she looks great, the second half was much better than the first half, what she does best, she really has a beautiful voice and she liked it or lot. Kara said it was confusing for her, like two separate performances, two distinct voices. Simon said it was like she went into a time machine and came back 20 years older, the first part of the song was terrible and she didn't quite hit the notes later on, kind of screechy, maybe she has lost confidence in who she is, not one of her best performances, not her in the real world.

Fresh off his Judges' Save, Big Mike gets his second chance. Lambert says he needs to pick it up a little bit as a storyteller and connect to peoples' hearts to redeem himself. Singing In The Ghetto (recommended by Siobhan), it was a good vocal but I could not if he was singing about anyone or if he was just performing the song. The performance was understated which added to the power but in terms of making me feel, I didn't. Randy said it was a really sleepy for him but the competition is about singing and that was hot. Ellen said she was glad they saved him. Kara said it was a beautiful song. Simon said they are short on time but it was a million billion times better, a terrific choice of song, congratulations.

We head back to Sin City for Katie Stevens. Adam said she needs to channel her frustration with the judges into her performance, sell the attitude. Singing Baby, What You Want Me To Do, she was dressed in leather pants and a sultry top, rolling her shoulders and riding the brass to give the judges a piece of her mind. It was a terrific, polished performance that let everyone know who was in control. Randy said she was getting a little sassy, getting the vibe out, nice vocals, he was entertained. Ellen said it was a very horny song, a lot of horns in it, man she can sing. Kara said she showed them judges, she did girl. Simon said it was loud and a bit annoying, he didn't like the song very much, but they liked it so it doesn't matter what he thinks.

Closing out Elvis Night is Casey James. Adam suggests he needs to stretch his vocal range to give the performance more shape. Going old school with the Lawdy Miss Clawdy, it is a countrified take on a lesser known Elvis song that was probably more classic Elvis than fat and drugged out Elvis. But while it was a fun and decent vocal, it really wasn't memorable compared to some of the other performances. Randy said he didn't see anything different but it was another solid performance. Ellen said he looked great surrounded by a sea of women bu he sounded good. Kara said he is capable of brilliance but he fell short this week. Simon said it was a wasted opportunity to take advantage of Elvis week but his vocal was good.

There are no more saves and no more second chances. And thanks to Adam Lambert, who will be performing live during tomorrow night's results show, a double elimination night.


Whose top performances tonight were Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Aaron Kelley, Katie Stevens (favorite) and Tim Urban...

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Thought Adam was an awesome mentor... hope they have him back again next season!!!

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Love Adam, and thought he was an awesome mentor, he told them the truth, and gave some good advice which some followed and some did not, hope he will be back as well. :smitten:

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I've never been a big Adam fan (although I do like his current song) HOWEVER, I thought he was a very good mentor. He gave actual suggestions that if taken, improved the performance, and he had a knack for seeing what was wrong or what was missing. He definitely didn't just stand there and blow sunshine up their butts like some past mentors (COUGH- Miley Cyrus- COUGH).

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We start with a recap of Michael Lynche's save from last week. Then we get more video and commentary from Adam Lambert in Vegas. No more second chances as we hear selected comments from the judges on last night's performances. Two people will see their Idol dreams come to a close. Get ready for it - this is American Idol!

Hello, how are you, welcome, good to see you, welcome to the show friends.

Over 34 million votes came in last night. That's the highest number so far this season. Tonight we have a lot to pack in this hour. Brook White and Justin Gaston are here to perform for you. Plus our mentor Adam Lambert. And a dramatic double elimination tonight because last week the judges used their save. And here they are, Randy, Ellen, Kara and Psycho, Simon Cowell.

It will be a difficult night for the contestants, but first they have a little fun with an Elvis medley. I give you your Top Nine!

Oh the humanity.

It is going to be a dramatic evening on this stage as we say goodbye to not one but two of our top nine. But before that, we are going green as we take a look at this Ford Music Video. Roll Ford hybrid commercial.

Now, the intense part. Time for the results. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go. Dim the lights and good luck to all of you.

Casey, let's start with you. Aaron, please stand up. Andrew, please stand up. Come down to the stage here, make a line, the three of you.

Casey, you sang Lawdy Miss Clawdy. The judges didn't see anything different from you.

Aaron, you sang Blue Suede Shoes. Everyone but Simon liked it.

Andrew, you sang Hound Dog. Only Ellen thought you nailed it.

Andrew, how does it feel knowing two people are leaving? It is stressful. You become friends? Yes. And it is tough for us too.

Andrew, it is the end of the road for you. The rest of you are safe, take a seat.

Your last chance to sing for those people who voted for you week after week. Andrew Garcia, everybody.

Andrew performs Every Piece of Me by James Morrison in his farewell performance.

We are going to miss you, man, we are going to miss you. You show true emotion and I wish you the best of luck. Andrew thanks everyone, he is glad for what he went through.

After the break, one more person will also see their Idol journey come to a close. But first Brooke White and Justin Gaston perform for you.

So far your votes have sent home Andrew Garcia but I will have to deliver bad news to another sitting on the couch in a little bit. But first, next week is Idol Gives Back and we start by joining Elliot Yamin and DioGuardi on a trip to Africa. Roll emotionally uplifting video.

Idol Gives Back will be an event you do not want to miss. Confirmed names include Black Eyed Peas, Carrie Underwood, Annie Lennox, Elton John and much much more.

But now we welcome Brooke White and Justin Gaston, performing the Elvis Presley song If I Can Dream as we get in the mood for Idol Gives Back.

Brook and Justin, ladies and gentlemen. After this, we say goodbye to one more person. Which of these faces will it be? We'll be right back.

Tonight we are laying down a double elimination and we have already lost Andrew. I can tell you Aaron and Casey are safe. But now we have to get back to more results to see whose American Idol dream comes to an end tonight. Dim the lights. Can I have the whole bottom row come down here on the stage, please.

Lee, you sang A Little Less Conversation. The judges all liked your performance. Lee says he feels like he is performing a concert, not auditioning.

Let's go to Siobhan Magnus. You sang Suspicious Minds and the panel was split.

Katie Stevens, now. You sang Baby, What You Want Me To Do. Ellen said the song was horny and Randy & Kara loved her sassy side. Katie just wants to grow each week.

Michael Lynche. You sang In The Ghetto. The judges liked your vocal. Big Mike says being saved last week makes him extremely grateful for every part of the experience.

Crystal Bowersox, ladies & gentlemen. You sang Saved. The judges all loved it.

And now Tim Urban, ladies & gentlemen. Tim sang Can't Help Falling In Love and the judges all praised the performance.

So, after 34 million votes, Crystal, you are safe. You may take a seat. Congratulations.

Siobhan, you are also safe. You may take a seat.

Lee, the song you sang was the same one Chris Daughtry sang the week he was eliminated. Walk with me for a second. You said you are growing more comfortable each week. Have a seat, you are safe.

So, the three of you slide to the center of the stage. It will be either Tim, Michael or Katie who will be going home after Adam Lambert takes the stage, right after this message.

We are back live with American Idol and there is someone on the stage the audience is excited about. But first, next week the Top Seven will take on inspirational songs with mentor Alicia Keys. But first we have this week's mentor performing live. With his new single What Do You Want From Me, here's Adam Lambert!

This may be the first time I have seen laser effects on the AI stage. You could barely see him through the smoke and visual effects. Thanks for loving me because you are doing it perfectly. Perhaps this song is Adam's way of thanking his fans and answering his critics at the same time. Adam never had any problems making an impact on the Idol stage.

Adam Lambert, ladies & gentlemen! Now that's a performance! Yeah, I brought lasers. I wanted to do something different. Well that was different!

What did you learn from American Idol that has helped you in the world of pop music. Adam says that they had to work their butts off each week during the show and American Idol has prepared him for what it takes to make it in the real world music business

When we come back, we get back to business. Your results next.

it has been a long, emotional journey for Tim, Michael and Katie. The curtain will come down for one of them in just a moment. Bring down the lights and here are the results. The three of you standing there, I am going to send one of you back to safety right now.

The person who is safe and will compete again next week, smile Tim, you are safe. Congratulations.

Tim is safe. It is now between Michael and Katie. I can tell you this, one of you is obviously going home. The other was not even in the bottom three this week.

After the nationwide vote, the person leaving the competition tonight is Katie. Michael, you are safe.

Michael swallows Katie in a bear hug.

Katie Stevens, everybody. What a ride, huh? What stories will you tell of American Idol? It has been an amazing experience. You grew up quickly, didn't you. Yes.

Katie reprises her Lennon/McCartney week performance of Let It Be as she says farewell to her idol dreams.

Your parents should be very proud of you. Katie Stevens, everybody. We are going to take a final look back at the journeys of Andrew and Katie.

Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens everyone. Thank you to the judges and the band. Don't forget, next week is inspirational songs and Idol Gives Back!


Who thinks America got it wrong taking Katie out of the competition one night after she got it all right on the Idol stage...

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And next week is "inspirational songs"...oh joy. This should be a yuck-fest.

Well, except for maybe Crystal, Casey or Lee- who I can't see picking an insipid, drippy song.

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This means I am going to have to watch Aaron and Tim sing inspirational songs. Joy. Maybe a duet.

Kind of off topic: What a mess that smoke and laser production was for Adam. You couldn't even see the guy. If he did that, it was a mistake and went on way too long before his visual entrance which was similar to looking at something through smoky haze. I would love to see Adam just stand there and sing. That would be my advice to Adam.

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Funny how people see things differently... I loved that opening (even though I agree the smoke got too thick) and my 15 yr old daughter and I had the same thought after his performance... Adam should have won last year. And, Adam was so awesome that no one impresses us as much so it kinda makes it hard to really get into AI this season.

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It was too thick but his singing was so awesome that it didn't bother me.

What did bother me was the duet Brooke White did with the cute guy that can't sing...who is he and WHAT WAS THAT? You could tell that she was trying to save it but he just couldn't find the key. Horrendous.

...and did Ryan seem a little weird this week to anyone else? That exchange with his mom, the dancing with a guy audience member when Tim was singing, his comment to Adam about his tongue...weird. Has he been around Paula lately?

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it was okay for TV purposes (but it did get a little too thick even for that) but had I been there live I would have been ticked, because I guarantee you they couldn't see much of anything. I also thought the slow part at the beginning went on too long.

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