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Mole DVD outselling other reality DVDs.

by Andy Denhert

Last week, season one of The Mole was released on DVD for the first time. Although it's the 864th most popular DVD on Amazon.com, it's easily outselling all the other reality TV DVDs I checked, although The Simple Life 2 is a close second. In particular, though, it's doing better than its cousin Celebrity Mole Hawaii, which ranks 10,976. Perhaps most surprisingly, a DVD featuring former cast members telling viewers "secrets" about how to get on reality TV shows is way behind even the lowest-selling reality TV show DVD. Reality TV Secrets: How To Get On The Show!, which oddly bleeps out the name of the shows as people like Survivor Africa's Ethan and The Real World Las Vegas' Trishelle talk about their own series, comes in at number 52,005. Based upon that, people just want to watch reality TV, not participate.

I suggest checking Mortys Mall as your 1st shoppping choice if you are going to purchase a DVD

864. The Mole

869. The Simple Life 2

1,053. Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica, season one

1,235. The Apprentice

1,470. Survivor Australia

1,754. The Simple Life, season one

3,560. Survivor All-Stars

7,405. Survivor Borneo

8,685. The Osbournes, season 2.5

10,423. The Real World New York, season one

10,654. The Real World Las Vegas

10,663. The Osbournes, season one

10,976. Celebrity Mole Hawaii

15,265. The Osbournes, season two

16,321. The Anna Nicole Show, season one

23,293. Big Brother 3

27,604. Big Brother 4

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2005 SciFi TV DVD Releases

2005 is going to be a good year for SciFi, thanks in part to all the great TV releases on DVD. Here's what you can look forward to in the coming months.

I suggest checking Morty's Mall as your 1st shopping choice if you plan on purchasing a DVD

March 22:

The Pretender: The Complete First Season

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TV on DVD:

  • The bald tough guy with the lollipops comes to DVD. The 1970s cop show stars Telly Savalas as police Lt. Theo Kojak, the unflappable New York City detective with a hankering for candy suckers and the catch phrase, "Who loves ya, baby." The three-disc set has the first 22 episodes, arriving just before the debut of Ving Rhames' new "Kojak" series. DVD set, $39.98. (Universal)

Twenty short cartoons featuring Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and other "Star Wars" characters hit DVD as a prelude to the final film in the saga coming May 19. Previously aired on the Cartoon Network, the shorts fill in the story gaps between "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith." DVD, $19.98. (20th Century Fox)

The show that rescues rust-buckets from a one-way trip to the junkyard debuts in three-disc package containing the first 15 episodes, plus deleted scenes and a music video by series host Xzibit. The MTV series features makeovers for cars past their expiration dates. DVD set, $38.99. (Paramount)

Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty are back in a four-disc set with all 28 episodes from year three of the 1960s cartoon show, highlighted by the arrival of the Flintstones' baby girl, Pebbles. The set also has two "Flintstones" featurettes. DVD set, $44.98. (Warner Bros.)

As a follow-up to the original "Scooby-Doo" cartoon series, Hanna-Barbera presented an hourlong show pairing the ghostbusting gang with such guests as the Three Stooges, Batman and Robin and the Harlem Globetrotters. The four-disc set has 15 Scooby adventures, plus three featurettes. DVD set, $64.92. (Warner Bros.)

Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson are the sibling Hardy boys and Pamela Sue Martin is Nancy Drew in the 1970s sleuth shows based on the two book series for young readers. The two-disc set has 14 episodes. DVD set, $39.98. (Universal)

Boy genius Doogie (Neil Patrick Harris) is back on the rounds as a teenage doctor in a four-disc set with the first 26 episodes from the series that premiered in the late 1980s. The set includes new interviews with Harris and co-creator Steven Bochco. DVD set, $39.98. (Anchor Bay)

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21 Jump Street: The Complete Second Season


The very first show to air on the very first night the Fox network was on the air, 21 Jump Street was the youthfully-minded cop show of its era, an undercover series that serviced the cop drama genre as much as it broke it free of its middle-aged constrictions. Oh, and Johnny Depp was in it, too.

What made 21 Jump Street such a cult-adored phenomenon wasn't just the cop-cool of its narrative aims or just the eye candy that Monsieur Depp gave to his ever-growing legion of fans (once he left the series, the show's ratings went down the tubes), it was the combination of the two. 21 Jump Street was a unique success because it addressed the pin-up bubblegum of its core teeny-bop audience while going out of its way to prescribe a morally centered and conscious dramatic spine to itself.

It was one of the first series to address issues like gay bashing, AIDS, and underage pregnancy without paying too much attention to their hot-button natures. What becomes apparent when watching this second season of the show on DVD is that these provocative symbols and themes in 21 Jump Street aren't taboo-breaking harbingers, they're exemplars of just another day at the office for our Jump Street boys. What's extraordinary to us as an audience is ordinary to them, and to see them approach these culturally blinding issues bridges the gap between our status quo and the oncoming world of the 1990s around us.

[be warned: The music cues in the show have changed since their syndication days. Due to rights and/or royalties, some of the music you remember liking (or disliking, for that matter) in the show has been changed. Fair-weather fans may not notice, but hardcore Jump Street-ers should be aware.]

The Video: How Does The Disc Look?

Enjoy the '80s nostalgia if you must, but these episodes look awful. Presented in their original 1.33:1 full frame, black levels, color contrast and especially line quality are strikingly below standards. And don't even get me started on how weak shadow detail is here. Fans will love having these episodes on one nice box set, but beware these transfers.

The Audio: How Does The Disc Sound?

The stereo tracks are weak, but not as violently upsetting as the video transfers on this set. Dialogue sounds tinny, music is piled onto the mix with no verve or finesse, and the frequent dubbing of swear words - "hiney" for "ass," for example - are defiantly of different volumes than their source material. Not good. Also included are English closed captions.

Supplements: What Goodies Are There?

The screen-specific audio commentary from Peter DeLouise on "You Oughta Be in Prison" is standard fare at best. While the guy was an integral part of the show, his reflections on Jump Street are surface-level and over-mushy. And there's not much else here. We get a photo gallery, and then there are twenty minutes of excerpts of the show dubbed into French. Only hard-core fans will survive this one.

Exclusive DVD-ROM Features: What happens when you pop the disc into your PC? Pop this in your DVD-ROM drive and you can access the script for "Don't Stretch the Rainbow", one of the show's more culturally minded episodes.

Final Thoughts

For $44.98, you'd better be a pretty big fan of 21 Jump Street to dig this second season box set. Video transfers are poor, audio mixes are unspectacular, and the extra features here - even compared to the first season's box set - are lacking. God bless Johnny Depp, but you'd think his clout in Hollywood would allow his past material to get better DVD treatment than this.

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TV on DVD Releases: 3/28/05

Check Morty's Mall for these releases

  • Tyra Banks leads the search for the next cover girl. The first installment of the series has nine episodes as gorgeous wannabes competing in process-of-elimination judging. The three-disc set also includes three behind-the-scenes featurettes. DVD set, $38.99. (Paramount)

Angela Lansbury stars as a mystery writer who dabbles in real crime-solving on the side in the hit TV whodunit. Year one's 21 episodes come in a three-disc set, with guest stars that include Andy Garcia, Martin Landau, Jerry Orbach and Milton Berle. DVD set, $49.98. (Universal)

This short-lived spinoff of "The X-Files" stars Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund as conspiracy-theory geeks on a generally comic run of adventures. The exception is the unnerving pilot, a darker story that aired six months before the Sept. 11 attacks and centers on a plot to fly a jetliner into the World Trade Center. The three-disc set has all 13 episodes. DVD set, $39.98. (20th Century Fox)

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Spring is here at Morty's Mall!

MortyIt's Spring, and my release schedule is full of some of the most popular shows in TV history. There's the classic titles like

  • "The Brady Bunch,"

"The Flintstones,"

"All in the Family,"

"Hogan's Heroes,"


"Three's Company,"

"Have Gun Will Travel,"

"The Bob Newhart Show,"

to name just nine of dozens.

Then there's the titles from the 80's that you just didn't expect them to remember, like


that make you wish all shows would be released that fast.

will follow.

There's all the great cable shows like that I only watch on DVD."

Morty's Mall http://www.mortystv.com/dvd_news.shtml is well stocked with all those classics as well as the new releases.

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'This Was 'Your Life'

Pioneer reality-show producer-host Ralph Edwards, 91, plans to release a three-DVD collection of his This Is Your Life shows on May 31. The show, which debuted in 1952 and aired live for nine years, looked at the lives of celebrities who were unaware that they were going to be profiled until they were lured onto Edwards's set. Among the celebrities featured in the DVD set are Milton Berle, Laurel & Hardy, Bette Davis, Jayne Mansfield, Boris Karloff, Dick Clark, and Jesse Owens.

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April 12 Releases listed on Morty's @ ]http://www.mortystv.com/dvd_news.shtml

All in the Family The Complete 4th Season

A-Team, The Season 2

Bob Newhart Show, The Season 1

Galaxy Rangers Vol 3: Chained

Galaxy Rangers Vol 4: Phoenix

Goosebumps Cry Of The Cat

Goosebumps Deep Trouble

Goosebumps How I Got My Shrunken Head

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law Volume 1

Hitchhiker, The Hitchhiker 2, The

Invader Zim Invader Zim Box Set

Invader Zim Invader Zim Empty Box with Extras Disc

Jeffersons, The The Complete 3rd Season

Knight Rider Season 2

Magnum, P.I. The Complete 2nd Season

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood A Day At The Circus

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Adventures In Friendship

Sledge Hammer! Season 2

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Volume 3

Teen Titans Vol 2: Switched

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Retailer Best Buy is apparently planning to release the show's six-episode second season on an exclusive DVD set. The store's web set is already accepting pre-orders for the set, which lists a release date of August 2 and carries a price of $29.99. No other specs however were available.

In addition, the store's site is also listing a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Best of Spike" collection as another exclusive release. That set lists a July 5 release date and a price of $14.99. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has yet to officially confirm either release however more details are expected to be announced shortly.

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Guest cappy

Survivor: The Australian Outback, The Complete Season


SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, the first sequel of the incredibly popular reality TV show, follows 16 more castaways, ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds that are placed in the middle of the Australian Outback. Together, they must use wits, strength and teamwork to keep from starving, baking, drowning or a variety of other nasty possible fates. In each episode, the members vote to remove one person from the game until only one remains to claim the grand prize.

The most popular and the most viewed season of them all, SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK is a 6-disc box set that includes the following extras:

Audio commentary by various castaways and host Jeff Probst

Four featurettes ("Surviving the Australian Outback," "The Luxury Items," "Dining: Survivor Style" and "Keith Famie's Paella")

Plus the previously released "highlights" disc

Presented in full screen format and features Dolby Digital English Stereo Surround.

PRICE: $44.99

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May 3rd Releases at Mortys Mall

Benny Hill Show, The The Lost Years

Dawson's Creek The Complete 5th Season

Dora the Explorer It's A Party!

Everybody Loves Raymond Seasons 1 - 3

Everybody Loves Raymond The Complete 3rd Season

Gilmore Girls The Complete 3rd Season

I Love Lucy The Complete Fourth Season

Job, The Complete Series

King of the Hill Complete 4th Season

Naked City Set 1

Partridge Family, The The Complete 1st Season

Star Trek: Enterprise The Complete 1st Season

Three's Company Season 4

Touched by an Angel The Complete 2nd Season

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May 17 Releases at Mortys Mall

Adventures of Pete & Pete, The Season 1

Cheers Season 5

Clarissa Explains It All Season 1

Commish, The Best of Season 1

Golden Girls, The Season 2

Monarch of the Glen Series 3

Return to the Batcave TV Movie

Scrubs Season 1

Seinfeld Vol 3 - Season 4

Silk Stalkings Best of Season 1

Simpsons, The Bart Wars

Six Feet Under Season 1-3

Six Feet Under The Complete 3rd Season

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Amazing Race coming to DVD.

The first season of The Amazing Race is coming to DVD, according to the series' co-creator. After the most overwritten paragraph ever, Reality Reel Media reveals that the show "will be officially released on DVD in the Fall of 2005. Elise Doganieri, Co-Creator and Supervising Producer of The Amazing Race, has confirmed this via telephone." She says that the DVD will include more than just the episodes:

"What's really nice is that they've inter-cut moments in the Race and then they interview the team that was there and you get the feeling of what was happening in that moment. "What's really nice is that they've inter-cut moments in the Race and then they interview the team that was there and you get the feeling of what was happening in that moment. There's a very long special feature and a lot of little branches during the DVD -- a section where you can click and hear what the contestants have to say. It's really good. I worked with the team of people who actually put the DVD together along with our post production department, who went back and found a lot of great little highlights... never before seen footage. It's great material that we just didn't have time in every episode to put in the show. So there's a lot of footage that actually I hadn't seen before. So watching it was like, 'Oh my goodness, I remember when they did that!' So it was fun for me to watch. There are interviews with myself and Bertram on the DVD, Phil Keoghan, the host, and a good portion of the cast members."

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July 19 Releases at Mortys Mall

All Creatures Great and Small Series 5

Cleopatra 2525 Complete Series

Dead Like Me Season 2

Def Poetry Jam Season 3

Dora the Explorer Super Babies

Earth 2 The Complete Series

Jim Lee's Wild C.A.T.S: Covert Action Teams Complete Series: Collector's Edition

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County The Complete 1st Season

Lost in Space Season 3 - Volume 2

Pup Named Scooby-Doo, A Volume 1

Pup Named Scooby-Doo, A Volume 2

Saved by the Bell Season 5

Sliders Season 3

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