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The next two hours meant the world to these 10 people. You can literally hear a pin drop. This is where the action happens. But once the contestants cross this line and walk though these doors, the atmosphere changes. This is their moment. This is your show. And this is American Idol!

You have chosen your top ten and the competition is getting fierce as we get close and closer to the finale. Give it up one more time for your esteemed panel of judges here. Hey Randy, hey Ellen, hey Kara, hey Simon. And now let's bring out the people about to face the music. Ladies and gentlemen, your top 10, America!

Let's rock this in just a second. The theme tonight is soul and R&B and to put the top 10 through their paces, we brought the top gun, Usher. Here he is with us tonight, ladies and gentlemen, say hi to Usher, whose new album hit the streets today, Raymond vs Raymond.

First up tonight Siobhan Magnus, singing Through The Fire by Chaka Khan. Usher says she has the voice for the song and advised she focus on her personal style, such as wardrobe, to not have so much going on it distracts from what she has to offer as a vocalist. She starts off in control of a lower octave then springs into the chorus a little pitchy. It's a low key performance, with a light nuanced vocal, showcasing her power creds but overall not making a wow impression. Randy said it was a big song, but it didn't quite catch on pitch wise, not one of her shining moments but he appreciates her courageousness and conviction taking that song on. Ellen agrees, it is kind of like when you are hiking and you miss the trail and know you are off and kind of freaked out about it, but listening to you is like the dessert before the meal. Kara says she looked a little nervous, the screaming parts worked but not the lower register; every performer gets an off night and she was entitled to one after all the great performances. Simon said it sounded like she ran a marathon and was singing out of breath while running, it was so all over the place, she looks all over the place too, it will sound worse than you know when you hear it back and he is getting bored with the screaming at the end.

A look back stage where Michael gets up to comfort Siobhan after her critical raking.

Next up is Casey James, singing "Hold On I

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It's the Clash of the Titans, or so producers want you to think. Or maybe it is just a blatantly obvious product placement. Starring Simon as The Cracken. But American Idol starts right now!

Please welcome your host, Ryan Seacrest!

Good evening, hello, welcome to the show. It's Wednesday and that means the votes are in and someone is in danger of leaving the competition. Last week the Save wasn't even considered and that means Paige is no longer with us. But will it be used this week? Say hello to your judges, Randy, Ellen, Kara and Simon. Also, show some love to your Top 10, America!

But first, we welcome back to the stage the winner of Idol Season 2, ladies and gentlemen, the Velvet Teddy Bear, Reuben Studdard!

After performing, Ryan and Reuben chat a bit about how its been 7 years and Reuben has lost so much weight going on a Vegan diet. Ryan brings Big Mike to come over and comment on Studdard's size. Reuben and Clay Aiken are going out on tour together this summer and a new single is out.

After the break, we begin to build the bottom three. Whose journey could be over tonight? More Idol Live next!

Everyone on this couch is battling to keep their Idol dream alive, something they might have learned during this Ford Music Video performance. Roll the product placement.

So how are we doing tonight, gang? Nervous, a little bit? Mike has some pink hair glued on to the back of his scalp. Crystal says she first played piano when she was six years old. Andrew says the judges don't hang out with him so they don't know how cool he is; Mama says he should be himself because mama raised him right.

During the week, the idols went to a special screening of Clash of the Titans, which gets another prime promotional spot.

Dim the lights and here we go with your results.

Lee DeWyze, please stand up first. You sang Treat Her Like A Lady. Lee says he felt most natural during that performance than any other, it was awesome. Simon says he sees a potential artist based on last night's performance. Lee, after the nationwide vote, congratulations, you are safe. Take a seat.

Casey James, you are up. Casey sang Hold On I'm Coming. Casey is having trouble figuring out how he will challenge himself. Casey, I hate to shift into a serious mode here, but I am going to have to ask you to take a seat, you are safe.

Aaron Kelley, please stand up. You sang Ain't No Sunshine. Aaron says at 16 he really hasn't experienced real love, but Simon has. Simon says this is not the Oprah Winfrey show, go back to the singing. Randy says you draw on emotions like loving your parents. Now that you are totally confused, take a seat. You are safe.

Siobhan and Katie, please stand up together. Siobhan, you sang Through The Fire. Siobhan was making no excuses but she is not defeated. Katie, you sang Chain Of Fools. Katie said she will take what she wants to do and add in what they say and see what happens. After the nationwide vote, girls, Katie, you are in the bottom three. Siobhan, you are safe. Please have a seat.

Katie, come over here. Ryan accuses Simon of gloating. Simon says he is frustrated Katie has not taken his advice and that is why she is in the bottom three. There are still 2 more stools to fill. But first, Usher takes the stage next.

We are very excited to announce that next week the Top 9 are taking on the Lennon McCartney songbook. But this week we are joined by the guy with the #1 R&B album in the country, who was also mentored by this week's Idol mentor, Usher. And OMG, here he is, Usher!

Just to recap, the top of the couch, safe. lee, Casey, Aaron and Siobhan. Katie has already been sent to the stools but two more from the bottom row will join her.

Didi Benami, you sang What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted. Didi said she would use the guitar again, but she doesn't always feel comfortable with it, its a risk. After the nationwide vote, Didi, I am going to have to ask you to walk across the stage and join Katie in the bottom three.

Now lets talk to Michael Lynch. You sang Ready For Love. After the nationwide vote, this is surprising. Would you walk over here please. You are safe. Mike picks Ryan up and turns him upside down in penalty for the subterfuge.

Crystal Bowersox, would you please stand up. You sang Midnight Train To Georgia. You are back to the boots tonight, but the stiletto's paid off, you are safe tonight.

Tim and Andrew, together please, please stand up. Tim is already smiling. Tim, you sang Sweet Love. Tim says he is always smiling because even if this is his last time on stage, it has been an amazing experience. Andrew, you sang Forever. After the nationwide vote, Andrew, you are safe. Which means Tim is in the bottom three.

Stand right here and girls, come over here. Katie, Didi and Tim. one of them could be heading home unless one of them is saved by the judges.

But I am going to send one of them back to safety right away. The person who is safe this week is.... Katie. Take a seat.

So it is down to Didi and Tim. One of them could be going home. We'll be back after the break.

Again, Didi and Tim are uncertain of their fate in the competition. One of them has the lowest number of votes and will have to face the judges for their survival. But first, someone who has never performed on the Idol stage, someone who does it all, here is Diddi with Dirty Money.

That's the energy we like to see on this show. The Last Train To Paris leaves this summer. Diddy tips his hat to the young superstars for getting up there each week because its hard. Back with your final results, next.

Didi and Tim are standing before you. One of them will be going home if they do not win the judges' save. Let's get down to it, dim the lights. The name of the person who may be going home tonight is... Didi Benami. Tim, you are safe. Congratulations.

Didi, you know the drill, sing for your life. For the save, ladies and gentlemen, here is Didi Benami singing Rihanna by Heart. The judges confer, Simon and Randy smiling. And it is time for Didi to face the music. The judges get one safe per season and it has to be unanimous.

Simon says it is bad news, sweetheart, we are not going to save you. But it was a million times better than last night.

Didi Benami, everybody. We thank our judges and Ricky Minor and the band and our mentor, Usher. Now we take a look back at our time with Didi. As the idols join Didi on the stage for a group hug, sobs can be heard.


Who didn't entirely agree with the bottom three but didn't disagree with the end result...

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Lennon-McCartney song book... I think.

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Lennon-McCartney song book... I think.

Yep, that is right. It can be songs written by Lennon-McCartney together, or by either of them alone. But it won't include any George Harrison songs, such as "Something" and "Here Comes the Sun".

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