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AI9: Top 11 Performances & Results


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Last week this group rocked the Rolling Stones and delivered. Tonight they take on Billboard #1s. But who will rise to the top? The pressure is on. This is American Idol!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your judges Randy, Ellen, Kara and Sara. And your host, Ryan Seacrest!

Good evening, everyone, we are coming to you live from LA. Last week we introduced the top 12 but had to say goodbye to Lacey Brown. Lacey, we wish you the best. But we have to move on. Let's say hi to the judges. Randy says the top 10 make the Idol tour this summer, so tonight is big. Ellen says that the key thing is voting, you can't assume someone is going to stay in and not vote. Kara says every song has a story and as a performer you have to understand that story and make a connection. Simon says tonight is like only getting 5 out of 6 numbers right on a lottery ticket.

Here are your top 11, everybody!

Tonight we have a great theme and mentor: Billboard #1s and offering advice to the idols, its Miley Cyrus!

<video recap of Miley's tenured career>

And she is with us tonight. What did you think when you were asked to be a mentor? I was really nervous - I know how talented these people are - but then I realized that rather than tell them what they are doing wrong I can help them connect with their audience.

First up is Lee singing "The Letter" (The Box Tops). Miley says he has a great voice but needs work on his stage presence. Well suited for his voice, lee has the boogie beat going with his solid vocals, but what is the hunching over and the hand gestures? Didn't really feel his take on the song - it seemed like a remake rather than an original interpretation. The brass were great, though. Randy said what is cool is you chose a bluesy/soul version of the song but you knocked it out of the park, you sold it. Ellen said you know how you have a favorite pen that writes perfectly and no other pen feels the same and then it starts running out of ink and you start feeling desperate, saying oh no my favorite pen? My favorite pen is back. Kara said he raised the bar tonight, that was his best ever, from the first time he stepped onto the stage to now, the progress was tremendous. Simon said out of thousands of #1 hits, that was not a recording performance, it was him doing something quite corny, his voice was good and he was bouncing around the stage, but it was not the wow moment he was talking about last week.

Performing second is Paige Miles, singing "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)"

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One of the top 10 will be the next American Idol. Tonight, we find out who that could be. The results are in. This is American Idol!

Welcome to results night. Thank you for your votes last night, but unfortunately someone is going home tonight unless the judges decide to save them. Will they use the save tonight? Here are the judges. Say hi to Randy Jackson, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell!

We will get to your results in just a moment, but first here is your Top 11 with Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, by Wham! It's the group song. Yawn.

Here we have the top 11 tonight, the results are coming up but first lets see what the contestants were up to this weekend with the Ford Music Video (read commercial). Roll it!

It's a crucial week for these contestants. Surviving the cut on the couch means you make it to the summer tour. Casey, you had an eye opening experience before we went on the air. Casey says he flipped chorus and verse during rehearsal but fixed it during the live show. Siobhan's boss is in the audience and he will not shave until she wins. Katie's dad was sprinting away before the results show because he can't stand to see them if they lose, and someone is texting him the results. Big Mike, we have this footage of you babysitting outside of the contest. Let's watch it. Mike's wife and daughter sleep in an apartment near the Idol's hotels. Let's cut to the chase.

Last week we pulled out the bottom three and we'll do the same this week. The chairs are over there. Dim the lights, lets go.

Siobhan, stand up, please. You sang Superstition. She wanted to have fun and have it show. After the nationwide vote, you are going to have to pack your bags... this summer because you are going on tour. You are safe.

OK, next let's go to Lee and Casey. Both of you stand up. Lee, you sang The Letter. Casey, you sang Power of Love. The judges stick to their opinions from last night. After the nationwide vote, both of you stand there for a second.

Let's go to Tim and Paige. Both stand up. Tim, you sang Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Tim said he had fun and he would do it all over again. Paige, you sang Against All Odds. Paige said she didn't stop competing but lost herself in the song and it was a poor performance.

Randy, who is in the bottom three? Both of you were not good, but Paige was probably the worst I have ever heard. Randy was right. Paige, you are in the bottom three tonight. And so is Tim, you are in the bottom three as well.

Who will join them? We will find out in just a little bit. But when we come back, our mentor Miley Cyrus takes the stage.

Back with you on American Idol. Next week our theme is R&B soul under the guidance of Usher, so Usher will be with us next week. But right now we have this week's mentor, the one and only Miley Cyrus with When I Look At You. Sorry, Miley, it sounds like you ran your voice out talking to the idols this week. I usually don't critique guest performances, but I have heard you sing before (on the Disney Channel) and that was not your best.

Miley says she like Tim's knee slide, a little Zac Efron Hairspray. She says she could never do what they are doing, singing and then facing the judges.

When we come back, more results coming to you, live. Do not move!

Now back to the business at hand. I have sent Paige and Tim to the stools, which means they are in the bottom three. Everyone on the top couch is safe, which means Lee and Casey join Siobhan on the Idol tour this summer. Let's find out who will round out the bottom three. Bring down the lights and here we go.

Aaron Kelley, would you please stand up, sir. You sang I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. His voice is a little bit better. Which is good news because he will put it to good news next week. You are safe, congratulations.

All right, Didi Bename, please rise. You sang You're No Good. You were frustrated you got criticized for taking a risk. It was more confusion because she doesn't know what the judges want besides play her guitar on stage. Ellen says she just needs to pick better songs. Simon says she over thinks things, just choose a good song and make it work, that's all.

Let's just cut to to the vote. After the nationwide vote, you are safe. Go sit down.

Michael Lynch, please stand up. You sang When A Man Loves A Woman. Mike, America voted and you are going out on tour. Congratulations, you are safe.

Crystal Bowersox, it's your turn. Stand up. You sang Me And Bobby McGee. Last night the judges were split on the guitar. If you get through, who will you listen to? Crystal says she will listen to herself. Well, America voted and you will have to listen to yourself next week because you are safe. Congratulations.

Katie and Andrew, both of you guys stand up there. Let's start with Katie. You sang Big Girls Don't Cry. Katie says she feels better with Pop and R&B but will try Country for Simon. Andrew, you sang I Heard It Through The Grape Vine. Andrew said he was bothered by Simon's comment that he sucked the soul out of the song, but he loves himself as an artist.

After the nationwide vote, the person in the bottom three tonight is Katie. Andrew, take a seat, you are safe.

All you guys join me in the center of the stage. here is your bottom three. Paige, Tim and Katie all in danger of going home. One of them will have to sing to survive in the competition.

Now I am going to send one of you back to safety. That person will stick around and go on tour. The person who is safe and stays in the competition is Katie. Congratulations, Katie, take a seat.

So it will be either Tim or Paige who faces the fire. But not before Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato take the stage coming up next.

The two love birds perform Make A Wave. Ryan notes that Joe was the guest judge at the audition that put Tim through. Joe says yeah, asks Tim how he's doing. Then retracts, I guess its not going so well.

Paige and Tim are still sitting over on the stools. One of them is safe. Find out who after this break.

There is so much on the line tonight, not only the competition but a coveted spot on the tour. Everyone on the couch is safe. Now lets get to the results. Dim the lights and here we go.

Paige and Tim, good luck to you.

The person who is going home tonight unless the Judges save you is... Paige Miles. Tim you are safe.

Before you sing for your life, Simon, do you have any words of encouragement. Simon says regardless of how she sings tonight, she will not get the judges save and he doesn't want to give her false hope. It was a unanimous decision. But Simon says going back to her early performances, she has the talent to keep working at it.

Paige says she had a blast and despite some health problems, it was a great learning experience. We watch a tape of Paige's journey to tonight before she reprises her more successful Stones performance of It's All Right Now to close the show.


Who doesn't think even Paige expected she had a chance to survive...

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r & b

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