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Top 8 females perform


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Who do you like? Who don't you like? Are the right ones still there? Getting closer to the finalists. (top 6 males and top 6 females)

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Katie. Siobhan. Lacy. Katelyn. Didi. Crystal. Paige. And Lilly. Eight girls, one dream. Tonight they fight to make it into the top 12. This is Ladies Night. And this is American Idol!

For the next hour we have 8 great hits for you with the girls and the panel, where Ellen is sitting in Simon's lap nibbling on his ear. I think Ellen is taken, Simon. Plus Randy and Kara.

Simon said tonight the stakes are the highest they have ever been as the top twelve will be set with Thursday's results. There is no time to waste, so here we go.

Singing first without introduction is Katie Stevens, with Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. It is a solid vocal but not very energetic performance. Not something I would remember though. Randy said the song was too big for her, it paled in comparison to the original, didn't work for him. Ellen said she took their note and picked a young song and she has a great voice, but she didn't feel the words in her vocal, she wasn't taking a risk, they need to see some personality. Kara said we have people who really know themselves and people you don't and you do not know who you are yet as an artist, but you do have the talent and the sound of your voice is years older and maybe you just need to grow into it. Simon said it has been confusing for you, you have taken all the advice, you have improved each week, but you kind of sucked the energy out of the performance, but he gives her 10 out of 10 for what she has done.

Next up is Siobhan Magnus, with more face time, singing House of the Rising Sun by the Animals. With no musical accompaniment, she was hypnotic with her vocal and an echo before the guitar kicked in, soft and incidental. Then she kicks in with the power vocal and you could hear a pin drop, even through a some unfortunate melodic choices towards the end. Randy said every week she surprises them, it was different, starting off on a somber note, keep doing it because its hot. Ellen said she knows that house; she is why she loves music, it is supposed to move you and it did, she is terrific. Kara loved the A Capella vibe, she is so unique and different and she is surprised by her week to week, she is doing great. Simon said he wasn't such a fan, it was all a bit weird because she didn't do anything with the song, it wasn't different, he was under impressed, boring and dark, she didn't have that moment from last week.

Keeping the music going is Lacy Brown, with The Story by Brandi Carlile. It was a solid, intimate performance made mostly for the TV camera and the judges as if the audience wasn't even there. But oh did they know she was, with a standing O. Randy said what's cool is the song was a little sleepy but her best performance in a long time, it was very cool. Ellen agreed, said it sounded like it was written for her, she has such a distinctive voice. Kara said performances like this are how she got there, effortless singing, she is back on her path. Simon said he didn't love love the song but she sang it really, really well, like listening to the radio, she knows where the cameras are, it feels like she has been doing it a long time but still hasn't heard the right song connection yet, this is in danger of being forgotten.

Fourth is Katelyn Epperly taking on Carol King with I Feel The Earth Move with a Wurlitzer. Her voice wasn't quite as big as her hair tonight, with background vocals that didn't really fit. The performance felt rushed and pro-form, no emotion and no connection. She didn't lose control but she lost me. Randy said he liked the hair but he didn't feel the right connection and vibe, the song had nothing to do with her, nothing special about it, it was fine, a little sleepy. Ellen said that was not the song to wow people into the top 12, she has a great look and a great voice but that wasn't enough to get people to pick up the phone and dial. Kara said she didn't seem to be competing, just going through the motions, not even really playing. Simon said it was like request night at a restaurant, she sang it quite well, sounded quite well, but it was not the performance of the night; others look like they are trying harder.

Starting out the second half hour is Didi Benami, singing Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Playing her guitar, she was almost mumbling, slurring her words with a vocal performance that left everything to be desired. There was no emotional connection to the song or the audience, depressing. Randy said it was a whole lot better than last week but there wasn't a wow moment, that is who they fell in love with but not the best she can do. Ellen said yes in deedi didi; you were torn apart last week but you were back up here smiling and you did well, good job. Kara said one of her favorite moments of the season, you can surprise us with what you bring to a hard song. Simon said he agrees with Kara, head and shoulders above anything else they have heard tonight, she has proven she is an artist, the whole performance was a wow moment, to come back after last week, she got herself together, well done.

Next up is Paige Miles with Smile by Charlie Chaplin. Singing softly, I missed the anguish that is implicit in this song's lyrics. It was like she has already given up and was just going through the paces. Which is a shame because she could have really knocked this performance out of the ballpark if she had just tried a little. Randy said it just didn't work, it was too big for her, it went completely flat. Ellen said it was supposed to be inspiring and uplifting and it was just sad and depressing, this was your time to shine and show us who you are. Kara said it was all wrong and tonight was not the night to do that. Simon said it was a horrible choice of song, the arrangement was awful, a 1974 Holiday Inn, a peanut performance, which is a shame because she has so much potential but she has no idea what kind of artist she is, and this could be the end of the road.

Next up is Crystal Bowersox with an electric guitar and Tracy Chapman's Give Me One Reason. With an solid blues vibe, she gave an affected vocal that started off a little weak but kicked in with the second verse, this performance showed yet another aspect of her ability to own the stage. Randy said this is what the show is about, loved that, loved you, loved the song, love the honesty, that was hot. Ellen said she needs new adjectives for her besides amazing, best performance of the night. Kara said this is what we talk about when we say people know who they are, now she is beginning to see what kind of record she would make. Simon said she is one million billionth percent in the top 12, she has confidence, believes in herself, she is the one for everyone else to beat.

Closing down the show is Lilly Scott singing I Fall To Pieces by Patsy Cline. Going straight country with a plugged in mandolin and scrunchies as ear rings, this was a dreamy vocal performance that just made no sense, not the theater of past performances. Randy said she is in the zone, well done. Ellen said loved her voice and her original style. Kara said you made Patsy Cline feel current, has to give it to her. Simon said she is very brave choosing that song on a night like this, it was cute and quirky but it didn't have the wow factor and could have been a risky thing to do.


Whose top performances on the night in no particular order were Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox...

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Katie-too young . a good candidate to go on thursday. not good for me .

Siobhan - i found it boring i tuned out half way through it . for me after strong performance week 1 she has been going downhill. tried to recapture the gothic feel of week 1 but it didnt work for me

Lacey - her best performance yet lol. i actually enjoy her more then first two that perform but overall ok . but the weird thing she does of starring into camera with those eyes scares the crap out me

Katelyn- very good for me . love up beat

Didi - ok like it more when i watched recap of night of all performance

Paige -i never been a fan of paige. i never got why they the judges thought she was one of best there. i never got it. should have left week 1. flat throughout. every week they keep bringing up that she has one of best voices yet she never delivers it .

Crystal- can they pimp her out anymore harder to america . we get it you the judges like crystal and want her to win it all. i wasnt blown away by her performance since i seen it the same performance for three straight weeks. pretty much same crap week in week out. when will she give up guitar clutch? she doesnt take any risk like other singers

lilly- her getting pimp spot i thought judges would liked her. for me she got old after week 1. its either you like her style or not. for me the tone is cute for one week then it gets annoying








7. paige



overall seem everyone was trying to sing slow tempo songs to play it safe . was it slow tempo night?

going home katelyn and siobhan for me this is toughest week to predict who is going home. coming into night i thought easily didi and lacey but both got favorable comments by judges

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Katie - Off

Siobohn - Pure Artistry

Lacey - She has a good voice but, I personally can't stand the "childlike" quality of her tone.

Katelyn - No connection with the song but, she has a really good voice.

Didi- Good

Paige - Disaster

Crystal - I'm just not sure about Crystal. Yes, she's an amazing vocalist but, there's something that bugs me. It's almost like she's embarrassed or thinks she to good for the show. And, I still think about her "crack" teeth when she sings, even though they've been cleaned up. Maybe I'm being too judgmental though.

Lilly - I didn't get it... was that a joke?

Top 3 = Crystal, Sibohn, Didi

Bottom = Paige, Katie, Lilly

Going home? Paige, Katie (if one of these is VFTW then I pick Didi)

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So, I started writing notes after Katie performed and my son wanted me to write his critiques down too.

Katie - Great/Excellent

He was bored 1/2 way through Siobohn's performance and left the room. :lol:

... came back

Lilly - "I didn't like it."

So, there you go... 8 yr old boy's perspective.

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Of course in this house if one kid gets to do something they all want to so, here is my 10 yr old daughter's, husband's and 15 yr old daughter's thoughts on tonight's performances. (We did these critiques before we listened to the judges comments.)

Katie - (CeCi) Liked the song choice but, thought she sang it badly. (Keith) It sucked. (Sadie) Liked her outfit but, she was off key and pitchy.

Siobohn - Best of all contestants so far this season. WOW. 1/2 didn't like, 1/2 loved.

Laci - Horrible, Horrible, Horrible Favorite of hers so far. Love her unique voice.

Katelyn - Loved it. Boring. Boring.

Didi - Made me sleepy. Best Stevie Nick cover ever done on AI. Love her voice but, the performance was boring.

Paige - All three said HORRIBLE!!!

CeCi went to bed...

Crystal - Absolutely fabulous, raw talent. LOOOVED IT!!!

Lilly - She can go home now. Squeaky and annoying.

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I love the variety in one house! Only one I have watched so far is Crystal (saw it on you tube), and won't see the rest until I get home tomorrow night, so I'll hold all comments until then. I'm SHOCKED to see UVP listed Lacey as his #1 though!!

PS - FYI - VFTW is now supporting Paige.

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I'm SHOCKED to see UVP listed Lacey as his #1 though!!

lol i am too

must have been drunk :food-smiley-005:

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Lol, I loved your 8 yr olds critique, Cecimom! My 23 yr old son was over and semi-watched it with me and his comments and actions were pretty similar, proving that guys don't change much I guess. His basic comments were-

Katie: "wow, did that suck."

Siobhan- "well at least she can sing." Leaves the room during Lacey's performance...comes back in during Katelyn's for about 20 seconds, rolls his eyes then leaves the room again.

Comes back for the last part of Didi's- "not bad. At least she's good looking".

Paige- He just looked at me and I at him. "Is she for real?"

Crystal- He made some comment about her hair and the space between her teeth on one side. That's it.

Lilly- "Mom, do you mind if I turn this off now?"

My opinion:

Katie - Very poor song choice for her- pitchy, off key and pretty terrible.

Siobohn - I personally loved it! She has fantastic vocal control and I really look forward to hearing her sing.

Lacey - I'm with you, Cecimom, about not being crazy about the "childlike quality" of her voice, and yeah, UVP, her eyes kinda creep me out too... BUT it actually was an ok vocal performance and the right song choice for her.

Katelyn - Absolute WRONG song choice and I totally agreed with the judges comments. She didn't seem like she was trying at all tonight, and I was really rooting for her because I think she has potential. I'm just hoping she can squeak into the top 12 and not get booted based on that performance.

Didi- Interesting arrangement of one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs. It was entertaining and I especially liked the way she ended the song. She also has one of those bordering on childlike voices that I think might annoy me after awhile though.

Paige - WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?? She picked the song because it made her think of Michael Jackson and makes her emotional?? Duh. That's the kind of song you totally avoid at this stage in the competition. I didn't get it and was totally confused. It almost seemed like she had just picked the song and didn't know what to do with it. Very weird. She pretty much sealed her fate on that performance.

Crystal - I absolutely loved it. Cecimom-I personally don't think it's that she thinks she's too good for the show, rather that she never ever watched the show before, it's not necessarily the kind of show she would normally be on as she doesn't fit into the whole "star-packaging" that is American Idol, and so I think she doesn't really know how to act other than to be who she is. Which is one laid back, rough around the edges kind of person, which I find refreshing. I'm also guessing that she's a little bit uncomfortable with the whole thing...I am a bit worried for her when it gets to all the really crappy song and dance numbers though! lol.

Lilly - "I didn't get it... was that a joke?" (I couldn't have said it any better so I'm stealing your line, Cecimom!)







6. Lilly

7. Paige

8. Katie


Going home? Paige, Katie

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I think my ranking for tonight is:

1. Didi - She totally came back tonight and she rocked it! I loved her performance, I thought she sounded great.

2. Crystal - I just love her, she can almost do no wrong for me right now. She's phenomenal imo.

3. Lily - I love her voice and her quirky-ness, definitely one of my favorites. I thought she was awesome tonight.

4. Lacey - So happy that she finally showed us what she's got, I've been waiting to see something like that from her in the Top 24

5. Katelyn - I didn't think it was that bad, she's no Kim Caldwell, tho. I still love her and hope she survives.

6. Siobhan - I hate to put her this low but I did not like her performance at all this week. I still want her to get through but I hope she's better next week.

7. Katie - I heart her but she totally sucked this week! She didn't look or sound good at all. Very, very disappointed.

8. Paige - I don't even have that much to say tbh. She was awful and she needs to go home imo.

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PS - FYI - VFTW is now supporting Paige.

I was afraid this would happen... ugh.

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I don't know what Simon was doing while Sioban was singing because his critique made no sense. She was fantastic and she DID change up the song. She's my #1 at this point.

Katelyn was the worst for me last night. I thought "bad lounge act" through the entire performance. Paige was a close second for worst. She just sounded terrified and blew the song.

Still loving Crystal & Lilly, too.

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Finally made it here, I was playin Final Fantasy Xlll last night and had to watch this AM,

Didi did waayy better, I do like her voice, Lacey still drives me crazy, not impressed by her, thought Katelyn was very amaturish and as she goes futher in this she is goin down hill for me. Paige really laid a bomb, and Katey just does not have it up against the likes of Crystal, Lilli, and Shihban. Let me say that Crystal blew it out last night, that girl can sang. I know UPV, you aint feelin her, but this girl has got it, love her bluesy tone, she is showing confidence, she is just a natural, I am wanting this girl to go all the way. So for me it was ,





The rest of them did nothing for me and I think definately Katy and Paige will be on the bottom. It will be interesting to see the guys do their thing tonight,lol

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My favorites- Crystal and Siobhan followed by Lilly. Katelyn and Katie have potential I think but need better song choices. To show my age- I remember Carole King singing "I Feel the Earth Move" - I even have $120 tickets to hear her and James Taylor in Tampa in June- that's how much I like her- so Katelyn's performance was disappointing for its lack of style and the strong, clear voice that Carole King brings to all the songs she wrote. I think Katie has a really good voice but can't bring off an exciting performance- I'd say it was her age but then there was Alison Iraheta to dispel the myth that one can be too young to do well.

My least favorite was Paige- no emotion connecting her with the song. I just can't seem to like Lacy's voice and Didi is kind of forgettable.

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I had to laugh when you were talking about Carole King and your age Oleander, I remember her well, and one thing about Carol king is that her piano was always very much apart of her performances, it looked to me like Katelyn was just standing up there behind the piano like it was a prop and not really a part of anything. I think she has a good voice but I really dont think she brought it last night and not sure she has it in her to bring it.

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lol i remember katie being a fav around her before they went to live portion

she had pimp spot week 1 and all

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lol i remember katie being a fav around her before they went to live portion

she had pimp spot week 1 and all

I think in the auditions it's easier to get by on just a great voice (which imo she has), but once you get to the Top 24 and on you need to also be a good and engaging performer; she just can't give a good performance. I think a lot of it has to do with what Kara keeps saying, she doesn't know what kind of artist she's going to be - it's not enough to just be a singer.

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