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RW/RR Challenge: Fresh Meat II


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I am so excited for Fresh Meat 2! Hopefully we can rotate some of these people into the Challenges and rotate Kenny, Evan, Wes, Darrell, etc. out of them.

No list of cast yet, but from the preview, it doesn't look like there are any RW people from the past two seasons. I would have loved to see people form Cancun or DC on this new challenge.

ITA! I heard that CJ from Cancun will be on but I think they should have gotten more recent people on the cast. I think that quite a few people from the last two seasons could be good at challenges(or at least be entertaining!). I just hope they never ask Emily from DC to be on a challenge, I can't stand her on RWDC and I hope to never see her again once it's done. :lol:

This is the cast list that's been posted on vevmo, they are like always right about this stuff. lol (Anyone else ecstatic at the lack of Evan on this list?!)

W/RR alumni and the person that they are paired with. Obviously the partners are people we have never heard of.

CJ Koegel (RW: Cancun) and Sydney

Danny Jamieson (RW: Austin) and Sandy Kang

Darrell Taylor (RR: Campus Crawl) and Cara Maria Sorbello

Evelyn Smith (Fresh Meat) and Luke Wolfe

Jenn Grijalva (RW: Denver) and Noor Jehangir

Jillian Zoboroski (RR: Xtreme) and Pete Connolly

Katelynn Cusanelli (RW: Brooklyn) and Brandon Nelson

Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat) and Laurel Stucky

Landon Lueck (RW: Philadelphia) and Carley Johnson

Paula Meronek (RW: Key West) and Jeff Barr

Ryan Kehoe (Fresh Meat) and Theresa Gonzalez

Sarah Rice (RW: Brooklyn) and Vinny Foti

Wes Bergmann (RW: Austin) and Mandi Moyer

If this list is for real I really, really hope Landon and his partner win! I just love Landon and I hated seeing him come so close on the last challenge he was on( Duel 2?) only to get sent home right before the final challenge.

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Okay, I totally don't like the different rules in play this season. Last time, after two teams were nominated, there was the 'veto' challenge, in which either team had the chance to save themselves and nominate another team. Not this time. Also, the original Fresh Meat didn't allow the winning team to be apart of the deliberation. This time, the winning team got to sit in and vote for the second team to go to exile. And what was up with the exile mission? Before, when a team completed a puzzle, they got a reward, such as drop all bags or take 15 minutes off your final time. Unless I missed something, what is the purpose for completing puzzles this time?

I mean, I'm still looking forward to this season, but do not like the change in rules. Guess they didn't want to have twice as many competitions this time.

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Just watched the premiere last night. I was so happy that Jillian and Pete sent Darrell and Cara Maria home - I like Darrell ok but I couldn't stand Cara Maria! I couldn't believe the way she acted when they were sent to exile. Like, what did she expect?! Her partner won the last Fresh Meat; did she not think there would at least be a small target on them? And what happened to her being the strongest FM girl? If that's true then the veteran boys are in for some trouble.

My favorite Fresh Meaters so far are Sandy and Noor but I don't like either of their of partners at all! lol

And did anyone else crack up when Danny picked Sandy as his partner?! :animated_rotfl: I thought that was hilarious!

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Been waiting on your input, King!

Landon has to be one of the best looking people from RR/RW history. Gosh! And since he's always a middle of the line player, I love to root for him.

I'd always pick Kenny over Wes.

I can't stand that Paula is on another season. It's seriously sad to watch her sometimes.

And wow, what's up with that punch that's expected next week? Guess Noor will suffer and be sent home b/c his partner, Jenn, hits someone.

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I'm rooting for Landon, Evelyn and Wes and anyone but Kenny, Paula or Danny.

Most of the fresh meat seem pretty cool (especially Noor) so far (except the girl that called herself "the most attractive")... It is still early though so, that could change in a heartbeat. :lol:

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This challenge made me remember why I disliked Sarah so much in Brooklyn. I loved her on The Ruins, she was so funny and kick-ass, but I was so disappointed with her this time around. I hated the way she was acting. She has done 1 challenge and she was acting like she's Ev or Kenny or something! I was really glad her and her meat-head partner were sent home. And what was up with his crappy performance in exile?! I thought "no one there could beat him". Psssh! :giggle:

I was very surprised that some of the Fresh Meaters voted differently than their partners, I didn't think that would happen this early in the game. Looks like it's going to be a good challenge!

So far I'm rooting for:

Landon and his partner

CJ and his partner

I love Sandy but I hate Danny so I'm only kinda rooting for them, same with Noor and Jenn. I also really like Wes but I hate his partner.

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Am I the only one who likes Kenny more during this challenge? He's less of a douche without Evan, Jonny and Derrick around imo.

I feel sorry for the people that are still competing after all these years. I don't know why I feel bad for them, but they just seem pathetic.

Is Danny still married?

I believe I read on vevmo that Danny and Melinda got divorced.

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I too am happy to see Wes beating Kenny. Goes to show just what happens when you don't have your posse to back you up. LOL!

Wes' alliance might be beating Kenny's right now but Wes and Mandi could never ever beat Kenny and Laurel in a one-on-one comp and definitely not in the final challenge imo. If Wes makes it to the end again he will lose again, just like the last fresh meat - but that's kind of what he gets for picking Casey and Mandi as his partners. lol (Mandi is definitely better/more athletic than Casey was but none of the FM girls have even come close to Laurel's athletic ability so far)

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Since I missed the show on Wednesday, I just watched it online last night. MTV used to replay it 10 times a day, every day, but instead, they've been replaying the other shows over and over again.

Anyways, I totally don't understand why Danny was even up for discussion. How was he considered one of the weakest teams? This whole "let's get Danny out thing" totally came out of nowhere, at least for me. I was happy to see Danny lost by only seconds.. Shows the others that they were a strong team.

And Wes' attempt to keep telling us he did NOT betray Danny in any way.. PUH-lease. Total bullsh*t.

I'm happy I'm on Team Kenny! And hopefully, Landon and CJ jump ship and join Kenny's team and Wes' crew goes down, just like they let Danny.

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