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August 1st Live Feed Updates

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howie walked up to the door and thinks that someone is listening to there conversation.

K: they are so dumb, i can't handle this

H: they are out there. she is such a bitch

the 4 of them are trying to figure out if someone is going to listen to there conversation. Kaysar is looking through the peep hole

h: when all you guys came this way and i was sitting at the table. Someone said that we are not going to be together much longer.

jam: maggie is probably making something up

Howie is talking to the 3 of them on how beau was saying howie's group is not going to be together much longer.

They are talking in circles. They keep saying how dump the other group is and how upset they are that they didn't win the movie comp thingy.

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K: they are so scared shitless of me they wont even come to my face and talk to me about anything. why wouldn't they. i'm on the block. i'll tell them exactly how i feel about them

JAM: let them talk all they want about you, you are going home

JAN: maggie know's she's up on the block next

H: i'm not dumb.

Howie is seriously making fun of the other group and how that if someone says something about them or anything about them that is the reason to put someone up on the block.

(can't really report word for word and they keep changing topics fast)

Kaysar is telling the group how april says that k-mart really likes her and she's going to be a spokesperson for them once she leaves the house

*the entire group is laughing so hard*

Kaysar is laughing so hard he completely fell to the floor and started to roll around.

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James, Howie, Kaysar and Janelle in GR are cracking each other up. Janelle mentions April wanting to be a spokesmodel again and they are all laughing really hard. Howie sprays something over James and Kaysar falls in the floor, literally rolling on the floor laughing and saying i can't breathe. i'm gonna die.

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ivette is sitting outside the hoh room. maggie is pointing to a mirror and things in the kitchen. ivette laying on the floor outside hoh room and then starts scooting on her stomach, or slithering like a snake. audio is still from GR so cannot tell what ivette and maggie are saying.

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9:35 BBT

Howie, janelle, james and kaysar are talking about the BB gods and how they are asking for a pysical challenge for HOH.

k: damnit, i dont want to go home dude.

h: i'll finish it for you.

K: janelle if you win, we're getting married

JAN: what about michael, he's your friend

K: oh alright

JAN: i'll think about it

James is talking about how he can never talk that sexual with one of his gf's and howie is saying that when you respect a woman you don't talk to her or about her in a rude way but if it's a whore, that is ok.

They are having a sex talk... howie is the ringleader.

H to Jan: i'd bang you, i wouldn't even worry about protection

JAN: uh, i'd worry about protection

JAM: i can't believe those bastards are up there watching a movie.

H: yeah.

James: sarah is probably pounding back tons of candy

K: if ivette got it, she would have came out of it acting like the top dog of the world

Jan: i hope she leaves this game not winning a single thing

james: you know what maggie did right? she twisted every single thing that kaysar said.

*maggie and beau are in the kitchen, ivette is sitting upstairs by the wall of the HOH room. Now ivette is laying down up there like she has before*

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Guest Shockalot

{I think this is worth mentioning}

James, Howie, Janelle and Kaysar waiting in the room.

Now Kaysar makes a comment "If you win Janelle.. you will marry me?"

Its has a fair ring of 'PuppyLove' to it.

Howie interjects with another full-scale verbal defilement of Janelle.

"I want to bareback you.. go down on you and taste it.. touch your Boobies.. make you cum together.. "

Its pretty Hardcore for Howie even.

Kaysar tries to interupt Howie with teasing "Howie.. if it only lasts 27 seconds?"

Howie just continues talking in great details.. just working Janelle over with sexual smut.

You can hear Kaysar saying in semi-serious tone "Howie, Stop." or "Enough".

Howie just ignores Kaysar outright.

{{Reporting this for the reason of showing Howie having zero respect for Kaysar's crush and IMO Kaysar is becoming very bothered by this sometimes}}

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9:44 BBT

Howie is going to check if something is still somewhere (didn't hear)

K: You guys should do the same thing the other group does in regards to eric "i wish eric was here, oh cappy i miss you"

J: oh my god, i wish kaysar was here he was the best in this house

James: janelle have you ever been really in love?

JAN: yeah like 10 times

Kaysar laughs

Jan: yes i've been really really really in love, the 1st time, the 2nd time.

Janelle is now talking about how many times she has been love. Highschool bf first, college bf second.. blah blah blah.

Everytime james asked janelle why she broke up with her. She says they are all controlling and have cheated on her.

Kaysar is talking to april outside the GR.. He said something like give me 20 mins (not sure what for)

Kaysar lies in bed with janelle. janelle still talking about her bf's and how no one has ever broken up with her before.

k: i'd break up with you

Jan: why

K: because you'd be too controlling

Ja: ha ha kaysar

Janelle is telling james and kaysar that she's not much of a cooker. she is compasionate and affectionate.

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James asks if those relationships only last 7 or 8 months and she says NOOO like 4 years. he asked how she could have 10 4-year loves and she said she has been really, really, really been in love 3 or 4 times. james: oh, i guess i didn't use enough reallys when i asked. she talks about each of her loves

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James was talking to janelle and kaysar about this girl who he used to date..

Ivette and maggie where outside talking however i missed the conv.

Beau comes over and talks to maggie

M: this HOH is the most important ever. They will win everything with votes if none of them go.

Ivette brings a few coasters to be as "the other group". they are naming the coasters and trying to figure out what to do next.

april joins the conversation.

m: once we get rid of kaysar, she is by herself. she is not as much as a threat as a pair. * maggie farted*

a: this is why, i can talk to kaysar, just like eric left you with a plan, kaysar is going to give a plan to janelle.

M: don't meantion our group, they will put two and two together.

I: we have to win HOH next week, we have no choice

They are all talking about next week's HOH and what to do. Ivette is talking about how sarah doesn't want to leave the big house without james.

A: i dont think i can be friends with james outside of the house that is for sure..

(missed some convo here)

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maggie, ivette, beau talking outside about if they don't get hoh next week, the other team will have more votes. ivette goes inside and brings back coasters and lays them out on the chaise lounge, one for each of the houseguests. they use colors for each team. april joins them. they don't think janelle should be their next target after kaysar is gone since she doesn't have a partner. they are talking about putting up james and howie next week. they feel like janelle is teaming up with sarah and james.

april: this may be farfetched. what if we try to make a deal with kaysar?


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While maggie, ivette, beau and april are outside talking april meantioned the idea of saving kaysar, keeping him in the game for a bit.

None of the others agree with her suggestion. April is talking to them about james and how much she hates james and how james knew he needed HOH to win the game.

A: i want his ass out of here. the deal is, this is the only reason that, i know that kaysar is going to leave janelle with a plan. I feel like withholding information can benefit or releasing information can benefit.

M: if you are going to release information, only provide details about his own group.

A: oh i know

A: when i say that "sarah" came up to HOH and said blah blah blah. i'm not telling fake storys, these words came out of his mouth. he can't say that they are trying to break us up.

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Feed one and two are showing empty rooms..

Feed three and four are showing ivette, maggie,beau and april outside however everyone has lost audio.

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The movie is over. The girls are screaming at the top of their lungs. Sound is stil muffled. Feed is not showing that room at all. All i heard was sarah say: you guys can take some, there are lots left.

Someone said "how was it" and another responce: it was good.

I'm sure they can't talk about it to much considering it's not even released yet and is against advertisment ..


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Most of the houseguest's are in the kitchen eating the movie snacks.

April, kaysar and beau are outside talking.

All 3 of them where called the DR - Rach, sara and jenny

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Ivette has a huge amount of candy in her hands. camera showed an upclose. she has 4 chocolate bars looks like she has some candy boxes as wel.

James is completely pigging out on the candy talking about it should be illegal because it's so bad for you.

Maggie and ivette go upstairs to the chess table- Maggie is teaching her how to play the game.

Still no sound on the outside feeds at all.

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Feed 1 finally with audio.. conversation between april and kaysar

April is telling kaysar the entire conversation between the people in the HOH room and sarah when she came upstairs and told them about the "deal" that she would be the one to go home. April said that sarah looked sad.

A: i would put up janelle by you, but of course kaysar would be the one to go because he is the stronger of the two. james said that you where more of a threat. all i'm saying is we had those conversations last week and i knew he was going to come back and bite you in the ass.

(having a hard time hearing kaysar)

K: what where they asking for, for help in regards to the veto comp

A: yes, if they weren't doing well that we would help james and sarah instead of you guys.

A: he was gone.. i'm trying to tell you, he was gone.

K: i knew that, i kept telling maggie to turn the tv off

B: i told her to tell her to turn it off as well, that is what i was trying to do.

they are talking about the comp with the TV's

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Howie, rach and janelle are talking on the hammock..

Howie said something about getting power back and racheal said something about kaysar going home.

Jan: they are going to send kaysar home because he is so smart and they want revenge for eric

H: i don't care if i go home, i have no emotion to this game

H: i can't stand april

J: i can't stand april or ivette both are extremely annoying

R: maggie's team didn't win tonight

H: tonight

R: yeah

R: you can't predict anything howie.

Howie is talking about how much he hates april and how much she smokes, he'd kill himself if he lost a comp to her.

R: maggie is teaching ivette how to play chess, however i heard them saying names.

H: i hate these people, if you say something about them, you are up on the block.

R: it's easy to make april angry

R: look at how they are acting compared to how we are acting.. we didn't make a big deal out of anything

R: omg

J: we fell on the floor when howie said april wants to be k-mart's spokesmodel.

H: could you imagine that.. hahahah

R: that would be funny

Howie is talking to rach about the movie and asking her if it was good, they said that staff member "ben" said that they could share the candy with the other houseguest's..

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