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2005 MTV Video Music Awards

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Gwen, Green Day Lead MTV VMA Nominations


2005 MTV VMA Awards Host P. Diddy

Punk rockers Green Day, Gwen Stefani and Missy Elliott led all nominees for the MTV Video Music Awards, the music channel announced July 25. Green Day received eight nominations, Stefani and Elliot had six and the Irish rockers U2 got five.

MTV said to expect luxury yachts and tricked-out cars, P. Diddy and lots and lots of water as the network again tries to reinvent an awards show that routinely lures big stars and makes racy headlines. P. Diddy will host the August 28 awards show, which comes at the height of Miami's steamy summer and peak of hurricane season. He swooped into Monday's beachfront announcement on a jet pack, landing on the sand and walking to the podium.

Wearing a white suit and a gray shirt with no tie, he promised that the show would include scene-stealing stunts like in the past. While there was plenty of sex appeal last year, there was little shock value compared to the 2003 show that featured the infamous Madonna-Britney Spears kiss. "I'm going to tell the artists that if you want to get naked and run across the stage, go ahead and do it," P. Diddy said.


Green Day tops VMAs with eight noms

Besides Green Day, scheduled performers at the AmericanAirlines Arena overlooking picturesque Biscayne Bay include Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson. Also, for first-time, the VMAs will be scored with original music composed by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and hip-hop producer Lil Jon. West and Clarkson were even on hand to announce some of the nominees on July 25.

Water will be the show's theme, and MTV promised to create the most elaborate water effects ever produced in an awards show. The water show will be engineered in the arena by the same production company that erected the fountain in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. "It could be a gigantic waterfall in the arena. It could be remote performances from pools around Miami," said Dave Sirulnick, the show's executive producer.

Celebrities once again will pull up to the bayfront arena in gleaming yachts. But they will receive competition from other stars who will arrive in souped-up cars for an auto show on the red carpet. As the celebrities arrive, viewers will get tours of those cars from the talent themselves. MTV President Christina Norman said: "Every year we have to outdo ourselves and this year is no exception ..."


Gwen Stefani earns six VMA noms

This year's show promises to be different from last year's, when politics played a part because of the presidential campaign: The daughters of Democratic candidate John Kerry and President George W. Bush made appearances to urge people to vote -- and were roundly booed.

Green Day's eight nominations include six for their socially conscious song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and two for the "American Idiot," which also is the name of their critically acclaimed album.

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2005 MTV Video Music Awards

Complete List of Winners

Green Day

Best Video of the Year
Green Day, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Best Male Video
Kanye West - "Jesus Walks"

Best Female Video
Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone"

Best Group Video
Green Day - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"


Best Rap Video
Ludacris - "Number One Spot"

Best R&B Video
Alicia Keys - "Karma"

Best Hip-Hop Video
Missy Elliott featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop - "Lose Control"

Best Dance Video
Missy Elliott featuring Ciara & Fat Man Scoop - "Lose Control"

Missy Elliott

Best Rock Video
Green Day - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Best Pop Video
Kelly Clarkson - "Since U Been Gone"

Best New Artist in A Video
The Killers - "Mr. Brightside"

MTV2 Award
Fall Out Boy - "Sugar, We're Going Down"


Breakthrough Video
Gorillaz and Jamie Hewlett - "Feel Good Inc."

Best Video Game Soundtrack
Konami Video Game - "Dance Dance Revolution Extreme"

Best Direction in a Video (Artist and Director)
Green Day, Samuel Bayer - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Best Choreography in A Video (Artist and Choreographer)
Gwen Stefani, Kishaya Dudley - "Hollaback Girl"

Best Special Effects in A Video (Artist and Special Effects Company)
Gorillaz, Passion Pictures - "Feel Good Inc."

Gwen Stefani

Best Art Direction in a Video (Artist and Art Director)
Gwen Stefani, Zach Matthewes - "What You Waiting For?"

Best Editing in a Video (Artist and Editor)
Green Day, Tim Royes - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Best Cinematography in a Video (Artist and Cinematographer)
Green Day, Samuel Bayer - "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Viewer's Choice
Green Day - "American Idiot"
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MTV Video Music Awards Splash Down in Florida


Diddy starts the '2005 Video Music Awards' in Miami.

MTV dodged two major disasters one from nature, the other from the barrel of a gun as the Video Music Awards unfolded August 28 with flashy performances, over-the-top bling and a few blasts from the past. The annual bash was briefly overshadowed by Hurricane Katrina, which hit southern Florida on August 25 and killed several people. As the storm passed, a celebratory mood took over the city until early morning of August 28, when rap mogul Suge Knight was targeted by gunfire at a Kanye West party.

MTV vowed that neither event would affect the ceremonies and they didn't. "The theme of tonight is, anything can happen," proclaimed host Diddy, whose entrance included dancers, pyrotechnics and a cascading waterfall a spectacle that rivaled the show's actual performances.

Ludacris managed to turn his hedonistic "Pimpin' All Over the World" into a multicultural Mardi Gras-like extravaganza, complete with steel drummers, African dancers and, of course, around-the-way booty-shaking girls. When it comes to booty shaking, Luke of 2 Live Crew fame is the king with his infamous dancers, and he brought a bevy of women to dance with Diddy and R&B heartthrob Omarion.


It's MC Hammer time!

But one of the biggest surprises was a performance from MC Hammer, recapturing some of his glory while shaking to his '90s hit, "U Can't Touch This." Another flashback moment came in a tribute to Diddy's protege, the late Notorious B.I.G., that featured Diddy "conducting" a string orchestra as the legendary rapper's songs played. Snoop Dogg came out at the end and delivered a verse on the B.I.G. hit "Warning."

West and Kelly Clarkson were among the early winners. Clarkson won for best female video for "Since U Been Gone," while West won for "Jesus Walks." "I guess they're saying, 'We're going to give him his award early so we don't have to worry about nothin'," said West, referencing his infamous American Music Awards tantrum last year.

Green Day, who arrived in the vintage green convertible from their "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" video, won best rock video for the clip one of the eight awards they were nominated for, making them the most nominated act of the year. "It's great to know that rock music still has a place at MTV," said lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, speaking of hip-hop's recent takeover.


Green Day wins big at VMAs with seven moon men.

The evening's most inexplicable moment may have come from R. Kelly, who remains a chart-topper even though he's awaiting trial on child pornography charges. On a bedroom set that looked like a scene from a Tyler Perry play, Kelly deliberately lip-synced highlights of his five-part soap opera infidelity song, "Trapped In The Closet," then debuted a new chapter involving a cheating wife, a cheating husband and his boyfriend.

Some of the night's more decadent moments came during the pre-show arrivals. Lil Jon came by sea, on what looked to be a three-story, pimp-my-yacht contraption. The prison-bound Lil' Kim arrived on the white carpet in a Rolls Royce Phantom, though she looked somewhat demure in her low-cut mauve dress no pasties or dangling appendages this year from the diminutive rapper.

"I might show some leg," teased the star, who is due to start serving a year-and-a-day sentence in September on a perjury charge. When MTV personality Sway delicately asked if she had anything to say to fans who "might not see you for a while," Lil Kim said: "You can write me letters."


Lil Kim blows a kiss to Jeremy Piven.

"Entourage" star Jeremy Piven couldn't help but tease her about her upcoming bid as they presented best rap video, which was won by Ludacris. "You know, she's about to go to the big house, for lying," he said of Lil Kim. "I'd like to place a call to the warden and upgrade your situation."

The much-hyped white carpet was one of one of the Diddy-designed elements of the show. Another was the "Diddy Fashion Challenge" in which he vowed to give away $50,000 each to the charities of the best dressed female and male at the event.

Amerie, Gwen Stefani and Eva Longoria were the three female finalists; Usher, West and a pimped-out Snoop Dogg were the male finalists. Diddy himself was out of the running, though you wouldn't know it he made three wardrobe changes in the first half-hour.


Snoop Dogg and Gwen Stefani wave to their

fans accepting the Diddy Fashion Challenge.

Gwen Stefani took home the female "Diddy Fashion Challenge" award and Snoop Dog won in the male category. Diddy announced to the crowd that since the nominees were all rich and didn't need the money, it was going to be donated to their favorite charity. Stefani said she was going to donate her monetary award to the Orange County Children's Hospital while Snoop didn't go too far with his contribution, The Snoop Dogg Baseball Fund.

The awards typically snowball into a weeklong party with decadent A-list bashes, but Hurricane Katrina forced the cancellation of some events. Several stars, like West, were late arriving to Miami because of the weather.

Knight, the Death Row Records founder who has been at the center of some of hip-hop's most violent moments, was shot in the leg early Sunday morning at a star-studded party thrown by West. His injuries were not life-threatening; no arrests were made.

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Yahoo! Music News

V.A.N.I.T.Y.! Awards

Video Awards Never Imagined Through Yahoo!:

Check out some VMA categories Yahoo! wishes were included this year. . .

Most 'Auto' Erotic Video (aka The Tawny Kitaen Award)

Lindsay Lohan - "First"

Jessica Simpson - "These Boots Are Made For Walkin"

Ciara - "Oh"

The Pussycat Dolls - "Don't Cha"

Least Idolized 'American Idol'

William Hung - "We Are The Champions"

Pray For The Soul Of Betty/Constantine - "Drift"

Corey Clark - "Out Of Control"

Diana DeGarmo - "Emotional"

Most Unnecessary '80s Cover

Marilyn Manson - "Personal Jesus"

Aly & AJ - "Walking On Sunshine"

Korn - "Word Up"

Britney Spears - "My Prerogative"

Fiercest Politcal Statement

Eminem - "Mosh"

Prince - "Cinnamon Girl"

A Perfect Circle - "Imagine"

Faithless - "Mass Destruction"

Best Girl Gone Crunk

Shawnna - "Shake That Sh*t"

Jacki-O - "Fine"

Brooke Valentine - "Girlfight"

Nivea - "Okay"

Finest Performance By A Canadian (Other Than Avril, Simple Plan or Sum 41)

The Arcade Fire - "Rebellion (Lies)"

Hot Hot Heat - "Goodnight, Goodnight"

Sloan - "All Used Up"

K-Os - "Man I Used To Be"

Best Lip-Syncing (aka The Milli Vanilli Award)

Ashlee Simpson - "La La"

Britney Spears - "Do Somethin"

Jennifer Lopez - "Get Right"

Kidz Bop - "Since U Been Gone"

Most Entertaining Puppet Show

Interpol - "Evil"

Eminem - "Ass Like That"

Mercury Rev - "In A Funny Way"

Reggie & The Full Effect - "Get Well Soon"

Best Achievement In Costuming

Moby - "Beautiful"

The Flaming Lips - "Psychic Wall"

Good Charlotte - "I Just Wanna Live"

Grandaddy - "Nature Anthem"

Just Plain Weirdest Video

Taking Back Sunday - "Set Phasers To Stun"

The Locust - "Listen, The Mighty Ear Is Here"

Har Mar Superstar - "DUI"

Nurses - "Root Hairs"

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I can't believe I wasted time watching that crap

I was glad Kelly Clarkson won 2 awards but if she would have sang like she did on this show, on 'American Idol' she never would have even made it on the show that was Horrid!!

Neb, we don't usually agree but here I'm behind you 100%!! I couldn't believe how dreadful she sounded in the pouring rain. I also think technical problems didn't help her performance either. I'm not sure if she was nervous, tired, sick or drenched but that was not her best stellar performance.

The other painful performance of the evening had to go to comedian Dane Cook. I've got to hand one thing to him, no matter how much he was bombing, he just kept on going. Joking about blowing up children and his major faux pas, shooting someone in the chest, seemed grossly inappropriate especially in light of the Suge Knight shooting the night before. The audience reaction (or lack thereof) said it all.

I'm still working on this thread to post pictures so come back as I add the missing graphics and perhaps another story or two. I haven't even started to cover the Suge Knight shooting.

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I totally agree... this is usually one of the award shows I look forward to but, this sucked, imo. It seemed like a Puff Daddy, no I mean P. Diddy, no I mean Sean Combs, no I mean THE Diddy Ego Stroke Show.

I wasn't impressed any of the performances (not even Coldplay who I LOVE... it was pretty boring) but, Kelly Clarkson deserved the gong. It's really too bad because she has an awesome voice. Not to make excuses for her but she was playing with her mic pac within 3 seconds of her song starting soooo I'm sure there were some problems on the technical end. Fortunetly for her... peeps have heard her sing and know she has the cords or we'd be in for another Ashley Simpson fiasco... lol

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Not to make excuses for her [Kelly Clarkson] but she was playing with her mic pac within 3 seconds of her song starting soooo I'm sure there were some problems on the technical end.

I noticed that as well. She was trying to do something with the mic pac almost immediately. At first, I just thought it was falling off but when she turned around, it seemed pretty securely fastened to me. Could her screaming, screeching performance be the result of her thinking her microphone wasn't working? If she thought so, she might have tried to over extend her vocal range so the audience could hear her. I thought she was determined to be heard and went rock balls out with the song. In other words, if it doesn't sound quite right, just turn it up a notch.

I also noticed she wasn't the only one with audio problems throughout the evening's festivities. Again, I thought it was the censor at work at the time since I couldn't hear what was being said/sung. Looking back on it, most of what I did or did NOT hear could be attributed to audio or technical problems. And, not to give excuses for poor production, however, Hurricane Katrina might have spared Miami from total devastation but what electrical disruptions could have been caused by the aftermath of the storm? Just a thought.

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Inside the MTV Video Music Awards

by Marc S. Malkin


Eva Longoria

How do you get Eva Longoria to go onstage in a barely-there outfit from the Paris Hilton school of fashion? Peer pressure. I'm told it was a last minute decision for Longoria to wear that skimpy pink Shay Todd bathing suit while introducing Mariah Carey at the MTV Video Music Awards. When her stylist, Robert Verdi, suggested the suit, Longoria thought he had, well, lost his mind.

On Saturday, with the help of two of Longoria's best buddies, Verdi was able to convince the "Desperate Housewives" starlet to suit up. She didn't even try it on until a couple of hours before showtime. "She's beautiful," Verdi told me. "It was Miami. It was hot and the VMAs had a water theme. And it's not like we don't see her like that on the show." The suit's from Todd's current collection for $175 (Shay Todd) and what kind of shoes do you wear in such a bikini? Le Silla, of course. Price? $910!


Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson made a splash with her water-soaked performance during the VMAs. And her wet and wild ways continued into the wee hours. Shortly after arriving at Snoop Dogg and The Firm's Level Vodka post-awards party at Casa Casuarina at about 2 a.m., Clarkson dove into the private club's reflecting pool. Within minutes, about 40 other people hopped in, too. The place didn't clear out until 7 a.m. And the night before, I hear Usher dove into the pool with Christina Milian during the Boost Mobile Villa bash for director Dave Meyers.

I hear that cast members of MTV's "Laguna Beach" were escorted out of at least two parties in Miami, including Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's post-awards party at the Delano, because, as one fellow party-goer told me, "they were wasted and puking."

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: The Water Cooler

MTV's Video Music Awards

The VMAs hadn't even started yet, and Suge Knight had already been shot in the leg at a preshow party. Fortunately, the Death Row rec exec is expected to be OK, but it wouldn't be a bling-bling bash in Miami if shots weren't fired somewhere in town. It sure is a different show than it was in the late '80s, when Arsenio Hall was the go-to host, the performers actually sang and the biggest drama was Vince Neil punching Guns N' Roses' Izzy Stradlin backstage. Ah, the good old days

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