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Hollywood Round AI 9


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They fiddle fart around WAY too much. There are 71 left; their last song is maybe 45 seconds long (if that) -- do the math. They could show us each and every one of them (and less of the whiny butt drama in the holding pens)

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wow sorry i forgot to make this thread

why exactly is show two hours tonight

i think they could have easily done it in an hour

many of them were pretty bad with their final song HOPE etc.......

big mike is getting old

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If Hayley Vaughn makes it thru, I think she'll be VFTW's first poster child. Just sayin.....

How many BIG guys did they have anyway?

lol they did have a lot of big guys

yeah hailey is annoying for me

does she even sing

seem same silly jibber whatever she singing each song

it got old for me DAY1

i figured group 2 was leaving

jermaine was only noticeable casualty that i thought should have stayed from that group

honestly why do not just cut down to top 24 when they do room cuts

i hate that they do an extra round of cuts after room cuts

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surprised black girl with all issue her father died, child has problems didnt make the cut

tyler one hit wonder . i dont think he will be good on live show

john park = anoop 2.0 whole frat boy vibe going

i was on my knees praying halie wouldnt make top 24 cut *sad face*

??? which of these singers on tonight show was suppose to be big shocker that got cut? thaddieus not good enough to be big shocker

i just cant wait till next week come to see who are pretenders and who are contenders

the live aspect has broken many that were great in audition and hollywood round

i think it will break halie for sure. her voice is already shakey

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