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LOST Season Six Episode Summaries


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Season Six, Episodes 1 and 2: "LA X (parts 1 and 2)"

Airdate: February 2, 2010

Episode re-cap and photo source: ABC



Juliet smashes the bomb with a rock WAAA-BOOM! The cavern flashes white and the screen washes out

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Season Six, Episode Three: "What Kate Does"

Airdate: February 9, 2010

Episode recap and photo source: ABC


Lennon runs into Dogen's chambers and tells Dogen that Sayid is alive! Hurley, Jack, Jin and Miles are surprised but happy that Sayid is alive. Sayid is a little light-headed but okay. He asks what happened, and Jack explains that he died. Kate doesn't understand how it's possible he's alive. Sawyer, thinking about Juliet, bitterly says of course an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids totally deserves another go 'round. Sawyer looks around and asks how many Others are guarding the place. Kate is confused, and Sawyer says he's going to run away.

WHOOOSH to Kate in a cab with Claire jamming the Marshal's gun into the cabbie's neck. The cabbie peels away

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Season Six, Episode Four: "The Substitute"

Airdate: February 16, 2010

Episode recap and photo source: ABC


On a suburban street, a van pulls up into a driveway and a side door slides open. John Locke maneuvers his wheelchair onto a mechanical ramp and begins the slow descent to the ground when the gears grind and stop. He fiddles with the controller but it won't budge. He decides to gun it and hopes the chair will hit the ground rolling

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Season Six, Episode Five: "Lighthouse"

Airdate: February 23, 2010

Episode recap and photo source: ABC


Jack rushes into his condo from work and changes. He notices a scar on his abdomen and seems to be confused. His mother calls him asking for an update on the coffin. Oceanic thought it was in Berlin but they're not sure. Margo says Christian's office is a mess and she can't find his will. Jack says he'll come over in a couple hours and help look. Then he asks when he had his appendix removed, and Margo says when he was seven or eight. Doesn't he remember? Jack guesses he does, then notices the time and leaves quickly.

He drives up to a private school and walks over to a teenage boy waiting. Jack apologizes to "David" for being late. David is clearly annoyed but says "okay, dad". Wait -- dad?! In the flash sideways, Jack Shephard seems to have a son.

WHOOSH to the Temple as Jack stares out at the reflecting pond. Dogen walks out and is relieved to see him. He thought Jack left. He asks if Sawyer, Kate and Jin are coming back, and Jack says probably not. Inside the Temple, Hurley looks for the kitchen and encounters Jacob. Jacob says someone is coming to the island, and he needs Hurley to help them find it. He also tell Hurley that he'd better get a pen because he's going to need to write the instructions down.

WHOOSH to Jack's house. David goes into his room. There's no real sense that a teenager lives in this room. Jack asks if he's hungry. There's an awkwardness between them. An unfamiliarity. Jack says he's just trying to have a conversation with him, and David asks why. They see each other only once a month. Can't they just get through it? Jack gets a call from his mother and he tells David that he has to go but he'll be back and they'll have dinner together.

WHOOSH to the Temple. Jack talks to Sayid about his "infection." Others in the courtyard stare at Sayid. Jack tells him to ignore them. Sayid asks what happened with the pill Jack wanted to give him. Jack says it was poison. They wanted him to kill Sayid, because whatever it is they think happened to him also happened to someone else.

Out in the jungle, Claire rushes through the brush carrying a piece of rebar, looking dirty and feral. She stops in the clearing where Jin is, his leg stuck in a bear trap, along with the two bodies of the Others she shot. Claire checks them, making sure they're not a threat, and then uses the rebar to spring open the bear trap. Jin asks how long she's been out here in the jungle, and Claire says she doesn't know. Since all of them left. How long ago was that? Jin tells her three years. Claire is going to take Jin someplace safe. She helps him up to his feet and he tries to walk. He takes one step and THUD! Passes out and hits the ground cold.

In a Temple hallway, Hurley is looking for a certain hieroglyph carved in the walls. Dogen sees him and asks what he's doing. Jacob appears and tells Hurley to tell Dogen that he's a candidate and can do what he wants. Hurley does, and Dogen leaves in a huff. Jacob asks why Hurley hasn't brought Jack with him like he told him to, and Hurley says trying to make Jack do something is impossible. Jacob insists that Hurley has to bring Jack, and he has an idea how to get him to come.

Hurley goes to Jack and tells him that Jacob told him about a secret tunnel leading out into the jungle. Jack doesn't want to go. Hurley knew Jack would say that, so Jacob said he's supposed to tell Jack something: "he has what it takes". It obviously means something to Jack because his whole demeanor changes. He's upset. He wants to know where Jacob is. Hurley explains that he's dead and turns up whenever he wants, but he'll be where they're going. A sense of purpose returns to Jack, and he says let's go see Jacob.

Jack and Hurley trek through the jungle. They come across Kate and ask where Jin and Sawyer are. Kate says Jin was heading back to the Temple and Sawyer is on his own. Hurley explains where the secret tunnel is, but Kate isn't going back. She's going to try and find Claire. Jack tells her the Others at the Temple think something happened to her. Kate is surprised to learn they know where Claire is and immediately takes off after telling Jack that she hopes he finds what he's looking for.

Elsewhere, Jin slowly comes to and sees that he's in a filthy hovel. It looks like an oversized beaver damn with sticks, leaves, rocks and piles of brush insulating the walls. He realizes this must be Claire's place, and it's filled with everything she's scavenged and found over the last three years. He looks around and sees a crib. He's can't help look inside. He hops over and finds inside a baby substitute -- a doll cruelly sewn together from the pelts and bones of various small animals Claire has killed and eaten. He hears Claire returning and hastily covers it back up. Claire enters, and she has Justin with her, tied up and bleeding from his shoulder wound. Claire says he was pretending to be dead, but now they get to talk to him about where they're hiding her son. She ties him up to a support branch and tells Jin they need to get his leg cleaned up or the infection will kill him. Jin asks if Claire has been out here all this time by herself, and Claire assures him she's not by herself. She leaves, and Justin pleads with Jin. They have to get out of there. He knows her, and she's going to kill them both.

WHOOSH to Jack's condo. He comes back from helping his mom find his father's will, and David isn't anywhere to be found. Jack calls his cell phone and leaves a message apologizing for anything he's done wrong, then drives over to David's mother's house to check there. David's not here either. He goes upstairs to David's room. It's messy, clothes are strewn around, and posters of bands and Beethoven cover the walls. There is a digital piano along one wall with sheet music strewn around. Jack takes it in, then spots David's answering machine. He listens to the messages and hears one from the Williams Conservatory confirming David's slot at 7PM.

Jack drives over the Williams Conservatory and goes inside. Onstage, David is playing his audition piece, and he's good. Jack is moved by his performance. David finishes and goes off stage. Jack heads towards the exit door when a Japanese man stops him. He's there with his own son and says they're too young to have this kind of pressure. Jack looks over, and it's Dogen. But here in the flash sideways, they're strangers. They don't know each other. Dogen says it's hard to watch and be unable to help. All they can do is try and protect them.

WHOOSH to Claire's hovel. She cleans Jin's wound and sews him up. Then she picks up an ax and turns her attention to Justin. He doesn't know where her son is, but Claire yells at him to stop lying. His people brought her to the Temple and tortured her. They stuck her with needles and branded her, and if she hadn't escaped, they would've killed her. Claire holds up the ax and tells Justin he has one more chance. Tell her where her son is! Justin says they don't have her kid. Claire starts to swing the ax, but Jin stops her. He yells out that Kate took him. Claire is confused. Kate? Jin tells her that Aaron has been with Kate for the last three years. Justin says that Jin is telling the truth and asks her to untie him and let him go, but a sudden rage fills Claire and she spins, sinking the ax deep into Justin's chest, killing him.

As Hurley and Jack trek through the jungle, Hurley explains that Jacob hopped in his cab and told him he was supposed to come back to the island. He asks why Jack came back, and Jack says because he was broken and stupid enough to think this place could fix him. They break through the jungle and reach the ancient stone lighthouse. Jack asks why they never saw it before, and Hurley says they weren't looking for it.

They go inside and climb the stairs to the top. There's a huge mirror in the middle of the room mounted atop a horizontal wooden wheel. A rope and pulley system is used to move the heavy wheel. There's also an old telescope aimed out one of the openings. Jack asks where Jacob is, and Hurley says he isn't there. Hurley is supposed to turn the wheel to 108 degrees, and goes over to the pulley. As the mechanism works and the wheel slowly turns, a fleeting image of a Korean temple catches Jack's eye. Then a church. He looks outside but there's nothing there. He turns back, and the image is gone. Jack looks more carefully at the teeth on the wheel and sees penciled into the wood next to each numbered degree is a name. His own name is at 23 degrees, and he tells Hurley to turn it there. In the mirror is a reflection of the house he grew up in. Jack realizes that Jacob was watching him. Frustrated, he gets angry and wants Hurley to ask Jacob right now why he was watching him. Hurley says Jacob isn't there, that it doesn't work that way. Jack flies into a rage and grabs a hand-held telescope and slams it into the mirror, shattering it, and then leaves.

WHOOSH to the auditorium as David is unlocking his bike to ride home. Jack walks up and says he was great in there. David is surprised to see Jack there. He thought he could get back home before Jack returned from grandma's house. Jack thought David had stopped playing, and David said he started again but made mom promise not to tell. Jack asks why. David says it was always such a big deal to Jack that he didn't want Jack to see him fail. Jack is taken aback by this. He tells David that his father didn't want him to fail either, except he used to tell him that Jack didn't have what it takes. He spent the rest of his life carrying that around, and he never wanted David to feel that way. Jack loves David, and in his eyes he could never fail. He just wants to be a part of David's life.

WHOOSH back to the lighthouse. Jack sits alone looking out at the ocean. Jacob appears to Hurley and asks how it went. Hurley says if Jacob had explained things better, then Jack wouldn't have smashed the mirror. Now whoever needed to get to the island is screwed. Jacob says they'll find another way. Then Hurley realizes that Jacob wanted Jack to see what was in that mirror. Jacob says it was the only way for him to understand how important he is. Jack is here because he has to do something. He can't be told what it is. He has to find it for himself. Jacob says he couldn't risk them not coming. They had to get as far away from the Temple as possible because someone bad is going there. Hurley says they have to warn them, but Jacob says it's too late.

In the jungle at Claire's hovel, Claire looks at Jin strangely and asks why Jin said Kate was raising her baby. Scared, Jin covers and says he was trying to save Justin's life. Claire is right, the Others have Aaron at the Temple. Claire thanks Jin. She's glad to know he was lying because if Kate did take Aaron and raise him... then she'd kill her. And then a voice interrupts them and John Locke steps inside. Jin is surprised to see him. But Claire says it's not John, it's her friend. Locke smiles darkly at Jin, and we realize that he's recruited Claire, too.

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Season Six, Episode Six: "Sundown"

Airdate: March 2, 2010

Episode recap and photo source: ABC


Sayid sits in a taxi outside a suburban house and stares at a photo of Nadia. Finally he gets out and rings the doorbell. Nadia answers, and they share a hug. But it's not the type of long-lost romantic hug you'd expect after years of estrangement. And then a young boy and girl run out and wrap their arms around him shouting Uncle Sayid is here! A man also steps out and sees the flowers Sayid holds. He's surprised that Sayid would bring flowers for his wife. Sayid smiles and offers them to the man. They hug, and Sayid says it's good to see you, brother.

Later at dinner, Sayid says he has been all over the world translating contracts for an oil company. Omer, Sayid's brother, just opened up another dry cleaning store. Sayid is genuinely happy for him. Then Omer gets a call. He says it's business and leaves the table. It's the first time Nadia and Sayid have been alone, and she asks if he got her letters. Yes, he did. Nadia points out that he never wrote back.

WHOOSH to the Temple as Sayid talks to Dogen about why they did the tests they did on him. Dogen says it would be best if Sayid were dead, but Sayid says he's a good man. Dogen is dubious -- and SLAM! Without warning, he drills Sayid in the throat with the edge of his hand. The fight is on. They crash into tables and wreck the place. Dogen grabs a paint brush and splinters off the bristle end, just about to stab Sayid in the neck, when he sees a baseball roll by on the floor. Something about it makes Dogen stop. He tells Sayid to leave the Temple and never come back.

Outside the Temple entrance, Claire and Locke stand side by side. Claire asks why does it have to be her? Why can't Locke do it? Locke says if he could do it himself, he wouldn't be asking her. Claire agrees only if she can get her son back, and Locke assures her he always does what he says. Claire asks if he's going to hurt them, and Locke says only the ones who won't listen.

Claire strolls into the Temple and gives Dogen the message: he wants to see him. Dogen says he'll be killed if he steps outside the Temple. Claire tells him to send someone he won't kill. She turns to leave, but Dogen orders her imprisoned. Then he asks for Shephard and Reyes, but they can't be found. Dogen orders Lennon to look harder for them.

Sayid is about to leave, but Dogen stops him and says things have changed. Dogen says Claire is a confused girl under the influence of an angry man. For years he's been trapped, but now that Jacob is gone, he is free and won't stop until he destroys every living thing on the island. Dogen wants Sayid to kill him. He gives Sayid an ancient dagger and says the man outside is no ordinary man. He is evil incarnate. He will come as someone Sayid knows. Someone who has died. As soon as Sayid sees him, he needs to plunge the dagger deep into his chest. Sayid can't hesitate and can't let him speak. If he does, it's already too late. Sayid asks why he should do this? Dogen says if there's still any good in his soul, then prove it.

WHOOSH to Nadia's house as Sayid sleeps on the sofa. Omer wakes him up and tells Sayid he's in trouble. He borrowed money to open the second store, and he didn't borrow it from a bank. He paid back the loan, but the man who lent him the money says Omer has to pay interest every month as long as he owns the store. Omer knows what kind of man Sayid is and wants him to "convince" these people to leave him alone. Sayid refuses, saying he isn't going to hurt anyone because of Omer's bad business decision. Omer says it's not about him but about his family. They would lose everything. Omer knows Sayid carries around Nadia's picture. If he really cares about her, he'll do this.

WHOOSH to the Temple. Kate returns and learns from Miles that Claire is back. She forces Lennon to take her to Claire. He leads her to a cistern with a rope ladder on the ground next to it. Kate looks down into the deep hole and sees Claire at the bottom singing. She calls down, and Claire is happy and surprised to see her. Kate asks why they put her down there, and Claire says she's come back to get her son. The Others took Aaron away from her. Kate says no, they don't have Aaron. She took Aaron off the island. Claire was gone and they couldn't find her. Aaron is a beautiful boy, and Kate came back to rescue Claire so she could be with him again. Claire just smiles and says she's not the one who needs rescued. He's coming, and they can't stop him.

Sayid leaves the Temple and walks into the jungle. He hears the tikka tikka tikka sound of the smoke monster. At first it's faint, but then it grows louder. Sayid knows he's not alone. He scans the tree line, turning around looking -- when Locke walks up behind him. Sayid is shocked -- the man Dogen wants him to kill looks exactly like John Locke! Locke says hello, and Sayid buries the dagger deep into Locke's chest. Locke is surprised but pulls the blade out, not a drop of blood is on it, just a hole in his shirt where the blade entered.

Locke levels his gaze on Sayid and asks why he did that. Sayid says he was told that Locke is evil incarnate. Locke feels sorry for Sayid. Dogen knew Sayid had no chance of killing him, and Dogen knew Locke would kill Sayid for trying. But this isn't the first time Dogen has tried to get someone else to do it for him. Sayid asks what it is Locke wants him to do. Locke smiles and says to deliver a message. If Sayid does this, then what if Locke can give Sayid anything he wanted? Anything in the world. Sayid says the only thing he ever wanted died in his arms and he'll never see it again. Locke asks but what if he could? Sayid returns to the Temple and delivers the message to Dogen and the Others: Jacob is dead and none of them have to stay there any longer. They are free. The man he met is leaving the island forever, and anyone who wants to go with him should leave the Temple and join him. They have until sundown to decide. If they stay... they'll die.

WHOOSH to Sayid helping Nadia get the kids off to school when their tranquility is broken -- Omer was beaten unconscious outside his store. They rush to the hospital and Sayid asks how it happened. The EMTs think it was a mugging, but Sayid knows better. He starts to leaves, and Nadia stops him. Whatever he's thinking about doing, don't do it. She asks him to go home, make the kids dinner and make them feel safe. Later that night, Nadia returns from the hospital and tells Sayid she knows what's going on. A debt is a debt, and they'll simply sell the business. This is Omer's responsibility. He brought it on himself. They are close to each other and can feel the romantic tension between them. Nadia asks why Sayid didn't want to be with her? Why did he push her towards Omer? Sayid says he's spent twelve years trying to wash his hands of all the horrible things he's done, and they're still not clean. He can't be with her because he doesn't deserve her.

The next day, Sayid leaves to pick up the kids from school. A man drives up and tells him to get in his car. Sayid goes with him to an empty restaurant. In the kitchen, a man at the stove cooking eggs introduces himself as Martin Keamy. His partner is Omar. And you may remember them from the freighter mercenary team, but in the flash sideways they are strangers to Sayid. Keamy asks about Sayid's brother and says it's too bad he was mugged right in front of his own store. It's a good thing that Sayid is there to take care of the family. Sayid asks if Keamy put his brother in the hospital. Keamy says no, but it's a dangerous world out there -- and it happens so fast, Keamy barely has time to register it. Sayid elbows Omar's face, reaches into his jacket and grabs Omar's gun, uses him as a human shield and shoots the other goon -- and then holds Keamy at gunpoint. Keamy is desperate, and tells Sayid that his brother doesn't owe anything. The debt is forgiven, just forget it. But Sayid can't forget it and BAM! He shoots and kills Keamy. Sayid hears muffled yells coming from a walk-in freezer. Sayid opens the door, and there tied to a chair, duct tape over his mouth and beaten up, is Jin! Jin pleads with Sayid in Korean not to kill him. Sayid asks who he is, and Jin says "no English".

WHOOSH to the Temple as the Others decide what to do. Cindy says it isn't safe there anymore, and she and the kids can't take the risk. They leave. Sayid finds Dogen in the pool room and returns the dagger. Dogen tells Sayid that he was a businessman in Osaka and worked at a bank. He was promoted and they went out to celebrate. He had too much to drink, and he had to go pick up his twelve-year-old son from baseball practice. There was an accident. He survived but his son... Jacob came to him in the hospital and said he could save his son's life, but Dogen had to come to the island and could never see his son again. Dogen then asks if Locke made Sayid a similar bargain, and Sayid says yes. Suddenly Sayid tackles Dogen and forces him underwater, drowning him. Lennon comes in and is shocked to see what Sayid has done. Dogen was the only thing keeping the smoke monster out! Sayid slits Lennon's throat, throws him in the what and replies "I know".

Then the smoke monster attacks. The Others hear the TIKKA-TIKKA-TIKKA sounds outside, and then it crashes through the outside doors! Kate runs to the cistern to help Claire out, but Claire tells her she'll be safer down there. Just as the smoke monster is almost upon her, Kate jumps onto the ladder hanging down in the hole and looks up to see the smoke monster barrel right over her. Miles tears down a separate corridor and and is found by Ilana, Lapidus, Sun and Ben. They ask where Sayid is, and Miles tells them the pool room. Ben offers to go get him. Ilana leads the rest to the secret tunnel. Sun asks about Jin, and Miles tells her he left the day before. Ben finds Sayid and tells him there's a way out, but Sayid just stares at him, Lennon's blood on the knife. There is no way out for Sayid anymore. Ben, realizing that Sayid is no longer the Sayid they knew, backs away.

In the Temple aftermath, Sayid crosses through the courtyard taking in the carnage. Sayid let the monster in, and there's no remorse. Claire enters the courtyard next. Oblivious or unfeeling, we can't tell. But following her is Kate, and she's stunned. Sickened. She picks up a rifle and slings it across her back. They walk outside the temple and join Locke with the small crowd of Others who left in time. Locke smiles, victorious, and nods to Sayid with approval. Locke has now assembled his team, and there's no going back.

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Season Six, Episode Seven: "Dr. Linus"

Airdate: March 9, 2010

Episode recap and photo source: ABC


"And it was on this island that everything changed. That everything finally became clear." Ben is in a classroom teaching European history. The bell rings, and Principal Reynolds approaches Ben. Principal Reynolds explains that Ben will have to supervise detention today. Ben protests, he's got a history club meeting, but Reynolds doesn't care. Ben vents his frustration in the teacher's lounge. Taking care of the kids is what's important. Locke, the substitute teacher, is impressed and says maybe Ben should be principal. Ben asks who would listen to him, and Locke says he, for one, would.

WHOOSH to the Ben on the island. He's trekking through the jungle at night with Ilana, Sun, Lapidus and Miles -- running away from the massacre at the Temple they just witnessed. Ben tells them that Sayid was back at the Temple and killed Dogen and Lennon. They don't know where to go, and Ben suggests going back to the beach camp. Miles asks what was that thing at the Temple, and Ben says it's the same thing that killed Ilana's friends at the foot statue. Ilana seizes upon this and asks if it killed Jacob. Ben lies and says of course. Ilana tosses Miles the leather pouch containing Jacob's ashes. She knows that Miles can communicate with the dead and asks him to tell her how Jacob died. Miles does his thing, and then he looks at Ben. He tells Ilana that Ben killed Jacob. Ilana is upset and tells Ben that Jacob was the closest thing she ever had to a father.

WHOOSH to Ben at home taking care of his father, Roger. Ben prepares their dinner and brings it to him. Roger is in bad shape. He breathes with the help of an oxygen tank and has a lot of medical supplies at hand. Roger says this isn't the life he wanted for Ben. That's why he signed up for the Dharma Initiative and took him to that island. It was supposed to be a better life. Imagine how different their lives would've been had they stayed. The doorbell rings, and it's one of Ben's students, Alex Rousseau. She asks where he was today because they had to cancel history club. Ben explains he's covering detention for the next week, and Alex is upset. She's needs the tutoring for the A.P. test. Ben suggests they meet in the library tomorrow at 7AM, and Alex agrees.

WHOOSH to the beach camp as Ilana starts working on the shelters and everyone divvies up tasks. Lapidus works on building a fire, and Miles and Sun clean up the kitchen looking for any remaining food. Sun tells Ilana she needs to find Jin, and Ilana understands. If anyone wants to find him it's her. Sun is confused. Why does Ilana want to find him? Ilana explains that both their last names are Kwon, and she's not sure if she has to protect her, Jin or both of them. Sun asks what Ilana means by "protect them." Ilana says that they're both candidates to replace Jacob, and there are only six candidates left.

Cut to Hurley and Jack at their makeshift camp. Jack wants to start back to the Temple so they can get there by nightfall. Hurley tries to distract Jack by taking him a different way. At the cliff, Jacob had told Hurley that something bad was coming to the temple and that it would be too late for them to warn anyone, but Hurley hasn't told Jack this information. As they argue about which way to go, Richard Alpert appears. He offers to show them the right way to the Temple, and they follow him.

At the beach camp, Ben is going through Sawyer's stash. Ilana comes up behind him and holds a gun on him. She forces him up to the graveyard at Boone Hill. Ilana ties a piece of cable around a tree, and with the other end of the cable she creates a makeshift shackle. She slaps the shackle on Ben's leg and tethers him to the cable. She throws down a handmade shovel and tells him to start digging. Ben asks why, and Ilana says coldly that since Ben murdered Jacob, Ben is going to dig his own grave.

WHOOSH to the library as Ben helps tutor Alex. She's stressed, and Ben says it's just a test. But to Alex it's her life. If she doesn't ace the test, she won't be able to get into Yale. She also needs a letter of recommendation from someone who went there, and the only one she knows is that pervert, Principal Reynolds. Ben asks why she called Reynolds a pervert, and Alex begs him not to repeat this. She was sick in the nurse's office a few months ago and was lying on a cot in the next room when Reynolds came in to the nurse's office. They didn't know that Alex was there and they did it right there in the office. Ben is shocked but promises not to say anything.

WHOOSH back to the beach as Ben digs the grave and Ilana watches over him with a rifle. Ben offers Miles money if he cuts him loose, but Miles says there are two jabonies named Nikki and Paulo who were buried alive with over eight million dollars in diamonds. Why would he need Ben's money? Ben is angry and says Ilana is going to murder him just for killing someone who didn't even care about getting killed. But Miles tells Ben that Jacob did care and hoped he was wrong about Ben right up until the second the knife went through his heart.

Jack and Hurley follow Richard Alpert through the jungle, but he leads them to the Black Rock instead of the Temple. He tells them that everyone at the Temple is dead. He's not sure what happened but there were no survivors. Jack asks if he saw Kate or Sawyer. Richard says that he didn't see them there. Jack realizes that Hurley knew about the temple, and Hurley admits that Jacob might've hinted at it. Richard tells Hurley not to believe anything that Jacob says and then walks into the Black Rock. Jack asks where he's going, and Richard says to die.

WHOOSH to the high school biology lab as Ben talks to Leslie Arzt about breaking into the nurse's email account. Arzt wants to know what's going on before he'll help, and Ben tells him that she may be engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Principal Reynolds. Arzt realizes Ben is making a play for the principal's job and wants in. He wants a specific parking spot and lab equipment. Ben agrees to his demands.

WHOOSH to the Black Rock. Richard is inside and looks at a wall with scrawled hash marks. He picks up an empty manacle and stares at it. Behind him Jack enters and asks if he's been there before. Richard says yes, and after all his time on the island, today is the first time he's ever come back. Alpert opens up a crate of dynamite, and Hurley warns him that it's unstable. Richard assures him that he can't kill himself even if he wanted to -- and trust him, he wants to. That's why he wants Jack to do it for him. As Richard unwinds a piece of wire from a spool, he explains that Jacob touched him and it's considered a gift

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Season Six, Episode Eight: "Recon"

Airdate: March 16, 2010

Episode recap source: TV.com


Alternate reality timeline:

A naked James rolls off Ava who he is in bed with as she says "wow!" Ava looks at the bedside clock and reminds James that he is supposed to meet a guy in 18 minutes at 9 A.M. He jumps up and starts to dress and moves a briefcase to the bed. It falls open revealing a lot of money in bundled banknotes. Ava asks what he is doing with the money and Jimmy says that she wasn't supposed to see the money. He explains the money is for a potential investment. As he explains that he won't take long the woman draws a gun and points it at Jimmy. He tells her to take it easy. She says she can spot a con man because she's married to one. Jimmy says that she's a fool because the whole situation is a set-up, that there is a van outside, the room is bugged and is surrounded by cops. He explains that the cops just want her husband. Ava calls his bluff and Jimmy says the code word "La Fleur" and the police burst into the room. Miles leads the LAPD team in arresting a stunned Ava. Miles tosses James his LAPD badge and James addresses Miles as "partner".

Back in the police station Det. James Ford is calling a list of Anthony Cooper's. He rings one asking him to verify he was in Alabama in 1976. As Miles arrives with a mug, he overhears James calling Anthony Cooper but James claims that he was an old buddy who he ran into in Palm Springs when he was there last weekend. Miles reminds him that he has a blind-date with a friend who works with Miles' father at the museum and it is that evening. James then spins another story but Miles seems aware that James is lying to him and says "You know you can tell me the truth" and asks whether James is lying. James says "Why the hell would I lie?"

James is dressed up and arrives at a bar. He rings Miles to ask what his blind date looks like and Miles explains that she's a redhead. There's a looker alone at the bar and James introduces himself. Charlotte and James dine out. She is an archaeologist. She says she's exactly like Indiana Jones. As they talk she asks that he tell her the truth about his life. Soon they are in bed together. Later she asks to borrow a "T" Shirt and he directs her to one of his drawers. Watership Down, A Wrinkle in Time and Lancelot are on the chest of drawers. Charlotte rummages for the "T" Shirt and finds a folder marked "Sawyer". A family photo slips out and while replacing it she sees an old newspaper cutting about a man killing himself and his wife and their nine year old boy surviving. The photo in the clipping is the same as the one Charlotte found. James comes in and falls into a rage. He tosses Charlotte out.

The next day at the LAPD, Charlie's brother Liam Pace is hassling the desk sergeant about Charlie's arrest at the airport on a drugs charge. He accosts James, but James says that that is not his department. Miles emerges and abruptly tells James to come with him. Miles is furious. He asks James whether there is something James wants to tell him. James mistakes the demand as having to do with James' treatment of Charlotte but Miles has discovered James was in Australia, not Palm Springs by tracing his credit card transactions. Miles indicates that Sawyer was indeed on Oceanic Flight 815. Miles talks about trust, but James rebuffs Miles saying that what he was doing in Australia was none of Miles' "damn business". Miles leaves saying that he is not James' partner anymore. James smashes a mirror.

That evening James arrives home. He only has TV dinners in the fridge - he prepares one and watches an old episode of "Little House on the Prairie". The character says that "if you live you life based on what's going to happen, before you know it your life is over". James is affected by this and he goes to Charlotte's apartment with a sunflower and six pack of beers. Charlotte is having none of it. She says she doesn't know whether he is lonely, guilty or completely mad. She closes the door in his face saying that he blew it.

As Miles exits the LAPD offices, James is sitting in his car and calls him over. He reluctantly gets into James' car and James hands him the folder marked "Sawyer". James explains that when he was nine his father shot his mother and killed himself and that Sawyer was the reason why. He says the only lead he has is the name Anthony Cooper. He says that when he finds Sawyer he's going to kill him. As they speak the sound of a police siren approaches and suddenly a blue sedan broadsides into the back of James' car. The driver makes a dash for it as James and a squad car pursue her. James slams the suspect against a gate. James is surprised when he realizes that Kate is the person he'd encountered at LAX when he passively assisted in her evading other law enforcement personnel.

Back on the island:

Sawyer is making tea at an open fire outside Claire's hovel. He wakes Jin and says Claire and Locke said they will be back by sunrise. Jin says they have to get out of there but Sawyer says he's with Locke. Jin says "That is not Locke" but Sawyer says he knows but whoever he is he says he can get them off the Island. Jin says he can't leave because Sun is here somewhere. Sawyer says if she's here, Jin has his word they will not leave without her. As they speak, Locke leads his group into the camp. There are 20 of them in all. Amongst them are Sayid and, bringing up the the rear, Kate. Kate greets Sawyer.

Inside her hut, Claire packs a few belongings and goes to the cradle to tuck in the make-do skeleton doll of Aaron. Kate comes in and asks in disbelief "What is that"? Claire says, "It's all I had". Locke calls everyone together and tells them they are going to move. He says he will make himself available to answer questions, but not at the moment. For now he wants to keep moving to take advantage of the daylight.

Cindy wants to know what happened to the rest of the people who stayed at the Temple. The Man in Black pauses before saying the black smoke killed them. Locke walks up to Zach and Emma, saying that he knows what happened back at the Temple was really scary, but now it's over. He promises the children that he'll take care of them. Claire takes Kate's hand and Kate reacts with uncertainty to this gesture. Sawyer approaches Kate and asks about the other Oceanic passengers and Miles. With great concern Kate asks "So you're with Locke now"? Sawyer says he is not with anybody.

Locke leads the group through a coastal forest. He says there is a clearing ahead where they will make camp and they should make sure everyone has enough water because they will be there for a couple of days. Sawyer interrupts wanting to know when they are getting off "this rock". With controlled annoyance Locke suggests they should talk about this in private. Once aside an angry Locke points his finger toward Sawyer saying he wishes he hadn't interrupted him. Sawyer sarcastically apologizes for forgetting his manners and asks how Locke knew to rescue people from "the smoke thing". The Man in Black says he didn't rescue them as he is the smoke thing. Sawyer says "Are you telling me that you killed all those people" but the Man in Black again puts his twist on it, saying he gave them the opportunity to leave peacefully but they didn't take it. When Sawyer asks why they didn't take that opportunity, the Man in Black explains with conviction that those people believed they were protecting the Island "from me" whereas all he wants to do is leave so it is either "kill or be killed". The Man in Black moves off saying he doesn't want to be killed.

They arrive at the beach with a view of Hydra Island. The Man in Black tells Sawyer he is going to take an outrigger to the island to do some recon. He says that on the island is the plane which brought Sawyer's friends to the Island and he has reason to believe some of the passengers that remain there mean to do Locke and his group harm. Sawyer asks what will happen if someone tries to attack him. He tells Sawyer that he's not worried about Sawyer because he's the best liar he ever met and all he needs to do is say whatever he has to to gain their trust, find out whatever he can and then get back. When Sawyer asks why he is doing all this the Man in Black says "to get on that plane, to fly off this Island and never look back". A sullen Sawyer starts his voyage across the water.

Once on the island Sawyer sees the cages where he and Kate had been prisoners. He finds the dress that she wore during her time as a prisoner and he reflects on the time he had with Kate.

Kate sits down to talk to Sayid. She asks if he is OK and he says "no." She asks him if he believes Locke can get them off the Island and Sayid says yes. Claire suddenly attacks Kate from behind trying to stab her in the throat with a large knife. Kate screams for Sayid to help as she is overpowered but he looks on disinterestedly. Locke appears and throws Claire off Kate roughly saying Kate did what she had to do by taking Aaron when she couldn't find Claire. He slaps Claire full in the face and grasping her says her behavior is completely inappropriate and he'll deal with her in a minute. Kate is distraught and when Locke asks her if she's alright she screams "No, I'm not alright". She looks on in disbelief at the circumstances as he squats to talk with Claire.

On Hydra Island Sawyer finds the plane. He checks its condition and then finds charcoal from a fire. Drag marks in the sand lead him to a pile of decaying bodies. Sawyer draws his gun when he hears and then sees someone running from him. He chases and then brings the person down. She calls herself Zoe and claims to be the only one left alive of the survivors from Ajira Flight 316. She says while she was collecting wood she heard screaming and when she came back the others were all dead. She asks a lot of questions. Sawyer goes along with her, until they get to the outrigger and she asks him whether the people he is with have guns. This appears to tip Sawyer off, and he pulls his pistol on her. She then whistles loudly and four men appear from the bushes with rifles; they take Sawyer prisoner.

Kate is sobbing in a grove apart from the others. The Man in Black approaches and apologizes to Kate for Claire's attack, saying he has to take responsibility for Claire's behavior because he had told her the "Others" had her baby. Kate asks why he would say that. "Have you ever had an enemy, someone that you needed to hate? Very powerful isn't it? Claire was devastated without Aaron, she needed something, something to keep her going, so I gave her something to hate. And then when you told her the truth, all those feelings, all that anger that she'd been holding onto for so long, it had to go somewhere". Kate replies, "very insightful coming from a dead man". He responds "Well no one is perfect". He tells Kate he promised everyone he'd keep them safe and that still includes Kate and in time everything would be alright. Kate asks where Sawyer went and the Man in Black offers his hand to help her up and says, "I'll show you". She gets up without his help.

He takes Kate to the beach and points out Hydra Island as the place he sent Sawyer. Kate recognizes it as the island she and Sawyer were locked in cages. She asks the Man in Black why he had to bring her here and he says this gives him another opportunity to talk to her. He explains that he is not a dead man and he knows what she is feeling because his mother was crazy. He says a long time ago before he looked like he does now he had a mother who was very disturbed and as a result of that he had "some growing pains, problems [he] is still trying to work [his] way through." Problems he could have avoided had things been different. Kate asks why he told her this story, he replies: "because Aaron has a crazy mother too".

Afterward Claire finds Kate and makes a heartfelt and teary apology. Kate remains very wary as Claire falls on her sobbing and thanking her for taking care of Aaron. Kate eventually returns the hug.

As Sawyer is taken to the submarine at the Hydra Island Dock, he notices the armed science team is erecting pylons, similar to the sonic fence on the main Island. In the submarine, Sawyer passes a padlocked door. Zoe takes him to a cabin where Charles Widmore introduces himself. Widmore asks if Sawyer knows who he is. Sawyer replies he is the man who sent a freighter to the island with orders for the crew to kill us all. Widmore muses "It's sad, really". Widmore denies murdering the people from the Ajira flight, but doesn't expect Sawyer to believe him. Sawyer is direct about John Locke sending him to the island and what Locke's purpose was. Sawyer acknowledges the man who sent him is not really Locke.

Sawyer offers Widmore a deal. He will tell Locke the coast is clear and he didn't find anyone on Hydra Island. Then he'll bring the "old man" right to Widmore's doorstep in exchange for the absolute protection of anyone on Sawyer's boat and safe passage off of the island. They agree each must take the other at his word alone and Widmore agrees to the deal.

Sawyer arrives back at the beach and Locke excitedly runs to help Sawyer who tells him all the passengers are dead. The Man in Black says, disingenuously, "That's terrible. What happened"? Sawyer then plays his hand and reveals truthfully everything about Widmore; the submarine, the six armed men, pylons ("the ones to keep out that smoke thing") and the deal he made with Widmore. The Man in Black gives Sawyer a look of satisfaction and says he appreciates Sawyer's loyalty. Sawyer responds, "You said you could get me off this Island. A deal's a deal".

After nightfall Sawyer sits down next to Kate who is poking at a fire. He asks her what's for dinner and Kate sadly responds she thinks it is rabbit. She asks what he's doing running errands for Locke. Sawyer claims he isn't running errands for anybody and tells her about Widmore. Sawyer reveals his plan is to let Widmore and Locke fight it out and while they have their hands full "you and me are getting the hell off this island." Kate is confused, since neither one of them is capable of flying the plane. Sawyer responds, "We ain't taking the plane, freckles, we're taking the sub".

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Season Six, Episode Nine: "Ab Aeterno"

Airdate: March 23, 2010

Episode Summary Source: TV.com



Ilana is in hospital with her face heavily bandaged. Jacob visits her and they speak in Russian. Ilana is very happy to see Jacob who asks for help. Jacob explains that there are six people that she is to protect, and that their names will be on his list. He explains that this is what she has been preparing for and that the six are the remaining candidates.

Sometime later Ilana is speaking with Jacob. She no longer is bandaged. She asks what she should do after she has brought "them" to the Temple. Jacob tells her to ask Ricardus who will know what to do next.


Tenerife, Canary Islands - 1867

Richard Alpert rides his horse back to his remote house at Socorro and enters. His wife, Isabella, is lying with a high fever and coughing blood. Richard decides to get the Doctor and worries about not having enough money for his fee, so Isabella gives him her golden chain and crucifix and tells him to give it to the doctor. Richard is hesitant to take it but she asks him to close his eyes and closes his hand around the chain. She whispers that they will always be together and kisses him on the cheek. He promises he will save her and departs.

Richard rides through a storm to the doctor. The doctor lives in an opulent manor and is having dinner. Upon seeing Richard coming in soaked, he orders his butler to bring him some blankets, Richard tries to thank him but the doctor replies the towels are not for him but for the floor he's dripping water over. Richard tells him about his dying wife but the Doctor looks disinterested and says he won't ride for half a day under the storm. When Richard begs, the Doctor says that he has some medicine which can save the woman's life but remarks how expensive it is. Richard gives him all his money and when the Doctor asks contemptuously if that's everything, he also gives him the crucifix. The Doctor examines it for a second and throws it away saying it is worthless. Richard picks it up and pleads with him and they grapple. As the Doctor tries to push him away, Richard accidentally pushes him causing his head to bump against the side of a nearby table, and the Doctor falls dead. Richard stares in horror but as the butler appears in the door with the towels, he realizes he had secured the phial of medicine from the Doctor's hand in the struggle and runs out past a startled butler. Back at home he finds out that he's late and Isabella has died. He kneels down in pain as the constabulary burst through the door.

In jail, Richard is visited by the priest, whom Richard tells he has taught himself English and dreams of moving to the New World. However, the priest refuses to forgive his sin of murder, and tells Richard he will be executed the next day. The following morning, Richard is blindfolded and led away to be executed when he is stopped by Jonas Whitfield, an officer of a ship. The officer questions Richard about his English and willingness to work, then purchases Richard as a slave for Magnus Hanso .

On the Black Rock, Richard and other prisoners are in chains below deck while the ship is caught in a terrible storm. The other prisoner looks out of the cracks in the ship and tells Richard he sees land. The man then sees the Statue of Taweret and he shrieks that he sees the devil. The ship is thrown against the statue and comes to rest inland.

Richard and his fellow captives awaken to daylight. Five officers remain alive. The recruiting officer comes below deck and proceeds to kill the captives one by one with his scabbard. He tells him they have no water and limited supplies and it would only a matter of time before Richard attempts to kill him. Just as he is about to kill Richard, the black smoke arrives above deck and after screaming and turmoil there is silence. Finally the black smoke takes Whitfield and draws right up to Richard's face. The smoke examines him and leaves.

Still chained, Richard begins to loosen a nail from the floor. Over time he removes the nail and uses it to gouge around the chain fixture on the wall. He passes out and comes to when a boar in the hull disturbs him. The boar is munching on the remains of one of the dead captives. He loses the nail and passes out again. Isabella appears to Richard. She tells Richard that they are dead and in hell and that she has come to save him before the monster returns. As she tries to free him the monster returns and Richard demands she escape. She runs off and the smoke monster seems to take her as she resists, screaming. Richard is devastated.

Some time later, a man comes to Richard and says he's a friend. Richard asks after Isabella and explains what happened and the Man in Black says that "he has her". When Richard says he wants to be free the Man in Black says he does too. He has keys but wants to know that Richard will help him and do anything he asks before he frees him. The Man in Black unlocks the chains and when Richard thanks him the Man in Black says "it is good to see you out of those chains".

As the Man in Black carries Richard out of the Black Rock he says to Richard that the only way to escape from hell is to kill the Devil.

Richard eats a pig roasted on a spit. The Man in Black directs him to the statue, now broken into pieces, and tell him that is where he will find the devil. He gives him an ornate knife saying that Richard has one chance, that he cannot hesitate or let the devil speak because he is very persuasive. Richard asks how he can kill him as he is black smoke. The Man in Black says he is not because he is the black smoke. He explains that Isabella was not running from the black smoke but from this "devil". He adds that he saw the devil take Isabella but couldn't stop him. He claims that the devil betrayed him and has taken his body and his humanity. He deflects questions about the black smoke's murders and morality saying that if Richard wants to see his wife again he must kill this devil. The Man in Black gives Richard a knife.

All that remains of the statue is the foot after being struck by the Black Rock. Richard walks toward the base. As he approaches with knife drawn Jacob attacks and disarms him. Richard asks where his wife is. Jacob asks whether Richard met the Man in Black. Richard explains that the Man in Black said that the only way he could see his wife again was if he killed Jacob. Jacob says the person he saw was not his wife, that he is not dead and he is not in hell. Richard remains convinced that he is dead so Jacob drags him into the sea and submerges him until Richard says "I want to live!".

On the beach the two sit together. Jacob explains he is not the devil but that he brought The Black Rock to the Island. Richard asks why. Jacob uses a bottle of wine as a metaphor for the island. The wine is evil, malevolent, the bottle is containing it, because otherwise "it would spread." He explains that the cork represents the island, holding the darkness where it belongs. Jacob says that the Man in black believes everyone can be corrupted because it is in their nature to be bad and that he brings people here to prove the man in black wrong. When questioned on whether or not Jacob has brought people to the island in the past, and what happened to them, Jacob replies that he has but they are all dead. Jacob says he wants people to know the difference between right and wrong without being told. He then offers the job of representative or intermediary for Jacob to the people he brings. When Richard says that he wants his wife back, Jacob admits he cannot help, neither can he absolve him of his sins. However, he can help with Richard's third wish, to live forever and never die.

Richard returns to the Man in Black who realizes that Richard didn't kill Jacob. Richard gives him a white rock, a gift from Jacob. The Man in Black tells Richard that his offer of joining him will stand, he gives Richard the pendant and disappears. Richard buries his wife's pendant and crucifix and says goodbye to his love.

The Man in Black

After his meeting with Richard, The Man in Black is seated on a log overlooking a valley of trees, while tossing the white stone. Jacob joins him. When Jacob asks about the gift of the stone, the Man in Black tells Jacob not to gloat. Jacob asks whether The Man in Black sent Richard to kill him. The Man in Black says he did it because he wants to leave the Island and asks Jacob to let him go. Jacob tells the Man in Black that, as long as he is alive, that won't happen. The Man in Black says that is why he will kill Jacob, to which Jacob replies that someone will replace him. The Man in Black then says that he'll just kill them, too.

Jacob says that he'll see the Man in Black later and gives him the wine bottle he used to describe the Island to Richard as a gift to pass the time. Jacob leaves saying that he'll see him around. The Man in Black says to himself "sooner than you think" and then smashes the bottle.

Present day - At the beach camp

Jack, Hurley, Sun, Frank, Miles, Ben and Ilana are crowded around a fire, with Richard standing close by. Ilana and Sun explain that Sun, Jack and Hurley are candidates to replace Jacob. Frank asks what are they to do now but Ilana admits that she doesn't know. Not knowing what to do next, Ilana says that Richard knows and asks him. Richard laughs almost hysterically and says that he has no idea. He says that he was trying to kill himself. He says that everything Jacob has ever said was a lie. Jack asks for an explanation and Richard says he will reveal a secret that he has known a long time. He says that all of them are literally dead and that everything around them is not what it appears, that they are not on an island but they are in hell. Richard says it's time to stop listening to Jacob and to start listening to someone else and he takes a flaming torch and heads into the jungle.

Planning to go after him, Ilana loads her rifle and is interrupted by Jack, saying Richard has lost his mind, that if he cared about what Jacob said he wouldn't be talking about listening to someone else. Jack asks who Richard means to talk to. Sun explains that he means Locke. When Jack says Locke is dead Ben explains that it is not "exactly" Locke.

Jack goes up to Hurley who is a few feet away speaking in Spanish to someone. Jack interprets that he is speaking to Jacob and asks what is Jacob saying. Hurley says that it is not Jacob and that it has nothing to do with Jack. Hurley heads towards the Jungle.

Ben then confides to Ilana that going after Richard is useless as he doesn't know anything. She isn't sure, and Ben replies that he's known Richard since he was twelve. Frank asks if they've known each other since childhood but Ben explains that he has known him since "I was a kid" saying Richard looks the same as he did then. Frank realizes that Richard doesn't age, which Ben confirms and Frank asks, "Now, how the hell do you think that happened"?

In the jungle

Richard has been trekking all night and it is now the next day. Richard returns to the spot in a grassy clearing where he buried Isabella's crucifix at the base of a stone seat. He digs it up. Distraught he asks whether the Man in Black is listening to him and that he changed his mind, that he was wrong. He calls out asking whether the offer still stood.

Hurley walks out of the jungle and asks Richard what offer he is speaking of. Richard is amazed that Hurley is there and angrily pushes him away reminding Hurley that he doesn't know anything. Hurley asks him to calm down and as Richard starts to yell Hurley blurts out that it is Richard's wife, Isabella who has sent him. Richard reacts in disbelief. Hurley says that she wants to know why Richard buried the cross. He tells Richard that she is standing right next to him. Isabella says to Hurley that Richard doesn't believe him and Hurley explains that it sometimes takes a while. Richard slowly turns toward where Hurley is speaking. Although Richard can't see Isabella he now addresses her. Hurley suggests he close his eyes and he will tell Richard what she says. She wants to tell him it wasn't his fault for her death but that it was her time and that he's suffered enough. He tells her he misses her and would do anything to be with her again. Isabella says that they are already together. She kisses him and then is gone. Richard put the necklace and crucifix around his neck. Hurley smiles, and says that Richard "got it".

Hurley reveals that she also said there is something else that Richard must do. He tells him that he has to stop the Man in Black from leaving the island because if he doesn't "We all go to hell."

Some distance away, the Man in Black watches

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Season Six, Episode Nine: "The Package"

Airdate: March 30, 2010

Episode Recap Source: ABC


photo source: ABC

Someone is using night vision glasses to spy on Locke's camp at night. They watch as Flocke tells Jin to leave the bandage off his leg, the air will do it some good. Jin asks about the candidate names on the cave wall. Does "Kwon" mean him or Sun? Locke's not sure, but he does know the only way they can leave the island is if all the names that haven't been crossed off go together. Jin says Sun isn't with them. Locke say he knows and is working on it.

WHOOSH to customs at LAX. Jin and Sun are finally released, but Jin is not allowed to take the money. It's confiscated, and Jin will have to fill out paperwork to get it back. Jin looks at his watch

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Season Six, Episode Ten: "Happily Ever After"

Airdate: April 6, 2010

Recap and Photo Source: ABC


Desmond wakes up groggily in the Hydra infirmary. Zoe is there and tells him he's been unconscious for the last three days, but he's off the IV sedation and she's given him a shot to wake up. He's no longer in the hospital; they moved him. Alarmed, Desmond asks about his wife. He wants to see Penny. Widmore walks in behind Zoe and says that won't be possible but assures him Penny and his son are safe. He's sorry Desmond had to be taken from them, there wasn't time to explain. But even if there had been, Desmond would never have come. Desmond asks where he is, and Widmore says back on the island. Desmond stares at him

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