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Steve and Allison

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They really should have had Phil explain it to us (if not them!) before checking them in.

Personally, I don't see why they wouldn't be allowed to go back during the 12 hour pit stop and go get them.

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They really should have had Phil explain it to us (if not them!) before checking them in.

Personally, I don't see why they wouldn't be allowed to go back during the 12 hour pit stop and go get them.

Transportation, for one thing. They'd have to get a boat ride there and back.

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As long as they have their passports and cash ( which they did) I think they just keep going.... maybe some of the other teams will lend them some clothes... I know back when teams were stripped of all their belongings during non-elim rounds some of the other teams would give them clothes and things..

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I love this team! I felt so bad for them about their backpacks, I can't believe they didn't even think about that. I'm just happy they had all of their essentials on them because they definitely deserved that first place imo. I will be crossing my fingers that this doesn't cost them the race; I would hate to see them go from first to last and be eliminated.

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So my favorite team is gone...boo. I guess its the cowboys or the brothers now.

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(Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/ustv/s66/the-a...azing-race.html)

Steve and Allie ('The Amazing Race')

Tuesday, April 6 2010, 19:47 BST

By Lara Martin, US Correspondent


After racing to a first-place finish in the Seychelles last week, baseball coach Steve and his daughter Allie Smith realized they had left their all-important backpacks at one of the challenge locations. With no time to turn back, this week saw the duo traveling to Malaysia with just the clothes they were wearing. Unfortunately, their winning streak came to an end when they finished in last place after switching their detour challenge. We caught up with them to chat about the experience.

You finished first last week and ended up being eliminated this week. Can you pinpoint any specific reason or decision for that?

Allie: "I think the biggest thing was just bad luck with taxis and nobody else making a mistake. The week in Malaysia it went the exact opposite in terms of how everybody finished. So the first to sixth was the exact reverse order from the week before. It just shows anybody can be out at any time, it's very luck-based. The cowboys had trouble in the Seychelles and rocked it in Malaysia. We did well in the Seychelles and then had bad luck in Malaysia. It was just our time to go."

Did you know you were falling behind before you reached the pitstop?

Allie: "We definitely knew. It was a short leg and we didn't have much luck. We knew Dan and Jordan weren't that far ahead of us. A lot of people in other legs of the race were making big mistakes and had to go back and fix things. You never know, their car could have broken down but at that point we knew we were at the end of the pack."

Steve: "It was such a quick leg, going to the temple, doing the flags and doing the coconuts. It was so fast, probably the quickest one of all the shows. It was the wrong time to get a bad cab driver!"

Did losing your backpacks affect your morale?

Steve: "No, it actually helped us. We could have gone back and got them but we had our passports, money and clothes for warm weather. If we had had our backpacks it might even have hindered us because the bananas weighed 30lbs and it might have been tougher for Allie to take it a mile and a half. We thought it was a little blessing that we didn't have them, and then we were in Malaysia where it was hot, we had the clothes we needed, and we didn't have to lug around a backpack and were maybe faster and quicker."

Allie, you said you dreamed of traveling the world, and Steve said he had never been overseas before. What was the highlight of the race?

Steve: "Let's say it on three... ready... one, two, three... Seychelles!"

Allie: "We keep talking about how much we love it there. It was the most perfect, beautiful, deserted island. We won the reward there and got to go to our own villa on the beach and explore."

Steve: "We had a little time there to walk around the beach, there was a beautiful golf course. One of the beaches is where they shoot the Sports Illustrated bathing suit thing, the water was green and gorgeous, the people were so nice and kicked back. That's kind of how Allie and I are in life. I couldn't tell my wife where we were, but I told her we were going back somewhere and when the time comes I'd let her know. She's pretty happy to go there and the other places like Germany and France. I'd been down in South America before but I'd never seen the things that were built over 1,000 years earlier. It was really neat to see that and I'll probably end up going back there, too."

So you guys will continue to travel the world together, maybe bring the rest of your family?

Allie: "Yeah. He's always traveling with baseball all over the US and every summer I'd go to wherever he was coaching or playing. I think with our winnings from the first leg finish we should do a family trip. No matter what, we will always have travel!"

Steve: That's one of our things no matter. Even if we couldn't afford it, we took vacations in the winter time and we will continue, and when I have grandkids we'll do the same thing."

You had a close relationship before the race. How has the experience affected that?

Allie: "Like you said, we were best friends and extremely close before the race but now we have all these new memories, experiences and inside jokes that no-one else could ever understand. It's crazy we got to experience this together. We were not more than 20ft apart for a month and that's so rare. I'll always remember seeing the world with my dad."

Steve: "Our bond stayed the same and got stronger when I realized how strong Allie is. Going away to college at Pepperdine and spending four years there, she really grew spiritually and mentally. She never complained. I think that's the coolest thing from the show. When you see other people complaining or crying or upset, I don't think they could find a clip of Allie ever doing that. She was cool, calm and enjoyed the whole process of it. I was really proud of her doing that."

Steve, you said your wife packed the duct tape which you used to fix your car in France. What did she think when she saw that?!

Steve: "With baseball I'm gone a lot so she kind of runs the house. Her brother has his own transmission place so when all the neighborhood guys are round the cars, she's with them and I'm out watching a ball game or something like that. Our roles kind of switch from the stereotypical man and woman! When she put the tape in, she said you never know, this could fix anything. There were three or four different times I was trying to lighten my bag and nearly threw it out. Who would have known it would keep us in the show?! There was no way we would catch up if we couldn't fix the car. She was absolutely shocked when she saw I could actually fix something!"

Will you keep in touch with any of the other teams?

Allie: "We are a male-female team and two different generations, so we really connected with so many people, and even people I wasn't necessarily super close to on the show, I find myself talking to almost every day. I know dad talks to the cops all the time, Cord came up on the field and got to suit up and go in the dug-out with my dad. I visited the brothers and saw Caite. Heidi going to Pepperdine, and Joe, we had a connection to them right away."

Steve: "Being in baseball, I travel everywhere, and where everyone is.

I won't be able to go to the last show and see everyone

, but I've talked to them. I talked to Adrian who was out in the first show, I'll see him in Texas and he'll go to a game."

Allie: "You can give tickets to everyone when you're near them!"

Steve: "I think that's why they didn't U-Turn us! They knew it would be, 'People, if you like baseball, go ahead and U-Turn us and you'll never see tickets!' That was a running joke between everyone. I'm going to see Michael and Louie in Boston, Shawne and Monique too. I'm in Chicago right now and have a day off so I'm going to see Jeff for dinner tonight. We knew it was a game and people made comments in the heat of the moment. We're not watching the videos saying, 'Oh they said this or that'. We just enjoyed everyone's company. The bond will be strong the rest of our lives."

The Amazing Race continues next Sunday at 8/7c on CBS

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Nice interview. Thank you for posting. It is interesting to see that some of them do keep in touch and nice to know that they don't hold grudges. I like this AR but am disappointed that Steve and Allison won't be in the winner's circle. They were easy to like. Many of them are not - not during the competition; anyway.

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